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An enjoyable alternative
lawnboy19779 December 2005
I have to admit I did not start watching TNA until they debuted on Spike TV a few months ago, but I have been impressed. As a lifelong WWE fan and wrestiling fan, I have enjoyed different aspects of all different promotions throughout the years. WWE has excelled in the "larger than life" entertainment aspect of wrestling. WCW when it was successful featured what WWE was doing, just with different characters. ECW was of course the outlet for furstrated fans who were sick of what the big 2 were doing. Then you have TNA, which is building a grassroots organizations based on one thing, IN RING PERFORMANCE.

The bottom line with this business is that in the end, it all comes back to how you can perform in the ring. TNA is wisely signing younger, smaller wrestlers and featuring a different type of in ring style than what WWE is doing. At the same time, they are not trying to compete with WWE, which is extremely smart. TNA is akin to what ECW was in the 90s, not in terms of style, but in terms of its approach to its place in the world. What I mean by that is that even though TNA has people like Jeff Jarrett, Raven, Rhino among other WWE or WCW guys, they realize that they cannot be going head to head with WWE.

I certainly enjoy watching TNA though for the action and its unique in ring content.
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yankeedoodledavy27 January 2005
The WWE will need to change fast!! TNA is the future of wrestling. After spending several years watching and enjoying the WWE product, to be able to be awestruck at the level of commitment and ability of these competitors astonishes me! Not only are the story lines and characters more believable, the addition of wrestlers from the independent circuit (Styles, Daniels, Dutt etc.) but make better use of the former superstars of the WWE and WCW brands (Jarrett, Raven, Hardy, Killings) The X division is also a refreshing change to the face of wrestling and a smaller roster makes for a tighter, well constructed show!! Excellent work!
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A lot better than WWE
mb_102027 October 2006
TNA is freaking awesome! AJ Styles, Chris Sabin, Christian Cage, Samoa Joe, and many more. And now Kurt Angle. WWE is not nearly as cool as it used to be. Except for Raw, it's still OK but Smackdown and ECW are kinda lame. ECW is not extreme at all anymore and the ECW originals are just the whipping boys for the new comers. There might be 10 to 15 wrestlers tops in WWE that are cool but the whole TNA roster is cool. Except for Shark Boy. I hate that guy. And WWE has a horrible tag team division and TNA has the best tag team division in the world. TNA does a lot cooler moves that WWE won't do. If AJ went to WWE he couldn't do any of his moves. TNA is just all around better and Bound for Glory was better than all of the WWE PPVs I've seen all year. TNA! TNA! TNA!
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TNA Future No1 show
kirknowin6 October 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I am big fan of TNA Wrestling and hope that very soon it will overtake WWE as the No 1 Wrestling Company. AJ Styles becoming the TNA World champion is the best thing thats happened to TNA in a long time. I'm glad that TNA is pushing its younger talent in recent months. Matt Morgan, Hernandez and even Eric Young have enjoyed high profile pushes in the main event. The Main Event Mafia in my opinion is one of the better ideas of TNA because it gets the balance right. There are always going to be fans who like the veterans as they are well known and some who like the newer guys. So by having a mixture of both I think you have a winning formula. The matches are great and I think are better than WWE because since TNA is obviously a smaller company but a growing company then the wrestlers are going to go that extra mile for the fans and for their company. I think the only thing missing is that they need bigger impact arenas and more fans in the arena. This will show to the audience at home and make them curious as to why so many people are at the arena watching TNA.
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Inconsistent, Needs More Depth
CrassActionHero31 August 2006
TNA Impact! Review: TNA arrived on the scene in 2002 as the new wrestling alternative. At first it was horrid. 50$ a month for Russo-era WCW booking and writing, TNA stunk. After showing idiot Russo the door, They got Dusty Rhodes. Dusty was not better and TNA still stunk. TNA fired Dusty and finally TNA got their asses in gear in the spring of 2005. TNA stripped TNA tyrant Jeff Jarrett of the title and actually gave others the run with the title and booking was effective. Better yet, the company was intent on pushing the youngsters and TNA was becoming a force. With Samoa Joe, The Fallen Angel, Abyss, Alex Shelly, Chris Sabin, Petey Williams, and many other wrestlers, TNA delivered some incredible PPVs in the summer and fall of 2005. That finally got TNA a TV deal. Then they gave the title back to Jarrett. TNA suddenly started to lag a little. Then they signed Christian, as a face. Not good. Christian sucks as a face. Then TNA did the worst and signed Sting. Sting has not done anything for TNA other than to put himself over. Selfish. TNA is now losing direction. With enormous talent on the roster, TNA has a lot to push. Alas, TNA a-hole Jarrett has reclaimed the title and sting is #2 around here. TNA can be a great division but, when double J has top billing, TNA is doomed. Sting isn't helping either. TNA needs to dump the dinosaurs and stick to pushing the talent. They can do it. Double J needs to get his head out of his ass first. Also the booker needs to push the future of TNA and not just his pals. Especially the ones who can't wrestle.

The Last Word: TNA was awesome in the summer and fall of 2005. TNA is now falling apart. Some matches are still good though. TNA also needs to branch out to other venues other than Orlando. Also, The TNA PPVs have no design. Looks just like another Impact taping than a PPV. TNA isn't bad, just has bad booking and ego maniacal old-timers. Hope 2007 is better than now.

Talent Roster, My take: Tag teams***

America's Most Wanted: Excellent tag team. From the look to the name, and are very talented workers. Should be booked as faces more often. Still, a great tag team.

The Naturals: Easily one of the best. Young and very experienced. The Naturals have a good look and give the tag team division something to enjoy. My pick for best of 2005.

Team 3D: Washed up. Brother Ray and Devon are living in the past. Still trying to cash in at the gimmick that Paul E. and Vinne Mac. made famous. Also 3D, even at their best, matches are mediocre. 3D also gets stale fast.

The James Ga..I mean the Voodoo Kin Mafia: First off, that name sucks. Second, we got two dinosaurs living in the past as well. They are not cool or fresh. The New Age Outlaws was their day. Now, It's a little sad. Also, what's with Kip's red hair??? Ick.

LAX: Great heel team. Lead by Konnan, LAX are a nasty group of people. Konnan has natural heel charisma. Like Jerry Lawler to Randy Orton, he comes of really unlikeable. That's good. Homicide and Hernandez are a good team. Konnan must be really banged up. He makes a good mouthpiece

Single wrestlers***

Sting: A known "icon". Sting as a stand alone wrestler was great. Everyone knows Sting. As of now, Sting should stay quiet. Having Sting say "It's Showtime!" is lame. Having Sting let his actions speak louder than his words, Cool. And let us forget about the Steve Borden crap.

Rhino: Still got it. Now the war machine, Rhino has led a path of destruction. He still got the attitude and intensity, more than ever. The booking of Rhino is great. Only flaw is that Rhino held the NWA title for TWO DAYS! The ultimate transitional champ. Next reign had better be much longer.

Christian: Although not as good as his previous days, Cage is still good at being a heel. He clearly is not as athletic as he used to be. He has a lame look, and has about 50% less charisma that he used to have in the WWE. The booking of Cage is much better here though. At least he isn't a joke.

Abyss: One of the best in TNA. Abyss is tough. Abyss would have been an excellent fit to the original ECW. He's got a cool look and has the same gimmick as WWE wrestler Kane(back when Kane was cool looking). TNA is booking Abyss correctly and all they really should NOT do is take his mask off. Abyss will be ruined if that happens.

Samoa Joe: Easily TNA's biggest success. Samoa Joe is despite his flabby appearance is TOUGH. Never has a guy this big been this MENACING. Unlike Goldberg, Samoa Joe WRESTLES his opponent to remain undefeated. From the Muscle Buster, to the rear naked choke, Joe is a wrestling machine in brutality and submission. Joe should remain undefeated for a long time. (Joe's streak is over to Kurt Angle at Genesis. So much for that.)

Petey Williams: All hail the Canadian Destroyer! Petey is awesome. With a cool look and lots of experience, Petey is a perfect fit in TNA. Did I mention The Canadian DESTROYER?! Possibly the best finisher of all time. I can watch that all day.

The Fallen Angel: Daniels is awesome. One of the most hardest workers in wrestling finally gets his credit where credit is due. Daniels also never gets stale and is hard to hate, even though he is an awesome heel. Daniels should get a title shot in the future.

Chris Sabin: Very Talented. Lousy haircut. His finisher is okay but nothing special. Sabin is however good for the business.
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Better Than WWE
jts040524 July 2006
All WWE has is wrestlers that are boring and ECW isn't even Extreme anymore. This is the best brand of all. The McMahons are losing talent that goes to TNA. Christian Cage and Rhino. That makes McMahon look bad and he should. WWE is starting to suck and this is all the way better. Rhino was right and I'm with him, I'm TNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This seems to be leading us into the next line of wrestling. A.J. Styles seems to be the future of wrestling with his high flying and insane moves. This takes risks instead of WWE. TNA is the best wrestling I have ever seen. I like it the best and I'm not changing my answer.

WWE is Worst Wrestling Ever
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A Potpourri of Wrestling Excellence and Trash
mordloldad21 October 2013
I'm going to try to do what many refuse to do when discussing TNA in that I will try my best not to mention WWE in this review.

TNA came onto the scene in 2002 to fill the void left by the closures of ECW and WCW the previous year. Unable to initially obtain a spot on cable television, the early shows were broadcast on PPV. The roster was filled with various names from the defunct big leagues, but what made TNA distinct was their innovative X-division. These early shows were honestly some of the worst wrestling shows I have ever seen... Imagine having to pay $9.99 to watch an episode of WCW Nitro during the Russo years. It was an unwritten agreement in this era that the audience would ignore TNA's low points as long as we got our weekly 5-star X-division match.

2004-06 were TNA's golden years. TNA landed a spot on Spike TV it was only up from the weekly PPV era. The roster was arguably at its best, that aforementioned X-division was on fire, and huge names like Christian Cage, Sting, and Kurt Angle became major acquisitions. Late 2006 saw a noticeable dip in quality when Vince Russo came back on board as head writer, we were treated to many of the same shenanigans he pulled back when he was writing for WCW a year before its demise. Regardless TNA achieved highest ratings, drawing 2 million viewers a week, in 2008 with the Main Event Mafia vs TNA Frontline storyline. This would have been a perfect time for the old school legends (Mafia) to pass the torch to the X-Division favorites (Frontline) who had put butts in the seats since day one. Unfortunately the storyline ended with the Mafia on top, feuding amongst themselves, whilst the Frontline just rapidly dissolved without fanfare. At this point many fans labeled TNA a retirement home for legends who weren't needed in greener pastures. Not long after this storyline ended in 2009, TNA announced they had signed Hulk Hogan to come on board.

With Hulk Hogan came a total makeover for TNA. For a few months Hogan filled the roster with a bunch of his out-of-shape and over-the-hill pals. Most of them were released within a couple of months. He then moved Impact to Monday nights in an effort to rechristen the beloved Monday Night Wars... such actions plummeted TNA's ratings to its lowest ratings ever. Impact returned to Thursday nights with its tail between its legs after dropping to an abysmal 0.6.

Despite all of this, things improved in late 2011, after Vince Russo left the company. TNA did what it should have done with the Mafia storyline, and put the TNA originals in the main event. Perhaps it was a reluctant change, with many of TNA's legends getting too old, too unreliable, or finally moving onto those greener pastures, but it was an improvement nonetheless. Since late 2011 five wrestlers were built up to hold world championship gold who never held world titles in another company.

Although the quality of the shows have gone up drastically, and is an enjoyable watch on any given week, perhaps the changes came too late. Impact's ratings are at the lowest since they first debuted on Spike. TNA going on the road for TV tapings was thought initially to be a step in the right direction... instead it is loosing the company $600,000 per taping. Marks on the message boards have been prophesying the fall of TNA since 2003, thankfully they have been wrong, and I hope the current predictions made today prove to be wrong. TNA is the company that everyone had high hopes for. The fact that this show had one of the greatest rosters ever assembled at one time yet could never produce impressive ratings is baffling. Nobody is to blame but TNA's management, which even at its highest points (including today), has always been dismal. Still, at its best TNA offered a fine alternative to WWE... Well, at least I came close to not mentioning WWE.
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Good show
barneyclifton14 September 2014
I watch impact wrestling every Sunday night at 9pm and i have found it to be a lot better than WWE because of the talent and the story. One thing I would like to change is; the show needs to be more explosive and showy, they need Pyrotechnics, more big screens and more lights (profile spots .etc) The show is generally very good at using the talent and i'm loving the six sided ring! It is more 'realistic' than WWE and others, as it looks like they are using a bit of MMA in the wrestling, this makes it seem kind of real sometimes, like they use all kinds of 'real life' submissions and they have MMA style striking. But the only drawbacks are the size of the shows and how they put it on.
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An Awful Show...
John Heaney8 April 2010
Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff have taken a terrible show and turned it into what could potentially be the worst wrestling television show in history. It's a shame that TNA cannot get their head out of their asses and Dixie Carter can't get off her damn twitter and fix her damn company. They have an amazing pool of talent and they can't use it, forget Daniels and Samoa Joe, we can get The Nasty Boys! and Rob Terry! and Ric Flair! Ric Flair used to mean something to the ratings and the shows he has been in have been some of the lowest rated in TNA history. Do not watch this show if you are prone to throw your remote through your television screen because of stupid ass booking.
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What happened TNA?
Just-Being-Me7 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
This Review is my opinion and is not meant to offend anyone in or out of the show, it is just how i feel.

I am not sure about this show anymore. A few years back i only started watching it because my partner was into it and he told me "The icon Sting" was in it and i have always been a fan of his since i had the wrestling game with him on it when i was younger. So i started watching it and for a few year i have watched it with my partner weekly, we have missed one every now and then.

It has always seemed better than WWE to me, just because of the people in it... like Sting, Jeff hardy etc. I have got to know everyone in TNA now and i started to enjoy it more but lately i have to say it has gone very downhill. I can't remember seeing a match where it was legit... OK i guess you need a little cheating or it would get very boring, everyone playing by the rules etc but cheating in every single match just gets lame, boring and to be honest very annoying.

I am very disappointed and have started missing more shows lately as it has just got boring and all the good talent seem to be leaving... i know some people will be saying "yeah it is a story line" but no some isn't... Sting has left... will he be back? who knows but i know he has left for now (he is weighing up his options i have read). Jeff hardy has left (yes OK he is coming back as "Willow" but still).

I didn't like how TNA made Sting look like he had "lost it", making him lose every single match was stupid, making him look like a bad wrestler when his fans know he is better than TNA made out. An Icon like him shouldn't have been showed up to be a crap wrestler.

I mean people go on about "wrestling is real blah blah blah"... some of wrestling is, not all... the matches with Kurt Angle in seem legit and with Abyss seem legit but over the years i have seen some matches that make me laugh out loud, with wrestlers throwing themselves into stuff etc.

Also i think TNA needs more/better female wrestlers, it would be good to see more women with muscles, women that look like wrestlers, i think the women wrestlers are just there to look good, but wrestling fans want to see women that can actually wrestle for once... like China was (was in WWE i think). I must add though lately the women wrestlers have got better... by bringing in L'aide Tapa (i don't know if i spelt the name right) and that other one who is slightly bigger than ODB.

Also the story lines lately are so boring and "same old", it seems like they have no imagination, the story lines are too easy to guess (like we know what is going to happen before it does). We need the legends back, the wannabees out and better story lines that don't last forever... they get old and boring as i am sure many will agree. I think Dixie should take a backseat and let others do the work for her as she can't really act.

I would normally rate TNA a 7 or 8 out of 10 but seen as though it has got rid of MOST of the good talent and the story lines are boring (have been for a while now)... i think it deserves a 4 - 5 out of 10.
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Nothing but a poor man's WCW.
Trademarkshadesandjersey24 November 2004
Warning: Spoilers
TNA is basically what WCW was during it's dying days. You still have washed up has-beens like Hall, Nash, DDP, Savage, and of course the biggest pile of nothing JEFF JARRETT. The rest of the roster are people who were midcarders at best in WWF/WWE & WCW (K-Kwick, Road Dogg, Konnan, Disco Inferno etc.) And could not cut it in the WWE by the looks of things.

WWE may have it's ups and downs...but it's 10 times better than TNA will ever be. I was not a huge ECW fan but even I have to give them credit. They tried to do something new and interesting...TNA is just copying off a defunct outfit that drove itself into the ground. I give TNA 2 maybe 3 years before it folds.
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This is Wrestling
sorednax320 July 2010
The wrestling landscape sure isn't what it used to be. There really is only one major promotion out there, and that's the WWE. Unfortunately, the WWE is distancing itself from professional wrestling. Don't believe me? When was the last time you heard someone refer to themselves as a professional wrestler on WWE TV? They're not wrestlers, they're Sports Entertainers. Moves like Piledrivers, hangmen, chair shots, blood, knife-edge chops, and more have been purposefully eroded away as per Vince McMahon's wishes. McMahon envisions his company as an entertainment company, producing movies, music and novels. Sadly, he farms his locker room talent to fulfill these non-wrestling ventures.

Enter TNA. An upstart company that in 8 years have undergone numerous formats and changes. First associated with the NWA, than on their own. First a PPV only franchise, now on National Cable. Ever since January of 2010, with the addition of Hogan, Flair, Bischoff, Anderson, RVD and more, the TNA product is still undergoing some radical changes to their roster, line-up and presentation. So for now, the story lines and action seems, at times, inconsistent.

But that's OK. They're still a young company. What's important here is that it's still Professional Wrestling. They're striving to give us what the WWE is not. As for ratings, they can't touch WWE, yet. But that's fine too. What's important is the fans that are tuning in are wrestling fans who want to watch wrestling. The madness, mayhem, and uncertainty of this, ahem, sport is alive and well in TNA. WWE is a cemetery. A Wrestling ghost town.

New fans of TNA seem to be at odds with older, more traditional TNA fans. But what both need to realize is at least it's not WWE. And good or bad, this company strives to give fans what they want, as opposed to WWE who tells their audience what they're giving them.

TNA still has some growing up to do. They need to tighten up their format. Keep consistent with their in-ring performances. They need to develop new story lines and angles. But, at least their entertaining. As a 25 year fan myself, I am glad for TNA. I actually look forward to each and every episode, as opposed to RAW and Smackdown, which cannot hold my interest anymore. I haven't watched a full episode of RAW since 2006.

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