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MPAA Rated R for strong violence, pervasive language, sexual content/nudity and drug use

Sex & Nudity

  • Generally, the sex/nudity scenes are somewhat brief, and do not occur 'til the second half of the movie.
  • -A man is watching a pornographic movie, we see a close up of the TV, where we see a brief shot of a woman's upper body (her breasts are shown, and they're bouncing.) Another brief shot shows that there's a man thrusting on top of her (we see her breasts, his back and shoulders.) Throughout the entire scene, the woman's loud sexual moaning can be heard.
  • -A scene takes place in a strip club, we see brief close-ups of topless women (breasts, Legs and part of the buttocks are exposed as they dance around in Lingerie and Thongs.)
  • -A woman and a man have sex in the open under the influence of drugs, We see a montage of quickly edited images of them, he's seen kissing her bare back, lower back and abdomen. They hug, and kiss passionately. They lay on the ground and it's implied that they probably have sex. When she wakes up, she kisses him. (They are both wearing their pants and both of them are exposing their upper body, we can see her breasts clearly for a couple of seconds.)
  • -Keira Knightley, offers Mike G. a lap dance, Keira Knightley takes of her clothes and we see Knightley in bras and panties, Keira dances suggestively on Mike's lap, several surrounding men cheer. we see a brief close-up of her half-clothed buttocks as she dances. Lasts 1 minute.
  • -A group of women in a sorority house are seen being hazed by their leader, she lines them in their under wear and starts drawing circles around their unflattering areas, we see close-ups of their clothed/half-clothed buttocks as she circles their thighs and hips.
  • -A man takes off his clothes and throws them in a washing machine (he's wearing his underwear.) A woman checks him out briefly and discusses it with another man.
  • -Several sexual references, a few of them are graphic, e.g: A man asks a woman he just met: "how would you like to ride a bounty hunter's c--k?"
  • -Several women wear revealing outfits throughout the movie, they expose Abdomens, cleavage, backs, legs and shoulders. Several men are seen shirtless in several scenes. Women and men are seen wearing swimsuits in several scenes.
  • -A few graffiti drawings are scattered throughout the movie, a trailer has a naked woman exposing one breast drawn into it. (It's a cartoon drawing.) Another Taxi has an ad that shows a group of women wearing thongs turning their backs, exposing their buttocks. (This is seen from a distance, and easily be ignored.)
    • A man and woman are topless and kissing each other on a mountain. Her breasts are clearly visible.

Violence & Gore

  • A woman throws a knife at a car, breaking its windshield.
  • A woman uses nunchucks to choke a young man into submission (he's okay.)
  • Several men are arrested, they are beaten and grabbed painfully, one of them is slammed against a wall several times (they are all okay physically.)
  • We see a close up of a man's foot; it's missing a couple of toes and it looks mutilated.
  • The violence isn't frequent, it does occur several times during the movie with sometime bloody results, but it's definitely not as frequent as other movies in the genre.
  • A man walks into another man hand cuffed next to a moving coach's window, he points his gun towards his shoulder, he shoots several times. (once on screen, another, we see the window break with blood spraying out of it and spraying on it from the inside.) The shooter pulls the victim's arm, we see a brief close-up of the shoulder joint, and we see as the arm separates, tissue and blood briefly scatter.
  • Several shootings, we see bodies jerk and bloody holes form in it as they jerk (this is not very vivid, since the camera is shaky and edited with bright lens-colour choice.)
  • A woman punches a man in the nose (we hear loud cracking noise as it breaks, we later see him with a bandaged nose.)
  • A large explosion in a building kills several armed men. (we don't see them die vividly, it's implied only.)
  • During a hazing scene in a sorority, a victim responds by punching the sorority leader in the face a couple of times, implying that she either hurt or even broke her nose.


  • Pervasive and sometimes sexually explicit language.
  • -147 fucks are used.
  • -At least one cock, and cunt.
  • -Several uses of the word Pussy, usually in a sexual content. eg. Keira says to Lucy "See, I bet... I'm thinking...that when you go to sleep alone tonight, it's my pussy you'll be dreaming of.
  • -Other language that's less graphic.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • -Everybody smokes throughout the entire movie, non-stop, there's always a cigarette on screen. A couple of times it's possibly a joint that's being smoked.
  • -A few scenes were people are drinking.
  • -Mescaline is poured in the bounty hunters' coffee, they all become high and end up crashing their RV.
  • -A group of teenagers are briefly seen drinking from beer kegs and doing lines of cocaine.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The movie has a constant threatening feel to it. Certain parts underneath the violence section especially the arm scene may be disturbing. The scene when the group becomes high is surreal and disturbing in nature.

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