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This movie may be based on a cool idea, but it needed to be developed a lot more.
lewiskendell22 July 2010
"You killed her? No! How?! With a butcher's knife?!"

Disaffected college student Bickford Shmeckler (Patrick Fugit) has filled a book with his cool and revolutionary ideas about reality. One night at a party, beautiful kleptomaniac Sarah (Olivia Wilde) stumbles into his room, and makes off with his book of ideas. Over the next few days, Bickford frantically tries to track the book back down, while reading it has a huge affect on the lives of Sarah, an entire Dungeons and Dragons club, a horny cosmology professor, and a group of homeless nuts led by a man named Spaceman. Yes, the movie really is that random. The most random and peculiar indie comedy that I've seen in a while.   

As you can tell from the description, this is a pretty weird movie. It's low-budget, for sure. Lots of obscure tunes from college radio on the soundtrack, and lots of "alternative" humor. I found the attempts at humor to be more bemusing, than anything else. I only recall laughing out loud once (thanks to a few cameos from Reno 911! and a rape joke that came out of nowhere). If the idea of a book giving women brain orgasms sounds funny to you, then you'll be right at home, here. 

I don't really think I can recommend that anyone who's not a massive Olivia Wilde or Patrick Fugit fan go out of their way to catch this one. The movie takes a turn for the dramatic at the end that doesn't fit well with anything that came before, and the entire script just seems like it could have used a lot more development.
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Bickford Shmecklers' got cool ideas.
kallyxcore8823 July 2007
I loved this movie. Although my opinion is biased on the fact that I adore Patrick Fugit and would be pleased with anything he was cast in. I was greatly impressed by Olivia Wilde's performance on the big screen, as I had only seen her on a few episodes of The O.C.

I found the theories in 'The Book' itself to be 'brain-gasmic' and quite thoughtful. Surly something I, myself, would have wanted to read if there were such a book published.

I gave the movie and overall 8 because, although I was excited to see Patrick, the plot was slow and I wasn't quite satisfied with the ending of the film.
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A Must See!
victoriadeitch18 March 2006
Just spent the last 4 days at SXSW-Austin. Caught "Bickford Schmeckler Cool Ideas" and have picked it as my favorite. I can't think of any aspect of the film I had issue with. I loved Matthew Lillard as "Spaceman". Patrick Fugit was very believable and so funny. Olivia Wilde was fantastic, can't wait to see her in "Running with Scissors". The gags worked, the dialog was hilarious, the acting was great, editing was great – like I said I really can't list anything I didn't like.

This was the only film I viewed in which no one left during the screening. I can't wait to be able to see it again. If you want a fun movie that'll make you laugh you must see this film. Let's hope for national distribution!
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arfdawg-128 March 2014
When his journal of bright ideas is stolen, college freshman Bickford Schmeckler (Fugit) has to blanket the campus in order to locate it.

Boring slow movie.

You won't care one bit about anyone in the film.

And you'll care less about the story.

The only good thing is that it's only a hour and 15 minutes.

But the other side of that is it feels like 10 hours.

It's moronic and idiotic.

In short, it's a monumental fail.

Sort of like boiled meat.
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One crazy diary
chelano3 August 2010
The main character is played by Patrick Fugit and he does a decent job. He is a nerd that makes little things or comes up with cool ideas. He writes a book about changing the world, but cannot find the ending. His book is taken and turned into something big that makes everyone around him think including a girl he likes. The story was pretty interesting and I did enjoy it front start to find. But there were scenes thrown in that left the film boring at points. There is an OK cast for the film and I will say that Matthew Lillard was very horrible in the film. His character was very strange he could just not play him right. This is a light teen movie comedy, but at least it has a better story line than most teen comedies you see. Most rely on horrible scenes or nudity. This movie was about teen life, but actually had an interesting story to go along with it. Not a bad film.
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Likable performance by Olivia Wilde
RogerB-P3RV320 February 2020
Reclusive collegian Bickford Shmeckler's (Patrick Fugit) book of self-interpretive 'cool ideas' about life and universe is precious to him but when it's stolen, the search for it opens up new world of odd characters, friendship and ultimately love. Likable performance by Olivia Wilde (Sarah) and short running time just about disguises the fact movie is a pretentious claptrap.
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