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leonawoods19 February 2005
This is a great short film. To be honest I wasn't sure whether David Ginola could act until I saw this film. How wrong was I??

The locations were great ( I think I recognised Brick Lane), it was beautifully shot, the story was excellent and makes a change from the usual short film rubbish. The acting was also great. Especially Chris Ryman and Monsieur Ginola, who lets face it girls is absolutely gorgeous!!. He makes a perfect Devil.

Thoroughly professional from start to finish. I was very impressed. Congratulations Jinx Brothers whoever you are!! When is the next one happening? :) I want more!!!!!!!
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Very good little short
nigelarlow14 April 2008
I disagree with the previous user. I just watched it and found Mr Firecul was an enjoyable little short.

The script was tight, the camera shots good and it was well-paced. OK so the lead actor wasn't great. However Ginola and the other actors more than made up for Michael Brown's shortcomings. Given the amount of rubbish that comes out on large and small screen these days, I would say it was of a far higher quality than most of the dross produced in the UK and overall a good piece of mini cinema... To be honest I thought casting David Ginola in that particular role was inspired.... dodgy British accent though
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Not That Good
Theo Robertson1 August 2005
I really do have to worry about Jade Carmen . This is the second short I saw from Jade today , the other being PIGGY BANK and both seem to have an unhealthy appetite for crime

MR FIRECUL ( Is that an anagram for Lucifer ? ) starts with a young man called Jason throwing a brick through a car window in a very well directed sequence and I have to say that I have no complaints about the technical aspects of the directing since the cinematography and editing are at the very worst more than adequate . However as the story progresses it becomes obvious that the actor Michael Brown who plays Jason is awful in the role . I won't just blame the actor since much of the dialogue is unnatural with lines like " I was scared this morning but not as half as I'm scared now " but even so it's a not a very good performance while casting a once famous French footballer , namely David Ginola , seems like a bad idea

As it stands MR FIRECUL is a good example of no matter how talented a director is at technical aspects if you make bad casting decisions it can ruin a screen story
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Nice idea, poor delivery
bob the moo29 August 2005
A young man breaks a car window and pinches the suitcase from the front seat. He opens it at home to find lots of IOU's inside promising to pay the buyer £25K for each one. He relates the strange experience that brought him to do this act to his friend, who advises him to either burn them or give them back. Together they head off to try and find out more about the red pieces of paper, but the first house they go to simply takes the piece of paper, gives them cash and shuts the door. They try again but the neighbour tells them that the man they saw died 6 months ago. They go away confused but eager to learn more – a dangerous road to follow.

The idea of films set around the devil living within the corporate world is nothing that new or clever – Angel Heart and Devil's Advocate both did it, so it is possible that the concept here will work. I won't spoil what aspect of this idea is used here but suffice to say that it starts out interesting, remains interesting but is slowly and steadily undercut by poor delivery. Not in the direction, though because that is roundly quite good, with clever touches and nice shots throughout. No, the problem is in the roundly bad acting.

Ginola is an easy target because he is a footballer. The name value must have really helped the film sell itself but his performance is poor – no feeling for his character, he says every line like he is in a school play – trying hard but mostly failing. But he is not alone – the leading man is clunky and wooden and doesn't convince for a second. This continues all the way down the cast, everyone is artificial and forced – heck, even the dancing scene doesn't ring true. It is a shame because the idea is a nice one – perhaps with slightly more money, better development at the end to give more of a pay-off and, most importantly, better actors, this could be a good short. As it is now it is only a nice idea.
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