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Loved it...
DoubleUK8 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I find it strange to see an American movie, being released over here in The Netherlands, before it's release in the states. And why is it not released in th US? Because it's not good? Nope. This is a very good movie. I enjoyed it thoroughly. And the people present in the theater also did enjoyed it. Ben Affleck has a knack for comedy. He plays Jack Giamoro, heading a big agency for writers and actors in Hollywood. He is married to a beautiful woman (Nina, played by Rebecca Romijn) and takes care of his father, who needs attendance, suffering from a stroke. Jack secretly attends a course in writing journals in order to get grips with his life. The movie starts with Nina confessing that she has been unfaithful to him. Jack cannot cope with this, especially when he hears that she did it with one of his clients. He throws her out of the house and threatens to end the contract with his client, a very, very successful comedy writer and very important to the agency. What follows is the world of Jack falling apart, his colleagues and friends taking different sides. A rejected Chinese screenwriter tries to get back at him by exposing the fraudulent basis on which the agency is founded. A burglary, a really horrendous but funny dental job, John Cleese making easy money as a teacher and an audition of 'Basic Instinct'. It's all there and more.

This movie is at times funny, hilarious, touching but all the time convincing and engaging. I loved it. I don't know why it's not already in American cinemas. And if you had your doubts about Ben, see this flick. You won't regret it.
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The First 40 Minutes...
tarbosh2200013 May 2010
"Man About Town" is the biggest DTV movie of 2007. I can see why it deserved that fate.

The plot: Jack Giamoro (Affleck) is a smarmy talent agent who has a successful life and a beautiful wife (Romijn). He realizes that his wife is cheating on him with his top client (Adam Goldberg). This sets him off emotionally and he starts a journal and it contains all his dark secrets. Unfortunately, it gets stolen in a robbery and he needs it back desperately.

The first 40 minutes are excellent. Affleck and Romijn are great and they have some strong chemistry. Then it falls The journal class\robbery subplot just doesn't work. If they cut that out and focused on the infidelity it would have been a stronger movie. I think this went straight to video because of its wildly uneven tone. It's not really a comedy, it's more of a drama. The climax, while entertaining, is predictable and feels rushed. The supporting cast is good however, with John Cleese standing out as Jack's teacher.

Overall, "Man About Town" is worth seeing for the first 40 minutes. If you like Affleck, you might enjoy it. Take a look at the trailer! (Does contain spoilers!)
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Awful TV-Grade tripe
hhfarm-13 October 2007
Warning: Spoilers
As an actor Mike Binder isn't much. But at a director he rides the crest of sappiness and uses only what he can borrow from the well of older movies. I've never seen a writer-director so incapable of coming up with something new. At best he's a mediocre TV director.

"Man about Town" is about a guy who works too much and eventually learns that he needs to spend time with his family. Woo, there's a plot. Affleck, normally decent, sleepwalks through the role. Romjin, normally hot and exciting, is listless and dull. The rest of the cast are throwaways (except Hesse, who could have had more screen time)..

But it's the story - or lack thereof - that makes this a waste. There's no real explanation of anyone's motives and you never really find anything out. The story builds to various climaxes which are suddenly diffused in order to continue towards the end - as if the director was ready to resolve something but needed more time. Nasty violence happens out of the blue and out of character.

The point seems to be to get Affleck to realize that he loves his wife and can forgive her adultery. Along the way comic relief is offered grade-B 1950s style: people standing in corners have doors slammed in their faces; phone conversations happen where A is talking to B but C thinks A is talking to him so; characters yell and posture about things that come into their heads separate from any storyline ......

Presumably Binder had a sense of all this and so resorts to the laziest trick: it's narrated throughout. You can't follow it anyway but if you fast-forward (as you want to) you lose any possible sense of continuity that the worthless narration (Affleck reading his journal) might give.

All in all, a complete waste of time: no laughs, no love, no drama, no eurekas. Nada.
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I liked it but it's not a comedy
mn_aqua9 November 2006
I liked the movie. Ben was funny and Rebecca Romijn lovely and very attractive. Both gave a mature performance, and the characters they portrayed were real and convincing. But the movie contained more drama than comedy. A few times I laughed, but overall this movie had a serious message about how to cope with people's imperfection (and your own). Psychological themed movies always are presented as comedy (hence the casting of John Cleese, the neurotic par example) but that's just to make it not too heavy. I liked the message of the movie though. All together the movie is a nice distraction, and some people may learn from it. Especially if you are a fan of Ben, this is a must-see.
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Excellent film, great performances all around
TysynnTrace9 November 2006
Honestly this film surprised me. After sitting through Surviving Christmas I didn't think I'd give Affleck another chance. But he pulls off an exceptional performance here, nailing every emotional scene as well as comedic. The rest of the cast was great as well, with only Rebecca Romin turning in a so so performance.

Definitely check this out if you're into movies like American Beauty, where comedy and drama mesh well and create something poignant. Also, if you feel that you're at a point in your life where you have no clue what you're doing, check this film out. It'll help. You'll feel better.

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The talent agency
jotix10019 April 2008
Warning: Spoilers
"Man About Town", written and directed, as well as acted, by Mike Binder, shows how low some of the people that rule the film industry have stooped so low in order to establish themselves in the fantasy planet of Hollywood and the competitive world they seem to inhabit. Some famous names come to mind of people that got their start this way. It is curious how our society does not bat an eyelash to denounce their deception, their greed and the ambition that seem to be their only excuse to justify their existence.

At the center of the story, one meets Jack Giamoro. He lives the kind of life that not many of us mortals get to know. He is married to a gorgeous woman, a product of that rarefied world, that has cheated on him with one of his clients. Jack, upon learning about the deceit in his own life, goes berserk. He hires the relative of a man in his office to take all her possessions out his house and his life.

We get a chance to see what Jack's life was like growing up. In flashbacks one can watch how his own brother took the girl he liked away from him. His father, who is senile, lives with him, to make matters worse. Luckily, Jack has no children, which makes his separation from the wife more bearable. Jack has a problem in opening himself to others as shown in the writing classes he decides to take, but he wants to use to his own advantage; he doesn't want to share personal aspects of his writing with the professor, or his fellow students.

The surprising turn of events that befall Jack make him more human, in ways one never suspected. In a way, the film is a cop out because Jack doesn't show any kind of human kindness from the way he rose to the top, or in the way he wants to leave the same privilege life he got to enjoy when he stole business secrets from his employer and enabled him to have an upper hand on the others.

The problem with the film is we never really cared about these people and their insignificant troubles. Mike Binder, who created this film knows first hand how that segment of the film population acts and gives the viewer a bird's eye view of the shallowness of it all.
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Blomst1 August 2006
I really loved this movie. It's light although touching, it's funny but also sad, its comedy and drama, all at the same time. This gives me a rare opportunity to see a "feel good movie" that touches and fills me with spontaneous laughs. I don't like comedy's much, they often seem too easy to predict, and you know you are suppose to laugh. In this movie it comes naturally.

The acting was good, not magical, although the teacher was phenomenal… as always.

See this movie and forget your worries for an hour and a half.

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A very rounded film: Jersey Girl for grown-ups
intelearts5 November 2006
Stress and Success: I believe that "Man About Town" gets to the soul of work-life balance in a surprising way. A head review on IMDb compares it to American Beauty -- I think this makes it too heavy and the themes too weighty -- it is Jersey Girl with grown-ups - has farce, charm, and truly poignant scenes, as well as a man who as his life goes down the toilet makes his soul play and work for him.

Is it about the material waste vs. romance? : well, no not really; a modern parable of values; a little; an Italian drama with American values played out like a french comedy romance: definitely.

There is a strong cast: A pythonesque cameo breaks up the story into segments. Howard Hesseman as the father is a better role than expected: and he delivers a class performance. A face I hadn't noticed before, Damien Wayans, (well according to IMDb his previous credits include "cousin carrying plastic bag" in Don't be a Menace to South Central while Drinking Your Juice in the Hood, 'nuff said...) here he handles the foil of Ben Affleck's necessarily flack-like performance with real aplomb as the put-upon PA. He has behind the fluff a serious look that would lend well to comedy and/or drama. Bet we'll see more of him.

The treatment lends to being real handled with verve and vigor: covering the gamut from farce to bathos - and for my money hit a surprising number of home runs. Ben Affleck - a man driven to the point of desperation, and reconnection gives a deceptively light performance: I would have to say they are some awesome skills going into this - sometime he makes it look too easy, too, what's the word, smiley ?, but it is nicely played. It is his most mature role to date and he handles this tale of a man discovering his true values and maturity with a measured casualness.

On filming: I found the approach to filming itself more complex than I expected the lighting and sound are both clever and discrete; and it is well lit. Obviously style and architecture and the LA dream are nicely displayed: great design. The office really looks right, down to the door handles.

The editing makes good sense and keeps the pace in a natural story that jumps pace and genre : and there are some shots with lifts that are unique (!) and worth checking out for that reason alone.

It is funny particularly good on the visual jokes, but not overly crude, but It also moved me to tears four times - no mean feat - and my wife even more.

Mike Binder, who both wrote and directed this, is getting really close to having a real hit - I sense a director ready to take on a big star, and big themes and fly with them.

Overall, I enjoyed this tremendously and would say: more like it please. It is kind of familiar territory and many critics will point to it as too mixed up to be clear: but I would argue that the theme of redemption is clearer than the lax comic relief that occasionally surfaces -- and the silliness is light relief and flows out of the plot.

This film about a film executive who caught the success train early and now feels the baggage carriage rocketing up fast could itself be difficult to categorize as comedy romance drama etc; and that may be a weakness in marketing, but it is a strength in the telling: I found it a very rounded experience. Who wouldn't want to find films that touch the soul and here we have.

Worth the rental (And a release - This should be a release with real marketing values - right?) -- yup and how.
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Worst movie... ever.
robstreeten25 March 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This is the single worst film ever made. Please do not see it.

The problems with this film are principally with the writing, directing, acting and editing.

Of these problems, though, the writing and directing are the most serious. This movie is narrated and even with this hackneyed device it makes almost no sense at all. The plot is paper-thin and there is no character development at all. The dialogue sounds as if it had been written by someone who'd once been told about human interaction but hadn't ever experienced it.

The direction is sloppy and underscores the fundamental lack of identity this film suffers from. It's neither comedy, nor drama. The "jokes" (THAT teeth gag) are old and flimsy and the drama (really ugly violence) is completely out of character and largely non-sensical.

I can't go on as it's making me angry, again. I want my time back. This movie is an insult to the medium.
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Romantic Comedy?
kenneth-r-close-118 August 2007
This movie was advertised as a romantic comedy, but there was no romance and no comedy. All I saw was a boring story about a horrible person, a talent agent, whom I found myself rooting against. Talent agents are, in general, not likable characters. So why did the director think we'd enjoy spending a few hours with one, even if he's played by Ben Affleck? The nepotism and shallow nature of Hollywood seem to be accurately portrayed in this movie. Behind the red carpet glamour of the movie industry lies a dirty business totally lacking any morals or ethical standard. But this was well documented in "The Player" and doesn't need to be repeated. I couldn't bring myself to care about Affleck's character, and thus didn't get emotionally involved with this movie.
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Can Hollywood Get Anymore Infantile?
ahzoov19 August 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Sure, every man's life is suddenly ameliorated when a supermodel lands in his lap. And even though he's admittedly spent more time on his abs than on his marriage, after she runs off on a fling with another man, she'll spend the rest of the script trying to get back into his arms. Hollywood still loves a good fairytale.

The movie revolves around Jack's "journal." He's nearly killed over it, but the cops are not called in. He knows who attacked him, but the cops are not called in. He finds out who initiated the attack, but the cops are not called in. The most telling of all: the journal will make Barbi Ling's career skyrocket; it holds Jack's secrets, holds information that contradicts his testimony in court, holds information that can destroy Jack, her ultimate goal.

So, does she copy the pages? Store it away in a vault? Keep it in a safe place?

No, she travels all over the city with it and loses it twice back to Jack.

Finally, in the end, Jack gets his journal back, threatens to call the cops (duh), takes back the wife who's cuckolded him, and quits his business so he can now live life again (something that would have been forced upon him had Ling published her story).

As a comedy, it hardly works. As a drama it doesn't work. As a juvenile exercise in how not to write a script, it excels.
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Waste of time
ladygee200121 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Well this movie is simply - a waste of time. I only watched it because the reviewer before me said there was comedy in here, but I failed to spot anything, and I mean anything funny - at all. I don't know about you, but I don't really find cheating funny, or a medical stroke, or a car crash, or GBH, and apart from a bad tooth job joke which was on a level of a 3 year old knock knock joke, there was nothing to be called this movie "comedy" about.

As for the "drama" - despite all the above mentioned, I wouldn't even classify this as a drama, its hard to explain unless you see the movie, but all the above bad stuff has been dealt with in the movie so terribly, that you don't even get to feel for the guy, or the girl, or pretty much anyone. And if there is no feelings developed for any of the characters, there is no drama when something happen to them. In fact, the remote sadness I felt was for the 2 second car crash, which was so understated, that you really had no chance to develop even a tear.

The story was so badly written, that if you asked me what was the movie about - it was about a (badly written) journal really. The story was, boring and shallow, with ludicrous action points, and final that makes you say "What the...?"

So, a "Feel good movie"? I'm actually feeling very angry now at wasting 1.5 hrs of my life on this. And to top it all it did not help that narrator was Ben's monotonous "I don't care about anything including this movie" voice.

So all I can say is, I'm off to watch some Lee Evans. Now THAT's a "comedy", full of action, passion and feelings: all that this movie - IS NOT!

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Flatter than flat
LazySod20 October 2006
A guys life is in trouble. He finds out his wife is cheating on him, and the journal he is writing as a result of a class of self discovery he is following gets stolen and used against him. How has his life come to that point and where will it go from here? If such interests you, go see this film.

Otherwise, avoid it all costs. It is bland, told solely from the side of the "victim" that does his best to sound like an absolute drama queen, failing miserably at that. He's having a bad time. Big deal, deal with it. Just like everyone else.

A couple short attempts at humor get made but none of them take the film into more than a small smirk or a light chuckle. A sense of drama is added but none of it is bad enough to make one bond with the lead character.

So in short. This film is as flat as the country I live in and not worth the celluloid it was filmed on.

2 out of 10 very boring drama queens
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Diary of an stressed man
mattwargam13 January 2007
Sometimes the business world makes your love frozen. In a society where the prestige and the money seems to be more important than relationships, "trust" becomes just another word of the dictionary. Stress takes the control of your life; and without warning you stop living, to start acting in automatic pilot. And that is the case of Jack Giamoro (Ben Affleck) a well recognized and very successful executive in the Hollywood industry; who in his routine tries to find safety in isolating himself. His ammo ironically turns into his wickedness when everything starts falling apart, and he decides to write his personal diary. His life, his pain, his loneliness and secrets in paper, put him in danger when someone steals his written memories. A good romantic comedy, with the excellent performance of John "the actor" Cleese and the always beautiful Rebecca Romijn. It makes you laugh, it makes you fall in love, it makes you stop and look around. What's important in life? I say: A great choice for a date.
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"I look like Tom Cruise's retarded cousin!"
ldavis-230 September 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Caught this during Showtime's free-view as the first of what (I hope) was an unintentional Ben Affleck Marathon, as this stinker was followed by another stinker (The Third Wheel), then one more stinker for sh*ts and giggles (Reindeer Games). Why a Lifetime Razzie has so far eluded Benny's talentless clutches is beyond me! As one of the posters said, just when you think he can't sink any lower, he does!

You think Jack A-Hole would have figured out what his minions REALLY think of him when they haul him to that dentist! Au contraire! After beating the crap out of the guy who beat the crap out of him, he goes back to the SAME DENTIST when he should be hauling the clown into court for making him look like Tom Cruise's retarded cousin! And some people wonder why this turkey was shelved for 2 years!

The female characters are even more loathsome than the male characters: Barbi is a Dragon Lady racist cliché; Mrs. Jack A-Hole is a brainless Trophy Wife; and the less said about the Sharon Stone wanna-be, the better. At the climax of this masterpiece, Trophy Wife and Dragon Lady duke it out over Jack A-Hole's precious journal in one room, the Sharon Stone wanna-be crosses and uncrosses her legs in another room, and Jack A-Hole's Top Client (over whom he kicked Trophy Wife out of the house) drops in to beg forgiveness. That whirring sound you hear is Preston Sturges spinning in his grave!

So who winds up running Jack A-Hole's agency after he and Trophy Wife kiss and make up in his fish tank (I kid you not)? The token lesbian, who has more cojones in her pinkie than all the men in the movie put together!
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This is really one of the worst movies I've ever seen...
joinhip31 May 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Okay, first of all, Ben Affleck is one of the partners of a high-powered Hollywood agency. About halfway through, he moans about never being able to close a deal or get things done. How the hell did someone like that become head of a high-powered Hollywood agency? Second, why do we care about him? He's shallow, uninteresting and his life is meaningless. That's supposed to be the point, I gather, but this is no Jerry MacGuire and no hidden interesting depths are to be found here. Third, his supermodel wife (!) has absolutely no character. She mopes around about how much she loves him (even though she's been having an affair with one of his clients), but we learn nothing about her except that she has no personality. The whole movie's emotional center is supposed to be whether he gets back together with her, but we have no reason to think they should be together in the first place (and no, the idiotic virtual CGI sequence of them scuba-diving doesn't provide that context). Fourth, the Asian woman who steals Ben's journal - every time the agency folk meet this woman, she (A) HAPPENS to have the journal in her purse (which would be the stupidest thing in the world to carry to a meeting with them) and (B) they STEAL it from her and run in a merry Keystone Cops-like chase that's completely absurd and unnecessary since...IT'S NOT HERS TO BEGIN WITH. IT'S STOLEN PROPERTY. CALL THE POLICE, YOU SIX PEOPLE WITH CELL PHONES!!! But, no, no, that would make sense. And finally (although I could go on and on), the ending where Ben and Rebecca ride away from Hollywood to who knows where. I thought to myself, where are they going? They can only function in Hollywood. They have no other existence beyond Hollywood. The viewer can't conceive of them anywhere else the way they've been presented. This movie made absolutely no emotional or logical sense, I didn't understand the writer-director's take on Ben Affleck's character at all. I don't want to bag on Ben - he's actually good when used correctly = I blame the script and direction that left him standing around with egg on his face (and on his Armani suit).

Oh, I did like Howard Hesseman.
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It's awful, simply awful
taptoe-0904620 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Never have a seen a cast or more unlikable characters, apart from Rebecca Romijn's role as Ben's wife, who at least is honest about her infidelity and seemingly sincere about her love for Ben. Well, he obviously has hidden talents because he behaves like a total jerk, overbearing towards his staff, heeding no advice, sullen, morose and unsmiling. Mike Bender wrote and directed and appears as Morty, but it's never clear whether he's Affleck's boss, or the other way around. The scene in which Affleck is beaten to a pulp is ludicrous. If he's been burgled and relieved of his precious journal, who didn't he contact the police rather than take the law into his own hands? Why wouldn't he claim damages for the damage caused to his face, and teeth? Why would Bai Ling take the journal to the Chinese restaurant if she had no intention of giving Affleck the chance to steal it? John Cleese is more caricature than character. He is guilty, as are several others in Affleck's employ, guilty of mugging to the cameras. And the music. Why Latin? It's excruciating to listen to and the movie is painful to watch.
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What is going on with this flick
nerdbomber15 September 2006
I saw this movie in a test screening, and it is not good. Bad acting, especially by Affleck, and i wants to be Jerry Maguire, but it doesn't even come close. The director did a good job with The Upside of Anger but here he really messes up. I thought this was supposed to be Affleck's comeback movie? I hear its has been on the shelf for over 2 years in the US and is currently being released I hear Lions Gate has picked up and it is going STRAIGHT TO DVD!! In other words, it sucks. This must be embarrassing to Affleck, as he was praising it in interviews last year. This guy needs to learn how to pick scripts. Surviving Xmas, Gigli, Jersey Girl, anyone? Wow, he is turning into the male version of Tara Reid.
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no wonder I have never heard of this movie before...
MLDinTN20 August 2007
seeing it on cable. It was not very good. It's not really funny nor is it very entertaining. Ben Affleck is back to making the same boring, bad acting films. Rebecca Romijn still looks good for her age but still has little screen presence. If she wants to act, she should stick to TV roles. Ling Bai was OK, she offers what little humor there is. Also, as for the story, I don't buy that some fairly young, good looking guy with a high powered job would be just OK with his hot wife cheating on him with a client. He wouldn't just take her back.

FINAL VERDICT: Just another Ben Affleck disappointment. There's nothing in this film really worth watching.
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Potential "American Beauty" but a wasted shot
estel-here18 June 2006
When the film was started I said another American Beauty type film coming. And because of this thought my expectations increased a lot. But Ben Affleck's acting capacity is limited so the movie never goes on. Also the story has some weak points and illogical parts. For example you stole something important and you will use it to blackmail someone. The first thing you will do to backup your source or at least you will not take your source with you when you're meeting with the person that you're blackmailing! But our writers don't think like this so there are a lot of stupid chasing scenes. I think your mood also very important for this film. I was very complicated and seeking something in me, before I went to cinema. Because of this in the film the 'course' scenes and the confessions covered by 'diary writing' scenes hit me directly. So I can't give bad votes to this film. I want to add one more thing, course teacher's acting was perfect. And Ling Bai. She's very different type. She don't like any girls that I know. I think this explains why I like her.

Conclusion, in this circumstances this is a movie for summer. Light scenario, beautiful girls (Rojmin, Ling Bai) and handsome guy.

Your choice to watch it :).
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Absolutely Atrocious
flashwok25 August 2007
Just when you think Affleck can't get any worse, he, and his movie choices do just that...reliably so.

It is hard to believe that someone with an academy award for screen writing (undeserved, boogie nights deserved it)can't select even a halfway decent script when it arrives for him. Or maybe people simply aren't sending him any good scripts because they have realized he cannot act.

Regardless, I cannot in good conscience give a full review of this film, since it was so horrid that i turned it off 40 minutes in to watch Meerkat Manor...because it has better acting and a better story.

chalk up another disaster for Affleck, a man who has dropped more bombs than the air force.

I really do not know what else to say...avoid it if you can...the theaters sure did.
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I guess to appreciate this movie you have to have some maturity
bfgimp5 October 2006
While not a perfect film nor extraordinarily acted(by supporting cast), both Affleck and Romijn inject humanity into their characters. and John Cleese as the prof. was a nice touch. I think people need to cut Affleck a little more slack, this proves he can act against type and pull it off. The story was well paced and interesting enough, however they did not really use the supporting cast as well as I was expecting his on screen coworkers while not A-Listers are known actors who needed some more screen time and poor Kal Penn yet another film where all he really gets to do is look nervous/intrigued give the man some dialog(unfortunately that comment is also directed at Bryan singer). The exception was Howard Hessemen as the Afflecks post stroke dad he was great.
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A worthwhile drama
Siamois22 August 2008
My expectations for this movie were pretty low. Ben Affleck's resume is very much hit and miss, with the misses being sometimes being of epic proportion. As well, I had seen two recent movies by director Mike Bender (Upside of Anger and Reign over Me) which certainly did not live up to praises and high ratings they received. It was thus with skepticism that I decided to kill time watching Man About Town, expecting a total dud. I was proved wrong.

Much like its successor Reign Over Me, the main character here is going through issues and everything is rather organic and poignantly directed, contrary to the usual remote third person view employed in "safer" Hollywood work. There are some light comedic moments here but what makes them work is how human and heartfelt the struggles are depicted. And while Ben Affleck will never be the second coming of a Ed Norton or Anthony Hopkins, here he gives a very honest and balanced performance and we cannot help but sympathize with this character caught in the artificial life of Los Angeles and talent agencies.

If anything, one plot tread about his book takes perhaps too much importance in what is otherwise a sober treatment of character and the issues he has to deal with in his personal and professional life. The entire cast is extremely good and was well chosen, although it does feel like they could have done more with John Cleese. One exception: I really felt Bai Ling was off in her performance.

Overall, this is a very enjoyable movie with a satisfying conclusion instead of the usual eye-rolling fest with the easy way out.
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The movie is great
ffyunax220 August 2006
I like Ben Affleck,is a nice this movie is funny and straight... I love to laugh,that because the life is not so good with us/ mostly in Romania/ in the movie...nobody is perfect and truly happy ,no matter how much money you have...I'd like to say more but I don't know how... if you said that is not enough words.I'd like to continue in Romanian, but you don't let me..OK than,how I said the movie contains much subtleties,refined humor and Ben/not a great actor/is very cute like always.I'd like to see much movies like that,and I will recommend to my friends,to everybody I know if that matters.Peoples go to see-it because that movie is GREAT and thank you for listen my opinions, MANO
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moral of this movie is wrong?
murod20008 February 2007
First of all I am sorry for my poor English, I just want to say that the moral of this movie is just wrong, I would say stupid, the wife betrays her husband and he "cuckold" forgives her easily... No way, this is not real, so what is the moral then, I could not understand, I like Ben Affleck and enjoyed some parts of the movie where he says about his family and his father, these parts are good and makes people to think, moreover the movie is full of funny stories, however, the main idea and subject is totally wrong and this movie may cause some wives to betray their husbands, thinking their husbands will forgive them?! This movie can destroy normal families, I would not recommend to see it, it may mislead one, These are my opinion and I would glad to have any comments from you, my e-mail is: sorry if I said something wrong and wish you and your families all the best... Best regards, Murodkhon
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