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kaiserspike11 September 2004
Utterly essential for any Rammstein fan.This DVD comes packed with over 3 hours worth of Rammstein footage,including every video from "Du riecht so Gut" to "Feuer Frei!" ."Making of" documentaries on the videos,interview footage ,over an hours worth of live performances which are highlights from seven major concerts spanning Rammstein's career,TV trailers,advertisements (including hilarious American TV ads).All this comes in a beautifully presented jewel case.The DVD menu screen is a joy to navigate.The band members put themselves across very intelligently and are very well spoken.Rammstein are a band who know what their are doing,their critics would do well to watch this DVD,and see how they feel afterwards.The only downside with this release is that it ends!!! (eventually!!)
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nrx7 October 2005
Awesome essential collection of Rammstein videos and highlights from live performances. Since Rammstein's music isn't exactly mainstream, their music videos are few and far between on channels like MTV, which is really a shame since they're both clever and highly entertaining! Overall an awesome DVD, although I missed English subtitles on the "Making of" features.

Sadly a lot of people misinterpret Rammstein's whole dark industrial style as some kind of extreme right-wing propaganda. This is in no way true. My advice would be to actually listen to the lyrics; you'd be surprised.
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Yay Music Videos!
Lord_of_all_zombies7 August 2008
(Having read the review of the guy saying 'how can people like Rammstein?! They're silly!' and then giving it an 8 out of 10, I felt I had to actually say whats good/bad about this DVD).

Lichtspielhaus has everything Rammstein had from their first album, Herzeleid, to their third, Mutter. It includes nearly all of their music videos from that time period, as well as some in-concert moments and interviews with band members and some stuff I've never actually seen before! (The music video for "Stripped," for example! Didn't know there WAS a video for that! And the ORIGINAL video for "Du Riechst So Gut," which isn't really anything special, but still...) Overall, is it worth a look? Sure! Spend $20 on it? No. $10? MAYBE... $5? Go for it! And if nothing else, it would of value to a strong Rammstein fan, such as myself, and would allow you to say to your friends, "hey, have you seen the music video for that song Du Hast? Its crazy, lets watch it!"

Although my one compliant about it is the time-consuming, theatrical menu screen... Thats a little annoying...
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