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A More Enjoyable Version of "The Wedding Planner"
danic1 October 2004
I wasn't expecting to enjoy this offering of Lifetime nearly as much as I did. Okay, it was far from original in plot, but these days, most things in entertainment are recycled to some extent. Admittedly, "I Do But I Don't" doesn't even try to disguise that it's heavily recycled, and I think the movie is better off for that unapologetic attitude. Otherwise it would just feel like movie plagiarism, instead of what it is. (Note Title) And if you saw the previews, you would have been able to guess it would be like the "The Wedding Planner" so you shouldn't be disappointed by that.

Almost all the characters feel real in this story. Good acting and a decent script is what accomplishes this, I think. Lauren (Denise Richards) character comes off as endearing and sympathetic, and I found myself rooting for her, even though I knew that everything would work out for her in the end. (They usually do in these kinds of movies.) Her leading man, Nick (Dean Cain) pulled of being the perfect guy without being nauseating. I thought their chemistry together was good enough to please, but not enough to thrill...which would have been nice, but not necessary. Lauren's friend and sister worked well in their role, and served their intended purpose. Lauren's mother was a bit domineering, but her intentions were pure, and when push came to shove, she could back her daughter up, and back off...so that relationship was both frustrating, and touching. As far as Darla went, her character is one that I changed my opinion about a few times in the movie, which offered the rare surprises in this movie, and kept up the pace.

One character that was handled badly was Lauren's ex-husband, Brad. He was too obviously a plot device to make Nick look better, and to create problems. He's so much of a jerk, you can't believe she'd ever be brain dead enough to be with him in the first place, nor does he seem to have any qualities that would mask, or compensate for his patronizing attitude of her, or how self-absorbed he is. It would have been much more interesting if the marriage falling apart hadn't been all his fault, and that although she was determined to go through with the divorce, there would be some lingering regret.

Also, the love scene between Lauren and Nick bothered me. It was very sweetly handled, and very tame. (An eight year old could watch it.) But despite that, it shouldn't have been in the movie. The two lovers barely know each other. What kind of message does that send? "Sleep with a man you barely know on your first date...and no harm done?" Besides, it would have been much more effective if they just kissed, and held hands, and got to know each other a bit more than they did. And no matter how sweet, the love scene had no real sizzle, it would have been just as well. (The dance scene between them was more erotic.)

But all in all, I really liked it. Despite it's predictable nature, it managed to stay fresh and charming, and I wouldn't mind seeing it again. It's rare for me to find something so unabashedly romantic that doesn't prompt gag reflexes.

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I'd rather watch this than "The Wedding Planner"
Smells_Like_Cheese5 August 2006
I'm a fan of Denise Richards, I admit. I think she is incredibly beautiful and has the potential for being a great actress. Again, I rented this movie from Hollywood Video, I couldn't help myself, I think it's that female magnet thing in my head. :D But seriously, I thought that this was an adorable film that anyone could enjoy. True, mostly girls. But it was still fun.

I didn't realize that this was a made for TV movie, but still it was a good little film. Denise Richards plays a wedding planner who has a mean boss and a client who is a brat. When she meets a hunky fire fighter played by Dean Caine, she is in love. He is interested as well, but she thinks that's her client's fiancée. But when she finds out that he isn't and it's his brother's fiancée, they start a steamy relationship, but then she finds out that the fiancée is sleeping with a certain family member. Can she still trust him and hope her heart doesn't get broken?

You'll have to find out that one for yourself. This is a cute movie to watch with the girls and I'll admit 100% that I enjoyed this film as well.

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tricia-1623 October 2004
this was undoubtedly a woman's film. Just the kind of film for a night-in.

Denise Richards (Lauren) and Dean Cain (Nick) have good chemistry in this film, maybe it's because they are old friends in real life, & i think this comes through.

This was a very well acted movie and showed everyone that Dean Cain can play a comedy role and is not just a 'hunk'. His acting skills improved with every role.

This is the first time i have seen Denise Richard's in a leading role and she played the part well, although the voice-over, with her thoughts and comments, was very annoying. I love the scene in the wedding shop and Darla trying on so many dresses!

The down side was as someone else has already stated why Lauren should ever have married Brad, who is a jerk, i will never know. He was the most irritating person in this movie.

Rating: out of 5: ****
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This film is a poor cliché which tries to relaunch Dean Cain's career and start Richards.
black_cherry_girl26 May 2006
This film is a cheap copy of the same old cliché 30's plus woman who falls in love with the typically perfect guy. Denise Richards is awful in this film, although, her acting improves somewhat towards the end when her character is called upon to be more assertive. I must say however, that NOT using Denise's well-known "assets" as a puller in this film is remarkable on behalf of the director. Surprisingly, Dean Cain carries this film quite well. There are some points of amusement overall, some quirky, black humour thrown in and the climax definitely is a refreshing twist. The narrative of Richard's character throughout the film is very annoying although it does serve a purpose - to remind the viewer that her character does think occasionally. Obviously Richard's is trying to be a credible actress. A good career move with this film, not for the viewer though. Don't waste your money on the video. Wait until it's on TV.
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Predictable and sappy, but not unwatchable
angelus9913 September 2004
Denise Richards and Dean Cain are mismatched (chemistry-wise), and seem almost awkward as a couple at times. But there are rare moments where they actually shine (such as the dance at the Fireman's ball where he saves her from a drunken comrade), and it's not a complete waste of time. The only severely annoying part is the cliché inner monologue by Richards. Apparently, her acting wasn't complex enough to infer these occasional exclamations and explanations. It just feels a touch oblique. Or maybe I'm being critical--either way, it impeded my ability to watch the movie without being aware of the devices. But the ending was satisfactory (if predictable), and the fiancée was sufficiently horrific to relieve you of any guilt about her being so easily cast aside. All in all, not a complete waste of time...
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I do recommend this film to fans of romantic comedy
inkblot1128 November 2006
Lauren (Denise Richards) works for a well-known wedding planner as a "junior" planner. This means, essentially, that Lauren does all of the hard work and the lady above her gets all of the glory. At an unusual wedding, a groom decides to repel his way down the church for a big entrance. Alas, he gets stuck. Lauren does her part by keeping the gentleman calm as the fire department arrives. It is there that she meets Nick (Dean Cain), a friendly fireman and a cute one, too. But, horrors. Meeting up with a client a couple of days later, Lauren is dumbstruck to learn that Nick is the impending groom. Then, why do you suppose he is making so many friendly overtures to Lauren? This a cute knockoff of the Wedding Planner. Richards is lovely and funny as the super-organized planner and Cain is, as always, warm, charming, and adorable as the love interest. The rest of the cast is more than adequate, the script is humorous, and the costumes very beautiful. There is a darling and clever canine in the film, too. As a Lifetime movie, this one takes a wee walk on the wild side with a bride who is having an affair with the potential groom's brother. However, in most cases, do not let that discourage you from finding the film. It is a nicely romantic and mirthful movie that will be pleasing to romcom fans everywhere.
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TallPineTree18 January 2007
Maybe I shouldn't comment on this movie as I couldn't finish watching it. It was that bad. I like romantic comedies; and I don't mind if the story is predictable as long as the leading characters have charisma. This movie had nothing going for it.

I am a guy and Denise Richards was unwatchable. She and her character seemed to be fake and shallow. Her character can't forgive her ex-husband for cheating on her but has no problem with a groom pursuing her, and seems to be flattered by his attention. It doesn't seem to matter he will be wed in a month's time in an upcoming wedding she is planning. I guess this is because they "met cute" and she is single and supposedly "not looking" and doesn't need a man. After realizing this is her character I gave up on the movie as I found her offensive. Denise Richards has no acting ability or charisma to allow me to overlook her character's hypocrisy.

Dean Cain was OK as his role was just to be the "perfect guy". His role was just to be eye candy to the women and gay men watching this movie. Just ignore that his character is pursuing Denise Richards when he is about to be married in a month to another woman.

Denise Richard's voice over describing her actions shows how bad this movie is. Rather than have us learn her character and motivations by her actions we can just listen to her drone on about what is happening. Who needs to watch the movie - just close your eyes and listen. The voice over is often the writer's lazy and/or incompetent way of writing and usually is a sign of a bad movie when they have to tell you what is going on.

If you are in the mood for a romantic comedy, watch a screwball comedy from the 1930s with either Jean Arthur, Myrna Loy, or Jean Harlow. These are smart, witty, funny women with charisma.
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Good Copy
alliegrooms3615 February 2013
This movie is good but it's a definite copy of the wedding planner. A lot of elements in this movie you can tell were taken from the movie "The Wedding Planner", I thought Dean Cain did a great job in this role but this was not one of Denise Richards best movies. Richards did not seem to really be into this movie where as Cain did a great job playing his role. I recommend this movie to some people but if you don't like unoriginality then I say don't watch it. This movie is good not great like the "Wedding planner" though. I wish the Director/writers would have added more of their own elements then just copy off of another movie... Which may or may not have been the case but it sure looked like it.
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Haven't I seen a movie like this before
lisafordeay12 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Really I am a lover for romantic comedies from While You Were Sleeping to 27 Dresses,I even loved Kate & Leopold.But this made for TV movie was just god awful. I smelled the ending a mile away and said to myself oh these people are so going to be together,and was I right I was.

Anyway this made for TV movie is about a wedding planner(played by Denise Richards)who falls for a hunky firefighter(played by Dean Cain)who Richard's charcther persumes that he is engaged to a woman that she is doing her wedding for. But it turns out that his not engaged its his brother who is getting married to the woman that Richard's charcther is helping out. Do you see how this is going.

I actually pointed out so many clichés that I have seen in other romantic comedies. A romantic candlelight dinner check,a cute hot guy with no flaws check,girl falls for boy check,they break up check,they get married and live happily ever after check.

Like I said I love romantic comedies but by god why are they all so predicable and clichéd. My advice watch The Wedding Planner instead which is basically this movie's rip off of that film with Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConaughey.

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Tastefully Cheap
moviegirl_4105 October 2008
In my opinion, this was a good movie and a bad movie at the same time. The plot was too simplistic and the dialogue was cheap, but it had an easygoing feel to it and one can enjoy it without having to pay that much attention. I'll even admit there was somewhat of enough action to keep one interested and that it could be good movie if it had a bigger budget.Denise Richards was okay as the main character, more charming than a convincing actress, but let's just say you could tell it was a Lifetime original movie when you saw the other actors in their parts. Overall, I'd say if you're in the mood for a nice movie with an almost relaxing tone to it, see it on TV or even rent it.
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Poor attempt
moviereviewer9917 February 2020
A VERY poor attempt to retell the story presented in, "The Wedding Planner (2001)" starring Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConaughey.

"The Wedding Planner" was MUCH better, especially when it comes to the actors/actresses.

Never been a fan of Denise Richards or Dean Cain.
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Otherwise engaged
Prismark1022 January 2017
A passable Lifetime light romantic comedy. I Do (But I Don't) sees Lauren (Denise Richards) a put upon wedding planner who thinks she has fallen for the groom Nick (Dean Cain) a firefighter and all round super man.

However it seems that it is Nick's brother that is the actual groom and both Lauren and Nick start a relationship. Soon Lauren finds out that the bride to be might be having an affair with someone else leaving Lauren in a dilemma.

This is a breezy but forgettable film helped by Cain's effortless charisma, let's face it Richards has little acting ability hence why we need her to do a voice-over to convey her feelings.
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I saw this movie last night and I liked it...
sunney_maxson14 September 2004
This movie seems to be a remake of The Wedding Planner, but I like this new version better.

The movie would have been even better had the characters Lauren and Nick not slept together. They didn't even know each other well enough yet, not to mention the fact that they weren't married or, at the very least, engaged.

Dean Cain did a great job of playing the sweet firefighter Nick, and I was impressed that the actors who played Nick, J, and Rick looked so much alike.

Overall, I deem this movie Re-watchable.
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Adorably over the top
ginnyreding30 December 2019
Having watched many a romantic comedy, I found this one adorable and easy to like. Walk into it knowing it's not going to be complex, and you'll enjoy it. Admittedly, it's a little heavy on what most find to be typically romantic. The guy - handsome, funny, sweet, handsome, charming, handsome, romantic, considerate - is a little too perfect, but the story is about the girl's transformation, not his. So, that can be forgiven. It's a nice movie to enjoy when you're craving something light-hearted and sweet.
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watchable and funny
mosquitocyn19 October 2022
I thought this romantic comedy movie was pretty entertaining, light and funny. The narrative done by the female lead helped to make it more inclusive to the viewer. Always like to watch beautiful Denise Richards and she acted pretty well here too. Good enough chemistry with male lead. Both leads have such great smiles to lighten up everything. Yes, it's predictable and most probably make you think that the plot feels like you have watched it somewhere before but I still feel it is freshly delivered in this movie - think the pairing of the two leads must have helped. The pace sets a good lively mood to the movie. I like the confusion of identities in the plot and how it creates misunderstandings and yet how quickly they are resolved.
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An enjoyable film in a 'no -brainer' sort of way.
freshwayne28 December 2005
Watched this film with the wife the other night to get an escape from the Xmas fare and all of the embarrassing specials. I was pleasantly surprised. I thought it would be a run of the mill Rom-com chick flick, but found a few twists and turns that at least were intelligent. OK - lets be honest you can nearly predict most of the plot within the first 30 minutes or so and its hardly cutting edge stuff, but if you're after a no-brainer that you can just sit back and enjoy - this is what you're looking for. Denise Richards is enjoyable in the part, as is Dean Cain, and as someone else has already commented its commendable how close he looks to his brothers in the film. Why oh why do these films ALWAYS have to have a dog? Ever since Something about Mary dogs have been making regular appearances in these films, and although our little canine friend in this instance (Snickers to friends) is vaguely humorous, it is actually quite irritating! However - give it a spin, its not a bad film. Don't be expecting the best comedy you ever saw, but its above average and fun.
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Avoid it if you can
aeszeki25 October 2022
Firstly, the leads are some of the best looking people in the world. Unfortunately they are such bad actors and they have such poor chemistry it's ridiculous.

Next, the narration is just annoying. There is nothing good about it, it's unnecessary and adds to the irritation created by the leading lady.

The plot is ridiculous too: "Rule no 4: don't get involved with the groom" - what?!?! Shouldn't this be rule number zero or one? What is higher priority for a wedding planner than not to steal away the groom?

She is meant to be sweet and smart and good and somehow I can't believe any of it. It's because of bad acting and bad writing. Almost every word and event and plot twist seems to have been chosen to be the least interesting, least intelligent.

It's almost a parody.

I have seen worse but still...
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Pleasantly surprised
lpt10214 January 2009
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is very romantic. Not only because of the whole wedding planner thing, but because of the way the two main characters meet, like it was fate that brought them together and after dealing with their problems and confusion, they're very mature to continue the relationship that was meant to be. Denise Richards is great playing Lauren, the solving-problem, almost obsessive-compulsive young wedding planner, who not only deals with a terrible boss, but also has to deal with a mother and her pressure of getting back together with a man who she doesn't want to be with anymore. But the next best thing is Dean Cain, who plays the charming Nick Corina and who is too good to be true. He's the older brother, the life-saving fireman, the guy who can dance and knows your job better than you and who knows exactly how to catch a woman's attention without looking like a creep. If you're single and you've forgotten for a moment that love doesn't exist, that maybe it wasn't made for you, this gives you hope. The rest of the cast is very good and even the dog brings a smile to your face. If you get the chance to watch this film, don't miss it.
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A Cheap Game Of "Copy Cat"
American-_-Beauty17 September 2004
I can't help but notice how closely this "no frills" TV movie seems to resemble the successful plot of 2001 movie "The Wedding Planner". Throughout the movie certain elements placed here and there gave me a strong case of "daijavu". In the very beginning of the movie we find that the protagonist is a stressed-out wedding planner trying to win the big promotion by submitting to the every whim of her manipulative boss. Hmm? Sound familiar? Then, surprise! We throw in the spoiled bride-to-be (that seems to resemble Bridgette Wilson) and a forbidden love interest and you have the recipe for a very predictable, and not so exciting TV movie. This movie guru recommends that your avoid this title if your partial to originality!
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