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Nice Look at the Cinematography
Michael_Elliott7 March 2012
Reflections on Golden Pond (2003)

*** (out of 4)

This thirty-minute featurette takes a look at the making of ON GOLDEN POND but the main attraction is the work of cinematographer Billy Williams. Williams is interviewed along with David Thomson (Film Historian), Mark Rydell (Director), Ernest Thompson (Screenwriter), Gary Daigler (1st Assistant Director) and Ken Russell. Various aspects of the production are discussed including the screenplay, the original play, hiring Henry Fonda and Katharine Hepburn and then the emotion of the final scenes with Jane and Henry. Through all of this we're hearing about the look of the movie and this is where Williams gets to explain what type of look he wanted from nearly every part of the film. There's discussion about the scene with the birthday cake lighting, stuff dealing with the reflections on the pond and we even hear about the "Bergman" shot when Fonda gets lost in the woods. If you're a fan of cinematography then you're really going to enjoy hearing how all the shots were set up and also by Williams explaining what they were wanting to try and capture. There are also a few good stories about the making of the film and of course the stories about the two Fonda's working together are always interesting. Those wanting a 100% look at the making of the film itself might be a bit disappointed but there are earlier featurettes that cover that better.
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