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Unbelievably Entertaining for ALL the Wrong Reasons
shark-4321 September 2008
GERONIMO is such a strange film - a Christian message movie where teens try and convert troubled inner city ghetto thugs. Somehow, the director seems to have cast REAL ghetto kids who play themselves and give some amazing naturalistic performances - they are so real they seem to be riffing in an Altman film or discovered by Larry Clark - but the rest of the film is filled with the stilted bad community theatre performances of the somber, "saved" good kids. A pouty teen named Jeremy is mad at God for the death of his sister and refuses to go to church - he gets pressured into counselling at a Christian summer camp - Camp Zion - and wouldn't you know it - some latino and black gangstas get sent to the camp to get "straightened out". The scenes of these street kids ad-libbing and insulting the dorky counselors are priceless. Very obscure, very entertaining - so bad it is good.
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It was alright while having breakfast
Dizzle838 July 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I just saw this movie, a few hours ago and it was OK for watching it for the first and last time. It's about a boy named Jeremy who lost his faith in god caused by the death of his sister. I have to say, i saw the movie on a channel called "Bible TV", i just zapped through the channels and ended at this one. The whole movie is very religious with much talking about the church, praying, god, Jesus and stuff like that (which is normally not my kind of movie). The main character Jeremy goes into a camp for summer cause a girl talks him into that and got to work with a group of criminal gang kids (a 10 year old boy who smokes weed is also included in that "gang").These boys try to stress Jeremy, steal his money and clothes till one of the gang members decides to change and wants to let Jesus Christ into his live. Time after time also Jeremy finds his faith back and i think you know how it all ends ;) (I mean, it's an religious movie, so there has to be the best possible ending, ha ha). The ending was kind of weird but if you see this movie maybe sometime in the next 50 years, you'll know what i meant
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summer camp movie without the sex scenes
ptb-818 September 2010
This awful "good' movie is a bible camp sermon about finding religion in this terrible hard world. Filmed on what looks like home movie or by a novice 16mm university campus film student GERONIMO features untrained actors or church fellowship actor wannabees redeeming each other whilst at summer camp. Really it just looks like it will break into icky 80s sex scenes. The Negro kids are the most natural and have jive rhythm in their voices and as a result come across as the most effective. the white kids incl our heartbroken hero seem to be reading their lines from a sheet of cardboard just out of camera line. Over and over again they spout some stilted line about religion, but more disturbingly the whole film looks like a bad Friday 13TH summer camp/porno with the sex scenes edited out. The mouth to mouth resuscitation moment filmed with disturbing crotch level cam and gives the film its suspect tone. Plenty of chatting boys whilst lying in bed near each other... The direction seems to have a kinky subtext whilst being religious.
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