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No escape from this horrible movie
Jamie Counsell18 August 2006
I rented this "movie" five months ago at my local video store and it still rates as the worst thing ever to enter my DVD player. Imagine my surprise (and secret pleasure) when today I saw that it is now an ex-rental sale at the store for a staggering $4 Australian. I took it to the counter and was told that most of the staff have taken the movie home and watched it for free but none of them were able to watch the movie in its entirety, it was THAT bad. I told him about the producers posting on IMDb and we had a laugh about it. He offered it free if I hired out an overnight movie, so I agreed.

I returned to the counter after picking out some other movies, collected my new prize possession and returned home. On the way, I thought about the different ways I could destroy the DVD - burn it, smash it with a hammer, axe it to pieces etc. I eventually decided to simply bury it. I knew the perfect place for it, a twenty foot cylindrical hole that was left behind when we removed our old bore-water pump (I'm in rural Australia folks). A perfect fit, Death Tunnel disappeared down its very own DVD Tunnel. As I was urinating into the hole, I realized I had made a huge mistake.

Now I've got a copy of Death Tunnel buried in my backyard, twenty feet down. Whereas before it was simply a movie I hated and tried to forget about, now its a movie I hate that I will never be able to be rid of. Its right there, in my backyard. Twenty feet down. Untouchable. Preserved. I stare at the spot every time I pass a window, like I murdered a person and secretly stashed the body out there. I've considered pouring petrol down the hole but I can't be sure if that will destroy it, I've considered firing up the tractor and excavating it like a madman on a mission. Damn you Death Tunnel, I should have just dropped you in the bin like the guy at the counter suggested.
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The story promised... but it went in awful awe.
jpgonc7 February 2006
Death Tunnel was more than disappointing... it was abysmally bad. DT looked promising but unfortunately it showed a dull directing with lots of flashes, no gore, no spooks, no sense at all and an unbelievable pain to watch.

I do not have the habit to walk out the theater unless the movie finishes, but with Death Tunnel there were plenty of times where I thought about it. But I stay, hoping that something good could come... frustration... it never did.

The only positive thing about this mess was the hot chicks and the beautiful set of the sanatorium... that's why I thought it was going to be cool to see it. The trailer just got me wrong.

Death Tunnel is really a Death Tunnel... you feel you're trying to reach the light at the end, but the faster you try to walk or run, it seems the endurance never ends.

Avoid at all costs or check it if you like to torture yourself!
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Poor......VERY POOR!
jabrodie25 January 2006
If there really is a death tunnel...then please somebody lock this trash up in it.

The shock value/scare factor is about 4 on a scale of 100 as far as triller/horror goes, the plot line fragmented beyond belief, the vaseline lens affect wreaks of soft porn and so for that matter does the acting...

A waste of time....a waste of money...and a waste of someone elses idea's.

What might be scary is the fact that some seemed to like god what have we become? Miss this one by a long way if possible.
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xela_rate14 April 2006
Warning: Spoilers
utter utter crap!!!! We read the box and were grossly naieve to believe that the description was in any way remotely what we watched - we have just polluted our minds - Give me Tequila!!!!!! This is possibly the worst movie ever made I would rather sit and watch grass grow - grow you good thing grow!!! - The Producers, Messrs Booth, obviously did not get any action in college and frequently fantasised about skanky scantily clad morons with nothing to recommend them but their silicon enhanced boobs/lips!!! The story line was regurgitated from a blender and you should be ashamed of yourselves for steeling several horror story lines and calling it entertainment!!! The claim "based on true events..." is nothing more than an actual true event stolen from a documentary which left 5 girls in Waverly Hills Sanitorium overnight! None of them actually died!!!! I am sure that the people who died from TB would be overjoyed at the use of their suffering and that of the nurses who committed suicide - you pigs!!!!! one last warning if you have not already subjected your poor poor brain to this attrocity then DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES - drugs won't help- watch it!! Thank god NZs cinemas did not bother wasting box office time with this, we are truly blessed - If you really want to watch horror with an intelligent and entertaining story line check out Peter Jacksons earlier movies pre Lord of the Rings!!!!
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Mostly uninteresting and unexciting.
Crazyfarts3 June 2006
Movie is based on the True Stories and Hauntings of Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville, Kentucky. This horrific Five story structure is listed as one of the Top Ten Scariest Places on Earth, due to the 63,000+ deaths within this monument of Terror. They were then carried through the massive Five hundred foot underground Tunnel to their final resting place. The story involves Five girls on a college initiation, dared to spend the night separately on the Five floors of this sanatorium, with the Five ghosts that exist within it's abandoned corridors. Will they make it through the night? For the only way out is through...the Death Tunnel.

This is a film which tries to scare you with cheap imagery and jump scenes. There's nothing really good about this movie (maybe the girls?), it does have a haunting setting and theme but it's executed amateurly. They also rip-off multiple mainstream movies, most notably SAW.

After a few moments into the movie, you realize it's basically just another teen movie (the awful parties, the bitchy girls etc). After they pick some of the most sluttiest girls from our new generation to spend their time in the "haunted" place, you get a movie riddled with confusion. You can be sure to watch girls walk around, investigate and yell out "What the hell am I doing here?" type questions.

The acting isn't too bad but the characters all suck and have shitty lines. So its hard for me to rate them but they seem OK. I like the music in the movie but it's repeated at nauseum. It's like they loved it so much, it was the best part of the movie... it was the movie! Death Tunnel is a bullshit ride which House On Haunted Hill remake lovers could endure but any self-respecting horror fan will realize it's just a festival of try-hard "scary" stuff happening on screen. There's too much scene chopping and flashbacks to keep it progressing well.

Mostly uninteresting and unexciting.
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Well made,decent acting,terrible film!
maxsimmus200429 December 2005
Well made,decent acting,terrible film!Simply put,this film is nothing more than a supernatural slasher/teens in trouble movie,it tries so hard to be something special and fails miserably.There are so many flashbacks its hard to tell whats going on,instead of building the scares up the viewer is faced with countless images thrown at them that there is very little shock value left after the first quarter of the film.The story line is one that has been used literally hundreds of times before,I won,t spoil the story but is consists of five girls in a sorority type initiation etc,etc. .if you are a fan of horror movies you will have seen it many times before.A good location is wasted on a movie that tries to be too intelligent for its own good.Poor.
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You may never be the same again.
mr_shane_sims26 December 2005
Jesus Christ.

I want my 90 minutes back.

It seems like people involved in making the movie must be writing all of the incredibly glowing reviews on here, so after having watched this gutted, burning shell of what could be called a movie I decided to write a little something as a stern and honest warning to people who don't like wasting their time and money.

Death Tunnel, Death Tunnel, oh god end my pain, Death Tunnel.. How could you be so terrible? You have so much going for you on paper:

1) Creepy setting

2) ...

OK, so you really don't have so much going for you, so why did I expect so much out of you? I think it was because I read an interview with your director and he name-dropped a few movies that I really enjoyed as some of his favorite movies of all time. I guess that's makes us all individuals; we can all share seemingly endless qualities with one another as a people, but not all of us have the ability to convince people to pay them to defecate.

Were I able to find someone to financially back my excrement, I would first want to know what they, my financiers, wanted to do with said excrement. Were they going to wear it as a hat? Possibly use it to plug up a leaky faucet? Try and make other people pay more money than they invested in it to sit down and watch this turd for 90 minutes? OK, hold the phone, you're telling me that people would pay money to look at my feces if you had your say about it, Daddy Warbucks? It's a deal, but, would you mind if I polished it up a bit? After all, it is MY feces.

Oh Death Tunnel, if only the people responsible for your excretion wanted you to be anything more than a pile of droppings... If only they could see that, as you are, you are so much dead weight around the shoulders of humankind, the yoke of Rushed Out Crap to DVD that is synonymous with other movies that fail as miserably as you do. If only people wouldn't stand for your brand of completely banal tripe with horrible, ADD editing glazed on in post to try and stupefy the audience since there's no other form of emotional connection to them that you are capable of presenting.

If you love your life, if you cherish your time spent being alive, please, resist any and every urge that you may have to watch this travesty of cinema. Cut off your own feet if it would stop you from walking to the store where you might accidentally buy it because you think the box art looks interesting. Gouge out your own eyes if it somehow finds itself in your DVD player. You might even want to go so far as to remove your own tongue if it would keep you from mentioning the movie to someone else.

This movie is Death Tunnel, after all, and yes, it really is that bad.
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Pitiful acting, incomprehensible editing, cliché "scares", terrible story and a thoroughly pointless waste of time. Better acting has been observed in high school dramas than in this messy, amateurish effort. The only redeemable feature of this bomb is the location. This is very poor film making at its very worst. It's like "House on Haunted Hill" mated with an 80's teen aged sex/slasher romp and bore a hideously deformed mess of half-naked horse-faced women and a shockingly unimaginative plot story unsuccessfully held together by effects that one could enjoy watching a movie made by teenagers who have access to a camera, a computer and a spooky location. Did I mention this movie sucks? AVOID.

Note: Many of the "reviews" for this incredibly poor film seem to be written by people who actually worked on this film or were hired to promote it. Go read a book or watch something that will leave you with something besides the vague sense of being robbed of 90 minutes of your life that you'll never get back.
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dani477431 January 2006
Warning: Spoilers
i bought this film, for the front cover 4 foxy ladies in a horror film, very shallow of me, but you know how it is. anyways i thought the film had a good look about it, and that was it. Rubbish acting, rubbish story, Based on true events my white ass. avoid the film, unless you star in it and you want to see yourself, the only plus is a few nice looking leading ladies. The story reminded me of "Saw", even though i don't like saw i would say it is great compared to this.end of story. end of the way - why was it called death tunnel - when the tunnel has no major part in the film, and is only in the last 5 minutes of the film
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Worst movie ever
the_head-129 January 2006
Don't believe any of the good comments above. These people have some wicked way of torture themselves. I seen this film and I also want my 90min of lost time and my money back. Not even the three chicks which are put in for being slaughtered are very attractive. One has so many silicone or whatever the use nowadays in her lips that its not possible to look at her for longer without wondering when her lips will explode. The whole film got no tension at all and you just want the next girl to be kill so this torture of looking has an end. Maybee you can use this film to torture your boy/girlfriend but this will be the only horror this film will possible can used for. Please do yourself something good and leave this film alone.
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Flashy images, hot women, and NOTHING else
iarepacman7 March 2006
If Tool were playing during this movie, and about 92 of the 97 run time cut, this would make a really cool music video. As it stands though, its just what the subject line says. A bunch of flashy 9though admittedly well shot) images. Its like the "writers" sat down and though of some things which creeped them out, then scribbled down a script that allowed those images to be seen. I say script and not story, because there really is no discernible story or plot going on. It jumps all over the place from a mother/daughter tale, to a rich snotty girl, all tangled up in "the white plague". If asked to write a summary for the plot, I would be left clueless, as i truly have no idea. The fx, minimal as they are are all decent enough, but the person who really stands out (the films only real saving grace) is the production design. that person should be proud, as the look of the film is definitely disturbing and creepy. Honestly though, despite the often nude very attractive women, this movie was a struggle to get through.
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This movie made me hate life...
souza879229 January 2007
Where do I start with this abomination and absolute waste of film? The only reason I rented this piece of dung to begin with were the words "five sexy coeds" on the back of the package. My brain hurts just thinking of things to say afterwords. I really would like money put back into my account at Blockbuster video since they did not deter me from renting this horrible stink nugget. Of the five "sexy coeds" only three were remotely attractive with the other two hose-beasts leaving me waiting for my building's power to shut off and for me to be struck dead by lightning. I don't feel like going out of my way to give away any of this movie's plot to any prospective viewer since I don't want anyone else to suffer the same fate as I. The director of this movie will forever live in shame....shame.
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You have to understand to appreciate
Maritimuz16 June 2006
If you watch this movie without knowing any of the history, I can understand why you would say it sucks; and I would agree. However, you need to understand what the director is trying to accomplish in order to appreciate what is going on.

Waverly Hills Sanatorium is a real place in Kentucky. It was built as a hospital to fight TB back in the early 1900's. There wasn't a cure, and morale was low, so the death tunnel was built to export bodies out of the building without the living seeing them. Patients not seeing the high death rate were given a new hope. It's an amazing building with an intriguing past, and is truly believed to be haunted.

Many of the scenes the director portrayed are actual accounts of what people have said to have witnessed. He's taken these stories and attempted to derive a horror flick. For this reason, and this reason alone, I would recommend the movie.

Now, to get to the movie.

First off, the acting isn't brilliant. Kristin Novak's character Ashley is ridiculously obnoxious, and the others are over-dramatic. The storyline isn't put together well, and it doesn't do a very good of explaining what is going on, so it's hard to follow. (If you know the history of Waverly Hills, it's not as bad).

I dug the movie because of it's history, not because it's good. I would definitely recommend checking out the episode of Ghost Hunters (Sci-Fi Channel) where they investigate the building; or check out the documentary (Also directed by Booth and aired on the Sci-Fi Channel).

The Waverly Hills Sanatorium is an amazing place, and it's a shame that the movie isn't any better.
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Errrr.....that's a tough one
Routine15 May 2006
This movie contains some great cinematography and lighting. But that's it. As far as plot and flow are concerned I wouldn't be at all surprised to learn that someone dropped a ton of three minute clips on the floor of the editing suite and then just piled them randomly into a playlist. In fact if you wanted to make your own 'director's cut' you could do just that. Chop the flick into three-minute clips and then watch them back on Windows Media Player set on random. It won't make the slightest difference to your 'enjoyment' of this film and there has to be a good chance that it would improve it. If I hadn't seen the 'Spooked' documentary last night I wouldn't have had even the faintest idea what was going on. The documentary helped me understand not because it was an interesting and educational piece of work (a collection of interviews with members of some band and a couple of bimbos) but because it contained interview footage of the pair of imbeciles who made this. Two ageing wannabe Bon Jovi support act members talking stultifying drivel. Hilarious stuff.

Shot on location at Waverly Hills Sanitorium, the story goes that they didn't pay the owners for the use of the building. Whilst I feel sorry for the guys they ripped off it might end up being a saving grace for cinema if it puts anyone off funding these buffoons in future.

Within ten minutes of the opening credits they are paying clunky homage to every horror movie that has been shot in the last 50 years. I'm not joking. See if you can spot Ringu, White Noise, Nosferatu, Carrie, and Saw. The half-naked women might keep some younger people interested for ten minutes but, seriously guys, stick to playing air-guitar and never, ever go near a digicam again.
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Messy, Noisy and Boring Crap
Claudio Carvalho28 July 2007
In Kentucky, five sexy students are trapped to spend the night in an abandoned sanatorium, where many people were killed in the 30's when the location was devastated by an infectious white plague, as a prank of their school mates. Along the night, while trying to escape from the asylum, they are haunted by ghosts and the survivors disclose that they are descendant of the victims and are reviving their deaths.

"Death Tunnel" is a messy, noisy and boring rip-off of many other movies, with a group of students trapped in a haunted building. The screenplay and the edition are terrible, using unsuccessfully noise to startle the viewers. The acting is not bad, but the best of this forgettable crap are the girls wearing lingerie. The conclusion is simply awful. My vote is one.

Title (Brazil): "O Túnel da Morte" ("The Death Tunnel")
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Hundreds of disjointed scenes with screaming
massworker200323 April 2006
I just kept thinking "maybe it will start making sense". It didn't. In fact, I STILL have no idea what this movie was supposed to be about. In about the last 15 minutes, it is declared that it is history repeating itself. All of the girls looked the same, so you really didn't know what was happening. One minute they are at a nightclub, then they are in a abandoned asylum. Near the end of the movie, some dead male bodies appear in a morgue. No idea where they came from.

Then throughout the movie, they would show girls dieing, but you didn't know if it really happened or if it was a flashback to something. The only way you knew the movie was progressing is once in a while some presumably dead character which was never explained would say "Three hours.. three girls..." etc.

The whole movie is a bunch of five second scenes that have nothing to do with each other one right after another.

The location could have made a decent movie, but this ended up seeming more like a junior high school production that went bad.

This could easily be the most stupid movie I have ever seen.
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Can I force them to pay me for stealing this?
djxxx7910 November 2006
The first 15 seconds where you read about the actual history was good. It was all downhill from there...

I am going to admit to movie piracy on this one, just so they can sue me for it. I will then counter-sue for the pain and suffering and emotion damage I suffered from wasting my time watching this piece of crap.

It's too bad really because the story had a lot of potential. The fault lies solely with Philip Adrian Booth the writer/director. If I see his name near anything else I will immediately throw myself into traffic.

If you and your friends enjoy making like MST3K with crap movies, this one has a lot to work with.
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The only scary thing is that there is no plot at all
RIK-2223 October 2006
I guess it takes about 30 minutes to realise this film has absolutely no point and no story. There's a loosely draped multiple story line there somewhere, but it just turns into some 80 pop-video with loud music and some film played backwards every so often. It's basically like someone getting a new video editing system and wanting to try all the different effects. These different effects don't actually mean anything to the non-existent plot, but they are there, just to show what's on offer.

As I mentioned after 30 minutes it dawns on you like an anvil hitting your face that actually this is isn't another version of Saw, its just crap.

In the running for worst film ever made.

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A friend payed for the rental, and I still feel ripped off!
spamspaz-13 June 2006
I am a guy that really loves a "good" bad movie. What I mean is, if a movie is really bad, I will enjoy it because it makes me laugh. However, this movie surprised me! I was expecting it to be at a level of bad that was laughable, but no, it was below that line. WAY BELOW!!! The movies opening screen of text made me feel that this movie might be promising (that picture of the girl with the weird rash on her face freaks me out). But then, RIGHT AFTER that scene is a scene that you see later in the movie and is only there so that you don't turn off the movie right away.

Something that needs to be said is that this movie tries to keep you guessing by making the order of scenes like a puzzle. But it turns out just to be confusing and a waste of mental energy for such a stupid plot. The beginning is dumb, (look at the green scary face!), and the ending doesn't make sense, a waste of time.

Overall, there are so many things that make this terrible, the saw ripoff, the very unappealing girls, the rice paper thin plot, the really really really bad acting, the photo shopped props (I am not kidding, the directors must have forgotten to put them on set so they just edit them in badly), you know what? I have given up on listing, just remember, NEVER EVER EVER EVER RENT THIS AND GOD HELP YOU IF YOU CHOOSE TO BUY THIS!!!

Please do not give the makers of this movie happy, because they worked so hard to make us filled with pain.
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Nothing expected, nothing received
halonone15 May 2006
I rented this with my fiancé this weekend because we figured it would be something we could have a good laugh about. Cheesy B horror movies typically put a grin on my face, but I have to say that I literally could not finish this movie the first time through. So we put it in the second day and gave it a shot. Stupid idea.

First of all, it was slammed full of horror clichés, pulling elements from more popular films such as Saw, The Ring, and The Grudge, none of which were impressively scary. The amusing thing was I couldn't even keep up with the film because of the horrible editing, and yet I turned to my fiancé within 20 minutes of the movie and I said something like, "Let me guess, they're all relatives of people that used to work here just like in that House on Haunted Hill movie that sucked really bad also." There were no memorable moments. The death scenes were unoriginal and unimpressive. This movie was something I would expect to act as a project from a student in film school. The acting was less than sub par and they took a potentially great atmosphere and spit on it.

Needless to say, I didn't get scared, and I didn't even get to laugh at it. I would say I'm disappointed, except I was never expecting it to be good; I just wish it hadn't been so bad.
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Unconvincing, dull, utterly boring and mediocre
Dragoneyed3631 February 2009
I really didn't know what to expect, and it's not like I was expecting this to be a masterpiece, but I did kind of intend to have fun with the film at least and find some redeeming qualities for what the watch was worth. Death Tunnel was just overall many major disappointments thrown into one big disappointment and then passed off as a film.

The acting is bad, no, horrible, the worst you could get in these kinds of films. It is so incredibly horrible that I winced at the deliverance of lines and execution of scenes; the type of bad that's not even laughable. It is also incredibly boring. It's boredom level was probably the worst thing about it, and there are a lot of downsides when you take the film apart piece by piece, which is what I wanted to do to the disc it was written on.

The plot is so unoriginal and stupid, I wasn't even sucked into the movie, so at times, well, for most of the movie, I just felt like shutting it off and never finishing it, but I couldn't bring myself to do that to any movie ever, so I continued, stupidly. Really the only things that were anywhere near decent about this film were the sets, which by that I mean the settings were all dark and grimy giving it that nice atmosphere, and it made the film a little more bearable than it already wasn't, and the whole "five girls" idea, you'll know what I'm talking about if you've seen the movie, was actually clever and fresh, which those two reasons are why I held back from striking this movie a 1/10, but still, the rest of this movie sucked terribly.

The plot, acting, deaths, etc. all are an utter bore and mediocrity one after the other, and the sets are certainly no reason to go and see this movie just because I said that was really the only thing about the movie I genuinely liked; you can find many more films with creepier sets that are well worth the time, so don't waste your time or money on this trash folks.
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A movie like a, well, hole in the ground
rentokill21 July 2006
This flick really is extraordinarily bad. What starts out as a promising teen-slasher-thing soon becomes lost in the attempt to decide what it wants to be - mystery-thriller? Ghost-story? 10-little-sailors? The one "good" thing to be said about the whole movie is that the set-design is really really gross: If you've ever been in a condemned building and if you have ever seen vintage surgical instruments (the kind where you can't even begin to imagine what they were used for but the pure look of them makes you cringe), the imagery will make you queasy: Flaking paint and dirt everywhere, rusty gadgets, wheelchairs - the place looks like it really could have been a pest-control-center sometime during the 30s (if you hate hospitals by default, this could be you personal hell). Speaking of which - contrary to the content-description given here, as far as i know this place never really existed, the whole "based on true events" routine was a publicity-scam. Back to the film: It really isn't much more than a rather gruesome-looking film-student level horror flick which even fails to deliver any real "slasher-moments", it almost looks as though the producers pulled their punches in that area, which takes off whatever edge the movie might have had: The cast gives the appearance of a bunch of Beverly Hills 91201 casting-rejects, half-dozen pretty dolls stumbling through the derelict hospital, getting picked of one by one by the "ghosts". Throw in the odd gratuitous topless-scene, an old curse, a sort-of-scary looking monster/guy in a gas-mask and a love-story between the main leads that is getting nowhere, what've you got? Well, "Death Tunnel", as is is - a movie that probably dropped out of someone's "dark hole", and which should really be rammed back in there.
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Run away. Run far away.
ntrabbitguy21 May 2006
Without a doubt the most terrible movie i have ever suffered through. The plot was difficult to follow, the characters were horribly undeveloped, and i believe there was about 20 minutes of nonsensical dialog in the movie. I watched it with a friend, and we both think the script was probably 10 pages long.

If the jumpy editing techniques, black and white film clips and mysterious goo dripping from light bulbs had been applied with a bit more restraint, perhaps they wouldn't have made the movie look like a horrible episode of "Creepy Canada." On that note, they reused footage even more often than the above show does, and had less plot.

To top it all off, it probably had the worst ending in cinematic history.
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Reality wins...
jrgent25 May 2006
Five floors + Five Hours + Five girls = 15 reasons to steer clear.

If you take a poor movie and completely overload it with effects well known from Ringu and Kaïro, it doesn't automatically become a good horror flick. Because it's still a... Well, a poor movie.

Everything from script to acting to the beyond embarrassingly awful editing and camera angles... I suppose this thing has the capability to scare the younger members of society, which just makes it oh so ironic that it's rated R/18 all over the place. I really do not find it possible to even begin comprehending how this could have seemed like a good idea.

One positive(?) thing about Death Tunnel: It really feels like five hours :)

2 out of 10. I refrain from rating it 1 because: - I don't watch garbage on purpose, so it did lure me in somehow. - A couple of halfway neat scenes. - As horrible as this is, I have seen worse.

Stay away from the movie! If you're looking for a chill, search Wikipedia for Waverly Hills Sanatorium instead, because the real stories about the Sanatorium blows this film out of the water.
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Almost as horrible as Episode One"The Muppet Menace"
guitarcarl23 May 2006
Never did a movie have so much potential and look so good on the box, but turn out to be so completely lousy! Wait a minute, there is Star Wars Episode One! We can talk about that loser later though. Back to Death Tunnel this should be listed under horrible films not horror films. Let's start with the plot! No really give us a plot. Please oh please give us a plot. There is no blasted plot!! The title should have been The Amazing Breast with no Brains Tunnel"! I kept hopping they would hurry up and kill the stupid girls and start the real movie. This DVD proves the old adage, "great breast can never make up for terrible acting and no stinking plot!" That's what I always say anyway. I think I can say honestly that there is not one decent camera angle in the entire ordeal. It was just one silly camera trick after another. I didn't get the villain guy or whatever he or it was. Even the music was confusing with scary music at non scary times and vise versa. You might want to leave this one on the shelf. I would suggest poking yourself in the eye, it's less painful.
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