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It's a really good game, after all...
dhampir128 March 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Blair Witch vol. I: Rustin Parr is far from be the best game ever made, but it have some good things in it. The year is 1941 and you takes the role of Elspeth "Doc" Holliday, and investigator from the agency Spookhouse, and deals with supernatural activities. She is called to investigate stranger murderers of children in Burkittsville, the city of the Blair Witch. During the story, Doc will have to talk with local people, walk (and be lost sometimes...) in the forest and discover the truth behind the Blair Witch. The game uses the Nocturne engine, and it have some good graphics, but some times it goes really slow, specially when there is more than four characters in the screen. It have some scary atmosphere, and the clues and puzzles that you will find are interesting in some points. Is of course the best game in the Blair Witch Trilogy.
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