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A nice comedy treat...
Dingataca14 February 2007
Mujhse Shaadi Karogi is an exceptional movie with a lot of witty humour. Though very crude at certain times, it has been really funny and a pleasure to watch!

Salman Khan is back on track. He has shown his flair for comedy and he shows off a nice toned body. He performed well, and is very funny, with each expression. However I have seen many roles like this from him - I wish he had done something slightly different. Priyanka Chopra also gives an acceptable performance. She does tend to overact at certain times, and at many serious points she doesn't show more than just her good looks. Her performance brightened near the ending slightly, and did not remain as dull or filmy as it had started off with. However, the biggest applause goes to the inevitable Akshay Kumar. He was the star of this movie, the humour, the comic timing, the facial expressions, and the unavoidable attitude!

Music is fabulous. Each one is great, and they all are different, I especially liked "Aaja Soniye", and "Lal Dupatta".

Not bad from the David Dhawan camp.
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A love triangle that is so funny.
husnain ali11 December 2005
This film is great. The casting could not have been much better because Salman Khan,Akshay Kumar and Priyanka Chopra were great.Kader Khan,Rajpal Yadav and Amrish Puri were hilarious. Rajpal Yadav is hilarious in all of his films like Kal ho na ho and waqt. Salamn Khan and Akshay Kumar are childhood friends but when they grow up Salman Khan forgets Akshay Kumar. Salman Khan likes Priyanka Chopra but everything goes wrong for him when he is the goodie type and everything goes right for Akshay Kumar who is the naughty type. Who is Priyanka Chopra going to go for the naughty one or the good one? If you want to know watch Mujse shaadi karoge.
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It has problems, but this is a fairly enjoyable, if silly, film
Brandt Sponseller28 June 2005
As long as you're in the mood for a lighthearted, somewhat goofy and self-consciously modern Bollywood romantic comedy, Mujhse Shaadi Karogi can fit the bill. It's often funny, and in many ways it is technically impressive. However, partially due to the necessity of stretching out the film's running time to standard Bollywood length, it becomes quite taxing during the second half. Most viewers' ratings are likely to go down during this period, but director David Dhawan redeems his film in the climax. My final verdict was a 7 out of 10, or a "C".

Mujhse Shaadi Karogi is the story of Sameer (Salman Khan). It was clear since Sameer was a baby that he was headed for trouble. The priest who named him suggested "Sameer" because it means something like "calm breeze"--he predicted that Sameer would frequently have problems with his temper, and in a very funny opening sequence, we see the truth of this as we quickly follow Sameer as he grows up. At one point, he even smacks his high school principle. Of course, Sameer always thinks his actions are justified, that he's just sticking up for people who have been wronged. Unfortunately, people in power, such as judges, tend to disagree with him. And even the woman he loves says she's afraid of him. She marries someone else instead. Sameer decides that it's best for him to leave town and try to start afresh. He acquires a job as a lifeguard in Goa. Once there, he sees and falls in love with Rani Singh (Priyanka Chopra), his neighbor. Unfortunately, as soon as he meets her, he unwittingly assaults her father for a minor transgression. To make things worse, Sameer ends up with an obnoxious, competitive roommate, Sunny Khurana (Akshay Kumar). Sunny is a womanizer who falls for Rani, too, and he continually turns the tables on Sameer to ruin his chances with Rani.

The majority of supporting characters are very funny. Once in Goa, Sameer hooks up with a younger astrologer named Raj Purohit (Rajpal Yadav). I've seen Yadav in a few films now, including Dil Bechara Pyaar Ka Maara (2004) and the excellent Main Madhuri Dixit Banna Chahti Hoon (2003). He's had a comic edge in all of them and he's impressed me with his range. Sameer's landlord in Goa, Mr. Duggal (Kader Khan), suffered a head injury that results in him alternately being blind, deaf and dumb on different days. A sign outside of his office lets people know which problem he has at the moment.

Of course, some of this is a bit ridiculous. Ridiculousness is a big theme, actually, and imbues everything from characterization to the music. There is a lot of almost corny hip-hop music and attitude in the film, including a recurring low soul-brother voice that keeps telling us how "wicked" Sunny is in a sing-songy fashion. Such touches are prominent in a lot of modern Indian films. The aim is to draw in a youth crowd. In many cases, such as Lakeer – Forbidden Lines (2004), there isn't a firm enough commitment to this MTV-ish positioning to make it work for the film overall. Here, director David Dhawan keeps up the ridiculous material more consistently, and as this remains a comedy for most of its length, the corny/campy stuff often works. It may be a bit "stupid funny", like a Bollywood hip-hop "Green Acres" (1965), but that's still funny.

Part of the ridiculousness is realized through references (or less charitably derivativeness) to other films. In the opening sequence, Sameer is fighting with a couple basketball players via Matrix (1999)-like wire stunts, and there's even a bit of "bullet-time" camera-work. Later, there is another Matrix reference, this time to The Matrix Reloaded (2003), as a drunken Sameer fights multiple Mr. Smith-like copies of Sunny in the street. There are also hints of, and even an entire lifted scene from, Meet the Parents (2000). At one point it seems like the plot is going to turn into an uncredited remake of that film, as Rani's father has military background and a Robert De Niro as Jack Byrnes-ish disposition. He even has a less than attractive dog that he's obsessed with, but who doesn't like Sameer very much. However, the Meet the Parents material turns out to not be so important, and Mujhse Shaadi Karogi has a more standard Bollywood love triangle/confused identity plot.

The main problem I had with the film, which brought my score down a couple points, was that it's difficult to not become aggravated with Sameer in the later stages of the film. Actually, it's more of an aggravation with the scriptwriting, because the scenarios, and Sameer's odd muteness while he's in the midst of situations that are constantly recontextualized so that they're not in his favor, become overly contrived. At the same time, the character of Sunny becomes annoyingly obnoxious, and the "twist" between the two characters isn't exactly believable.

Part of this is due to the attempt to stretch out the running time to a typical length for a Bollywood film--it clocks in at 2 hours and 40-something minutes. It should have been cut down by an hour. We get a deus ex machina plot device to solve the dilemma in the middle of the film, but it is all for naught, and even given the film's running time, the resolution of the dilemma ends up seeming rushed at the end. The attempt to stretch out the tension was just a bit too over-ambitious.

On the technical side, there is some very nice cinematography, set designs, locations, costumes and such. The film won the Screen Weekly Award for Art Direction, and was nominated for many more.

You shouldn't bother with Mujhse Shaadi Karogi unless you've a strong taste for silliness/corniness/campiness, but if you do, you'll find enough to keep you entertained if you can make it through the frustrating section before the climax.
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What a crock of succulent BS this "film" is.
Akira-2929 October 2004
Being an Indian, I am always baffled by the ignorance of Bollywood film makers about the globalization of cinema. I really really want to like these films and have refrained from commenting negatively on ANY of them just out of respect... but this one was the the straw that broke the camel's back. I apologize in advance for the scathing and sarcastic nature of this commentary and the sure-to-follow tirade about Bollywood film makers.

Re: The filmmakers. Do they really think Indians don't watch American films? (You reading this Mr. Mahesh Bhatt?) Do they really think that we can't tell when scenes are plain STOLEN from American films? There are at least three scenes in "Mujhse Shaadi Karogi" that borrow liberally from "Anger Management" starring Jack Nicholson and Adam Sandler. The film also samples scenes from "Meet the Parents" starring Ben Stiller and Robert De Niro. Their two roles are portrayed in this film by Mr. Salman "Do I take my shirt off yet" Khan and Mr. Amrish "Yet another film where I play a retired Punjabi Army General/Colonel who disapproves of my daughter's choice of spouse" Puri.

While the story is not an exact duplicate of either "Parents" or "Management", the characters in this film are so derivative, formulaic and clichéd that you could have thrown them in any Hindi romantic comedy. I wonder if the producers throw darts at a list of character attributes for "HERO ROLE" and "HEROINE ROLE" when coming up with plots. This film even has the overacting sidekick thrown in for comic relief... although I guess Johnny Lever had a scheduling conflict. Instead, they cast some other guy in a clever "double" role as twin brothers - An astrologer and his "twin"... uh... well... a thuggish motorcycle gang leader. (Yes, you read that correctly.)

Nothing "new" in this film - the usual sacharine acting which keeps the glycerine stock high in Mumbai... Those pathetic song-dance numbers which make one thankful for the existence of the Fast Forward button... and your garden variety soulless love-triangle storyline. I think the script would have had better use if they printed it on toilet paper. I can't believe some of these lines were said with a straight face by the actors.

Here's a question for you educated viewers: Is it any more irritating when a film soundtrack has to cue you how to feel? Every time Akshay Kumar does something slimy we are treated to the whispers of "Wicked Sunny!!" over and over (with another horrible attempt at "copying" 50-Cent's music from his hit "At the Club"). It made my teeth itch!!

I wish more films like the novel "Dil Chahta Hai" were made. At least the predictability factor is a little subdued in that film! Bollywood is the most prolific film producing industry - but it is evident that quantity is DEFINITELY not indicative of quality. And please, my Bollywood friends... stop copying formulaic American films and scenes. I think M. Night Shyamalan and Gurinder Chadha have demonstrated that Indians can be creative without "borrowing". This applies to film plots as well as soundtracks! I wonder if Roy Orbison is getting royalties for "Pretty Woman" from the "Kal Ho Naa Ho" songwriters.

To summarize, I would rather drink a quart of paint thinner than see this film again. It's disgusting, devoid of any true emotion and worst of all - it's "humor" is just artificial and derivative. I wanted to throw things at the screen and didn't laugh once. (I groaned plenty though).

Yes, perhaps I take some if this too seriously... I know the movie is just supposed to be "fun". It tries hard to be that... I know it's just a romantic comedy but I am beginning to loathe the complacence and mediocrity turned out by the Bollywood film industry which consistently underestimates the intelligence of its audience. I just had to write this. I refuse to hold Indian films to a different standard simply because they are Indian.

I'm really cheering for all of you in Bollywood to get it together and make something worthy of international notice. They should be making American versions of OUR films, not the other way around! Turn off MTV for new ideas and realize that the lead actress' navel is not a crucial plot device. Adapt some novels to the screen... scan our history and tell some of the truly endearing human stories.
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ram-00816 February 2005
Mujhse Shaadi Karoge?

Today we watched this comedy flick by David Dhawan sans Govinda for a change! It had Salman, Akshay and Priyanka Chopra taking the lead roles. Prominent among the Supporting cast were Amrish 'Mogambo' Puri and Kadar Khan.

Verdict: General time pass masala. Usual love triangle with a twist. Some comedy elements make you laugh. Recommended watching once.

What's new: Not much.. except Kadar Khan's mysterious brain clot, which makes him blind, deaf, dumb and even mad on different days. He makes it clear to his visitors about his current "state" by writing it on the wall :-)

Noticeable: Priyanka's unrestricted exposure that reveals her great shape; Salman's eyes showing his signs of aging; Kadar Khan gotten really old; Akshay getting to be a more respectable and a more complete star film by film!
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Entertaining comedy for the whole family
asif_el_huq18 August 2004
The film's sets are spectacular. I have to admit I don't even know if the film is actually taking place in a set or Goa itself. Huge budget for the film. The sets look absolutely spectacular.

The film itself is pretty entertaining. Lots of laughs all round from many of the characters of the film.

Salman Khan is on a role. After last year's hit Tere Naam, his box office draw is higher then ever. Even his lackluster film Garv drawed the masses with his star power. His spectacular performance in the film must be noted. Even Salman admitted in an interview that he did not expect much from his last film. Salman is great at comedy, and this film should be no surprise if one has seen his performance in films like Andaz Apna Apna, Biwi No.1, Judwaa, Dulhan Hum Le Jayenge and Yeh Hai Jalwa. The last 4 title being directed by the director of this film. Salman Khan has admitted he is temperamental and as it happens so is his character in the film. Therefore Salman is easily able to understand his character's weaknesses. Salman invokes a lot of sympathy into his character.

Akshay Kumar has shown great comic timing. Fantastic performance. Again his no stranger to comedy as has shown his skills in films like Suhaag and Awara Paagal Deewana. Akshay's best comic performance ever!

Priyanka Chopra is one of the most charismatic actresses today. She is full of confidence. Extremely beautiful, not surprising since she is a former Miss World. Her debut in Andaaz was impressive. Unfortunately her role is not as big as Salman or Akshay but her presence is felt.

Amrish Puri is great. Very rare to seem in a comedic role in recent times. He shows such anger yet you laugh as he is so funny. His altercations with Salman will bring down the house.

Easily the best David Dhawan film ever. I have to admit I'm not a big fan of his when he makes with films with Govinda. His films with Salman are always a riot.

The best film so far this year, leave your mind at home and enjoy. Laughs guaranteed.
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Doesn't live up to the hype but still a good comedy
AishFan10 October 2004
I was expecting a lot from this movie being a David Dhawan film with a totally awesome starcast, catchy tunes, and a lot of hype. Kader Khan, I thought, was the funniest part of them all. I thought the humor attempted by Akshay Kumar on Salman Khan seemed a bit harsh and not all that funny. The trio of Salman, Priyanka, and Akshay gave a good performance. "Jeene Ke Hai 4 Din" and "Lal Dupatta" were good songs. The others were average. The climax was nice and improved the movie quite a bit as it was going quite downhill towards the end. Akshay Kumar's star power seems to be gradually increasing day-by-day as his movies seem to be doing quite well. This movie is not bad; it's a good timepass.
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One of the Best Bollywood Movies in 2004
stephen fat11 October 2005
First of all i would say this is a Rip off of the Hollywood Movie "Meet the parents" with Robert De Niro and Ben Stiller. But not a 100% Rip off, they have changed it a Little since in This Movie 2 Guys named Sameer Malhotra and Sunny Khurana(Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar)are after a girl (More or Less, you have to see the Movie). OK this is one of the Thousends of Bollywood Movies that have been Rip offs from Hollywood or even elsewhere but i think this is one of the few Good ones. And besides of that 2004 was a poor Movie Year for Bollywood Movies and i think its getting worser every year. After all the Only good Films beside this one were Main Hoon Na, Dhoom which was a Rip off from "Fast and Furious", Musafir which was a Rip off too but i don't remember from which Movie. If there are any other Movies that forgot to Mention, sorry. But you will say it in your Review for sure :). The only thing in this Movie that was very awful was the Laughing of Salman Khan, it really gets on your nerves. The Story is not something new i agree with that but it is a Comedy Movie, so you don't have to expect much from it it should entertain you and it does.
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The songs and Akshay's walk is the only good thing...
Angelus214 November 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Sameer is a hot head who decides to leave home and pursue a life in Goa; here he finds a new job and falls for Rani..As Sameer tries to woo Rani, a rival love interest arrives to town named Sunny.

This is a typical Bollywood love triangle movie...The jokes are lame and we witness a fight scene at the start as Salman Khan obliterates an entire Basketball team in moments with Matrix kicks and punches...

Let's face it in Bollywood, looks prevail over talent, that's why Katrina Kaif is an 'actress'...And Salman Khan still shows off his body and biceps by acting like a mentally challenged person, by shouting and making stupid faces... Priyanka Chopra's acting gets a little better but still a long way to go.

The plus side is Akshay and Kader Khan..Akshay's walk is hilarious and Kader Khan strange illness is a little idiotic but works into the already lame plot..Another positive thing are the music, the songs are all good but the end is a disaster.
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Avoidable... Thoroughly Avoidable
Chintan Shah2 August 2004
Warning: Spoilers
This movie started out with great promos... Seemed to be an out and out comedy. Starting on a very promising and a expectant note, the movie drops incredibly. At one point in time, you want to - as Joey put it in an episode of FRIENDS - pull your arm off, so that you have something to throw at it.

The only reason why someone would want to watch the movie is to see the HOTTTTT Priyanka Chopra in action. Trust me people, even that reason isn't good enough to watch this trashy excuse of a movie

SPOILERS - Predictably, neither of the two suitors - played by Akshay Kumar and Salman Khan - gets the object of their affection played by Priyanka Chopra. The movie is utter trash and is best avoided. Watch it at your own peril.
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Good Comedy - Family watching
talkkkkkk4 August 2004
We really enjoyed the movie. Worth watching. Akshay Kumar acted wonderful. Even Salman Khan did a good job. The jokes were funny and timed well.

It is a comedy with no emotional drama - suspense was kind-off predictable. Priyanka Chopra did a good job too. Only think was that the movie had a bit too many songs. She could have dressed a bit better (conservative, but now a days that's what sells. Kadar Khan and Amrish Puri both performed well and their roles had plenty of laughter. Amrish Puri is excellent. Akshay Kumar's gay acting & dances were really fun. His timing is fantastic and the conviction with which he carries off the evil streak in his personality was well sequenced.

The Astrologer friend Rajpal Yadav did a fantastic performance too. The movie does not have much story line. It's a light easy comedy.
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Candice14 October 2004
Senseless, silly and juvenile is how I would describe Mujhse Shaadi Karogi. I don't understand how such films become hits. The first half was boring, the situations in this half are uninteresting and the songs act as a hindrance. The only good part about this half were the scenes involving Amrish Puri and Salman Khan, which were quite amusing. I expected the film to get better after Akshay came in, but unfortunately it got worse. The scenes in which Akshay is always putting down Salman seemed so childish. The second half is filled with such silly pranks and juvenile humor. And the climax sequence where Salman proposes to Priyanka on the cricket field bought the film to an all time low. All Priyanka Chopra does is look pretty, her performance is awful, lets just say, the mannequin acted better then Priyanka. I cannot believe an actor who delivered such good performances in films such as Hera Pheri, Ajnabee and Khakee gave a terrible performance in this film. Salman Khan was the only saving grace in this film. He was extremely likable as the goody-goody Samir and he looked great too. Of the support cast, Amrish Puri and Rajpal Yadav were the best. Other are not worth mentioning. I would give credit to David Dhavan who at least tried to do something different from his earlier films. The promos looked promising. But, at the end Mujhse Shaadi Karogi felt like any other clichéd David Dhavan film. The look of the film is great! The film maintains a stylish look throughout. Music wasn't appealing. For the exception of Lal Dupatta, all the other songs seemed out of place. Watch this film at your own risk. 5/10.
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Fun Movie
Gypsi Bates1 May 2017
Sameer (Salman Khan) moves to Goa and falls in love with Rani (Priyanka Chopra). Unfortunately, he keeps unintentionally injuring her father (Amrish Puri), thus ruining his chances of a romance with her. Then, Sunny (Akshay Kumar) moves to the same house as Sameer, and also falls in love with Rani. Sunny finds way after way of discrediting Sameer with Rani, and seems to be succeeding in making her fall for him.

This is a cute romantic comedy, with such bright colors throughout the entire movie, in both costumes and setting. The music is okay, and some of the dance numbers are lovely. The plot seems predictable, but has a unexpected ending. Kumar plays his role so well that I genuinely disliked him. Khan is charming and innocent as Sameer, but Chopra's acting seems stilted. Overall, though, it's a fun movie to watch, just not exceptional.
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Mixture of Kollywood and Hollywood
Jai Ganesh Jayaraman21 June 2009
Mix a Tamil Film (Kabaddi Kabaddi) with 2 or more Hollywood Films (Meet the parents, Anger Management) and the end product is MSK. I am not sure how 2 people (Anees Bazmee and Rumy jaffery) take credit for a stolen story. My guess is they would have paid some paltry amount to the original producer to obtain the rights and change the screenplay by copying few scenes from Hollywood movies. The only saving grace for this movie is Akshay Kumar and few foot-tapping numbers. The movie was a surprise hit of 2004. It gave David Dhawan a much needed hit!! Aneez Bazmee remade another tamil movie as "No-Entry" in 2005 to resurrect his career.
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Who will marry ?
Biswajit Tripathy28 February 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This is a great comedy by David Dhawan and only David Dhawan can make a movie like this. I have watched almost all movies of David Dhawan like Aankhen, Shola aur Shabnam, Bade Miya Chote Miyan, Hero No. 1, Coolie No. 1, Jodi No. 1, Raja Babu etc and have enjoyed most of the movies.

This time it is a combination of Akshaya & Salman alongwith Priyanka Chopra. Akshaya's comic timing is good. Salman is good in comedy as pathetic he is in serious movies. This movie is a true Salman movie.

Sameer is a young guy who gets angry on slightest provocation. After his first girlfriend leaves him, he shifts to Goa after getting a job. Rani played by Priyanka Chopra is his neighbour. He falls in love with her but then unknowingly he hits his father played by Amrish Puri whenever they meet. Amrish Puri fumes whenever he sees him. Still Rani forgives him after he proposed him. But then because of his father Rani leaves Sameet. Add to the wound a playboy Sunny reaches Goa and falls in love with Rani. Now everything Sameer does goes wrong and in favour of Sunny.

Now what will Sameer do to retain his girlfriend. Not to be the least runs inside a Cricket Stadium and proposes her infront of everyone.

This is by far the best of David Dhawan yet. Nice music, cinematography, story. Only the direction and climax are poor. Rest all are fine.
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Why did this even see the light of day?
mikham1 February 2005
Even by David Dhawan standards, this was far-fetched, uninspired, unoriginal and just plain bad. Whether it was the acting, the writing, the directing or just the film itself, it starts badly and continues rolling downhill.

The only jokes that are remotely funny are the ones they copied from Meet the Parents, and that too only when you close your eyes and imagine Meet the Parents in place of this film.

The characters are spineless, inconsistent and completely undeveloped. The plot twist at the end is very, very predictable. The climax is also stupid and illogical.

The actors were bad. Salman Khan was his usual self, and Priyanka Chopra was wooden. Akshay Kumar was over the top. The less said about Kader Khan the better. Rajpal Yadav was also pretty much below his normal standard.

The only saving grace was a couple of the songs, and some good choreography.

Another thing was poor costume design and ordinary art direction.

All in all, if you want an example of how NOT to make a film, this will probably work as a good template.

If I'm being generous, 2/10.
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Not worth your precious time...
bollywoodplusplus12 June 2005
I tried, real hard, somehow sat through the first half. But after watching half, couldn't sit anymore. Says it all! Although, David Dhawan has delivered much better material in the past, in MSK, it falls flat.. In fact, you can even go find some old DDhawan-Govinda movies (..No.1 series), and that will be a better way to pass time (even though you have seen it multiple times). This doesn't even fall into time-pass category, set apart comedy.

Can someone teach Salman Khan acting? Everything he does, seems so artificial.... I have seen actors improve over time, Saif, Devgan ... After such a long (and supposedly successful) Bollywood career, one would expect him to improve in the acting dept!
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Herag Halli26 August 2004
You cant expect much from two B-Actors teamed with some C-Actors like Kader Khan. This is one of the worst Hindi Films to date. Salmon Khan, is good because he looks stupid, hence acting the part is no strech, where as the Akshay Kumar is a buffoon, albeit both have bulky muscles that masks the little residue of talent. The Story is stupid, The directon mindless and there is absolutely nothing in this movie except Priyanka Chopra who debuted in "Hero" and she is the beuty that brings some serenity among the two beasts. This movie is a prime example of the decadance prevalent in Bollywood infact this is typical Bollywood. A Total waste of time, money, patience.
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Mujhse Shaadi Karoge Meets MEET THE PARENTS
silvan-desouza1 March 2009
David Dhawan films have no proper stories, no logic.etc so this is one of his films, but luckily it does make you laugh at places

DD was running through a bad phase with flops like YEH HAI JALWA.etc but this film brought him back to the top for sometime

The story is similar to ANGER MANAGEMENT and MEET THE PARENTS and countless more The film starts off okay, if you can forgive Salman's over the top entry The scene where Salman slaps Amrish Puri and in the house are funny

When AKKI enters the frame, the film gets funnier and the scenes between Akshay and Salman are damn funny

All encounters involving Amrish Puri too are funny Even the Akshay- Salman fight to get Rani though in the end it turns out to be nothing we thought and confusing yet those scenes are funny

But there are many cheesy scenes like the Kader Khan track and also Priyanka always dancing front of the mirror gets to the nerves

The film gets too lengthy in second half and boredom sets at times The ending is funny though

The countless Akshays fighting with Sallu is good too

DD directs the film well at times, at times bad too but overall a decent film Music is good, most songs are nice

Amongst actors Salman carries off the role well and his romantic scenes and whenever Akshay puts him in trouble are the best part though at times he comes across as putting too much effort Akshay Kumar steals the show, with his funny antics and performance From this film after KHAKEE people recognized his comic flair Priyanka comes in, dances and does all her fake antics like smiling or talking in a fake tone and irritates at times

Rajpal Yadav gets lot of scope in a DD film unlike PARTNER and MPKK for once and he excels, actually his comic timing is simply awesome and makes you laugh more then Salman, in his other role he is okay

Kader Khan looks too old and does okay Amrish Puri is awesome, the veteran was such a delight to watch in deadpan humor,

the rest are okay
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LUV Priyanka!!!
kalindikrishna27 June 2008
personally this is a great movie, and Indians across love this. Priyanka is super hot and still is, her acting is sweet, and her smile is the best I love her a lot. I mean she is amazing, and I will always continue to love her movies. By the way is bluff-master a good movie??? I haven't really seen it yet. Since this thing wants more lines, I just have to say that this movie was hilarious. It brought so much tears to my eyes that well I am amazed. As a guy we normally don't cry but, I was crying out of happiness. Amazing. Superb. Fantastic. are all words that would describe this movie. Please friends go out and see it. It is truly magnificent. hope this review was helpful!!!
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