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Sex & Nudity

  • There is partial nudity with the geonosians, they only have underwear, like a tribe would. At the beginning you'll see a bunch of naked babies ( there shouldn't be really any problem with that, some people might).
  • The game is rated T for Blood and Gore; Violence.

Violence & Gore

  • 6.8/10 Violence is very frequent and intense, but entirely fantasy, sometimes realistic.
  • There can be seen human blood in the game (not particularly graphic, mild) but no gore.
  • If the player kills an alien or robot very close to their helmet, the alien blood or robot oil may splatter across the helmet. It is then wiped away immediately. Alien blood is colored yellow-brown or green, depending on the species. Oil is viscous purple-black. Wookies bleed red blood. Also, Geonosians will explode when killed, (most of the time), and if they are shot by a DC-17m Sniper rifle in the head, they're heads will blow off.
  • You can also blow off geonosians heads, and other body parts, blood and some chunks fly off. Same thing with trandoshans. Then you can smash bugs and shoot mynocks and other creatures, blood sprays all over the place, and gushes out.
  • This can be more violent than some of the halo games, sense of the bloody and gory violence.
  • There is also a mod called the arc trooper mod, and on one of the levels in the mod, a gunship crashes you're in there, and you wake up from it, and see a bunch of dead teammates with blood all over them, this mod shouldn't be played under ages of 10 years old it's a brutally graphic part of the mod. You can see trandoshans torture wookies, kill them, and hang them like a pig tied to a ceiling at a butcher shop. And red blood can some times splat out of wookies.


  • There is no serious profanity in the game. Squad-mates will interject "D*mn" and "D*mmit" occasionally, and there are at least two uses of "H*ll".

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • There are no references to alcohol, drugs or smoking in the game.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Hearing you're squad-mates scream and , one by one, die as they are felled by hostiles, may be somewhat intense for younger players. Mynocks look scary, geonosians look scary, and trandoshans look scary. Plus there are some mild jump outs in the game.
  • It can be very emotional to see Sev die, because Scorch and Sev become very good friends.

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