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All The Least Important Parts of the Book in Movie Form.
ZeroCorpse-115 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
This film has possibly the worst ending of any HP film, and wandered the furthest from the books. If you are a fan of the books, this is for you:

Remember that cool battle at Hogwart's at the end of the book? It's not here. None of it.

Remember the important plot setup with the tiara? Not here.

Remember all the background and memories about Tom Riddle? Not here.

Remember Bill Weasley? Not here.

Remember Bill getting wounded by a certain werewolf? Not here.

Remember Fleur? Not here.

Remember Snape's important parting words to Harry? Not here.

Remember the funeral? Not here.

Remember the touching conversation Harry had with Ginny at the end? Not here.

Remember Scrimgeour? Not here.

Remember the Burrow burning down? No? Oh, because that IS here.

In short, this film is great if all you took out of the book was the romance and funny bits. If you're more invested in the bigger story, you'll be disappointed.
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The Best Book...The Worst Movie!
xxmonexx15 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
As an avid Harry Potter fan who has read the books multiple times and of course seen the movies repeatedly, I was extremely excited to see this movie at the midnight showing. Half-Blood Prince is my favorite book and other than 7, the darkest book in the series.

That being said, I was so disgusted with this movie. Yates & company literally turned it into Harry Potter comedy hour. I'm not sure how anyone thought this movie was amazingly dark when the theater was cracking up laughing the entire time at trite jokes. The only thing that should have been funny in this entire movie was Lavender & Won Won's obsession w/ each other.

The movie emphasized the unrequited love/snogging/Ron & Lavender romance over the major plot line which was learning about Tom Riddle's background. With the exception of Dumbledore's first meeting w/ Tom & Tom asking about how to make Horcruxes, all of the background was left out. That's essentially three quarters of the book omitted.

What was the point of not having Tonks find Harry on the train? How can you have Tonks call Remus sweetie and not explain all the drama between them and how they got together? How can you leave out Madam Rosmerta's involvement? What was the point of the burning of the Burrow scene? The ending was horrific. It was completely different than the book. So now Dumbledore is the only one who can apparate on Hogwarts grounds? Malfoy spends all this time working on this cabinet only to have the Death Eaters walk through, Bellatrix (who is not present in the book) encourage him to kill Dumbledore, Snape kills Dumbledore, and they kindly saunter off the grounds in no hurry. No battle... no fear of being caught...nothing. What was the point of the cabinet in the movie? It was completely anti-climatic and they didn't even have the funeral scene which is a must-have. The worst part ever was the very end...Harry and Hermione are talking about Dumbledore's death and going searching for horcruxes and she randomly chimes in that Ron is OK w/ Ginny and Harry. WHAT?! It was so awkward.

And can someone please tell me how they are going to explain Dobby and Kreacher in the Deathly Hallows movies when they have essentially been omitted from the subsequent movies after being introduced? I honestly would like a do-over. They really need to re-shoot this movie and try again because it was bad. For the real fan, it leaves you cold and empty, with no tears for Dumbledore because you are so confused, and wondering why Yates and Co. cared about Lavender being funny more than the back story of Tom Riddle.
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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, or Ron Weasley and the Half-A**ed Romance?
ddoncila16 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Oh god.

This movie butchered the magic of the book. I seriously wasn't sure if this was the same movie... Why didn't Dumbledore pick Harry up from the Dursleys and give them a piece of his mind? Where was the Slug Club? Why didn't Harry know that Sirius' house was now his? not to mention Kreacher? It plays a big part in the next movies! Why weren't the lessons with Dumbledore fully developed? You find out almost NOTHING about Voldemort's past. Where were Bill and Fleur? Where was the twins' shop? (Blink and you miss it) Where was Hagrid? Where was Neville? Where was Quiditch? Where was Tonks' and Lupin's relationship??? What, am I just supposed to believe that they get married out of nowhere in the next book? Where was Madam Rosmerta's role? Where were apparition lessons? How are the trio meant to move from place to place in the next books? Magic Carpet?!?!?! Where was Dumbledore's funeral? Where was Harry's and Ginny's relationship and break-up? Where was Scrimgeour? Where was the big fight at the end? Where was the set up with the diadem? Where was Fenrir Greyback? WHY for the love of all that's holy, did Harry just STAND there while Snape murdered Dumbledore before his very eyes? He was meant to be PETRIFIED (literally)!!! And not only that, but Snape actually SEES Harry, and does nothing about it. Won't Harry find it kinda odd that a Death Eater sees him, practically defenceless, and doesn't do anything about it? Harry is meant to believe that Snape is a full fledged Death Eater, yet he lets Harry get off scott free? That is a SERIOUS oversight in the plot of the book! All these things listed above, the major plot points, weren't there! I couldn't find them!

What I COULD find however was: The burning down of the burrow...?!? Dumbledore seeming to only JUST realize that Voldemort used Horcruxes even though he was meant to have already destroyed one... and not only that but I also explicitly heard Dumbledore say: "They could be anything"!!! In the book, he clearly points out that they WOULDN'T be just anything, that Riddle liked collecting things. In the movie, he makes out as if it could be any old thing, a shoe, a can, a piece of paper... (better get searching then Harry, I found the ring, because "Magic leaves traces", but when I die, you're screwed!!!) Some random waitress in some random diner... A rock concert tribute to Dumbledore... A revealing of Hermione's love for Ron... and i DEFINITELY found Ron's and Lavender's relationship and... sexual innuendo?? OK, the Ron and Lavender subplot in the book was quite nice and funny but in the movie, it completely shadowed the ACTUAL story! they were snogging all over the place! it was impossible to focus on anything else with them popping up everywhere! It turned the movie into some sickly rom-com! and then I was shocked to find sexual innuendo! yup, believe it or not. And i know I wasn't the only one because i heard laughs and hoots all around the theater. The scene where Ginny bends down to tie Harry's shoelaces... what is up with that? Hey hang on a minute, isn't Harry's cloak meant to be a hallow? Good thing Luna CHARMED it off him then!!!


So, not only did they destroy the capodopera that this movie could have been, but they also didn't set up the next movie/s. How are Harry, Ron and Hermione going to start looking for the Horcruxes if they don't even know what they COULD be? How are the contents of Dumbledore's will going to be passed along if Scrimgeour doesn't even exist? How is Harry going to remember that Xenophilius was wearing the symbol of the Hallows at the wedding if the WEDDING CAN'T EXIST??? And HOW is Voldemort going to get the wand from Dumbledore's tomb if 1. the TOMB Isn't THERE and 2. THE WAND Isn't IN THE TOMB ANYWAY!!! How is Harry meant to remember where the diadem was if he NEVER BLOODY SAW IT!!!! How are they going to use Grimmauld Place and Kreacher, not to mention Dobby if there was never even a whisper about what happened to them???

This movie was thoroughly disappointing, and I really think they should... remake it basically!!! Because not only was THIS movie bad, but it's set to ruin the next ones as well. The only slim ray of hope (because hope springs eternal) left for the next movies is that they include what they missed out in HBP at the start of the first seventh one. They've got like 5 hours for the rest of the Harry Potter story so they could fit it in.
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Are you freaking kidding me!!?
singingamy0915 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I have been counting down the days since they moved this movie from its original release date. As the characters have grown older, the story line gets better, and I was hoping the same would go for the sixth movie. However, I am still completely confused about the decisions made for this movie. The movie is two and a half hours of ridiculousness. Yes, it has fantastic effects, and humor about the raging hormones, but who cares if the integrity of the story is completely diminished. Let's make a list of everything they cut out:

1. The introduction of the new Minister of Magic and all that happens between him and Harry.

2. Dumbledore coming to the Dursley's house to give them a piece of his mind.

3. Harry, Ron and Hermione seeing Draco in the dress shop, and Harry getting his first idea that Draco had been branded into the Death Eaters.

4. The invisibility cloak was absent in almost every important scene besides the train.

5. Slughorn's parties (the first of which that was on the train when Ginny gets her first invite.)

6. Tonks finding Harry on the train.

7. Tonks and Lupin's relationship

8. Several key memories that help Harry find the horcruxes in the 7th book. Also the awkward arguments between Dumbledore and Harry about Dumbledore's whereabouts and what happened to his hand.

9. Hagrid and Thwarp

10. Harry finding out that everything that Sirius owned now belongs to him (including the house that serves as the hiding place in the 7th book)

11. Several of the Quidditch matches and how Harry ends up in trouble and has to miss the final match. THIS is when Harry and Ginny have their first kiss when she becomes the seeker for the team and helps the team win.

12. Harry and Ginny's relationship

13.Fleur and Bill's engagement, and are completely absent in the movie.

13. Madam Rosmerta's role

14. Moaning Myrtle's role

15. THE FIGHT IN THE CASTLE!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME! The best part of the book and they cut it out. They deserved to be fired in my opinion. How could Rowling sign off on them doing this!?

16. Dumbledore's funeral

17. Harry telling Ginny he could no longer see her...they couldn't have this scene considering they never showed them to be in a relationship.

I'm sure there is a lot more, but you get the idea. All of these scenes were cut to add those that never even happened in the book. If you are an actual fan of the book, be prepared to be disappointed. If you haven't read the book, I'm sure it'll be great.
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Worst Interpretation EVER
jenna_a2215 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
This segment of HP will disappoint all who read the novel. The Burrow burns down during x-mas break due to Bellatrix and Fenrir (who is never described as a werewolf) perhaps for the lack of action at the end of the movie...the Dursleys are completely cut from the movie, meaning when Dumbledore picks Harry up for the summer it's at the train station for some apparent reason...The Ginny/Dean/Harry dichotomy is skewed, there was no break up between Ginny and Dean and Harry is clearly in love with her from the start of the movie which eliminates his confusion on his feelings during the school year...Hermoine prematurely spills the beans on her feelings for Ron which was only speculation in the novels...Lavender Brown becomes a obsessive and crazed girlfriend rather than simply over-affectionate (a reminiscent Unis from She's the Man)...the battle scene is missing from the end giving Dumbledore's death an anticlimactic feel making it all the more unemotional and disappointing...Harry hides under the floor simply holding his wand looking like a coward while Dumbledore dies, Snape sees him hiding rather than Harry being frozen under his cloak compliments of Dumbledore ...There is no funeral or break up with Ginny at the end of it (there is no relationship between the two either simply a kiss)...Hagrid is basically deleted from the movie as is Neville...Pensive trips are deleted and the Horocruxes are never explained, not even slightly...Luna finds Harry on the Hogwarts Express rather than Tonks...The Slug Club simply makes a cameo rather than a proper introduction and explanation...the Inferi look more like skeletons compared to the white bodies described in the book...I'm sure more discrepancies are present, however I can only remember so many of them.

It is absolutely a horrible interpretation of the book and I hope that they look at all of the mistakes and gaps left for the next movie and fill them in with more than humor (they are supposed to be in the middle of an all out war aren't they?) I mean I didn't even feel emotional when Dumbledore was killed, I was too busy trying to figure out why Harry was acting like a stunned coward under the floor boards and not doing something, isn't that his thing...doing seemingly impossible rescue missions?!?!

I am utterly disappointed in this installment of HP!!
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To say I was disappointed is an understatement, Half Blood Prince is among the weakest in the series.
HarryPotterSUXX15 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers

The beginning of the Half Blood Prince starts with the Death Eaters attacking London and destroying everything in sight. After a great opening, Harry, Ron, and Hermoine return for their sixth year at Hogwarts and then, nothing.... We get two slow hours of Ron's potion making, and teenage angst, with little mention of Tom Riddle's memories, or Harry and Dumbledore's hunt for his horcruxes.

The Weasley's house is burned, and then instead of the DD funeral, they change the ending. Harry just stars under the floor, while Snape kills Dumbledore. Harry cries, and the students all wave their wands at the sky to erase the dark marks. Then Harry, Ron and Hermoine leave Hogwarts.

Too many things cut out, too little action, too much fluff, and, at the end, I didn't care whether or not there was a DD funeral. Definitely the weakest film yet, too many things taken out, and too many silly things put back in. Too little Tom Riddle also. The movie was just plain AWFUL!

If David Yates screws up Deathly Hollows half as badly as he screwed up Order of the Phoenix, and Half Blood Prince, then he will be the one to blame for taking the Potter series seriously downhill. It was the first time I have seen an audience actually fall asleep during a Harry Potter movie and after the ending, only two people clapped. There were a lot of very disappointed people after the movie ended. I have never heard the statement "I want my money back" from a Harry Potter movie until now. Consider me highly disappointed in that this is by far the weakest film of the series, and that's saying something after the extremely dull Order of the Phoenix. David Yates is bad luck for the Potter films.
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Great cinematography, consistency weak
yahtzee1016 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
My favorite part of the novel Harry Potter and the Halfblood Prince, which was probably my favorite novel in the series, was all of the subplots. We had the drama behind the Minister Magic and relations with the Muggle government. We had the quite humorous interactions between Dumbledore and the Dursleys. We had the whole memory of Voldemort's family - really quite crucial to the seventh book - and the memories of Voldemort finding the other Hogwarts founder items to use as Horcruxes. We had Bill and Fleur's relationship. We had Tonks's depression and patronus change, which led to Tonks and Remus's relationship. We had lots of interaction and conflict between Harry's house elves. We have Snape's constant suspicion of Harry. We have the complications with Madame Rosmerta. And we had so much in the end - Harry being trapped under the Invisibility Cloak during Dumbledore's death, an entire battle at Hogwarts, and Dumbledore's elaborate and meaningful funeral.

All of that was completely and entirely omitted from the movie.

What we do have is a weak plot involving an old Potions textbook that is featured about two times before Harry's friends convince him to do away with the book. Snape never punishes Harry, only reveals his identity in a brief scene at the end. The Order of the Phoenix is not mentioned at all throughout the entire movie, and neither is Grimmauld. We have a nearly sickening amount of teenage hormonal relationships - while some moments like harry comforting Hermione and Ron whispering Hermione's name in the hospital wing were well done, the growing relationship between Ginny and Harry was awkwardly portrayed. Additionally, they cut out the entire end scene - battle and all. One would think that a battle scene would attract even more moviegoers to the film, and the battle provided filmmakers a chance to show minor characters who weren't heavily featured. No, the movie ends with a weak scene showing the three main characters in a tower talking about next year. The same amount of foreshadowing could have been done within canon - Harry telling Ginny that they couldn't see each other anymore at Dumbeldore's funeral. But that certainly didn't happen.

Oh, and do you remember the Burrow burning down? No? Well, it happens. It's a great scene, actually, very well done, but not remotely canon. The Burrow is integral to the plot of the seventh book. Let's see how they pull that one off.

Actually, they seem to have been pretty obsessed with fire in this film. Hagrid's hut burns down as well.

The cinematography, though, was excellent. One of my favorite scenes showed Harry walking up a staircase and Draco walking up a parallel staircase in the background. The lighting is effective, the various focus effects are absolutely magnificent, and the soundtrack, as always, is excellent. The film is a visual pleasure - perhaps lacking in action, but it is one of those films that one could watch several times extracting details from the masterful sets.
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A major disappointment
ccgibs319615 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
As an avid reader of the HP book series, and a devout HP movie fan, the sixth installment came up short in almost every aspect of the film.

From a purely cinematographic point of view, the dialogue was rushed, the almost non-existent plot focused too much on minor relationships and details, and none of the scenes elicited the response intended. It was difficult for a scene to last one minute, let alone thirty seconds. The climax was not given enough time to fully develop, and the story ended so abruptly even I was left with a sense of confusion. I cannot imagine how anyone who has not read the books could have followed the plot line at all.

When viewing the film with the book fresh in mind, the movie fell so far below expectations it is the greatest disappointment movie-wise to date. The team managed to take a complex, intricate, well-written novel and turn it into a fast-pasted, over-hormonal, and unemotional movie. When I think of the Half Blood Prince, I think of the main purpose to be getting horcruxes, not getting laid. When I initially heard about the fake scene at the Burrow I had an open mind, and figured it would play into the plot. After viewing however, I can only see it as a waste of time, because the only character it introduced was Greyback, but you never heard of him again through the entire movie until the very end--in which he did nothing.

The fact that the battle at Hogwarts was left out gives the whole movie an anti-climatic feel. The movie barely even hits on Voldemort's past or what horcruxes are, and the cave scene was dry and unemotional. Dumbledore's death and Snape's betrayal did not elicit any response from me or any of my peers that saw the movie with me. At the end of the movie the audience should be lamenting Dumbledore's horrific death, but the movie moved so fast it was hard to truly wrap your mind around one scene before another began.

All in all I found this movie horribly disappointing. The only actor who I saw any significant improvement in was Emma Watson, everyone else seemed cold and unattached. I sincerely hope the seventh movie will be better.
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Boring, Boring, Boring!
mccormick6325 December 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince flat out sucks! It has very little redeeming factors to it, its too long and its boring. I will never understand how the filmmakers turned what was actually an okay book into a film this boring. I read the Half-Blood Prince book, and I actually liked it. I liked the dark turn the books had taken (before f*****g it up with the Deathly Hallows), and the death of Dumbledore was actually dramatic and actually elicited an emotional response from me. It wasn't a great book, I felt that the plot delved a bit too deep into the relationships amongst the characters (or was that the Order of the Phoenix? Either way it slowed things down), and I also didn't really find the book that exciting until the ending, that is where things got good. The movie, on the other hand, was the complete opposite. Things did not get good towards the end, if anything, it got worse! The Half-Blood Prince is what happens when a book that had so much background to it that when turned into a film, the filmmakers need to keep things moving while still telling a good story and have it exciting. This movie didn't do that at all. It was boring, from beginning to end, nothing but boring, dreadfully slow scenes that nearly put me to sleep. Not only that, but the many scenes regarding the relationships were so bad that I didn't feel that the characters didn't actually like each other, the only reason they do is because the plot requires them too. For example: Ginny Weasley is supposedly going to be Harry Potter's girlfriend, but her character is so bland and the actress didn't really do a good enough job to make it look like she actually did like Harry. She stares at him with an uninterested look in her eyes, one that says to me, "Why does the script require me to fall for this guy?" Its painful to watch, and only serves to kill 5 minutes.

The rest of the cast is hit-or-miss. Alan Rickman as Severus Snape, as always, is brilliant. He is the one cool character and I don't think it is because he is well written. It's because it's Alan Rickman! He is always fun to watch on screen! Whether it is Galaxy Quest, or...any of the other Harry Potter films, Alan Rickman always does a great job. However the rest of the cast is nothing spectacular. I already mentioned how bland Ginny Weasley is so I won't talk about her again, but everyone in this movie just doesn't work. Helena Bonham Carter as Bellatrix Lestrange is so over the top that she comes off as hilarious! I know she is meant to be psychotic and all that good stuff, but...look at her! Her character isn't subtle at all! She cackles and laughs manically whenever she is on screen and I found her more annoying and funny rather than frightening. The cast of this movie may have good actors/actresses lined up, but it's ultimately the characters that fall flat. They either are completely useless, or so obviously evil that whenever someone thinks they are not one of the death eaters I feel like shaking them relentlessly shouting, "HELLO! HOW STUPID ARE YOU!? Look at this guy! He has no nose, no hair, no visible human traits aside from the fact he looks somewhat human!" In case you didn't know, I was talking about the evil lord snake-face, I mean, Voldemort.

Onto the plot, and trust me, this is where I REALLY started to loathe this film. It does so much yet succeeds at doing nothing at all. I watched this movie in a trance, trying to remember what happened and why. After some time I eventually just gave up, mainly because when I asked myself, "Why," I realized that there was no reason why. Nothing happens in this movie! It was so boring that I almost couldn't believe it. What are they doing now? Oh, absolutely nothing. What now? Oh, they are trying to find this item for reasons I forgot about and didn't really care about in the first place. Why is this drink that Dumbledore is drinking making him progressively weaker? Why are there zombie-like creatures rising up from the water? What is going on? What are those things, why should I care? The answer to the last question is I shouldn't. Only hardcore Potter fans will truly know what is going on, the rest of us is left confused, or was that just me? What's going on now? Oh, the death eaters have invaded Hogwarts, oh no! That should be dramatic, but it really isn't. What just happened, oh wait, Draco Malfoy couldn't grow a pair and kill Dumbledore, he just stood there crying like a little b**** until the only cool character had to do the deed himself. This was the worst insult of all, Dumbledoofus' death wasn't dramatic, period. It happened, was incredibly boring, and went, and that was it.

This is a movie that I just love to hate. I take great joy in ripping this movie to shreds because I feel that I must have revenge. Revenge against having a series of once okay books turned into movies that started off well, then turned to c***. It pains me to see a franchise that I actually once liked (contrary to my review of the Deathly Hallows Part 1 movie) be turned into this. The problem is that while I did like the franchise initially, it's the awful conclusion and the awful recent movies that turned me against Harry Potter. I wanted to like this movie, I really did, but, sadly, the movie failed. Harry Potter, I hate to say this, but you failed!
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Harry Potter and the... Eh, Just Don't Even.
ginnyhayes24 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince was horrible. Don't get me wrong: The acting was great, the score was amazing, the scenery beautiful... The only thing wrong? The plot. They absolutely BUTCHERED the book--and while I (and millions of others) agree that YES, they cannot fit everything from the book into the movie, I (also like many others) do say that there were some HUGE plot points that they skipped and they took trivial, two-sentence moments from the book and made THOSE into the main parts of the movie. Oh, and let's not forget how much they added! But I'll just list it out for you:

1. Does anyone remember the Burrow burning down in the book? No? Oh, that's right--it doesn't. But in the movie it does! Don't ask why--no one knows.

2. They never really mentioned that Fenrir Greyback was a werewolf. He just looked like a yellow-eyed, exceptionally hairy man.

3. They never/barely mentioned or showed Bill and Fleur--and they didn't mention the wedding. So I don't know they're going to start the 7th movie--with a random wedding? Non-book readers, get ready for some surprises!

4. Where was Hagrid? And Neville? They both only had, like, 2 scenes each and they resorted Neville back to the fumbling loser he was before, when he SHOULD have been becoming more of a take-charge kind of guy, like he was in the Hallows.

5. Where was ANYONE, for that matter? All of those characters we know and love (and sometimes love to hate) weren't there! Or if they were, they had really minor scenes! McGonagall and Parvati and Flitwick and LUNA and people like them.

6. Where were all the memories? The Horcrux discussions? The evening lessons? Everyone heard Dumbledore clearly say (of the Horcruxes), "They could be anything." Riiight--wasn't Dumbledore supposed to have an inkling of what they might be? What is Harry supposed to do now, guess all of them?

7. And what was up with Dumbledore JUST finding out that Voldemort was using Horcruxes? That is wrong/weird for two reasons: A) Dumbledore is supposed to have all the answers, so that was weird and B) He had already acquired the ring and destroyed it--if he didn't know Voldemort was using Horcruxes, why? Did he just feel like smashing it?

8. There was no battle at the end. The Death Eaters kind of just waltzed in, trashed some things and then killed Dumbledore (while Harry cowered in fear, by the way, which is so wrong). Then they left, after smashing some windows. And all this happened while everyone was asleep, I might add.

9. Oh, and then, Hagrid took Dumbledore's body outside and somehow, everyone was randomly outside, staring at his body and not even crying or looking sad...?

10. There was no funeral. Okay... so what did they do to Dumbledore's body? Threw it in a sack, I guess.

11. And the Flight of the Prince was so lame. It wasn't dramatic at all, Harry's and Snape's expressions were so wooden I thought they were trees, and it was all over in about three seconds.

12. Harry and Ginny's get-together and break-up... neither was there. One day Ginny was with Dean, the next she was with Harry. And then at the end... they were still together. Okay, then. And they never showed Harry awkwardly realizing he liked Ginny. I mean, why show THAT when you could show Ron and Lavender thrashing about all the time, right...?

13. And then Hermione blurted out her love for Ron. Great and all--but what are they going to do for the Hallows now?

14. And all the random, awkward, unexplained moments. Like: Ginny tying Harry's shoelaces, or Hermione blurting out--almost right after Dumbledore died--"Oh, Harry, by the way: Ron is okay with you dating Ginny." Um... what?

So, basically, the movie was more like a 99 percent Ron-and-Lavender- and-Hermione love triangle than a Harry-and-Ginny or a Harry-and- Dumbledore-and-memories sort of thing. Wonderful! And yes, I am a die- hard fan (have read each book about 200 times--not kidding) but I am NOT biased. Order of the Phoenix pretty much... sucked, but I let it go, and enjoyed it, 'cause at least it had SOME of the main parts! Like the fight at the end, right? But this? Let's just put it like this: if I had a magic wand, I wouldn't use it to do magic--I'd use it to stab myself in the eyes. Cheerio, Ginny (and that's really my name)
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How to enjoy this movie if you're a fan of the HP Books
charlenemain-115 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Last night I had gone to the midnight showing of the movie. This morning I wrote a review (below) b/c I wanted to express how disappointed I was. However, I still had tickets to go see it this afternoon. I certainly did not want to sit there for another 2 hours hating it so I had to find a way to like it. I really, really wanted to like this movie. I love HP, afterall! I decided to try another approach, to watch the movie without thinking of the book at all. And I'll be da*ned if it didn't work! I realized that I had spent so much time picking apart what the movie DID NOT have, that I never allowed myself to enjoy what it DID have. Once I did that, and accepted that this movie is merely "based on" the book, I was able to enjoy it! Suddenly, the love story did not seem to dominate as much as it did on my first viewing.....Honestly, I never really thought that changing the way I approached the movie would work, but it did. So, if your a really big fan of the books and cd's, and you really want to find some way to enjoy this movie, I suggest you leave all the knowledge you have of the books at home, sit back, and watch!

I started reading reviews last week, so I was aware that all the really good stuff in the book wasn't going to be in the movie. Still I was excited and stood in line for almost 3 hours to see this movie. When I left I felt very, very disappointed. I couldn't believe what I watched, this was a joke, right? Sure that other Harry Potter fans felt the same way, I started to read the fan reviews. Now I'm wondering....did I miss something? How is it this movie is getting such rave reviews?? Did anyone not notice all the plot moments that were changed or left out completely?


I so wanted to see Dumbledore give the Dursley's their due. And how about Harry and Dumbldore going on the journey to view the Marvolos and Voldomorts father? And lets not even talk about the best part of the book, the fight at the castle. I read somewhere that the director did not want to do the fight because of the fight in book 7. I mean really, come on, that's probably the lamest excuse I've ever heard. Ya know, I never even shed a bloody tear when they killed Dumbledore. There was no emotional work up to it, in my opinion, it was really weak. When I read the book, I cried for days! Well, maybe that's why I did not during the movie....I already mourned him :-) I knew their had to be a lot of things that did not make it in the movie, I just assumed it would be the teenage love angst. Especially given the action films this movie is competing against.

But then again, it's getting great reviews, so I think I'm part of the minority of people who were really, really hoping to get a Harry Potter movie that would make JK Rowling proud, at least when she cared.

The movie was funny, absolutely. But that's all it was, except for the last 30 minutes. The last 30 minutes, like the 5th movie, is the best part, IMO. But, that's not saying much.
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Half Blood Prince is the most disappointing film of the summer and the worst Harry Potter film so far.. Warning: Spoilers
I consider myself a Harry Potter fan. Not of the movies, but from the books which they came from. There's a reason why each of J.K. Rowling's 7 books have brought much fan base all over the world, it's because of the magic of the Harry Potter books.

In the last several years, I feel more and more magic from the books have been cut from the movies. I blame this on Warner Brothers who obviously views the Potter property as a ticket to high profit rather than an experience that filmgoers and book lovers can share together.

I loved the essence of the first two films, but when Alfonso Cuaron took over as the director of Prisoner of Azkaban, it seems more and more material had been cut from the books on which they are based. Prisoner of Azkaban was the first and some key sequences were eliminated. The change wasn't too bad -- back then. Then Goblet of Fire came out a year later, and even more material was cut. Then Order of the Phoenix came out two years ago, and it seems half of the book was cut to the point where the film was quite dull and pointless.

But, Half Blood Prince is the worst of them all. Many fans of the Harry Potter film series keep on stating that the films are an entirely different form of entertainment than the books, and that all the details cannot be included. That's nonsense. The first two Harry Potter movies were able to capture the essence of the books perfectly. The Narnia films were able to capture the essence of their books perfectly as well, there is no reason why the rest of the Harry Potter books cannot do the same.

What we have with Half Blood Prince is a cliff note's version of the film with much of the material that made the book so special completely cut out. Events such as Harry and Dumbledore's quest for Voldemort's Horcruxes are barely touched on, while the majority of the film focuses on the sillier parts of the novel such as the growing hormones between the sixth year Hogwarts students. It seems that the producers of Harry Potter were aware of the growing popularity of the Twilight phenomenon and wanted to make their own teenage romantic love story as part of the series. That doesn't feel right in a Harry Potter film in anyway.

I feel that David Yates directed the two worst Harry Potter films so far, and that he will undoubtedly destroy the once great Harry Potter film series. The fact that the final book will be split into two separate films makes me question his abilities as a director of the final film of one of the best fantasy book series of all time.
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Very anti-climatic, very disappointing.
sixdayssouth15 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I'll keep this short and bittersweet. While not without its merits, the sixth film in the HP series was very much a let-down for me.

First of all, I'm a die-hard fan of the books, but I absolutely didn't want or expect the movie to follow the book page-for-page. In fact, some of the creative liberty taken in the film was quite good. One scene in particular was very good, where Bellatrix and Fenrir Greyback attack the burrow, leading to a showdown in the marsh between Harry, Ginny and the two Death Eaters. Or at least it had the potential to be very good. In fact, much of the movie was very anticlimactic. That scene, among many other crucial scenes, fizzles out when nothing happens. There is a short duel, and then the DE's leave. The same thing happens in the end of the movie, which was the biggest let-down of all the films so far. The battle through Hogwarts at the end of the book was the big climax, leading up to Dumbledore's death. In the film, the whole battle is cut out, replaced instead by a very short and mawkish scene in which Snape gives a quick Avada Kedavra, and then everyone goes on their way.

In short, the lack of appropriate emotional content and the lack of any real climax anywhere throughout the film just makes the whole thing a bit lackluster. Bringing David Yates back into the picture was clearly a costly mistake.
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Fans need be disappointed
urp-don17 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
There's less of magic and tricks in the sixth instalment of the Harry Potter series, fans need be disappointed -- it offers a heavy dose of drama, romance and humour rather than the plot.

Strangely the teenagers of Hogwarts are shown spending more time sorting out their adolescent problems, flirting and pouting. While Harry finds himself attracted to Ginnie Weasley (Bonnie Wright), Ron, much to the dismay of Hermione (Emma Watson), is besotted with Lavender Brown (Jessie Cave).

The mood of the film is mostly dark and director David Yates creates an atmosphere of depression and melancholy by showing dense clouds and rain throughout the narrative, making it gloomy compared to the previous versions.

In terms of content, nothing much is revealed, though suspense is built up when Draco Malfoy (Tom Felton) is often shown sneaking around forbidden corridors and secret chambers of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Also, the development of the plot in the film version does not justify the title "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince". The story shows that Harry stumbles upon a book on potions in the laboratory of Horace Slughorn (Jim Broadbent), a new bumbling professor of potions. The book belongs to the Half-Blood Prince and it helps him in experimenting and successfully making a potion. But Ginnie thinks he has had enough of the book and hides it.

This time the story also bids adieu to one of the most important and adorable characters of the series, leaving Harry all alone to fight off the evil Voldemort. Also, professor Severus Snape (Alan Rickman) turns villain.

The film has no scary moments...like when Harry and his friends are attacked in a field by Death Eaters and when Professor Albus Dumbledore (Michael Gambon) takes Harry to a seaside cave.

Although nothing much is revealed or explained compared to earlier films, the plot has unsuccessfully set up for a perfect stage for the last and final installment of the wizard franchise. It is not must watch for die-hard Harry Potter fans as it disappoints totally.

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Very very frustrating
rob-macklin22 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Boy, what a terrible disappointment. We all waited SO long for this installment to come out only to be completely crushed by the end result.

If you are a fan of the books, then don't see the film. They totally butchered it. Just do like me and read the books all over again. The images you form in your mind are so much better than the nonsense up on the screen this time.

The only redeeming feature of the film are the actresses who play Hermoine and Ginny. They're both seriously hot!

Apart from that though, everything was dreadful. Hated it from start to finish. They need to do over and get it right for next time.
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Harry Potter becomes an immature teen movie!
kenneththaarup18 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
The movies starts out with Harry visiting the Weasley's, where he's attacked by Death eaters. They play around with some fire and some bad special effects, burn the house and runs away. Probably the best scene in the film. The next 2 hours, the film focuses 100% on Potter wanting the Weasley girl, but she's dating someone else, and Granger wanting Ron Weasley, but he's dating a weirdo, and everybody starts hating each other cause they all love each other. I do not know how it's possible to destroy the entire concept of Harry Potter and the magic world and having it made in to a teen movie where the people who're in love with each other can't say it cause they're too immature, but they succeeded doing it! I sat there for hours, wishing for the movie to end so I could do something less stupid with my time.

The movie is called The Half-Blood Prince, and the only thing the movie has to do with the title is that Harry gets a book that belongs to the half-blood prince, which contains some usable notes. Oh and the 10 second long scene with the prince revealing himself by saying "Yes, I'm the half-blood prince!", and nothing more is added to that.

The ending scene where Dumbledore is making Harry make him drink the elixir is the only place where you see the slightest bit of suspense, and even that scene was cut down to a 5-minute sequence to make room for more boring love-elixir-scenes. After this, death eaters attack dumbledore, but instead of doing something, they stand there for 5 minutes talking.

I have never been this disappointed after going to the cinema, and I'm certainly not going to pay money to see the next Harry Potter movie!
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Harry Potter and the half blood suck
ctburleigh15 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
This movie was an extreme let down. One has to have read the book in order to pull together the huge holes in this movie. The climax... there was none. Why... all of a sudden .. where those people in Hogwarts? There was no building up to it...

The line delivered by Snape was so... poorly done. I mean COME ON! The only positive of this movie was Slughorn. The man who played him brought an interesting and fun life to this character. This was by far the most disappointing HP movie.

I'm glad I read the books, especially this one, to understand EVERYTHING they left out. IT was choppy and poorly done. For shame. Campy humor does not become harry potter.
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Fan of Books? Talk about upset! Fresh fan?...it was cool
ashley-wolf15 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Since I consider myself a dedicated Harry Potter fan, I am going to try to put this as nicely as possible...

If I had never read any of the books (hey they're long I get it) I would have thought this movie was pretty cool and a step up from past films in terms of laughter and the script itself including special effects. There would have been mild confusion towards the end but as said before I would be the casual fan who wouldn't really mind.

That being said, I am not what you would call a "casual fan." I along with many others had been devastated when I learned that Warner Brothers had pushed back the release date 6 months and had waited in the theatre for 3+ hours for a movie that I was anticipating to be one of my favorites in the series. In its good moments, there were little things from the book which I was happy to see on the silver screen. Ron's sudden girl-magnet status was done very well along with Slughorn's character debut. The only thing that was wrong was the title. I thought this was Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince? I did not buy a ticket to Ronald Weasley and the stories of Romance nor did I buy a ticket to Harry Potter's Friends with a touch of You-Know-Who on the side. Not only that, what happened to the plot? Where did it go? Who knows...maybe Ron will know if we ask him....How can you fear a wizard when you can't understand why he is the way that he is? What happened to that kiss between Harry and Ginny? (YIKES...oh "i can stay hidden in here too"...WHAT????)Where was Snape's big moment? Where was the drama? In addition, why oh why…would you omit critical moments and downgrade important characters to CREATE new ones that don't mean anything to take their place?

Bottom line: This movie was like part 1 of 3 with no real closure, action, and not to mention storyline…. Lets all keep our fingers crossed that 7 and 8 live up to what the books and their fans deserve
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Harry Potter and the Half-Done Movie
eric-bolt15 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Let me start by saying, I know that you have to alter and omit scenes from a novel when adapting it to the silver screen. However, it is not necessary to take a chain saw to what can easily be debated as the best book in the series. Half-Blood Prince is key to setting up the final, now two, movies and this version missed the mark. Now the major novel plot points are there, Harry learns about Voldemort's past, Draco struggles with his chosen task and Snape does kill Dumbledore but much of the set-up plot and subplots have been completely omitted. For fans out there that have read the book will get a strange feeling in their gut just a few minutes in.

After the Deatheater attack on London the muggel minister is supposed to receive a late night visit. Omitted! During the time spent at the Wesley's prior to the school year there is supposed to be a blast from the past and news of an upcoming marriage. Omitted! So just minutes into the feature many of the actual fans should start to wonder if something fishy is going on. After the duration of the film all of the omissions are topped off by the big daddy of them all. There is no funeral for the deceased headmaster. How can that be? it is easily the 2nd biggest moment in seven novels, next to the climax when Voldemort is killed. Additional ommisions: Many of Dumbeldore's Voldemort memories Any of Snape's interaction as the Defense against the Dark Arts instructor

Proper development of the Snape Good Vs. Evil plot Quitich cup match, unless that is the match shown in the movie but you couldn't tell The alterations in the film are also a huge let down. Unfortunately our friendly writers decided that it would be wise to alter the first kiss of the future Mr. and Mrs. Potter. I cannot even wrap my head around why writers would think fans wouldn't notice. I'm not even going to get into, beyond a mention, of the two biggest changes. When the headmaster gets killed it needs to be word for word from the novel, enough said. Since they felt it necessary to not shoot the funeral I guess they felt it would be fine to end with our three heroes together instead of Harry walking off after breaking up with Ginny. Those are Huge! Now before I continue to rag on the choices of the writers I will say that HBP is visually stunning to a level above the previous films and what they did put into the script works for the film. Only those who have spent the time to read the novel will notice the major issues with this film. For entertainment value alone it was a good movie. Please to not destroy Deathly Hallows the way this edition was destroyed.
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Harry Potter and the half-assed attempt at a movie
moonofsunrise16 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
This is a good movie... if you haven't read any of the books. While visually, the effects were great, they were about ALL that carried the movie. In fact, there was very little of the original storyline from the book.

There were key plot elements from the book missing. In the book, there were a number of memories Dumbledore put into the pensieve regarding the origins of Tom Riddle (Voldemort) that showed where he came from, underlying what the horcruxes were, how he got Slytherin's ring (he killed his Muggle father and made his uncle Morphin Gaunt take the blame), etc. They left out Bill Weasley and Fleur Delacour's engagement and Molly Weasely's dislike of Fleur. They left out the DA's involvement and their taking the rest of Harry's Felix Felicis potion, the involvement of the Order of the Pheonix, Bill getting injured and Fleur's acceptance of him even though Fenrir Greyback had disfigured him, leading to Molly Weasely's acceptance of her. They got Tonks all wrong. At first, in the book, when Harry arrives at the Burrow, she is crying on Molly's shoulder, and it is only later that we find she has been in love with Lupin. In an added scene, during the movie, at (supposedly) Christmas break, she and Lupin are already together. The actress who plays Tonks is not the same Tonks, neither in style nor manner. The Death Eater attack in the movie that resulted in the burning down of the Weaselys' home was NOT in the book, and was graphic and grossly unnecessary.

As well as Fleur and Bill, Rufus Scrimgeour is completely left out, and it is not even mentioned that he became Minister of Magic. Percy Weasley is not present. All house elves are left out. Moaning Myrtle is not present, and she is a major character in this book. In the book, she mentions to Harry about the "boy crying in the bathroom" (Draco Malfoy), and when he and Harry have the battle in the bathroom and he is near death, it is she who cries out "MURDER!", alerting people of what happened. In the movie, she is absent, and Professor Snape's unbidden arrival after Draco and Harry's "scuffle" makes no sense at all. The parts of Bellatrix Lestrange and Luna Lovegood were beefed up, and while I enjoy both characters and the actresses who play them to perfection, such an addition did not sit well with me. Also, in the book, Dumbledore was killed in his office with Harry under his invisibility cloak, unable to move, speak, or react. In the movie, he was killed somewhere else. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

I did, however, enjoy the Weasely twins' shop. They got that right, at least. I laughed watching Hagrid and Slughorn absolutely plastered together after Aragog's funeral. Draco Malfoy was perfect. No longer the spoiled brat he once was in the other books/movies, he is shown in his own coming of age. His father in prison, he is desperate to prove himself, although the task, murder, is daunting. He cries in the bathroom and uses round-about ways to do it because, deep down, he is not a killer, which, until death, Dumbledore sees. The teenage soap operas revolving around Hermione and Ron, as well as Harry and Ginny, are well done, reminding us that this is not just about good and evil, magic and wonder, but about teenagers growing up and coping with homework and romance. Alan Rickman, as always, is perfect as Professor Snape. You can see as he makes the unbreakable vow, the look on his face that highlights his lack of willingness, yet lack of choice in the matter. You can see his division as he struggles to protect Harry, as well as to protect Draco Malfoy from spiraling down a dark path from which there is no return. He very aptly portrays Snape's reluctance to kill Dumbledore as he must, both as the unbreakable vow dictates and as Dumbledore asks.

In short, plot-wise, they got more wrong than right, making the movie a gaunt version of the full richness of Rowling's original novel. The visual effects alone, while wonderful, were not enough to feed the movie's anorexic plot line.

While I did not exit the theater within the first hour, as many of my fellow movie-goers in the theater did, I left the movie theater disappointed, outraged, and cheated. I felt I had wasted precious time and hard-earned money. This movie is not worthy to carry the book's title "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince", but should be dubbed "Harry Potter and a half-assed attempt at a movie".
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OMG......Worst HP movie ever
addyinnocent1719 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
OK....As a big Harry Potter fan i waited for the movie....scheduled to release in November, i was disappointed to see the movie release delayed for 6 months. i waited and waited and then the day it was released in India, i went to see it. I had high anticipations from the movie after seeing its trailers which were really looking good. Even after the poor attempt of David Yates at the fifth part, i was hopeful that he would do justice to the best book in the Harry Potter series but i was wrong!!!! First the good points of the movie. The special effects and the visuals were really stunning and high quality. Dan and others acted really well and it was nice to see Ginny having a meaty role in the movie. She looks gorgeous. The Scenes at Lake were really upto the mark. We had some nice comic moments well enacted by Dan and Rupert. But let me ask...is that the reason one goes to see a Harry Potter movie?? I didn't go to see a teenage romantic comedy. The tagline of the movie says that Harry and Dumbledore try to unravel Voldemort's past and the time we actually get to see his past in only 10 minutes in a damn 2:30 hours movie!!!! The durseleys were totally left out. So were Bill and Fleur. Hagrid got only two scenes in the whole movie.

The only thing we learnt about Voldemort is that he learnt to make horcruxes. Director and writers do not care about telling us what things he chooses to make horcruxes which was so nicely told in the movie.

No reference was made for Voldemort's father, mother, Gaunt. No reference for Voldemort's deeds after schooling what so ever. After 2 hours of comedy sequences between Lavender and "Won Won", we come to know about horcruxes and thats all!!!! this is serious crap....

There is virtually no story in the movie....I am concluded that David Yates doesn't even know how to tell a story in a movie. Nor does he ever bother to read the novel.

The last scene was totally a let down which made the movie a complete disappointment for everyone. Death eaters just enter hogwarts and Snape kills Dumbledore with Harry standing just one floor under watching everything like a coward (in the novel he was immobilised by Dumbledore's spell). They kill Dumbledore and leave Hogwarts quietly without any fight without anyone watching except Harry. This is bullshit!!! in the novel, the fight sequence in the end was so amazing with the Order of phoenix and DA fighting the death eaters...the same was totally missed out which could have been the best part of the movie..

Some people might say that its impossible to put the whole novel in a 2:30 hour movie but then how did Lord of the Rings or the Narnia movies manage to do it....

So this movie was the worst Harry Potter movie and David Yates as an HP director is bad luck for HP fans. I wondered whether Warner Bros should have got Chris Nolan to direct this movie.

I am not keeping my fingers crossed for the seventh part as i am now sure that we will again get a totally crap movie thanks to Warner Bros that David is directing the last HP assignment.

In the nutshell....A Total disastrous movie....Don't waste your time watching it....
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what the $^%#% was that??
griff713-115 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I agree with several others.... Did the director even READ the book? Does he know what a book is?? Look, Hollywood, you take a great book and make a film out of it for one reason alone: you want fans of the book to come see their favorite story come to life.

YOU DON'T BUTCHER IT! Anyone else completely disappointed with the way Harry and Ginny's first kiss was filmed? It should NOT have been contrived by Ginny, but a complete surprise to BOTH of them, and done in the Gryffindor common room in front of the whole house! That being said, how did Hermione and Ron catch wind of it? They weren't there! This was the worst directed film of the whole series. I can appreciate needing to change a few things, even leaving some things out, after all you only have 2 to 2 1/2 hrs to tell the whole story, but why change that scene?? It served no purpose whatsoever! I could go on and on, but I'm just sick at heart...... J.K. .... why did you let them do this to your wonderful story?
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two thumbs down
renearcks15 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
i thought i went to see harry potter and the half blood prince but the whole time i was wondering what book it was based off of be there weren't many similarities. more like the writers got lazy and only read the cliff notes. how did jk rowling allow this crap. i mean ginny did not hide the book...that will mess up movie seven. and why is there not an epic fight scene. that is the biggest part of the book. and where is harry's invisibility cloak? i don't expect the movie to include everything in the book, but i do expect it not to add things that aren't needed (the scene at the burrow) and leave out key points. or change how scenes were. why couldn't they show harry and ginny kissing in the common room? and at the first of the movie ginny was dating someone else...it never tells that they break up then she is kissing harry. umm...wtf.
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Immensely satisfying for fans who can see the movie behind the book
maritza-1512 July 2009
I was lucky enough to see a preview of Half-Blood Prince three days before opening day. I saw it a second time with my son who is not quite ten, but who is generally mature for his age and doesn't scare easily. The two viewings give me the unique advantage of both the adult and the child perspective on the movie.

I only recently started counting myself a true Harry Potter fan after my son introduced me to the movies a couple of years ago. I finished the last book only three weeks before seeing the movie adaptation of Half-Blood Prince the first time.

With all the book details very fresh in my mind, I had high expectations of the movie. And Yates, the production crew and the cast definitely delivered. The movie impresses on many levels from an artistic point of view. The stripped landscapes and washed out colors convey a constant feeling of dread and foreboding. The standard train trip to Hogwarts was particularly stark, seen against a landscape scorched by a hot summer sun and dotted with dark pools of water. The usual lush greenery and joyous train ride are nowhere to be seen.

Personally, I felt the pace was spot-on and that the movie elegantly made time for all key plot points. But only if you enjoy a plot line driven by character and emotion. For the younger lot, looking for frightening wizard duels and attacks by magical creatures, the first hour and a half of the movie drags on a bit. My son certainly became fidgety, and didn't appreciate the finesse and sophistication of the plot and cinematic approach.

Most of the threatening and darkening tone of the movie was also lost upon him, whereas I reveled in the finer details contributing to a general sense of ever-encroaching darkness. There are worse things in life to be afraid of than big hairy spiders. My son missed seeing those - I was a lot more intrigued by the ominous undercurrents made palpable by the indomitable trio of David Yates (director), Steve Kloves (screenplay) and Delbonnel (photography).

Some people feel that the romantic comedy aspects played too large a role in the movie, but I felt this aspect added some much-needed lightness and human drama to the movie. Harry (Daniel Radcliffe), Hermione (Emma Watson) and Ron (Rupert Grint) all find themselves dealing with the vagaries of young love - from dealing with unwanted advances to finding love in unexpected places. The romance was aimed perfectly at the young teen market, and I found myself cringing ruefully at some of Lavender Brown's love-obsessed stunts and smiling wistfully at the tenderness between Harry and Ginny. Haven't we all been there at some stage of our lives?

All in all, Harry Potter is growing up. And so is the market for these movies. If you've seen all the movies up to now or read all the books, and your are at an age to appreciate the adult themes and movie techniques, this movie should fall pitch-perfect on your ear. You are likely to leave the cinema filled with a heart-wrenching sadness for innocence lost.

Purist fans will most certainly complain bitterly about numerous sub-plots, events and characters that were cut from the movie and the odd scene that doesn't exist in the book. But Yates' truly gutsy adaptation really works and brings a depth and clarity to the main themes of the book that is quite extraordinary. He manages to capture the lingering lightness of that time before the serious business of adulthood sets in, alongside the relentless buildup to the final showdown between The Dark Lord and The Chosen One. And the lack of closure at the end of the movie is no accident, I believe. Just like the book, this movie leaves you aching to see how it all ends (never mind the fact that you already know).

I must also commend the acting. The young leads have all matured in pace with the maturing content of the books and their acting shows it. Rupert Grint shines brightly in the somewhat Shakespearean love comedy he finds himself in, and makes the most of his new-found sport hero popularity. Emma Watson hits the spot, portraying Hermione's emotional vulnerability with gentle confidence and softness.

As for Radcliffe, it's easy to miss the evolution he's undergone as Harry, since there are other actors ostensibly given more to do in this outing, like Tom Felton and Bonnie Wright, both of whom get the opportunity to take their characters to a new level. Tom Felton, especially, does a remarkable job. But Radcliffe's task of playing the steadfast and courageous, yet not flashy or arrogant hero, remains a difficult one. Especially on second viewing, it becomes clear how his understated and controlled performance speaks very much to the type of man Harry Potter is shaping up to be. A man who is left with a tremendous responsibility at the end of this movie and takes it up without flinching. The boy-wizard is no more.

Of the older guard, Alan Rickman's Snape was a consummate performance, ... obviously. And Michael Gambon's portrayal of Dumbledore never felt more right than in this movie. Jim Broadbent's Slughorn is deliciously played with just the right mix of off-putting sycophancy and endearing pathos.

All in all - a triumph all around!
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Harry potter & The half-blood prince SUCKS
hottdude_1715 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
The whole movie was about love connections. The producers and script writers hardly followed the book, just mostly changing things to their likeing. Ill admit there were some good funny parts, but that doesn't excuse the fact that how awful it was. After watching 3/4's of the film i was ready to fall asleep, and finally when the end comes.. when the best fighting is supposed to come! i get disappointed as the skip through all of it.. So i advise everyone to save their time and money and wait maybe for a rental. Its a little to late for me since i wasted my money and wont get the 2 hrs of my life back..

Another thought if there's any thought for the next 2 final films to be amazing the directer David yates and the screen writer steve kloves must be fired. They failed at making this movie.
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