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Factotum is so sly and low-key hilarious that anybody can be in on the joke.
Bukowski had a bunch of none too kind things to say about “Barfly" upon its release in the 80s, but, with Factotum, he'd do plenty of bitching and moaning as well, but deep down, Hank would approve.
L.A. Weekly
This is also an acidly funny work, even if the humor is that of a man who drinks to stave off the pain and madness of sobriety. In his finest performance since "Drugstore Cowboy," Dillon plays Chinanski with funereal grandiosity.
Like the film itself, Mr. Dillon’s performance works through understatement.
The result is a surprisingly satisfying film, true to Bukowski and itself, a work that manages to make the man and his profane world more palatable without compromising on who he was and what he stood for.
Matt Dillon is pitch-perfect as Bukowski's alter ego Hank Chinaski.
After a while, Factotum surrenders to monotony and only the performances are likely to retain the viewer's interest.
Arguably one of the best adaptations of Bukowski's work, even compared with Bukowski's own script for 1997's "Barfly," deadpan timing and ace perfs bring out the morose humor and surprising warmth in the often miserabilist scribe's voice.
Village Voice
None of it goes anywhere. It's just stylized alcoholism with a tired wink.
Entertainment Weekly
It's too bad that the film was directed by the Norwegian minimalist Bent Hamer (Kitchen Stories), who makes a fetish of building scenes around silence.

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