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Must watchable romantic film
Kadher_mohideen9 July 2020
Jegan and Jamuna searching for each other tells us their love. Songs are awesome. Must watchable.
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Not Terrible, but Not Memorable
GypsiB22 April 2020
Jagan (played by Madhavan) falls in love with Jumuna (Amogha), without knowing her name or address. She is a strong believer in fate, and so writes her details on a 100rs bill, and tells Jagan that if it reaches him within a year, she will marry him. After spending six months searching for her, Jagan -- through no fault of his own -- becomes engaged to Seema (Pooja), the sister of two dangerous politicians. Meanwhile, Jumuna realizes that she cares for Jagan and begins to search for him as well. The two continue to miss crossing paths, while the date for Jagan's marriage draws ever nearer.

The plot of this romantic drama is predictable, and not well-written enough to be convincing. The music is mostly enjoyable, but the Amazon streaming version of this film does not have subtitles for the songs, so it's impossible to comment on the lyrics.

Madhavan delivers a good performance, and Pooja does equally well. Amogha, however, has one main facial expression throughout the movie: dimwitted. She flounders throughout giving the impression of a clueless airhead.

Overall, Jay Jay is an average film, not terrible, but definitely not memorable. I can't see myself rewatching it, or recommending it to others.
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Madhavan's Worst Performance
tvshankar31 December 2004
If there's any movie of Madhavan that is absolutely a flop, it has to be 'Jay Jay' which is a remake of the Hollywood film, 'Serendipity' starring John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale. Madhavan displays nothing of his remarkable acting abilities and he literally sleepwalks in the film. The film suffers mainly due to Madhavan's lack of performance and evident lack of interest in the film in which he's acting.

I must admit there are good song sequences and some good action which shows Madhavan as a splendid fighter, but otherwise on the whole there's no real romance, no great plot, and no great acting. It's a very poor film and hardly worthwhile to watch!!
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