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A far too long One liner, but a good one liner.
dudestein8 August 2004
Warning: Spoilers
Saw this on Trigger Street, where it is in competition. Maybe it's just me, but I saw the storyline coming. Men cruising the streets at night looking to pick up Older Women to cook for them like their mothers did.

A funny Idea and is fairly well executed. The Set-up is slow and a bit contrived, and it isn't quick to the punchline. A professional looking work with some good acting and a nice soundtrack. This is the kind of film that is seen on IFC as filler. That is not a knock, but the short film is hard to see anywhere else. This film should be half as long as it plays. More concise editing. Also, the wife doesn't belong here. Humor like this should be played straight. Like 'Java Junky', it should stay within the Genre' it is spoofing in order to get the maximum impact.
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