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Irish zombie movie (comedy)
stupid_phil27 April 2006
This is a brilliant take on a real life zombie invasion, that makes you think what would i do? Yes i do admit that the storyline when it comes to the bit about how the zombies were created ( by voodoo) was a bit weak and also the love story between the two main characters was a bit too soppy, but you've got to expect that from a teen movie. But as for the amount of gore that definitely deserves a 10 out of 10, not only is the tractor kill scene the best gore i've seen in a zombie movie ever it was stomach churning as well as funny. As for the comment i have just read bout it not being a very good teen horror movie, thats just wrong, yes not a good teen horror movie but thats because its not one, its a comedy and its not meant to scare the hell out of you and make you jump every five seconds. Anyway definitely another good zombie film from this area of the world, definitely deserves to be up there with Shaun of the dead and 28days later!
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Eating School Mates
Claudio Carvalho20 June 2013
The restorer and single mother Grace (Deirdre O'Kane) is working in an ancient church and she finds a hidden crypt with a voodoo book of resurrection. However, Father Cornelius (Lalor Roddy) asks her to go home and forget her findings.

Her son Nathan (David Leon) is a sensitive and shy teenager bullied by Samson (Mark Huberman) at school. He has a crush on his friend Jessica (Samantha Mumba), but he does not declare to her. His best friends Diggs (Tadhg Murphy) and Henry (Laurence Kinlan) schedule a date of Jessica with Nathan. However her father grounds her in her bedroom and when Nathan calls Jessica, her father tells that she has dated a good looking guy in a car.

Jessica flees through the window, but Nathan and Jessica fail to meet each other. Jessica takes a ride in Kenneth's car and Nathan believes that she is dating the schoolmate. He goes home, drinks whiskey and puts a rope around his neck. When Grace comes home, she opens Nathan's bedroom door and accidentally she hangs her son. Grace resurrects Nathan, but soon she finds that something did not work out when her son bites Samson and his schoolmates start eating each other.

"Boy Eats Girl" is an unoriginal Irish comedy about a group of zombies that are not living dead, but teenagers infected by the bites of their schoolmates that follows the American style with Irish accent. This B- movie entertains, but is not funny enough for a comedy or frightening for a horror movie. The lead actress is miscast for the role of Jessica and the slut Cheryl is never naked along the story; therefore one of the basic rules of a B-movie is broken. But there are also funny dialogs that make laugh. My vote is five.

Title (Brazil): Not Available
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When Irish Zombies are Smiling...
MetalGeek9 December 2010
"Boy Eats Girl" is an Irish-made romantic zombie comedy ("RomZomCom?") about a high schooler who, when he thinks he's lost the girl of his dreams, commits suicide ... only to end up becoming Patient Zero of a zombie outbreak thanks to his well meaning but misguided mother, who resurrects him from the dead with the help of a voodoo spell book. After reading that description, I'm sure those of you who are looking for a serious zombie movie are already going to look for something else. For those who are still reading, "Boy Eats Girl" was a hilarious horror/comedy treat with -- gasp! -- a sweet side!!

As the film begins, our high school hero Nathan has already got enough problems -- being bullied by the jocks, abused on the rugby field - but when he accidentally misses a chance to tell his long time friend Jessica how he really feels about her, he goes home and hangs himself. Re-awakening the next morning after a last minute "rescue" by his mother, Nathan begins to notice some, errrr, "changes" in his body, chief among them the urge to munch on human flesh. Turns out Mom used a voodoo spell book "borrowed" from the local church to bring Nathan back from the dead... but there was a page missing from the book so she accidentally left out a step. Whoops. Nathan is able to contain his, errr, "appetite" for only so long, until he finally takes a bite out of one of his high school tormentors at a school dance. This, of course, is a bad idea. His victim goes on to bite some people, who then go on to bite some more people, who go on to bite even MORE people, until sure enough, his quaint little Irish village is being overrun by zombies. Even though he may be one of the Undead now, Nathan still doesn't want anything to happen to his beloved Jessica, so he and his two doofus friends race to her family's home to rescue her just before the horde of undead descends upon the place. Hilariously over-the-top mayhem ensues.

It takes a little while for the zombie shenanigans to really get going in "Boy Eats Girl" but once it does I doubt any gorehound will be disappointed. (The scene where Jessica charges into the horde on her father's farm machine is friggin' EPIC!) From then on, the blood and guts, as well as the one liners, come fast and furious. The compact run time (just about 80 minutes) keeps "Boy Eats Girl" from overstaying its welcome, and wraps everything up nicely.

Fans of "Shaun of the Dead" or "Zombieland" should get a few kicks out of "Boy Eats Girl," and the film is a worthy addition to the growing Zombie Comedy genre.
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Well It Made Me Laugh.
foksiegrrl27 April 2006
I didn't expect a whole lot from this movie, and to be honest I didn't get that much. From the onset the movie was pretty tame and I felt the set up was a bit long, I was praying for the carnage to just start already. However once it did, the movie found some very funny moments. The main characters weren't all that compelling but the two comic relief friends Diggs (Tadhg Murphy) and Henry (Laurence Kinlan) did manage to get a few good lines in. The movie had its share of plot holes (quite a few of these were pretty big.)

But on the whole I did find it funny and I was smiling by the end so it wasn't too bad, just nothing to write home about. I felt it tried a little too hard to fit with what are usually American high school stereotypes and could have been a little more homegrown. The over the top gore (which was my whole reason for viewing) was good but the movie ended very quickly and after such a long set up I was a little disappointed. All in all a vaguely entertaining watch with a few (but not enough)laughs.
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Harmless fun
skorkk9 October 2005
From the title "Boy eats Girl" it's pretty clear that this film is one that requires you to leave your brain outside the door. Do that and you should enjoy it. If you're hoping for anything more than a bit of enjoyable fluff, look elsewhere.

The film starts off great, the audience gets to know the main characters quite well, and there are more than a few good laughs. It goes downhill slightly from the moment in the film were the infection begins to spread. This is mainly because it all seems so rushed. However the gory bits (which there is quite a lot of for a 15A film) are varied and inventive enough to keep the viewers entertained.

The main cast all do a good job, in particular David Leon and Tadhg Murphy. Samantha Mumba is good in her role, but she hasn't got as much dialogue as you'd expect from the films lead. Some of the supporting cast however (for example, Bryan Murray as Fr.Frears) are awful.

Overall it is an entertaining, funny, gory movie, and one of the best Irish productions in a long time.
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The red stuff saves this one.
ElijahCSkuggs1 September 2008
Story about a teenager who accidentally kicks the bucket, but only to return as a zombie like teenager. Thirst for blood and need for human flesh included. Throw in some lovey dovey side-plot crap and you basically have Boy Eats Girl.

The flick most importantly, isn't that bad. It's actually kinda entertaining. With a decent amount of grue and silly Irish teen humor, it ain't that bad.

But the flick just wasn't that memorable. With alright gore, alright acting, and alright ideas being presented, it just doesn't grab you like a comedy or a horror should. It wasn't truly funny or scary. It's basically a rehash of everything you've probably seen before in the Zom/Com/Rom sub-genre.

I can tell you one thing, there was a female character in this flick, that desperately needed to get naked. But she did not. She played the bitchy slut, and showed off her cleav throughout. I guess the makers thought they were making a flick that didn't need it. Wrong. Note to all horror film-makers everywhere: If you're gonna have a slutty chick in a movie (with big tits in this case), have her show some damn skin. Only good can come from this.

Boys Eats Girl is a pretty damn average RomZomCom flick that was entertaining based solely on the amount of blood it spilled. But where it matters, like in the laugh and chills department, it just didn't get it done. Though it is recommendable, it has a "teen movie" charm, uses a slightly different approach to zombie flicks and, yep, the blood.
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Not as bad as you'd think, not good either.
movedout16 April 2006
Part satire and part romantic-comedy, Boy Eats Girl should be looked upon as a homage to the classic 70s horror genre and not a poor effort at recreating the success of Shaun of the Dead. Hailing from Ireland, it takes plenty of liberties in its character's settings and mannerisms. Not wholly European as you'd expect but it works on most levels, just not so much on the humour however.

Nathan (David Leon) is the heartbroken teenager who accidentally kills himself after making the mistake of witnessing the love of his young teenage life, Jessica (Irish pop sensation, Samantha Mumba) in a compromising situation with his school's Lothario. Nathan's mother (Deirdre O'Kane) finds his lifeless body in his room and remembers the handy book of resurrection spells that she'd found just days earlier in the bowels of the church that she works at.

As easy as you can say beginner's luck, she manages to bring back her son and gets him ready for the next day of school. Nathan starts to feel the effects of his zombification when he starts to feel impervious to pain and feels hungry all the time. His 2 pals, Henry and Diggs (Laurence Kinlan and Tadhg Murphy) who at times seem even less shiftless than their dead friend, get worried when they see Nathan's disenchantment with Jessica vanish.

At the night's school disco, resident slut and girlfriend of the toughest jock in school, Cheryl (Sara James) propositions Nathan. Not exactly willing to do what Nathan wants from her, she ditches him. Unfortunately for Nathan, the jock boyfriend follows him as he stumbles on to the rugby pitch. Normally, this would be a cakewalk for bully-kind everywhere but Nathan's newfound undead ability of super-strength makes it easy for him to overpower the jock. He finally gives in to temptation and takes a couple of deadly chunks out of him. Nathan runs home and is given the bare bones of his worsening condition by his mother who promptly locks him in the garage as she finds a cure. Things start to get a whole lot worse for him after last night's attack starts a chain reaction of killings, each spawning a much more vicious version of Nathan's condition.

The plot and situation 'borrows' heavily from a handful of movies, especially the 1993 cult classic, My Boyfriend's Back with virtually the same sub-plot of unrequited love between the unfortunate undead and his high-school sweetheart. As most will use Shaun of the Dead as a touchstone in understanding the film's comedy/gore tandem, it's intended use of black comedy and detached humour falls short.

The backyard splatter that comes from fending off ravenous classmates and neighbours is refreshing to see and it does it well. The violence and the reactions of the harried survivors are always tongue-in-cheek which is satisfying, as the zombie horde never comes close to being scary, just downright silly. The flaying of skin and removal of limbs is a requisite in any good romp through a town full of undead. However, the gore starts of perfunctory, not exactly a good sign when it takes almost half the movie to get there.

As the film progresses to its climax, a visible shift in priorities takes place. Suddenly, the story stops and a zombie free-for-all take place, courtesy of a pimped out tractor and surge of adrenaline from the heroine. As the movie is a relatively short enterprise, clocking in at about 77 minutes (including credits), it almost makes up for the lack of spilled blood and guts when the horror aspect of the film finally kicks in.

Most satires succumb to taking themselves too seriously at some point in their films and Boy Eats Girl is no different. The romance between Nathan and Jessica felt too overdone in the beginning, leading to the most controversial scene in the movie that initially got it banned in its native Ireland. The attempted suicide scene was clumsy and awkward; not exactly an endorsement for depressed teenagers everywhere.

The film starts out slow, working out the set-up of the eventual suicide that triggers the rest of the plot, leaving just a third of the movie for bona fide zombie mayhem. Each transition is disjointed and rushed, especially the weak example of a deus ex machina during the last minutes of the film.

The 1-note characters and unresolved story lines are indicative of the apathetic acting and lack of fleshed out character development. Mumba does not show any signs of being a tough female character in the beginning, making a transformation into the movie's heroine seem out of character. Leon's Nathan seems too self-aware and confident to pull off being the angst-ridden chump who finds it hard to bring up his true feelings around Jessica.

From start to end, its campy throwback to nonsensical horror-comedy masks over its inability to find its feet and its problematic attempts at satire. Suffering from a painfully short running time and an overly brisk pacing, Boy Eats Girl does not fulfill the potential that it has. What it does achieve is a quick and harmless way to spend just over an hour when bored.

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars
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Harmless comedy fun
SteveRaccoon16 April 2006
Boy Eats Girl is the kind of film to watch when you're in a non-committal mood, something that demands only vague attention and which doesn't try to be clever. If you want a horror or a zombie movie then look elsewhere, it's neither nor does it try to be.

It is a comedy, let's get it straight right now, not a zombie film. Romero's legacy to pop culture and the film industry certainly gets a good outing here, but this isn't a film to make gorehounds feel fat and happy, nor will zombie purists find anything to debate over.

A lot of the characters are like those from sappy American Teen comedies but with Irish accents and in situations involving blood and throw-away limbs.

Perhaps this helps: It's California Man with gore.

It entertained me for the short running time (about an hour I made it) and I liked it enough to cough up £5 for it. If you give it a chance as a silly gory comedy, you may well like it too.
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If you're after an unpretentious laugh check this. Purists need not apply.
Zombified_6608 April 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. It's gotten a lot of stick but to be honest I can't see anything wrong other than the stick up it's critics backsides. It isn't a full-on horror movie, it's more like the Buffy movie with zombies instead of vampires and a lot more gore. People like to gripe and moan about more accessible movies, declaring in a grandiose fashion that 'what has become of our once great cinematic history' blah blah blah, then instantaneously undermining their argument by finding something like Scary Movie more to their tastes. Seems Boy Eats Girl has been on the receiving end of the kind of folks who think their ability to use a keyboard makes them some kind of Brian Sewell. Well, it won't be the first time.

Aside from the aforementioned gore, Boy Eats Girl is a horror-comedy with the emphasis on the comedy. It's premise is pretty similar to Shaun of the Dead, but it's a much more mainstream kind of humour, seeing as it relates to high-schoolers. Thankfully the clichés of the 'high-school horror' are largely dodged through the combination of zombies (a surefire way of spicing anything up. The horror equivalent of a horde of angry ninjas lol) and an ace script that flips most of the clichés on their head. For instance, the preppy bimbo character who's dating the jock is not only quite intelligent and resourceful, she's also given a lot of lines and a fair chunk of plot to get on with.

The characters are one of the two key places this deviates wonderfully from the teen-horror crowd. All of these characters have a little story of their own, none of them just feel like they're serving as a box-ticker in a genre movie. You almost feel sad to see them meet a sticky end. Almost.

Why you won't entirely is the hilarious and OTT ways they go out. For instance, at one point an ageing Science teacher swears at the bimbo girl as she flies by on a scooter, only to pitch headfirst into a ditch and be jumped by five zombies. Once there's a horde of hungry Irish zombies wandering the neighbourhood, things get really interesting, really bloody and above all satisfyingly silly.

It isn't a classic horror, I'll grant you that, but it's endearingly stupid and has some of the best one-liners ever. It's funny, it's gory and it has hordes of zombies. I can't see what the problem is.
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If you watch the film for what it is then you should enjoy it.
Angelfish_Solo29 January 2006
Warning: Spoilers
If you scratch the surface of this film you will find so many plot holes and problems that you won't enjoy it. Easy solution - Watch it for what it is. A COMEDY. We expe3ct people to behave in strange ways in comedy films and we understand that it is essential to the plot. Some people here have complained about the Zombies and why this or that happened and would it have happened, etc, etc. For me I treated the film as mental flow and thoroughly enjoyed it. Lots on Blood, guts and limbs, lots of violence and hints of sex. What more can you ask of a black comedy. So what if the mothers first thought was black magic rather that the paramedics. Who cares that some zombies changed immediately. If you watch the film for what it is then you should enjoy it, treat it like Citizen Caine or some deep french drama and you'll ruin it for yourself. All the clues to what it's going to be like are there, from the title itself to the animated chase scene after the introductory screen finishes and the title screen begins.

If you want a film to analyse I'd suggest Death Tunnel or Asylum BTW.

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Nice fun little zombie movie.
atinder8 October 2012
This movie got the bad taste out of my mouth, after seeing blood car, this movie however is was fun movie.

Even this movie had stereotype teens, who looked like they in mids 20's playing teens, if you can get past that.

You end up really enjoying this movie.

A boy declares his love for his girlfriend, only to die the same night. He is brought back to life by his mother, as a flesh-craving zombie

I found this movie so-what Original, with mum bringing back her son after he killed himself.

Also enjoyed some really decent funny moments, that work really well with the rest of the movie.

There were some really good bloody messy scenes, which were fun to watch. 7 out of 10
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Just another gorehound snack...
MrGKB3 July 2010
Warning: Spoilers
...with the only thing of note about it being that it was made in Ireland, and given the over(t)ly earnest attempt to imitate American cinema/TV, its Gaelic origins hardly matter.

If "Boy Eats Girl" really had a $5mil budget, the bulk of it must have gone to one of its ostensible leads, pop singer Samantha Mumba, who had a moment in the sun in a smallish part in the mostly-wretched 2002 remake of "The Time Machine," and apparently came away from the experience with the idea that she's an actress. She's not, and her casting in this bit of romzomcom dross is ample proof of that. She qualifies as a pretty face with a certain zaftig appeal, and, I'm sorry to say, not much more.

The rest of the cast doesn't fare much better, and as is always the case, the blame must be placed squarely where it belongs, on the inept shoulders of the screenwriter, although I suppose the questionable efforts of a visionless director might also be to blame. The listless, threadbare plot, such as it is, focuses on a pathetic pretty boy who can't seem to score with the girl of his dreams and opts for suicide to relieve his miseries (apparently, he's never heard of masturbation). Mom resurrects him, though, thanks to a handy-dandy book of spells she's stolen from a nearby church, only she somehow overlooks a missing portion of the potion and ends up with sonny-boy as a slowly degenerating, infectious dead thingamabob who soon spreads the zombie meme to his classmates. The ensuing mayhem, delivered with all the finesse of a hamfisted school boy, features little in the way of hilarity, virtually no suspense, no horror, no pathos, and certainly nothing in the way of a fresh take on the genre. There's plenty of gore, which is eventually released in such paroxysms of spew and rubbery body parts that this viewer could only suspect that someone was trying desperately to make up for the paucity of everything that had gone before; none of it works on any level at all.

I'd give "Boy Eats Girl" (said title, btw, being an insultingly brazen example of misrepresentation) an even lower rating if it weren't for a certain level of professionalism concealed within the thing. The cinematography is passable, if derivative (pointless dolly shots that do nothing to advance mood or plot, for instance), and the sets and locations, costumes, and so on are miles ahead of most exploitation cheapies, but none of it is of any avail. The best intentions still end up you-know-where.

Boredom viewing only. Utter waste of time otherwise.
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Uninteresting, unfunny, unwatchable
some-user27 July 2007
I didn't expect an awful lot from this film, I sat prepared to just go along for the ride and take whatever enjoyment I could from the experience. Which is why I'm so surprised it left me quite this disappointed.

There were one or two moments that aroused a vague smile, but it fell far short of anything I'd consider comedy. The acting was, for the most part, painfully wooden... movements so deliberate and self-conscious that you'd think you were watching the rehearsal... constantly jolting me out of the (generous level of) suspension of disbelief I was affording it.

The plot was uninteresting, tired and boring. I felt nothing for any of the characters, they all could have been eaten or horribly killed and I wouldn't have cared in the slightest.

This is a bad film, plain and simple. The only recommendation I'd give it is to someone I disliked.
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totally awful, there aren't so many films i can say i liked less that this one
Vasil Peev20 January 2006
This movie has nothing to show. It's just terrible. The idea... Maybe, but no, still not good enough. Maybe if it was a love story without the zombies it would have been good for some teenagers. The beginning is also good, but as the whole film it's said in just a few words and a movie would never look fine read as a bedtime story. The actors - what can I say?? I didn't quite like non of the girls, the boys aren't acting much better. I could stand no more but 30 minutes. Because, it is neither scary enough to make me feel just a bit frightened, nor it's so funny. As I said, it has nothing to show. It's just another low budget movie which would attract a terribly low number of audience. To be honest, I feel that the 50 mins I spend watching the movie and it's completely stupid end are like stolen from my life. Just don't make this mistake. Watch something you have watched and you know it'll make you feel better that this consecutive senseless movie.
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Bad - So bad!
Quotius21 March 2006
This had to be the most clichéd and predictable rubbish I've seen so far this year, perhaps ever. From the poor script and diabolic acting (and I'm not talking about the monsters) this was a poor effort.

Why the makers decided to try and emulate an American high school, with all its American Prom-goodness I have no idea but it didn't work and it didn't feel credible.

Last thing? Samantha Mumba had to put out the worst Irish accent I've ever heard, and playing the part of a 17 year old? I think they were pushing the boundaries of actors playing young characters even in comparison to the likes of 90210.

Lacking in any of the fundamental elements of the genres it was going for; Horror, Comedy, Suspense. This wasn't even bad enough to become cult.
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Not bad, but not good either.
shay_56218 March 2006
"Boy Eats Girl" is exactly what you'd expect it to be - brainless, low-brow entertainment. There's nothing much here to make the film stand out - the acting ranges from acceptable to awful (Mumba in particular should stick to singing), the story is pretty thin (even by zombie movie standards) and the whole movie drags a little, going too slowly at some points and rushing through more important parts. The direction and soundtrack both have their good points, but not enough to save the film. The few decent jokes and some quality violence make it worth a rent, but in general, people looking for a good romantic zombie comedy should head for Shaun of the Dead.
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Boy Eats Girl
Scarecrow-8818 March 2010
Warning: Spoilers
A restorator uses a book of voodoo(..created by missionaries excommunicated by The Church)she finds in the bowels of an old monastery to resurrect her son after he's accidentally hung in his bedroom. The ritual was performed incorrectly, setting off a zombie outbreak that ravages a city as those bitten become bloodthirsty, flesheating, soulless monsters attacking everyone in sight. The Irish take on the zombie genre, adopting a clever title, but little else in the movie is overly original. Zombie fans often put aside originality if they get their grue, and "Boy Eats Girl" does in fact deliver plenty of ultra-violence, but a good deal of said carnage occurs off screen. The film's highlight would have the be the showstopping splatterfest where Jessica(Samantha Mumba)gets inside her father's tractor and mows through an array of zombies, with blood and body parts scattered all over her yard. The film features a romantic subplot between lovelorn Nathan(David Leon), the one whose mom brings back from the dead, and Jessica, whose pops forbids her to see him. Nathan's pals Diggs(Tadhg Murphy)and Henry(Laurence Kinlan)also factor into the plot as humans running for their lives..soon finding themselves trapped in the loft of a barn with Jessica and Nathan(..who is fending off the gradual effects of his "illness", unlike others he seems to have the ability to fight off the zombie virus)as zombies collect below. Sara James is high school sexpot Cheryl with eyes on Nathan, whose boyfriend Samson(Mark Huberman)is the typical bullying brute who likes to punish our hero for catching her attention. Samson is the lead zombie, not unusual for the genre, and often heads the charge with a gaggle of the undead not far behind. Conor Ryan is Kenneth, a sleazy jerk who considers himself quite the ladies' man(..a gag involving oral sex with a girl he mistreats plays out as only the zom com can provide), causing mischief which works as a catalyst towards the rift between Nathan and Jessica. The use of a snake bite as it pertains to a possible cure for the virus is a bit hard to swallow, but the way the zombie outbreak is concocted in the film's plot, such a development seems only fitting.
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Shaun of the Dead rip-off.
Ryan Preston (ryshpr)5 February 2010
Warning: Spoilers
This review contains minor spoilers.

Remember Shaun Of The Dead? A funny zombie comedy with laugh out loud moments. Now here's Boy Eats Girl starring former teen pop star Samantha Mumba trying her hand at acting, and failing miserably. The movie follows 17 year old Nathan who is in love with Mumba's character Jessica. He's finally plucked up the courage to tell her and guess what? He dies.

Coincidentally, Nathan's mum found a book of voodoo magic prior to his death. Fancy that! So she decides to resurrect him using a spell from the book. Big mistake love. Nathan comes back as a zombie, eating human flesh and whatnot and the zombie curse manages to infect his whole neighbourhood.

Blatant rip-off of Shaun Of The Dead? Possibly. Okay, yes. But it's not all that bad. There are a few chuckles along the way and the makeup is pretty decent for a movie with such a limited budget. But other than that it's pretty damn awful.

First of all, the title is majorly misleading. Boy does not eat girl. In fact, the boy doesn't even attempt to eat the girl. Despite being a zombie he only manages to bite one person and the scene in which it takes place is pretty dull anyway. I would highly recommend avoiding this at all costs, but if you are intrigued online stores are practically giving this away.
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A fun, but flawed, Irish zombie comedy.
BA_Harrison13 August 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Following in the bloody footsteps of British zombie-themed romantic comedy Shaun of the Dead, Irish movie Boy Eats Girl sees a heart-broken schoolboy, Nathan (David Leon), accidentally hanging himself after mistakenly believing that the girl he loves, Jessica (ex-popstar Samantha Mumba, looking way too old for the part), is a slut.

When Nathan's mother discovers the body of her dead son, she steals a voodoo book from the vault of a local church and reanimates him. Unfortunately, she screws up the process (the book is missing a vital page), and Nathan returns as a flesh-craving zombie; it's not long before hordes of hungry undead are rampaging through the streets of Ireland.

With its likable characters and fair amount of impressive gore, Boy Eats Girl had the potential to be a real winner. However, lacking any decent laughs and saddled with some particularly crap plot devices, the film is only partially successful. If you a) find it unlikely that a voodoo manual would be lurking in a church vault, and b) doubt that a suddenly bereaved mother would resurrect her son in what appears to be a very messy ritual (we don't get to see the process by which he is brought back to life—another big mistake, I think), then wait 'til you see how the film ends.... the mother 'cures' her zombified son with the bite of a snake that she finds in the church.

Yes.... that's right.... a snake bite can cure you of being a rotting flesh-eating corpse!!! One nip from the slithery little blighter, and Nathan is as right as rain, and getting smoochy with Mumba like nothing has happened.

Oh well, at least before our hero is returned to normal and gets the girl (sheesh!), fans of excessive violence are treated to a bit of decent splatter (most of which happens towards the end of the film, so gore-hounds hang in there), including a spectacular incident involving a piece of heavy-duty machinery (with which limbs are scattered and bodies crushed), and a great moment where Nathan pulls the head off an undead school bully.
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My Review
joemamaohio9 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Not quite as good as "Shawn of the Dead," but still not too shabby.

In Ireland, young go-nowhere teen Nathan pines for upper-class best friend Jessica, but is too nervous to show his true feelings. It takes his two friends, Diggs and Henry, to force the two to meet privately.

A severe misunderstanding occurs, and Nathan is more distraught than ever. That night, in a drunken stupor, he decides to end his life.

His mother, who works at the local church, comes home and finds him dead, then uses a book she found at the church to bring him back to life. But, of course, there's one little glitch in her plan...

He now has a thirst for blood.

He gets into a fight with a fellow schoolmate and ends up biting him, turning him into an undead. While Nathan can contain his blood lust, the person he bit cannot, and he goes to infect the entire town. Now Nathan needs to get to Jessica before it's too late.

"Boy Eats Girl" is a refreshing move away from the traditional zombie movies. First of all, Nathan isn't a brain dead bloodthirsty zombie...but in actuality still a teenager, who still has feelings and coherent memories. Also, there is a cure for the people who've been turned, unlike most zombie movies where there is no cure. Finally the subtext of the forlorn love between Nathan and Jessica just adds to the entertainment value of the film.

Sure, it's no Oscar-worthy movie, but it's definitely worth a watch.
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Not so funny, but somewhat enjoyable
matches8112 January 2008
If you've seen "Die Nacht der Lebenden Loser" (I guess it's called "Night of the Living Dorks" in English), you can basically imagine this movie to be an exact rip-off, except that this one has more gore in it, but less good gags in exchange.

That said: It's enjoyable. The gore and FX are well-done most of the time, the zombies do look decent. The acting isn't bad and there are actually some gags that work. It's too bad that most of them don't, however, at least not for me. The main character turns into a zombie more slowly than anybody else, but that's okay. The problem is, his desire to eat humans obviously is so small, it doesn't even count, and there are no funny scenes like "oops, I ate *insert name here*" or anything like that. Lots of occasions for gags wasted. For a comedy that's pretty lame.

Still, there are a few gags in there, the zombies are decent, the gore is good and the story isn't that bad, which makes the film enjoyable.
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katdakay24 February 2008
When I first came across "Boy Eats Girl", it was a previewed movie for sale at a video store. I initially thought it was a porno because of the title, but picked it up and read the back was enough to pique my interest and get me to buy the thing.

After seeing the previews that preceded the actual movie, my expectations were pretty low, but I decided to give it a shot anyway. I'm glad I did, because the movie itself was hilarious, in that irreverent, youthful European style of humor. That said, if you're looking for a hardcore, creepy, serious zombie movie, then this one is definitely not for you. "Boy Eats Girl" is a funny, brilliant take on both adolescence and the horror genre; the characters take center stage and the whole zombie plot is more of a side note.

But...I loved it. I've seen some pretty shoddy horror movies, but this film has excellent cinematography, decent special effects, and, most importantly, good acting and interesting characters. A good movie to watch with friends... you'll laugh until you cry.
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Decent, teen splatter comedy
dworldeater19 January 2016
Boy Eats Girl is a teen horror romantic comedy that is somewhat of a cross between Clueless and Dead Alive aka Brain Dead. I would say that this is more of a teen movie and has more in common with Clueless than Dead Alive though. I would not say that this is as good as either one of those, but also is certainly not bad at all either. This Irish production is not unlike most high school movies. It is centered around teen angst, has clean cut, nerdy guys trying to get laid, super hot girls and meat head jocks that get the hot girls and bully the nerds. Of course the hottest of these girls, is also the coolest and is love interest for our main character. Not atypical for the horror genre, messing around with voodoo is part of why the dead are running around town munching on your neighbor's innards. While the splatter and gore is not super abundant, when it does kick in it is awesome and is real well done. If you have seen a decent amount of movies, Boy Eats Girl probably won't rock your socks off. However, for a zombie comedy you could certainly do much worst. Some reviewers have compared this to Shaun Of The Dead, it is somewhat similar to that except Shaun Of The Dead is much more original and better than this.
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A surprisingly entertaining Irish zombie comedy
Leofwine_draca13 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Filmed on the Isle of Man, this is a low-budget Irish film that obviously tries to appeal to the same demographic audience as SHAUN OF THE DEAD, except with little of the talent behind that movie. It's clichéd from the start, telling the love story between a doomed zombie boy and his affectionate would-be girlfriend, while of course mixing lots of zombies into things. Surprisingly, though, I enjoyed BOY EATS GIRL. Perhaps it's because of the natural humour, or the sense that the cast is having a whale of a time making it, but this is a fun if goofy way to spend seventy minutes of your life.

The film goes about setting up the various characters (jocks, geeks, etc.) that you'd expect from a high school teen flick before introducing the zombie element. About halfway through the plot breaks down entirely, changing to show the running battle between the humans and the zombies. The script focuses on the humour, which is sometimes crude, sometimes obvious, but sometimes quirky and appealing. The zombies themselves are played for laughs although the film is happy to wallow in the gore at key moments. Blood sprays, flesh is torn asunder and various implements are shoved into heads and eyeballs. There's even a little flesh eating for the zombie fans. But the gory highlight is an incredible two-minute splatterfest as the heroine uses a tractor and thresher (shades of BRAINDEAD's lawn mower) to dispose of a zombie crowd. Limbs and entrails go everywhere and earn the film an 18 certificate there and then.

The thing that makes the film likable is the cast list, and there are fine performances from everybody – except Samantha Mumba. Mumba is as bad here as she was in THE TIME MACHINE, wooden beyond belief, and she never convinces as a tough heroine for one second. In comparison, David Leon brings soul to his lovesick zombie hero, and there is excellent comic relief throughout from geeks Laurence Kinlan and Tadhg Murphy, especially the latter, who reminds me of Ron from the HARRY POTTER series. Other supporting cast members also do particularly well. Sara James, for instance, brings a real vivacity to the clichéd role of high school bitch, livening up things no end when she's on screen. In a nutshell, BOY EATS GIRL succeeds at mixing laughs with the expected bloodshed, and while it adds absolutely nothing new to the genre, it remains an enjoyable spectacle.
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