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The poetic and sentimental theme of the old Southland song is the moving crux investing an interesting story of love and comedy daring the reconstruction period, south of Mason and Dixon's Line. The hero, Bob Lucas, a fiery Southerner and the heroine, Nell Burke, a young Northern girl, live on adjoining plantations. They follow nature's line of least resistance, and fall in love. Colonel Lucas, of the old school of Southerners, has a deep-set hatred for the Northerners. The aged negro, Uncle Abe, good-naturedly assists the clandestine meetings of the youngsters and does his best to keep them from the knowledge of his Massa', the old Colonel. When that redoubtable old fire eater discovers the situation and what he considers a misalliance, he disowns his son, and orders him to leave the plantation at once and forever. Bob Lucas, dutifully accepts snap judgment, follows orders, goes to the North and, in an Eastern city, eventually amasses a fortune by selling cotton short when the market ...

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