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Amanda Crew: Julie Christensen



  • Wendy Christensen : You're not a senior!

    Julie Christensen : And what are you gonna do about it, Miss "cutest-couple rah-rah"?

  • Wendy Christensen : [sees Julie and her friends walk ahead of her]  Excuse me?

    [Julie, Amber and Perry turn around] 

    Wendy Christensen : You're not a senior!

    Julie Christensen : And what are *you* gonna do about it, Mrs. ''cutest couple rah-rah''?

    Wendy Christensen : Mom know you're here?

    Julie Christensen : You are a complete bitch if you tell her!

    Wendy Christensen : [flashes her camera]  Proof where you were.

    Julie Christensen : Take a shot of this!

    [sticks both her middle fingers at Wendy] 

  • Wendy Christensen : Julie? I need, I need help. I have such guilt over Jason. I should never have let that ride go. You know usually I'm such a control freak but I didn't do enough to stop it, I should have done everything I could to stop it. And I wish I could have another chance, but I never can. I don't wanna someday feel that way about you, Julie. Y'know I can't talk to Mom and Dad. You're all I have left. You think when I get a place you could come stay with me for while?

    Julie Christensen : You know I will! You take this, and I'll come get it when I visit you. And hey, on your end, do you mind if I borrow the school camera for graduation tonight?

    Wendy Christensen : Ah, sure, as long as you promise to bring it back to school on Monday.

    Julie Christensen : Done!

    Wendy Christensen : Oh, the battery is pretty low, so why don't you go get ready and I'll charge it up a bit for you.

    Julie Christensen : Cool.

  • Kevin Fischer : [Julie is trying to avoid Kevin. He finally catches up to her]  Julie! No wait wait! You in danger! I'm trying to explain something to you.

    Julie Christensen : Let me explain this to you!

    [Julie sticks both of her middle fingers up at Kevin] 

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