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15 Sep. 1997
Welcome to the Transylvania Pet Shop
Thrown out of prestigious Horrids Pet Department for incompetence, the demented Doc decides to make a go of it by selling horror-pets to the Transylvanian citizens. He'll sell were-dogs to Vampires, Frankencats to Witches and so on, but he'll need premises to do all this from. Only trouble is that Officer Deadbeat has his eyes on the same place with the intention of turning it into a Police Station. "Great galloping globules!" as the devious Doctor would say...
20 Jun. 1994
Grime Does Not Pay
Doctor Zitbag is desperately trying to impress the gorgeous pouting Exorsisters, Sinista and Bimbella, but they are disgusted with the messy condition of Zitbag Towers and leave in a high dudgeon. The crest-fallen Doc desperately needs a cleaning lady, and can't believe his luck when a "Mrs Turfhead" arrives to fulfill this role. By some strange coincidence though, there has been a recent jail-break in Transylvania Town: kleptomaniac "Fingers" alone is on the loose. Things soon start to go missing in the Castle. Is there any connection between the "Fingers" and "Mrs ...
Jan. 1994
Bringing Up Horrybaby
A plethora of spiders infests Zitbag's Pet Shop, merrily spinning their cobwebs as yet another freezing cold Transylvanian Winter sets in. Then Zitbag has one of his dreaded brain-storms. He will construct a Robo-Spider to weave the webs into winter woollies - er, cobwebbies and make a fortune, by selling the garments as his new range of haute thingie-wotsit! His money-spinning scheme is in danger of coming unstuck, however, when Officer Deadbeat from the Transylvania Police Department and asks him to look after his young baby son, Damian. The troublesome infant ...
Jan. 1994
Food Glorious Pet Food
Never one to be backward in coming forward, Transylvania's most sleazy spiv (step forward, Doctor Sidney Zitbag) is hell-bent on winning first prize for his pet-food concoction.
Jan. 1994
Ants In Your Pants
LuSeething with incandescent fury with the arrival opposite Zitbag Towers of his most bitter and twisted rival, fellow Mad Scientist Professor Sherman Vermin, potty proprietor Doctor Sidney Zitbag is made even more furious when he discovers he is undercutting him cost-wise in the prices for horror pet-type monster animal creations! Yes, folks. Professor Sherman vermin is selling Zombie zebras at 25% off (although there's one leg missing), slightly singed Phoenixes, and other sub-standard horror-pet rubbish. The animals are even more sub-standard than Zitbag's, but ...
Jan. 1994
Every Dog Has Its Show
Crazy crackpot Dr. Zitbag cackles fiendishly as he furtively assembles his latest horror-pet creature, Scaredy-Cat, in his dungeon laboratory. He is bound to win first prize at the inaugural Transylvania Cat Show! Only trouble is, he is informed it's actually a Dog show! Abject humiliation beckons as he realises he must find a suitable dog to enter, and find it fast!
Jan. 1994
Gorilla Thriller
Queen Kong, a new production by The Amateur Dramatic Society is about to premiere in Transylvania Town Theatre.
Jan. 1994
Where Mouse
Scheming Zitbag has a fiendish plan to increase business in his ramshackle emporium. He's offering half-price monster pets to all and sundry - without mentioning that he'd doubled the prices beforehand, naturally.
Jan. 1994
Pirate Parrots
Yes, it's Pirate-time here at the Pet Shop as Short John Sliver bursts in, demanding that Dr. Zitbag fixes his parrot's twisted beak. He needs it straightened so the feather-brained creature can tell him where Flying Dutchman's magnificent treasure is hidden. Zitbag's Ansa-Parrot overhears the directions once the sleazy Doc has fixed the bill, and relays the information to avaricious Zitbag. Unable to resist the lure of easy cash, Captain Zitbag and his scurvy crew (Zombunny and Horrifido) set off in the Good Ship Zitboat in search of these fabled riches, buried on ...
Jan. 1994
Bungle in the Jungle
Horror of horrors! Zitbag has broken one of the Exorsister's most treasured possessions, namely a can-opener - more specifically the razor-sharp Transylvanian Tiger's tooth that gives it its legendary tough cutting edge. Horrifido rescues the distraught Doc from the misery of a thousand woes by suggesting they venture to the darkest depths of the Transylvania Jungle to find a replacement. He and his trusty crew of Horrifido and Zombunny must brave the attentions of the dreaded Zom-Bees, and a tribe of cannibal natives, to name but two of the hazards they must surmount...
Jan. 1994
Halloween Horse Race
It's the day of Transylvania's most prestigious horse race, the Halloween Handicap, and Zitbag has something spectacular up his sleeve or rather in his lab.
Jan. 1994
Double Trouble
His tiny mind set on romancing the sultry Exorsister twins, cynical Sinista and bubble-brained Bimbella, lovelorn Doctor Sidney Heironymous Algernon Zitbag hits on a brilliant idea. He will duplicate himself by scientific means, reasoning that he and his doppleganger will prove irresistible! But once again, the idiotic Doc has sown the seeds of his own destruction in the form of Moltergeist, a giant mole which he has created to tend the Vampire twins' garden. Soon things begin to get out of hand as he not only has to contain his wayward double and the rampaging ...
12 Sep. 1994
Triassic Lark
Not content with any of the slimy, gunge-soaked monster pet creations that Zitbag has on offer in his run-down dump of a Pet Shop, a bunch of kids demand dinosaurs from the distraught Doc. (Every one knows that kids like dinosaurs except for Sidney Zitbag - who hasn't even heard of such things.) Once again Horrifido leaps to Zitbag's aid, and explains that dinosaurs existed zillions, even squintillions of years ago. "No problem," replies Zitbag, brightening as he senses the opportunity to make a quick profit, "We'll just go back to the past in my new time-machine and ...

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