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Time to end
danka-v-9521 March 2021
The last few seasons are just some phrases transcribed from popular psychology books, with no actual characters. So bad and fabric.
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Worst ending EVER!
jblair-321 March 2021
I was trying to hang in there to the final episode but I can't even watch it anymore. It sucks!
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No longer a medical show
mbrinkley27 March 2020
I seem to remember this being a medical show with medical procedures/situations. Now just a cheesy soap opera.
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Removed a star with almost every season
bschmalstieg14 May 2021
Tried to stick it out until the end but just can't do it any longer. I'm not interested in politics - I watch to be entertained, not irritated. The characters all sound the same, have the same emotions, expressions, and attitudes. The writing is terrible. The whole COVID season (2020-2021) is depressing and insulting. I'm done. I should have quit many seasons ago.
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A reality tv show
pwbstan14 February 2021
It's not the "soapiness" that makes the show aggravating its the inaccuracies especially when talking about really important things. It's like the writers want to bring up these social issues but don't have experience or an education on what they actually are. It's seriously like the show is written by people who haven't met other people. All of the characters are incredibly insecure which ALWAYS affects their patients health- these may be the worst fake surgeons on the planet. I would genuinely be afraid to enter this hospital because I'd probably be killed. Not because anything is actually wrong with me but because the doctors are just mad at each-other. There are so many times that the best doctor in the show, Shepard, almost kills his patient because he refuses to listen to his wife or his residents. And it's not because their wrong it's always because they've offended him in some really minor way. The accuracy of the series is overridden by the need to create drama. It makes me uncomfortable that young people are expected to take lessons from a show that doesn't have a understanding on what it's teaching. This show would probably be better as a rom-com as it seems to miss the nail when it's tries to create convincing drama. It's a fun watch though!! It reminds me of a E! reality tv series. I physically can't stop watching though so obviously the writers are doing something right.
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drdriggers6 January 2021
Lost everything that made it special. I wish that they would cancel it and stop dragging it out.
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It went from good to eh, then unbearable. Incompetent writers.
filiarga21 May 2020
I liked it until Season 6. Then I kept watching it -just because- until Season 11. I recently checked back and I couldn't watch a single episode without flinching. To me, it went from a 7-star series, to a 3-star, then to a negative-1-star (negative, because the producers are still extracting profits out of a very low-quality show). The weighted average is now 1 star!

Every marriage fails. Every pregnancy becomes a high-risk one. Every season finale involves some big crash/disaster. Majority of the characters have been on the operating table, survived a major surgery, and never experienced a single complication during (a super speedy) recovery. And we are supposed to believe that highly intelligent characters, world-class doctors, base their arguments on emotions and irrational explanations. The drama heavily relies on situations that are highly implausible. Are the writers not able to actually produce quality writing?
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Way too political
michellesmith-7382827 April 2021
I used to love this show when it was about hospital cases and character relationships. Now every single episode is very political. The COVID theme is going on way too long. The Good Doctor did a great job of having one episode on COVID and then moved on. We have 24 hours of news and social media for constant politics and COVID. I want to watch shows for entertainment to get away from politics, especially now that everything is so polarized and divided.
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Shocking Unprofessionalism
cjidcwirf17 November 2020
Every year, I have watched a single episode just in case it got better. It never has. I like medical procedural dramas, but Grey's Anatomy disgusted me every time. If this is how doctors conducted themselves on the job, they would expect to be fired &/or lose their licenses. The characters are shallow and unbelievable. I hate to think that people watch this and think this is how human beings relate to each other, communicate, and conduct themselves in the workplace.
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With "Anatomy," ABC Scores A Triple!
cchase1 November 2005
The Network From Nowhere really knocked me for a loop by smacking the viewing audience upside its collective head with THREE strong series that came out winners: "Desperate Housewives" and "LOST" being the first two.

Now that we are well into the second season for both of those, and their story arcs are looking a little 'iffy', it's the third and most surprising contender, "Grey's Anatomy", that looks to be the strongest of the bunch. As the follow-up riding on "Housewives'" coattails, I was ready to dismiss it outright as "Ally McBeal in hospital scrubs." But not having much else to watch in that time slot, I decided to give it a try, and was I pleasantly shocked! Though there ARE some moments where the principal characters come off as self-centered, neurotic and at times downright eccentric, it never reached the level of absurdity that "Ally" often did, and thank God for that! Ellen Pompeo as Dr. Meredith Grey comes off as likable and probably more self-aware and introspective than self-absorbed and scatterbrained, though there are moments you do want to reach into the screen and give her a good shaking.

And good call on the ensemble casting! You really have to give props to any show that FINALLY figures out how to effectively showcase the sweet-and-sour charms of Sandra Oh, who was good enough to elevate a sow's ear of a show like "Arli$$," if not to save it. And not to mention give assorted actors who have all been great in projects not up to their talents, the chance to really shine in some very well-written roles, and I want to single out Katherine Heigl, Justin Chambers, Chandra Wilson and especially T.R. Knight as George, who is really coming into his own as this season progresses.

Not to snub Isaiah Washington, James Pickens, Jr., Kate Walsh or the so-hot-it's-criminal Patrick Dempsey. Seasoned vets all, it's just good to see them all land in a nice place where they can do great work with some sense of job security. (WE HOPE.)

Realistic enough to be accessible but not a turn-off, and whimsically light enough at other times without straying into "Stefan-the-Frog" territory, (are you listening, David Kelley?), "Grey's" should remain as a dependable Sunday night staple as long as creator/producer Shonda Rhimes and her crew are able to continue to strike that balance, and keep its newfound audience interested and entertained with the trials, tribulations and trysts of the staff at Seattle Grace Hospital.
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It's boring!
provita-1114216 April 2021
A lot of writers today have lost their creativity. I don't blame the actors, they are doing their job, but unfortunately it's so boring.
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Don't waste your time
maivioson18 March 2020
This show was good in the first two seasons, that was before the writers started killing off everyone. As someone who just started watching four years ago and have binged the first seasons waiting for the recent ones to come out, the show is a waste of time and please don't bother watching.
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So far, so good
NoRealityShows4Me11 April 2005
So far, I'm enjoying this show. I consider it a more serious "Scrubs".

To be honest, I started watching it because of the beautiful vistas of Seattle that they show at the beginning of the first episode. I love this city and most of the city views they showed so far would be very hard (or impossible) for me to get otherwise. Seattle is breathtaking on a sunny day.

But this was just what caught my attention initially. I fell in love with the cast and up to this point I enjoyed every minute of "Grey's Anatomy". Some people think it's not realistic and I agree with them, but what TV show is? And if it WAS realistic, I don't think I would watch it. Have you ever been to a hospital? Was it interesting? I didn't think so.

I hope the show stays interesting and funny and if you're looking for reality, don't watch TV.
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Grey's get woke
tos-164-38024319 December 2020
I wouldn't profess to this show being a beacon of the best writing, it's a somewhat guilty pleasure watch, but there's only so far i'll go before the crigne pushes over the edge. I still love the show(despite my gut saying i shoudn't), but it's really heavily pushing a "wokeness" noone really wants shoving down their gullet.

Don't forget to check yourself GA.
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Quitting Greys After All These Years
Linda-7378216 April 2021
This show has become so woke, the agenda just suffocates.
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Great show that gets worse as it goes on..
christig-3098412 December 2020
Great characters in the beginning and the longer you go on the more insufferable and awful the characters and actors get. I wouldn't go behind season 7 with the exception of the Denzel Washington directed in season 12 ep 9. One of the best eps ever!!!
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Please End This Show!
AngelHonesty6 January 2020
The beginning season were amazing!! Great actors with interesting storylines, it had the perfect amount of humor and heart to go along with the brutal cases brought into the hospital. But then it started to lose it's heart, characters became extremely annoying, and the personal issues of the characters became exhausting as they never seemed to change. Grey's Anatomy had a great cast to start with, then they took those characters and slowly made them unbearable to stand. While eventually getting rid of some of the best actors on the show to replace them with people who you will not be able to tolerate for very long. I wish this show would focus more on the medicine aspect and less on the personal lives of the doctors. It would be nice if they would clean up the cast and get better actors with better storylines or just end the show! 15 seasons is a bit much.
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Life Support
caspian19783 October 2017
When I began watching Grey's Anatomy I was single, dating and connected with the first round of characters that the show offered its audience. We were along for the journey with these young Doctors as they began their professional careers as well as their personal struggles with friendship and love. Fourteen seasons later, Grey's Anatomy has become a completely different show as we the audience has also changed. I am now married with children and at a similar time-line as some of the current cast members. It is for this reason that I am no longer a devoted fan. Having seen every episode since its pilot, I have finally questioned why I am still tuning in every week to watch the continuing adventures of Meredith Grey and her circle of friends and fellow doctors. Simple, it is no longer the same show I began to watch 14 seasons ago. Most of the character of the original show have left if not been killed off. The hospital has been set on fire, blown up, and taken hostage multiple times. We have seen love, lost, passion, promise, joy and sadness from multiple story lines throughout its run. Grey's Anatomy has reinvented itself so many times that we have seen its central figure (Meredith Grey) change for good and bad.

From the single girl, the devoted daughter, the young doctor, the passionate girl friend, the on again off again good / bad friend, the angry daughter living in her Mom' shadow, the newly-wed, young mother, widower, lost adult and now, for lack of anything else, a supporting character to the show that graces her name.

For this reason and the loss of so many of its prior cast members, I have found myself question time and time again when Grey's Anatomy "jumped the shark."

Grey's Anatomy by default has inherited the generational audience of fans from such shows as St. Elsewhere, Chicago Hope and ER. The hospital drama has a home with Grey's Anatomy. When the show began, it was a home to a young cast of young professionals that were in multiple "sexual" relationships as they juggled their careers and side stories. Also, the show has taken a life of its own by juggling a much more diverse cast then it set out originally. With good and bad results, the solid fact remains that the current show does not reflect anything that the original show set out to be 14 seasons ago.

While the show has created a multitude of amazing stories and moments for its audience to enjoy, I have lost that love and feeling many years ago. Now, I fear that after many years of hoping, wishing and praying, the show will not return to what it once was. It has tried several times to revive its cast to showcase this but has failed. Even during its second and third wind of new medical arrivals, only a handful have made the cut to the current cast while the large majority have disappeared if not written off the show. However, I am not angry at the overall show. Grey' Anatomy has (had) produced many good characters and stories back in the day. Thank you for the good times, which were many many seasons ago. Now, audience members have to make a tough decision.

With that said, the show has struggled for an identity while holding onto several different aspects for a show. It has taken me this long to finally "pull the plug" and take Grey's Anatomy off of life support.
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Addictive show
HaloFive0030 April 2006
Grey's Anatomy is a surprisingly addictive show. The plot lines are an interesting blend of soap opera, drama, and comedy--it's not really like anything else, but at the same time, it occasionally feels pedestrian. However, it's very well done--good writing, great acting, and well directed.

Sandra Oh stands out for her comic timing, but the entire cast is superb. It's not as grave as ER, but is just as compelling. Also, it's a little more accessible than ER and some of the more serious medical dramas. The show is definitely worth catching--if you can't watch it when it airs, TiVo it or rent the first season DVD. It's well worth the time spent! It's great for marathon viewings!
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Dumpster Fire after season 10
reluctantpunk8 May 2021
The last several seasons have devolved into woke trash. Much like everything that comes out of Hollywood these days, it's full of political bias and pandering. The few good characters that remain have been ruined by bad writing. New characters are obnoxious and preachy. Unwatchable. Guilty pleasure TV should be trashy, not trash.
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Season 17 is awful
mccaproni5 May 2021
I absolutely despise this last season. If I wanted to watch or hear about COVID I would turn on the news. I don't need to be watching it on one of my favorite shows that I view to get away from reality. Also I get that they're trying to make people aware of what goes on in the world but literally you don't need to shove it down our throats and try to squeeze legit every political view in at all times. This show used to be my favorite but this latest season has tanked all good memories it holds. Absolute trash. Ellen needs to step back from producing/directing and let Shonda do her thing.
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totally unrealistic to the point of ridiculous & annoying
FilmLabRat20 May 2010
Sadly overacted, unrealistic, predictable series with 10 carbon copies of one character. The surgeons & residents all stammer, grow speechless, have the same tone, similar reactions, lines, mannerisms, tears streaming down their faces... and these are doctors in a hospital. Have the show's creators and writers ever been in a hospital? It's all unheard of.

I worked in a hospital with surgeons for 7 years and never ever saw one of them cry or scream of grow out of control the way these characters do every day on the job. It's totally ludicrous - doctors are very cool-headed in their work, to the point of almost lacking compassion at all - especially surgeons. They are criticized for being totally heartless, but you have to be to cut into human flesh. THey are never melodramatic the way ALL of the characters on this show are... not to mention the rotating bed partners and switching up sexuality -- although most surgeons are sleaze-bags, the philandering is usually with nurses, not with other doctors and never same-sex. Grays features all kinds of unrealistic craziness. Please give the American public a break and stop producing and airing this silly junk.
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It's time to end the pain
megcasey-6358522 November 2020
The show should have ended when Shonda left. Now it's time to wrap it up
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dechowechenchence13 November 2020
Unfortunately this good show has deteriorated over the years with the current season hitting an all ever low... If identity politics is what you are after or the propaganda of racial issues is your jam you will like it, if not you should skip. Real sad because the actors are still great and it feels like their story is betrayed... alas all is ruined by the agenda, since everything it touches in entertainment is then focused on hitting its marks instead of producing good entertainment, nothing is spared, not even classics of cinema, let alone a 'modern' series like Grey.

edit: By episode 5 (S17) it truly became unbearable to watch so I guess all things that used to be good must come to an end too. I am speechless... this is so sad and it used to be good. Now a flimsy soap opera with an overpowering serving of Black lives matter every other scene, not to mention how out of character that behaviour is for all cast but one. So off-putting! I'm out. The damage is done.
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Why it had to change for the worse so much?
parniczky-tibor15 February 2021
This show had its merits on its own rights for so many seasons. Covid could have been an opportunity to keep this high level, at least, or even improve. Instead it has become a chaotic mixture of different genre story lines, the characters one-dimensional and lecturing the viewers with simplified political messages in premier plan. Using brainwashing techniques may strike back.
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