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Good Girls Don't... Make You Laugh So Much
recurve72 July 2004
This show is surprisingly funny and entertaining for anyone despite its relatively unknown talent and obscure position on the Oh! cable-network -- targeted at women. Bree Turner, who plays the main character, Marjorie, seems to be maturing since I first caught her in MTV's even lower-budget show, "Undressed".

Not every joke hits the mark, but "Good Girls Don't..." is so nimble and rapid-fire that it generally keeps an amusing momentum going, completely side-stepping the dreadful predictability of network sitcoms. The absence of an insipid laugh-track is a welcome breath of fresh air, allowing the viewer to exercise some attention and judgment in appreciating its gamut of humor that bounces from subtle irony and satire to over-the-top farce, slapstick, and innuendo.

The actors, despite their freshness, generally handle the material very well. Any moments of inauthenticity are easy to overlook since the cast is very attractive. The sexual language and situations are not appropriate for younger viewers.
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fnordknt19 June 2004
I watched this show while surfing the channels. For the hot main characters. And what ensued were hilarious flashbacks and real world stuff, with giggling 20 somethings, one of which just farted. A chick acting pregnant to get sex, only to end up being just fat (She also smokes and drinks while reading on pregnancy). The hot main character talking herself into dating a pot head, who ends up being, well a pot head. Lots of fun stuff, many things happening behind the action that needs to be re-watched to see...I am now hooked on this show. At first for the hot chicks, and now for the inside jokes only someone living in this kind of situation can get...Cant beat a show with jokes about hand jobs...
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One of those shows that amuses me, but forget very easily
andynortonuk14 September 2004
I am either watching this for the following reasons: 1.I am watching BBC3, in particular their Comedy Tuesday schedules, which contains comedy programmes like this, Swiss Toni, The Graham Norton Effect, and Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps. 2. I am doing something else. I do not watch programmes like this that I have never heard of. However, if I do watch something that I have not heard off, it is probably I cannot change the channel as I am usually doing something else. 3. I want to watch The Graham Norton Effect, which is after this show on the BBC3 Comedy Tuesday's schedule.

As long as that explains how I have to watch this somewhat amusing show, I might as well comment on it.

I found it amusing in content, but not funny. The fact that in one episode featuring a "Sex-a-holics Anonymous" meeting, which had amusing dialogue but not many laughs will explain why I don't find it that funny. In addition, it is not memorable enough for me to remember what is actually happening throughout the series.

However, as long as it remains amusing at times with its comical dialogue, I will have the following options open when it is on TV. 1.Watch the show. 2.Do something else. 3. Wait until the Graham Norton Effect is on TV.

This show amuses me, but forgets it very easily. This is Because of the lack of memorable throughout the series. .
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