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  • Yes, he's seen in the background at the funeral. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The suit has a will of its own. It didn't resist before because Peter took it off normally. It knew that Peter would eventually wear the black suit again. At the church bell tower, Peter was taking it off because he didn't want it. The suit sensed that, and resisted. As such, the Symbiote knew that Peter wanted to throw it away, so even if Peter "acted normal" in his apartment and just dressed off, the Symbiote would have put resistance. Throughout the film, the audience was shown that Peter kept the black suit on while engaging in reckless acts. Therefore, he was likely wearing it at the bar when he attacked MJ. After realizing his error and deciding to rid himself of the suit, he went to the nearby Church to do so. Actually, he finds that this is the perfect spot to get rid of the suit, because, as we can see in the ending sequence, the Symbiote has one big weakness: sound. The bell made the Symbiote weak, and helped Peter to "break it". This is the same method used by Spidey in the comics, but he uses it already knowing that weakness. Another answer can be like a reference to the 1994's Spiderman: The Animated Series, when he accidentally found the weak of the Symbiote in a fight with Shocker in the "The Alien Costume" saga. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The answer is twofold; Eddie worked for the daily bugle and thus likely found out about Marko's escape and motives as the bugle was covering it. He then bonds with the Symbiote which retains its memories of its time bonded with Peter including the fight in the subway. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Eddie Brock Jr. could have been brought back for a sequel or spinoff (but hasn't and won't). Additionally, the Symbiote is still alive in a couple places—remember that Dr. Connors still has a piece of the Symbiote. It is widely believed that the Symbiote that Connors has will eventually bond with the yet-to-be-introduced character of Cletus Kasady to form Carnage, as was the case in the comics that Carnage was created in Venom's wake. It was announced in July 2008 that there was Venom spinoff in early pre-production that would follow Spider-Man 3 (but seemingly it was cancelled with the discontinuation of the main movie series). Topher Grace possibly would not have returned for the role, as there had been several other hosts to the Venom Symbiote in the comics that could be used in a solo film, including the short lived Angelo Fortunato, and the Scorpion aka "Mac" Gargan. Eddie Brock, meanwhile, had the bits of Symbiote left over in his blood bond to his white blood cells, giving him a new white Venom-like suit. Along with a more altruistic attitude, Brock calls himself Anti-Venom. A potential spinoff could have followed either of these plots. (Source: here.) Ultimately the fates of the characters in the Tobey Maguire Spider-Man continuity is unknown, and similar is the case with the later Andrew Garfield Spider-Man reboot continuity, since the movie franchise was rebooted one more time shortly thereafter. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The song playing during Peter's street-dancing scene was "People, Get up, and Drive Your Funky Soul" by James Brown. It is an edited version, though, since the original was nine minutes long and was featured on James Brown's 1988 album Motherlode. This version is two minutes and 24 seconds. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Possibly never. It is still unknown at this time when or if it will be released. It is also unknown what the running time would be. Sam Raimi has not made any statements about a Director's Cut, although Columbia has been known to release extended director's cuts on DVD for other titles in the past, including Spider-Man 2.1. However, note that Columbia may no longer have the relevant rights (such as post-production in addition to distribution) to the Spider-Man cinema franchise, as the underlying copyright (or license) has gone from Columbia's control to Sony's and then to Marvel Studios'. The movie studios are unlikely to work out a deal, especially if it wouldn't be mutually profitable. If a Director's Cut home video release is ever made of this movie, it is likely to be called Spider-Man 3.1. Had a "3.1" DVD been made then it would have likely to been released to coincide with the theatrical release of the reboot movie The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) just like when the "2.1" DVD came out to coincide with the theatrical release of Spider-Man 3. But the odds of this had always been slim, given that The Amazing Spider-Man was the start of a new series. Had Spider-Man 4 been released in 2011, the studio probably would have released it as a Spider-Man 3.1 then. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • When the film was completed, the running time was set at 156 minutes on the IMDb page, then later reduced to 139 minutes. Therefore, about 17 minutes was cut from the final film. Note: Richard Roeper & Christy Lemire's review of the film presented the 156-minute running time on screen, but it is no longer available online. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • On a Sony Pictures discussion board thread archived here Edit (Coming Soon)

  • There was going to be a fourth movie but the studio eventually scrapped it in favor of a reboot. It was ultimately cancelled coming down to a combination of Sam Raimi and Sony Pictures not agreeing on an antagonist or villain for the film and Raimi hating the concocted storyline for the fourth film. Perhaps there was a way to save "Spider-Man 4"; but just as likely the studio folks tried all they could but to no avail, and it would've cost too much money had they kept on trying to agree on a villain or got more writers to draft the story. Edit (Coming Soon)


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