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Rosemary Harris: May Parker



  • Peter Parker : Flint Marko. The man who killed Uncle Ben, he was killed last night.

    Aunt May : Oh, my. What happened?

    Peter Parker : Spider-Man killed him.

    Aunt May : Spider-Man? I don't understand, Spider-Man doesn't kill people. What happened?

    Peter Parker : I, uh... He... he was... I thought that - That you'd feel... He deserved it, didn't he?

    Aunt May : I don't think it's for us to say whether a person deserves to live or die.

    Peter Parker : But, Aunt May, he killed Uncle Ben.

    Aunt May : Uncle Ben meant the world to us. But he wouldn't want us living one second with revenge in our hearts. It's like a poison. It can - It can take you over. Before you know it, turn us into something ugly.

  • Aunt May : How's Mary Jane?

    Peter Parker : I don't know.

    Aunt May : I never heard from you. Did you ever propose?

    Peter Parker : You said a husband's gotta put his wife before himself.

    [puts the ring in her hand] 

    Peter Parker : I'm not ready.

    Aunt May : But what happened? You seemed so sure.

    Peter Parker : Yeah. I, uh... I hurt her, Aunt May. I don't know what to do.

    Aunt May : Well, you start by doing the hardest thing: You forgive yourself. I believe in you, Peter. You're a good person. And I know you'll find a way to put it right.

    [places the ring on the TV] 

    Aunt May : In time.

  • Aunt May : A man needs to put his wife before himself. Can you do that, Peter?

  • Aunt May : You must be ready to put her before yourself. Are you ready to do that Peter?

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