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Enjoyable, but pales in comparison to the first two movies.
TheLittleSongbird12 May 2009
I enjoyed Shrek the Third, but I found a lot of it very disappointing as well. The plot is very contrived, and has been done better many times before. The script, has a number of very bright spots, but is dull in comparison to two very good predecessors. It just goes to show how sequels are nearly always inferior to the original. In fact, the only sequels that surpass their original is Toy Story 2, Home Alone 2 and Garfield 2. There is a very funny scene with Donkey and Puss in Boots having a sort of body swap, and Donkey doing that priceless innocent eye look. But that is pretty much it, though girls may delight in Fiona and all the fairytale princesses having some sort of princess reunion. The animation is mostly well done, and the voice talents are very good indeed, especially Eddie Murphy and Antonio Banderas. However, the film, which showed a lot of promise, is undermined by a contrived storyline and an uneven script. All in all, enjoyable, but it could have been much better. 6.5/10 Bethany Cox.
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Not Enough to be at level of first 2!
3xHCCH19 May 2007
The movie did not really hold the attention of my two younger kids. Even for me, the funny experience of watching both Shrek 1 and 2 was not really very evident with this installment. I remember in Shrek 2, I was laughing out loud with each passing pop culture reference and innuendo being bantered around. However, that was not so here.

I was not too amused with the Disney princesses characters. Shrek's "baby nightmare scene" was well-executed. Justin Timberlake did well in voicing his "grovelling at Merlin's feet" scene. Overall, this movie was not that bad, but it needed to be much better to be worthy to stand on the same level as the first two Shrek films.
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It was good, but it's lacking something
Smells_Like_Cheese18 May 2007
I couldn't wait to see Shrek the Third, especially since I have such a great love for the second Shrek, I'm just in love with Puss in Boots. But, the trailer looked great and the stories have worked so far, my mom and I saw the premier show today and while the movie has great laughs, there seemed to be something lacking in the Shrek world. I think the characters didn't seem to click as well as they did in the first two. Shrek the Third has the return of the whole cast, including the new heir to the thrown, Arthur.

Shrek and Fiona have a problem, Fiona's father, the frog King of Far Far Away, has passed away and now it's up to Shrek to take the crown. But Shrek is too scared to step up and looks to the next man in line, well, actually a teenage, Arthur. Shrek, Puss, and Donkey go to find Artie, but there is one more problem going on, Prince Charming wants his kingdom of Far Far Away back like it was promised to him and he will go through anything to get it back. Fionna and the other princesses are kidnapped while Shrek's life is in danger and they must all pull together to save him in time for Arthur to take over the kingdom.

Shrek the Third has great jokes, terrific animation, and lovable characters, especially the character, Merlin, he was just a terrific spoof. But the characters seemed to be lacking the same chemistry as they did in the first two films. I would recommend Shrek the Third, it's a good movie for the family and for a summer movie, because I do guarantee a fun time. I don't know if everyone will agree, but so far I know a few people know that there is something lacking from the world of Shrek.

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As clever, but not as funny as the first two
mstomaso3 June 2007
Shrek The Third is another entertaining romp through the erstwhile Hollywood of Far Far Away with a few laughs for adults and a few more for kids. Like all of the films in this series, it has a big and good heart, and occasionally pays homage to or pokes fun at modern films. Unlike the previous films, however, Shrek III is not a source of non-stop hilarity, and contains a little more thematic content.

Shrek finds himself inheriting his father-in-law's crown and learns that Fiona is pregnant. Predictably, both of these eventualities play pretty dissonantly on the big green guy's insecurities, and he goes a-questing to locate the next-in-line of succession - a young, dejected, high school kid. Meanwhile, charming has developed even more of an attitude problem, and is putting together a whole battalion of people with grudges.

One of the themes of the first two Shrek films was 'don't judge a book by its cover'. Shrek III takes the theme a little farther and puts a different spin on it. The lesson learned here is "don't judge yourself superficially." And it works. My rating of six is based solely on the entertainment value of the film. This film is not quite as well-paced and well-directed as the previous two films, and Charming is simply not the heavy-weight heavy that his mom was. Nevertheless, it's still worth a look, and still carries positive messages entertainingly.
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It's Just Decent
moviewizguy25 May 2007
When his new father-in-law, King Harold falls ill, Shrek is looked at as the heir to the land of Far Far Away. Not one to give up his beloved swamp, Shrek recruits his friends Donkey and Puss in Boots to install the rebellious Artie as the new king. Princess Fiona, however, rallies a band of royal girlfriends to fend off a coup d'etat by the jilted Prince Charming.

I have to admit, I really wasn't as hyped to see this film than Shrek 2. The trailer was okay, the plot sounds less interesting, and many critics didn't like this film. Yeah, this film is full of energetic characters and some visually dazzling scenes, but it's not as funny, entertaining, or as great as the last two films.

If you've seen the trailer, that's probably all the good jokes that they got in the film. I expected to laugh as much as I did at Shrek 2, since this film is more for the adults than the kids to enjoy. It's a sad fact that more of the jokes comes from secondary characters than the main ones. The action scenes were good, not great, but the story just doesn't interest me.

And the Shrek and Fiona spark isn't as much there as it were in the previous two films. Now here's the good: I liked the secondary characters. They are all funny. This is the most visual Shrek film, having colorful scenes pop out.

This film seems to rely more on the slapstick humor to cover up the weak plot, seemed to not be filled with originality. I didn't mind that. There are some pretty good jokes and some good action scenes. Don't watch this film expecting a great film like the first two, although I wanted this to be a worthy sequel.
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A Shrek Too far
Eschete29 May 2007
A movie too many, a laugh too few. This installment of Shrek is so unlike the first two in terms of energy and humor that its almost like one of those cheesy made-for-TV or straight-to-video versions that the studios make just to cash in on the popularity of a title.

The movie slogs through a story about Shrek and Fiona having to replace the deceased frog king unless they can find another heir. Shrek's time at the "high school" is so tortured that you can almost smell the coffee the writers had to brew to get through the brainstorming sessions.

Not good, I'm sorry to say. The first two were so clever that this ends up seeming...well...crappy by comparison.

Part of success is knowing when to stop.
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Funny With a Great Message
claudio_carvalho21 August 2007
When Fiona's father and King of Far Far Away passes away, the clumsy Shrek becomes the immediate successor of the throne. However, Shrek decides to find the legitimate heir Artie in a distant kingdom with his friends Donkey and Puss in Boots to be able return to his beloved house in the swamp with the pregnant Fiona. Meanwhile, the envious and ambitious Prince Charming joins the villains of the fairy tales plotting a coup d'état to become the new king.

"Shrek the Third" is very funny, having a great message in the end and completely underrated in IMDb. There are many unfair reviews and I really do not understand what these users have seen to dislike in this animation. There are many new characters from the fairy tales, but all of them has space along the plot, in at least one scene, and I liked, for example, the Cyclops with his beautiful daughter or the lines of Captain Hook just to mention two of them. I saw a version dubbed in Portuguese and the dialogs are excellent. The soundtrack is a plus and I loved "Immigrant Song" and "Baraccuda" in the attack of the heroines. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Shrek Terceiro" ("Shrek The Third")
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Great, but not amazing
Bored_Dragon13 May 2018
"Shrek the Third" was made in the same manner as the first two, as a combination of parodies to various fairy tales with references to pop culture. But even though it's a top-quality cartoon, it's not at the level of its predecessors. Animation and music are excellent, but there's less humor and it's less funny. While I was crying of laughter during first two movies, this time I sincerely laughed just a few times. Although, to be honest, I'm not sure if this is due to a weaker scenario or it's simply saturation, because sequels that stick to the recipe of the first film inevitably lack originality and the surprise factor. Movie is great, but it does not bring anything new.

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The Worst Shrek,But Still Quality Family Entertainment,
lesleyharris3028 December 2010
Shrek The Third is a fantastic movie with a very well developed storyline,a very impressive voice cast and brilliant characters.It is without a doubt my least favourite of all the Shrek movies,the story just isn't as good and more that the jokes miss more often this time around,but its still a great animated movie for the whole family to enjoy,and like the other two there are plenty of jokes for younger and older members of the family to laugh at.If your a fan of the first two Shrek's,you will definitely be disappointed by Shrek the Third,but you will will still laugh and enjoy very much.

After the death of Fionas father,Harold,he wants Shrek to take his place as king of Far Far Away,but Shrek wants to return to his old swamp along with a pregnant Fiona,so Shrek,Donkey and Puss In Boots go to go in search of Fionas cousin Arthur (voiced by Justin Timberlake),but a Prince Charming seeking revenge gets in the way.
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Pretty Good Third Film
Rainey-Dawn23 October 2014
The story of Shrek the Third (2007) is not quite as good as the first or second films but the comical lines and visual comedy is still right up there with the first two movies.

Some of the new characters are not quite as enduring and memorable in Shrek 3 but they are quite likable and entertaining.

The animation in this 3rd installment of the film series is still awesome.

All I can really say is I enjoyed this 3rd film. And I do recommend it if you enjoyed Shrek and Shrek 2.

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WAY Better Than The "Professional" Critics Led Me To Expect!
FiendishDramaturgy18 May 2007
Being the third installment in a hugely successful franchise, this is usually where a run begins to show real franchise sickness. That, coupled with the horrid reviews submitted by the "professional" critics, I really expected something so convoluted and largely unfunny, as to make this nigh unwatchable.

What I got, was a beautiful story, charming characters, top notch animation, chases, escapes, announcements, voyages, captures, deceits, death, birth, King Arthur, the second ugly stepsister (of Cinderella), true love (of course), and a wonderful execution of the story.

I was quite surprised, actually, with the high level of comedic and animation quality and large level of entertainment derived from this work. This was a genuinely GOOD film! Don't listen to those other guys. If you love Shrek, you will love him even more when this is over.

In fact, this is SO well done, that it continues the progression of better films. The first rated an 8.1/10, the second rated an 8.4/10. This one rates an 8.9/10 from...

the Fiend :.
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Good even tho inferior to his two predecessors
bellino-angelo20146 August 2019
This is the third chapter in the SHREK franchise, and even tho is not great as its two predecessors is still good.

Here Shrek deals with his father that is close to death and it's seen as the new king of Far Far Away. But after a first attempt to pose as the king goes awry, the king says on his deathbed that there is a boy named Arthur that is the only heir to the throne left besides Shrek. So Shrek recruits Puss and Donkey and goes to find and take Arthur to Far Far Away (with also the help of Merlin the wizard).

Meanwhile Fiona, the queen and all the other fairytale princesses try to defeat Prince Charming and his army of fairytale villains, and thanks to Dragon and the nice fairytale characters they defeat forever Charming. And Fiona and Shrek also deal with having babies for the first time.

The first two Shrek movies were great, and while this has some low points, it's also good in its own way (just like the fourth).

The animation and the soundtrack are good as always, and the actors are all good; especially Mike Myers as Shrek, Antonio Banderas as Puss in Boots, Rupert Everett as prince Charming and Justin Timberlake (in one of his few movies) as Arthur.

I recommend this movie to all fans of the tetralogy.
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The Third chapter of Shrek
ja_kitty_714 July 2010
Here we come to the next chapter of Shrek. I went to see "the Third" with my dad, and we love it; and it was the first time my dad ever went in a theatre.

Where we left from the second film, Shrek and Fiona were taking on the temporary duties as king and queen - and each a disaster. And it gets worse when Shrek's "frogger-in-law" passes away and feeling not up to the job of ruling Far,Far Away, he, Donkey and Puss set sail to find the true heir to the throne - Fiona's cousin Arthur Pendragon. Meanwhile, Prince Charming, joins forces with every fairy-tale villain to attack the kingdom, leaving the now-pregnant Fiona and the other princesses to form a underground Resistance movement. And that is all I could tell you, see the film for yourself.

So, I love this film from beginning to end, and goes very well the first two Shrek films.
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Ogre and out...?
Lejink22 August 2008
It took me a while to catch up with the third edition of the money-spinning "Shrek" franchise and I was vaguely aware of a less than positive critical, if not popular response, to it but was pleasantly surprised with the product on show. Okay, it's pick-your-cliché from "the law of diminishing returns", "familiarity breeding contempt" and "too much of a good thing", but hey, I still like these characters and whilst I now would doubt whether the characters and situations can be developed any further at least on the big-screen, it's certainly been one of the better trilogies of recent years. The graphics and animations are as before so good as to make you think you're wearing 3D spex and the story, while contrived (I'm not quite sure how Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table actually qualify as classic children's fairy-tale or cartoon favourites) shares the laughs around before winding up at the by now familiar happy-ending finish with a romp-out to a classic track from yesteryear, this time Sly Stone's funk-tastic "Thank you...". Best moments are the Gingerbread Man's life flashing before him in a (threatened) pre-death moment and the four Disney princesses (plus one ugly step-sister!) giving it some attitude as they find liberation (even burning a bra symbolically, in the process). Best line, as usual, goes to Eddie Murphy's Donkey "I'm being attacked by an ogre - with issues!". There aren't as many outright belly-laughs as in the peerless first "Shrek", you feel that Shrek and Fiona are more bit-players in their own movie (I can't believe I'm humanising animated characters!) and occasionally you're made to wait for the next really good joke (Eric Idle's Merlin and Justin Timberlake's Arthur don't exactly leap off the page/screen either), so yes, this outing of the not-so-jolly green giant, may not be as good as its predecessors but that's down to the lack of surprise at revisiting these stock characters and, heck, they were mighty good predecessors!
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The movie that rates itself: The Third.
pschwebe19 May 2007
Paul McCartney is a great songwriter. Let me just get that out of the way. But he isn't perfect. Take for example the song, "Live and Let Die", a song he wrote in the '70s for a Bond movie of the same name. The song is used briefly in Dreamworks' latest outing for everyone's favorite Scots ogre. In the song he actually wrote this line: "But if in this ever changing world in which we live in". "In which we live in"? Was he kidding? A great talent, but that is some lazy songwriting. I figure he was either exhausted, or under contract, as opposed to being inspired.

And that's the problem with this entire movie. The writing is simply not up to par. The story is loaded down with so many different elements that it is impossible to develop any of them. You can almost see the writers thinking, "Okay, now we've got a bunch of stuff for Shrek, Donkey, and Puss to do. Let's put in some stuff for Fiona and Lillian here..." The result is that there's a script, but no real story. And the dialog with some exceptions, is full of the clichés they so happily lampooned in earlier Shreks. The result comes across as a 3rd or 4th draft.

Andrew Adamson directed the previous two Shreks and has one of the writing credits here, but he did not direct it. I guess the franchise is so important now that it must be handled by two directors, neither of whom has Adamson's knack for timing. At various points in the evening, the pace was surprisingly ponderous.

It's not unpleasant, as movies go. It's just disappointing when such an average film continues a series of such good ones.
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My Favorite Shrek!
g-bodyl15 November 2010
Shrek the Third is my favorite one in the series even though I have yet to see the fourth one. This movie received so many negative reviews and I honestly cannot see why. If there was a Shrek movie to receive negative reviews, it should have been the second one.

This time in the series Shrek is in line for the throne but he doesn't want to be king. He travels to seek the next heir, a boy named Arthur. When they come back to Far Far Away, they find that Charming is up to no trouble and he has taken control of the whole kingdom.

The characters again are a welcome addition to this movie. Of course Donkey remains my favorite. I also liked Puss in Boots. The other characters are likable too.

Overall, this is my favorite Shrek. I can't wait to see the fourth one. I rate this film 9/10.
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Not the best, but still a great movie.
simplysoda_19f3 June 2007
I loved this movie, and I think it was a great finale to the Shrek series. It wasn't the best movie that I've seen, but it was still a great movie.

I loved how they brought back Antonio Banderaz as Puss In Boots, and I think he was my favourite in this movie, besides the lovable ogre Shrek. This movie made me laugh and cry in all the right places, at times it was touching and others times it was hilarious. Needless to say, it definitely tickled my funny bone.

The story in this movie is very good, like I said it has it's hilarious moments and some tender ones as well. I'm not going to give away the story, but it was really good. Along with humor it also has villains as well, and even though I thought the movie was really great, i'm going to have to give Shrek 2 my vote.

However, if your a fan of the Shrek series, this isn't one to miss, it's a great movie for the whole family to enjoy.
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Shrek the King
paul2001sw-116 September 2007
Some of the critics were less appreciative of 'Shrek the Third' than it's two predecessors, but there's still plenty to enjoy, notably the rich sequence of jokes bound together by a reasonably coherent plot (based, as before, on the world of fairy-tales). And while the Shrek movies are not the most mordant of modern animated cartoons, the film explores, albeit in comic vein, the question of what makes us act the way we do and does not divide its characters into absolute categories of black-and-white (with the exception of the only true villain, who, entertainingly, is Prince Charming!). It should also be noted quite how high the standard of computer animation is, which allows mood and humour to be conveyed through the use of relatively subtle body language; most remarkable is the character of Puss-in-Boots, whose moves are a perfect combination of feline and human. It's not (for an adult, at least), a life-changing movie; but it is great fun.
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Shrek 3, a pleasant surprise after all the hideous hype.
Denden66729 October 2007
I have just been pleasantly surprised by Shrek 3. Trying to ignore all the hype around it, I tried to watch it (on DVD) as the second sequel to one of my favourite films, nothing more. Although it comes nowhere near the quality of the first film, it does try to recreate its pleasant pacing and isn't overstuffed with easy film/commercial/real life-reference jokes (I'm looking at you, Shrek 2). And if one pops up, than it got more laughs out of me than Far Far Away ever did in Shrek 2. The Medieval high School was just hilarious, especially the mix-up between today's teen slang and Middle English. As an English student, it really appealed to me.

I really liked the dialogue between the characters like in Shrek 1, it's something I kind of missed in Shrek 2, where the characters just jumped from one crazy situation to the next with a few one-liners her and there. What I did miss, was the bickering between Puss and Donkey. Both characters do in fact get way too little screen time, and that's a big mistake since both characters were the highlights of Shrek 2. Somewhere near the end they do get in a situation that brings back some of the comedy gold of Shrek 2, but it's too little and too late.

All the old characters get to do something funny, but in the end they are all just great to see as old friends you know from the past. It's nice to see Donkey, Puss and Shrek get along so well with each other, but there's nothing more they can do to fill another film. We know the characters, and they have all found a place in the world they live in. I have gotten all I wanted out of the overall storyline, I'm happy with the way things are for the characters now, and I don't mind that the third journey had to replace the "insert joke every few seconds"-mentality of Shrek 2 with a bit more storytelling. There were still plenty of big laughs left, I can tell you.

Ultimately, Shrek 2 was funnier, but I think I like Shrek 3 better. I felt that this adventure was more meaningful for all the characters, and I know that this is the part where a lot of critics thought it wasn't necessary. But if you ask me, Shrek 3 was unnecessary. But since they really had to make a Shrek 3, I think they did well to make the adventure a bit more meaningful and make it really count in the end. It's only too bad that the message is the same of the previous two films, we get it already.

The only thing I really didn't like was one of the major characters they used to tell us again that you must accept yourself and others as they are. Artie was a really un-Shrek character. His speeches were dull and Justin Timberlake does nothing to make the character more likable. Of course, he has little to work with. I liked Justin timberlake's part better as a poster in Shrek 2 with the text "Sir Justin". It was funnier than anything Artie said or did in Shrek 3. Let Shrek, Donkey or Puss do the talking, dude.

As far as I'm concerned, Shrek 3 was an unnecessary sequel that still worked for me with some good humour and the characters being as charming as ever. The story was more meaningful for the main characters. The end of this adventure, even though repeating the message of the previous films, provided me with satisfying closure on the story of the happy Shrek family. Too bad that another unnecessary sequel is coming, undoubtedly with even more hype and more dull characters like Artie. Sadly, the Shrek franchise seems to be the most inspired thing coming from Dreamworks Animations.
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This movie is pretty cool
slyofwar27 February 2020
It's a fun little movie with plenty of laughs with plenty of memorable moments.
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Is the perfect "Ordinary Sequel"....
kooleshwar15 June 2007
The "year of the sequels" is on us and I go from sequel to sequel lots things are getting clearer to me, I'm finally coming to grasp with the "all-prevalent and many yet to come" SEQUELS.

Broadly speaking there a 4 kinds of sequels.

1)Based on epics where the story is long with lots of characters and stories, these usually have the problem of too much content and are the easiest to handle. (ex star wars, lotr, matrix?).

2)Based on legendary characters and their adventures, these are somewhat more difficult but can always work by changing the plot every time (ex Indiana Jones,die hard,rush hour, ANACONDA, load of B movies like TREMORS).

3)comic book and video game sequels (self explanatory).

4)Exploitation sequels these are the toughest to handle and are as difficult to understand as the title I've given them.Based on the concept of extracting the maximum from a one off concept the got much bigger than anticipated, the original succeeded on multiple factors (Story, character, plot, concept, big action scene etc) which makes making sequels difficult but still lucrative. (Ex SHREK, potc, SPEED,ice age, JURRASIC PARK (multitype but the 3rd and maybe 4th fit here).

This being an exploitation sequel the movie is quite clear.

1)ONly some characters were developed in the original so way to much extra billing has been given to people that were once only side jokes (the loads of fairytale people).

2)The plot is razor thin and weak and the very base on which the first one was made (spoof of the fairy tales) is now lost.

3)The jokes are getting stale (how many ugly ogre, farting and gingerbread jokes can you have?).

4)They had enough content for 1 movie they pulled of a very good second one, that kind of confidence is not good.

5)Demographics take the front seat, adults, teens, fans, children, blacks, whites, etc etc everyone has been taken into account.

Still this movie has its plus points.

1)The main characters are still hilarious and you have lots of funny moments especially from Donkey and Puss in boots who are the stars of the film.

2)The fatherhood track is really really funny.

3)Chilren really seemed to really enjoy this movie although the demographically pleasing content is clearly unsuitable for children.

4)The movie is short and sweet and really funny in pieces, if a dozen teasers were made they would all be funny.


The complete package is ordinary at best except if watched with children which pushes it up-to good or even very good.

Watch only if your a fan OR in a very good mood and "SEQUEL PREPARED".

Keep low expectations and you may just meet or exceed them.

-s typical exploitation sequel, LACKS THE SPARK, many jokes are stale.

+/-s puss in boots and donkey given major billing (i like them).

+s funny in pieces (though not as good as a whole), SUPERB GRAPHICS, short and sweet, VERY GOOD FOR CHILDREN.

total 5/10 ( just fell below expectations (after factoring in sequel), with children and correct company may even reach a 7).

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A step backwards
SnoopyStyle15 August 2014
Prince Charming is reduced to dinner theater and he wants revenge. King Harold is ill and Shrek is the next heir to Far, Far Away. Shrek isn't that good with being a royal and doesn't want to give up his swamp. King reveals that there is another heir named Arthur (Justin Timberlake). After the death of the King, Shrek sets off to find Artie with the help of Donkey and Puss in Boots. Princess Fiona is left at home to battle Prince Charming's attempted coup with her royal girlfriends.

Starting with the king dying is a hard way to keep the tone light. Also Shrek is separated from Fiona for the bulk of the movie. Then there is the new character Artie who is the least interesting character in this world. However I still love the cast of characters in this franchise. I also love the new princesses. They are a lot of fun. This is a step back but the franchise lives on.
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Still worth seeing, but disappointing after the first 2
LCat20220 May 2007
I had high expectations for this movie. When I saw Shrek 2, I was pleasantly surprised. Few sequels are as good as the original, but Shrek 2 was.

Shrek the third did not continue this trend. While there were sill plenty of funny moments, it was nowhere near as amusing or original as the first two. They could have done so much more with this movie if they had tried. At the end, I felt sort of cheated.

However, Shek the third isn't a bad movie in itself, only when compared to the others. I would still recommend going to see it. Unlike most, I liked Artie's character, even if he did talk too much (I'm not even a Justin Timberlake fan).
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A very good sequel
Mightyzebra2 December 2007
As far as sequels go, this is very good. As far as Shrek films go, this is also very good. Like all the others, this one is entertaining, funny and exciting. Despite the plot being slightly unoriginal, this film's plot is very well-planned and fast-paced.

Compared to the second one, the old characters in this "Shrek" film are exceedingly good. Shrek is often a lovely happy old ogre and a lot nicer and more gentle than in any of the other films. Donkey is still an amusing donkey - luckily not too annoying! Princess Fiona (always an ogre) in this film has a strong, quite eager and often relaxed personality, which very much suits her. Unfortunately, Puss in Boots doesn't have the chance to do nearly as well as he did the second film, but still has the same good personality (possibly a little more Spanish!).

The new characters are very well done. The wizard (voiced by Eric Idle) is an incredibly amusing character with a funnily worried personality. Artie is a nice guy, although when provoked can produce quite a temper. Overall he is a good character.

While King Harold (now a frog) is ill, Shrek is taking responsiblities of running the kingdom and feels he is DEFINITELY not cut out to be a king. Just before the poor frog comes to his place in heaven, he tells Shrek that besides him, the only heir is a wee boy called Arthur. Is he cut out to be king..?

Enjoy "Shrek the Third"! :-)

7 and a half out of ten.
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Amusing enough second sequel to the hugely popular films.
hu67518 May 2007
When Princess Fiona King's Father (Voiced by John Clesse) died, Shrek (voiced by Mike Myers) is supposed to be the next King but he doesn't want the responsibility. So Shrek, Donkey (Voiced by Eddie Murphy) and Puss in Boots (Voiced by Antonio Banderas) goes on a trip to find the next future King, which is the late King's nephew Arthur (Voiced by Justin Timberlake). But Shrek finds out that Fiona (Voiced by Cameron Diaz) is pregnant. Shrek has fears of fatherhood. But the cruel Prince Charming (Voiced by Rupert Everett) is planning to be the next King of Far Far Land with the help of another villains, who have the chance to get back on top. When Fiona, Her mother:Quenn Lillian (Voiced by Julia Andrews), Cinderella (Voiced by Amy Sedaris), Doris (Voiced by Larry King), Sleeping Beauty (Voiced by Cheri Oteri) and Snow White (Voiced by Amy Poehler) are also in danger for their lives.

Made by first-time filmmaker:Chris Miller with Co-Director:Raman Hui made an amusing comedy to the second sequel to the hugely popular "Shrek" films with superb computer animation design. But the story is surprisingly weak and it is somewhat short on laughs. But it is saved by good characterization by the talented vocal cast. Fiona, Queen Lillian, Cinderella, Doris, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White has some amusing funny bits but it is Donkey and Puss in Boots steals the show. This is certainly going to be one of the biggest hits of 2007. This is the least satisfying of the three movies but it is still fun, nonetheless. (*** ½/*****).
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