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A thoroughly enjoyable TV-version of Indiana Jones
SaturnWings11 December 2004
I liked it. I admit to catching the movie only because of Noah Wyle, but the movie caught me. It was fun, not taking itself too seriously, and the feature character is an unlikely hero, which is always worth watching. The name librarian is misleading since Noah Wyle's librarian character is more archaeologist and artifact keeper than librarian, probably why he's the librarian instead of a librarian, a different Jane Curtin will have you remembering.

The plot here is pretty basic. Geeky guy needs to save the world with beautiful woman to help him. She's the brawn; he's the brains. If you like fun little action-adventure movies, this is the kind of plot you're used to.

If you're looking for something different, don't look here. There's very little originality to bed had, but then again, since when did people start expect originality in a made-for-TV action-adventure?

The acting isn't bad nor is it great. It's definitely good enough for a made-for-TV movie. On top of that, you get to see Bob Newhart as a magic marine who kicks ass and saves the day. If nothing else, you should watch to see old Bob Newhart learn a few new tricks. ^_^

The music is pretty standard stuff. Think of it as a cross between Stargate SG-1 and Xena with some random rock beats tossed in for fun. It's perfectly suited for this kind of movie and doesn't try to step outside the box. Granted the rock beats got a little jarring at times due to their unexpectedness but the overall feel was fairly cohesive.

As for the 'action' portion of the program, it's more than fair. After all, if you're going to cast Kelly Hu in a movie, you make good use of the flair that she's known for, a touch of martial arts found in a good old-fashioned fist-fight. Hu's much more of a natural at this than her good-girl counterpart, but that's only to be expected since we are talking about the woman who got to give Wolverine as good as he gave. As for Bob Newhart, I couldn't possibly say whether or not he was good at the action bit. It's too weird for my mind to wrap around, but at the same time, I really liked him in this role. Noah Wyle was the brains so his fight scenes mostly involved him getting beaten up.

Overall, this was a really fun movie. I found myself watching it again when it re-aired. I dearly hope they make a sequel. This movie was much more conducive to a sequel than many other made-for-TV movies. I don't know that this would make a good series, but I'd be willing to bet it wouldn't be too bad if they tighten the story a little. After all, there's got to be a reason why there were so many threads left untied at the end of this movie.
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I enjoyed watching this film with my grand daughter
derrick-481 January 2006
I liked the film, it was light hearted, didn't take itself seriously, (unlike some of the 'critics in here) It's a family film, which is as rare as rocking horse Poop these days, forget about the goofs, if you take every film apart you'll find them any where

If you want a film you can watch with a 4 to 80 year old, this is for you, just sit back and enjoy, I'd like to see a sequel to it (even if its just to see Sonya Walgar again, an unlikely heroine)

I know there are traces on 'Indiana Jones' here, but what the heck, every film can have traces of other films in them, why not this one, just enjoy it, my 4 year old grand daughter enjoyed it and its normally hard for her to sit through a film of any kind
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Good, light-hearted movie
techneonate5 December 2004
The Librarian: Quest for the Spear is a film that doesn't take itself too seriously. Though having a few minor errors in the proper names in legends, and having a protagonist that knows more and can put things together better than anyone ever really could, this movie is a very entertaining look at a work where every legend and fantasical story is completely true.

The basic concept is that Flynn Carsen (Noah Wyle) is a 30 something professional student with upwards of 27 advanced degrees. After his Egyptology professor graduates him early to force him into getting out of school and into the real world, he gets a job as the Librarian for the Metopolitan Public Library. Immediately after his interview he finds out that the Library that he is to be in charge of contains such wonderous treasures as the Ark of the Covenant, Pandora's Box, and the Golden Goose, as well as a fragment of the Spear of Destiny. Shortly after starting his new job the fragment is stolen by the nefarious Serpent Brotherhood. Flynn is sent to recover all of the pieces of the Spear with the help of Nicole No one.

While fairly predictable in resolution, this film offers light hearted romp though an interesting view on a more or less obscure legendary artifact.
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This is a truly great movie.
metresa-od-Atlantis11 December 2004
This is a truly great movie. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes spoofs, and comedy. I loved the character development of Flynn, and Noah Wyle did a wonderful job portraying him. I also liked the way they made Nicole seem really snobby, but turned out to be really helpful. If you are looking for a good family movie you might want to try this one. This is one of my top 3 alltime favorite movies and even if it doesn't have real depth to it it's still a truly funny, great movie, and should be seen by all movie lovers. If you want a good way to spend an evening, this is a very good option, it has wit, daring, and a spastic librarian who has to hold his own against the bad guys. Truly inspiring.
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Good Fun!
kat-31019 March 2006
This movie is light-hearted and fun. Shows that even intellectuals can be adventurous, and good guys can win. The historical and mythical artifacts were terrific, and their basic premise sheer inspiration. The various locations around the world added an interesting element with exotic lands and beautiful scenery. Also, the existing and developing relationships were handled in a believable fashion. Great work by the main character, who is versatile, entertaining and talented. Also appreciated the "side-kick" who had many skills and provided some counterpoint to the bad guys. Would love to see a sequel with the same characters, maybe picking up where this one left off.
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I'm A NeRd 2!
sccarnes132 November 2005
My kids and I LOVED this movie! It took me a few minutes to catch on to the tongue-in-cheek/spoof/parody character of this one. Once you get it, though, the sometimes less-than-great special effects and sometimes corny plot elements fall into place beautifully. And yes, there actually WAS a plot, complete with interesting characters, and a STELLAR cast. In addition to seeing Noah Wyle's funny side, you get to see comedy at its best with Bob Newhart, Jane Curtin, and Olympia Dukakis in roles that MUST have been written just for them. The chemistry between the Librarian and the bodyguard is terrific. Watch this one with an open mind and you won't be disappointed. HOPING FOR A SEQUEL!!!!
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One for under 10's without HD TV.
patrickramsdale31 August 2007
A disappointing transition from the small screen for Noah Wyle. Although he didn't let himself down with his acting, playing a slightly more knowledgeable Dr John Carter - but without the appeal to the ladies, was never going to challenge our protagonist. Even the script was fine, including comedy, romance and adventure....which ultimately must have been the reason for Noah to accept the part; Genius Indiana Jones seeks stolen Biblical Relic from evil predecessor to save world. What more do you want?..Indiana Jones -GOOD, fashionable Biblical Relic -GOOD, save the world plot - GOOD. Realistic production and set-Goo...NO....rubbish! I found all the cheap sets and over indulgence on computer generated backgrounds far to distracting to follow film as keenly as deserved, I'm sure even Noah himself was cringing into his popcorn at the premiere. Obviously budget had an impact on this production, but some imagination would have been refreshing, and less of a kop out. Overall, one for the kids, and if keen on good production, steer clear. A definite missed opportunity for a good film.
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MaYbE I'm just a NeRd
rainybklynight22 December 2004
I personally loved this movie, It was fun. Finally a movie where the smart guy/nerd is glorified and isn't the villain. It had hilarious moments and I guess I'm just weird that I like it so much. I mean, people take it way too seriously, People, ITS NOT THAT SERIOUS! It's just a good adventure and the characters are fun and funny. The jokes are laughable, as they are supposed to be, unlike in so many movies I've seen where the jokes are unbelievably corny. Obviously, these people know what they're doing.(referring to directors and screenplay writers, et...) I loved the main character, Flynn, he was a riot, and so was very lovable. There were many parts of this movie that I loved and will always love. Anyway like I said, maybe I'm just a nerd.
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Awesome - want more!
rljensen20 May 2005
Perfect family or "date" movie. Have two boys 10 and 12 who love anything action/adventure/fantasy. It is hard to find age appropriate movies in these genre that aren't campy or a bore. This has it all. Noah Wylie is cast perfectly, as is Jane Curtain and what a surprise Bob Newhart is. Cudos to the casting agents! This film is clean but yet full of action and adventure and humor. Nothing inappropriate or even moderately suggestive, no nudity, profanity or gore. There is one scene where someone is killed and might be a bit much for very young kids, but totally mild by today's standards. Even Nemo is scarier than this. This also lacks the "dark" of Tim Burton films, Lord of the Rings or even some of the Star Wars, etc. We need a series or at the very least a sequel and fast! If anyone knows any scoop on that, please email me!
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First entry of the Librarian trilogy plenty of action, adventures, emotion and amusing
ma-cortes21 February 2010
First part of the Librarian series with lots of entertainment and fun.This outing in the popular ¨The Librarian franchise ¨(1ª Quest of the spear-2004- by Peter Winther, 2ª Return king Salomon's mines by Peter Winther and 3ª The curse of the Judas Chalice-2008- by Jonathan Frakes) concerns on Flynn Carsen(Noah Wyle), the roughest, toughest,silly, and botcher hero with 22 university degree . Flynn receives a note from a strange book captioning that has been selected to an interview at the public Metropolitan Library. Flynn is appointed as the new Librarian and assigned missions around the world and recover priceless objects guarded into Metropolitan library where are the Sacred ark, Lance of Longinus, box of Pandora, Arthur's Excalibur blade, the skull of crystal, Saint Sheet of Turin, the magic flute, among others. Meanwhile Flynn is having problems , he just doesn't time for his life and relationship . Now he must find the lance of Longinus which holds supernatural powers and has been robbed by the serpent's brotherhood . He goes to Amazons jungle looking for tracks .Flynn accompanied by a beautiful adventurer (Sonya Walger) discover a Maya temple and later on they head to Himalaya where allegedly is the lance hidden by Tibetian monks. Our unpredictable heroes risk their lives against a set of the ambitious villains (Kyle Machlahan, Kelly Hu) you've ever seen.

Entertained TV movie plenty of action-packed,tongue in cheek, adventures, love story and extremely funny. This one has a little bit of everything : rip-roaring action, thriller,Sci-Fi,fantasy,derring do and an exciting score by Joseph LoDuca. Along with a sympathetic Noah Wyle appear the habitual secondaries, as a deadpan Bob Newhart,a serious Jane Curtin and his likable mother well played by Olympia Dukakis. Besides Kyle MacLachlan as former Librarian. This enjoyable picture combines splendidly ¨Riger Haggard's mines of King Salomon¨ with ¨Spielberg's Raiders of the lost ark¨. Spectacular final scenes with excessive and mediocre use of computer generator special effects, adding a colorful cinematography by Alan Caso. For utter spirit-lifting bemusing you can't do better than this television movie. The picture is lavishly produced by Dean Devlin in partnership with Noah Wyle and TNT and efficiently directed by Peter Winther. Rating : 6,5, worthwhile watching.
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Too silly for words
jbl-36 December 2004
I was looking for a little light entertainment, and TNT's continuous plugs promised just that. But upon watching it I found it to be based upon a silly premise, with inconsistent problems and characters and pat solutions. Examples of the latter: our hero deciphers an impossible dead language during an airplane flight, and from then on can fluently interpret the book containing clues to the mysteries to come. Out of nowhere Nicole the wonder-woman appears to help our hero out of impossible scrapes he gets into. Another inconsistency is the presence of several other librarians, none of whom can do what our hero undertakes on his first day of work; and the previous librarian, who was supposed to be pretty smart, seems never to have had a clue about the answers our hero has uncovered. Noah Wylie was suitable as our hero, though I was most impressed by Sonja Walger as the brawn of the operation. Apparently Kyle MacLachlan just needed the money. In my opinion Bob Newhart would be funny reading the phone book, and he did his thing well here. But overall I felt I had wasted my time.
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Entertaining Adventure
claudio_carvalho3 May 2009
The thirty year old nerd professional college student Flynn Carsen (Noah Wyle) has twenty-two graduation courses; lives with his mother and has no girlfriend. When his Professor Harris (Mario Ivan Martinez) releases him from his class and asks Flynn to find a job and face the real world, Flynn receives an invitation for an interview in the public library for the position of librarian. He succeeds and is hires, and finds a secret brotherhood that protects Excalibur, Pandora Box and other treasures of mankind. When a magic spear is stolen by the evil Serpent organization, Flynn is assigned to travel to Amazonas to retrieve a hidden part of the magic object. He teams-up and is helped by the sexy bodyguard Nicole No one (Sonya Walger) and together they face dangerous situations chased by the Serpent's agents.

"The Librarian: Quest for the Spear" is an entertaining adventure that follows the non-stop action style of Indiana Jones. The clumsy Flynn is very funny and shows a great chemistry with the athletic and gorgeous Nicole. Now I intend to watch the sequels of this enjoyable story. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "O Guardião – Em Busca da Lança Sagrada" ("The Guardian – Quest for the Sacred Spear")
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Please, no more librarians!
szczesliwka5 December 2005
This is the first time I regret watching a movie. Though the plot generally seems quite intriguing at first, after the introductory part of the movie we face a terrible on-screen disaster including such stars as Olympia Dukakis! In short, the film is totally predictable with awful script that makes use of all that we've already seen. It's not even about laughable FX, which would probably look the same if I did it myself. It's all about "wooden" acting, especially the main female character. It seems that the script limited all the actors so much that... there was nothing else to do just to "be there"... better see "Army of Darkness" - at least there they don't pretend to be something more than just a nice Sunday-morning flick...
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Kids movie rated 15?
bjorn-898 April 2006
Kid's adventure in the style of Young Sherlock Holmes, but without anyone for the kids to identify with. I really wonder what the target demographics were... possibly immature college students, I guess. The effects were pretty horrible, the computer graphics were ugly and stuck out like a sore thumb. I can't believe they're actually proud of them in the "behind the scenes" interview... (Gorges galore!) Predictable storyline without any real depth. Kid's stuff, as said. Also, not too ashamed to admit stealing lots from the Indiana Jones movies. Female lead is a dead ringer for Lara Croft (Sonya Walger).

Only for those who have a crush on Noah Wyle. Kyle MacLachlan and Olympia Dukakis only has a couple of minutes in the movie. Overall, terrible direction and over-acting.

I'm totally dumbfounded by the age rating of 15. One guy gets stabbed by the Spear of Destiny(TM), otherwise it seems very appropriate for 7 year old rating.
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Little to comment on
simplepog29 December 2005
It's hard to imagine how anyone was persuaded to be involved in this pointless Indiana Jones imitation. The actors look embarrassed (and well they should be) as they mutter lines that seem to have been written by a particularly clueless 12 year old. The movie is witless, hokey, and has a cheap and cheesy look. The dialogue is idiotic, the plot is non-existent, and the Holy Grail looks like something that came with a McDonald's Happy Meal. The great and timeless library appears to have been assembled using stock parts from Home Depot, and the sword Excalibur (held to the librarian's throat) dangles obviously by a piece of string. It did provoke laughter for the remarkable lameness. Someone actually spent money (albeit not much) on this mess!
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Amazon Forest
leofiska13 May 2009
This movie could only be comedy because we do not have clear water with rocks and falls in the amazon forest, treasure for Maya peoples was not gold coins and they used to live very far away from the rain forest, only Indian that live close to cities speaks Portuguese (better than Spanish of course). What should I expect in the next movie, Buenos Aires being the capital of Brazil? Ah... almost forget, we have a lot of falcons in the amazon forest so the Indian could wear falcon feathers (maybe they bought them at eBay). The studio should read a little more geography and history before making movies in other countries and cultures.
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Disappoints in storyline and dialogue.
shanfloyd27 May 2006
I don't expect much from made-for-TV action adventures. But this film featuring the talented Noah Wyle had enough ingredients to make it a nice venture. The shooting locations, the cast and visual effects were indeed more than satisfactory. But its potentials were ruined by its laughable plot (though I understand the producers looked for something rather comic) and terrible screenplay. The actors must have laughed behind the scenes having uttered these silly dialogues.

Some reviewers here demanded a sequel for this film. I also do so, but to utilise the character of Noah Wyle in a more fruitful manner. Good family adventure films are scarce these days.
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Some redeeming qualities, but on the whole didn't enthral me
TheLittleSongbird5 September 2012
I wanted to like The Librarian, I really did. I do like the action/fantasy/adventure genres, and thought it would be halfway decent. But apart from some nice locations, a rousing score and some good subtly deadpan performances from Bob Newhart and Jane Curtin, The Librarian just didn't cut it for me. The effects were excessively used and at best mediocre in their quality, and the editing could have been much more focused, at times it seemed rather frenzied for my tastes. The script is poor with unfunny in alternative to humorous jokes and a lot of the dialogue itself is trite beyond belief. The story is never suspenseful or enthralling, instead it is convoluted, derivative(of Indiana Jones except without the thrills and fun) and dull. It also never knows whether it wants to be Sci-Fi, adventure, fantasy or action, it constantly switches between all of those and it gave such an all-over-the-place feel. The action sequences are unexciting and not all that memorable, and the characters are clichéd and not developed enough to make us empathise enough for them. Of the acting, only Newhart and Curtin are close to good. Noah Wyle is stiff in the lead, Sonya Walger is sexy but not much else and Olympia Dukakis and Kyle MacLachlan are underused. All in all, a movie of its genre that doesn't have enough of what a movie of the genre needs and comes across as bland instead. 4/10 Bethany Cox
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Not worth watching
the_wolf_imdb10 January 2009
This is the most boring rip-off from Indiana Jones but hero hoes not have charisma, style, wit, nothing, just nothing. He is supposed to be the most clever guy on the Earth or something but his oh so clever remarks are just annoying. I do love clever people, but this character is absolutely disgusting. The plot is completely predictable, cliché after another cliché, only somewhat inverted - the hero is a nerd, his female partner is more Rambo-like character. In the new era male and female roles are completely inverted... only the guy is annoying like overly clever very talkative woman. But the story is really generic, you have seen the same like thirty times or so... Is there any software which writes automatically these almost identical stories? This movie is not worth watching. Absolutely not.
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fun because its SOOO bad
lawrence_mills17 November 2006
its lucky this isn't a cinematic release otherwise I would rate it even lower. I did not think of this as a comedy as I compared it to Monty python and holly grail where they put as much low budget entertainment as possible. compare this movie to Indiana Jones as well as a thousand other movies that have already been done a million times before. lets put it this way: this movie would probably be better before digital technology was around as the special effects in this movie are terrible compared to peter Jackson standards. if this movie were seriously considered a comedy because of its low budget's special effects, then they would have to make it more 'Monty python'. IDEA: in the scene where they were running across that bridge, there could have been a sudden spark and then the whole thing disappears suddenly and a sign comes up saying-'we apologize for this fault in the digital technology, we hope you enjoy this alternative script while we personally have a word with the designer'. some of the acting is kind of bad and the music is really lame especially in scenes where he sees the girl for the first time and when they escape the plane, and the most stupidest scene of all in every flaw mentioned in this review, was the scene where they have the big fight. unless you would really find this similar the holy grail, then give it a three other wise a zero, as its got terrible special effects, terrible acting, predictable story line and it feels like its copying of a lot of other movies.
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Okay waste of an afternoon or evening...
KenForeman6 December 2004
A fun if very derivative movie detailing the growth of Noah Wyle from a permanent student (22 degrees, 30, still in school, lives with Mom) to a Librarian entrusted with the protection of important artifacts throughout history. "The Librarian" tries to be "Raiders of the Lost Ark" or "The Mummy" but doesn't have nearly the story, characters, depth, or humor of either.

Poor Kelly Hu is wasted as a set piece. Kyle Maclachlan plays a passable villain. Jane Curtain stands out as a "straight man" in her interview scene and few interjections.

"The Librarian" is an okay waste of an afternoon or evening, but certainly not memorable. 4/10
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Not quite Indiana Jones...
ChrisDaemon5 December 2004
At first, I could not decide if this movie is slightly better or much worse than any Ernest movie. This one is a comedy adventure which does not take itself seriously -- which we can only hope. If you are not looking for Matrix-style action or Shakespearean acting (or dialog for that matter), then you can actually enjoy this movie.

The visuals are fantastic, as well as the scenery. Money well spent on locale, props and special effects. The supporting cast is hilariously funny ("I understand Thorazine comes in vanilla now" by Jane Curtin's character), and well chosen for the picture. The history stays somewhat in shape if you believe in such things as the Bermuda Triangle as an accurate part of reality. But this movie is not meant to be totally accurate to the core. I can not feel much for the main character. Granted, the overacting seems to be on purpose, if not totally overdrawn. Wyle succeeds in his portrayal of the eternal (history) student who is incapable of actually working for a living. Sad as it is, this is where his acting capabilities seem to end, asides from presenting the impeccable hero-smile and nuisance character.

The story drags in the first act. Remember movie laws? You have to sell your story in the first 10 minutes, a very crucial element. We wait about 20 minutes until the main thread happens -- the mystical spear (important artifact) is stolen. The action picks up from here, and if you did not change the channel you should remain in your seat. You get the usual ingredients: Helping, beautiful opposite-sex character that just won't show affection towards the hero, an evil villain and his lesser evil sidekicks, helping "friends" that waited hundreds of years for the hero's quest, the list continues.

This movie does not try too hard to be another Indiana Jones rip-off (you may disagree here). Ever heard of Zak McKracken And The Alien Mindbenders (classic Lucasarts game)? Look it up, the story has uncanny similarities of slapstick humor, and even Wyle's character reminds me of Zak.

LoDuca manages to amaze me. His musical queues are nice and original, but many times too overdrawn as well -- maybe intended. I leave the criticism of Director/Producer to others. Suffice it to say that I did not expect much from the folks responsible for ID4, Godzilla, Star Gate, or Eight Legged Freaks.

The movie is still easy on the eye (I do not mean brain). You can see the plot happening a mile in advance. But there are still plenty of laughs ahead, which sparingly but nicely distract from all the humbug and _un_reality. If you are a nit-picker, go and be happy with "1776". If you need action a la Tomb Raider, you won't find it here. This is a family movie without the blood'n'gore (ok, some minor), a decent but not exceptional story (not by a long shot), and the usual cliffhanger ending -- wait for part 2 if the ratings were decent?

Now, should I feel the urge to become a librarian? Is this movie paid for by the National Library Organization? Bah, Good clean fun, but not too Walt Disney.
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How many days in a row can you eat leftovers?
Asteri-Atypical6 December 2004
This movie started off seeming like it might potentially be more refreshing and new than the previews might have indicated but then took a turn towards amazing predictability.

Here is a movie which would have been better had they allowed it to be more "strange". From early on it was apparent that it was going to take a fanciful approach and one would need to suspend reality to enjoy it. Unfortunately they took very little advantage of this technique. There were few clever twists which challenged the viewers' concept of reality. There were no amusing parodies on the shamelessly "borrowed" scenes, characters and plot elements. The qualities of such movies like "Last Action Hero" and the original "Neverending Story" are utterly absent in "The Librarian", despite the potential. Even Hercules and Xena were considerably more creative.

The scene where we first encounter Edward (which I will not describe as to avoid spoilers) was so predictable that I predicted not only when it was going to happen, what he had done, what he was going to do and even predicted nearly every line of the entire scene verbatim. I was aghast that any modern scriptwriter would dare include such a cookie cutter scene and plot development without poking fun at it. I kept waiting for Noah Wyle to say "hey, I read this scene in a book"!

The characters were a little TOO stereotypical, too, with too few surprises.

Once again, I thought, early in the movie that there was potential for them to develop some unique characteristics; but alas.

All this predictability aside, I saw some potential here. Some glimmer of some quality which seemed to get buried in the mire of the typical. Perhaps the original concept was more interesting before getting butchered by "the powers that be" in the industry. This would not be the first time an utterly fascinating script got turned to pablum by executives who should stick more to administration and leave their noses out of anything remotely creative.

The acting was reasonable considering the banal dialogue, excepting for a few moments where the actors seems much too surprised or making too much of the moment (as if they were playing anything monumental or original). The effects and sets were OK but nothing special.

From the very title (which is not just "The Librarian" but adds "The Quest for the Spear") and the way this movie ended, it's clear they're contemplating more of these. Perhaps, should the ratings not kill that plan, they will learn some lessons for the next installment. Dare to be strange and creative.

In closing, this movie might be enjoyable to people who are utterly unfamiliar with American TV and cinema in the past half century. To the rest of us, it's like eating leftover meatloaf warmed up for the third time in as many days.
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The Worst Movie I have EVER seen...
Doovidooves10 September 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Before I begin, I must say, I'd rather give this piece of crap a zero, but I'm not allowed it seems.

Moving along, The Librarian is the worst movie I've ever seen. Even worse than most made for TV movies. The title alone suggests that this movie should not be seen.

Lets see, number 1, extremely stereotypical....

number 2, also that it was stereotypical as hell...

number 3, this movie forgot that the lawsof physics exist. Example, the said librarian was running across a bridge as it collapsed... behind him... I believe it was a rope bridge, but I may stand corrected, it may have been a different type of bridge, but the point of the story here is that this is not only impossible, it is stupid, and also looked terrible, which brings us to my next point...

number 4 awful visual effects. Nintendo 64 had better graphics than this thing. What the hell? Did they even try to make it look real?

Alright next point.... and my last point, because movies like this make me want to cry... not because they are sad... its because someone actually thought it was a good idea to make it.

If you look at the cast of this movie, you will notice that Bob Newhart is in it. I believe he is close to the top. Go ahead, scroll up and check it out. If you don't know who Bob Newhart is, click on his name, read his biography. Go ahead... don't be afraid.

Point is, Bob Newhart is an aging comedian... What should aging comedians not be doing? Kicking ass. Yes, Bob Newhart somehow knows karate in this movie, and uses it to kick peoples asses.

The only question that comes to mind is... why? Why does Bob Newhart know karate? Why does he kick other people's asses? Bob Newhart does not do such things. It scares and confuses people. It is also a stupid idea. I.... don't even know anymore... just thinking of it makes my head hurt...

Just please.... avoid this movie at all costs, for the love of God!

~Doovid Ooves
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Great cast; disappointing result
LoudLoyd19 December 2004
Great cast hampered by a terribly silly script. Bob Newhart, Jane Curtin and

Olympia Dukakis are terrific (except for Newhart's hokey fight scene). Noah

Wylie isn't too bad with comedy. Kyle McLachlan makes an excellent bad guy,

though he's not in the movie enough.

The plot and script are just plain silly. There are some funny moments

(Pandora's Box scene is cute; and, despite being too good looking to be a nerd, Wylie is charmingly inept). But the special effects are low quality and the

challenges are just too easy to overcome. In the end, it was all just too trite and predictable.

I expected a lot more.
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