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I can't believe I've waited this long......
klanco26 March 2010
First time I've heard about this show was when I saw Kristen Bell in Heroes. I came here and saw VMars. It took me a long time before I decided to watch this show. I started to watch it for one reason and one reason only -> Kristen Bell. Stupid I know, but when I saw the pilot episode I knew that this show will be something new, something different, something worth watching and I was hooked. The is one of the best TV shows that my eyes have ever seen before. Smart and funny dialogs, beautiful and talented cast of the show, interesting twists,mysteries... This show has everything. This show is awesome but sadly it has been canceled for a long time now. I really wish that this show will return to screen as a new season or a movie.
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Are you kidding me?
kmylml27 September 2006
After reading quite a few comments from people who thought this show is "horrible," I was really surprised with their reasons. First of all, there are very few TV shows out there that are in every way true to life. Of course the situations aren't completely plausible! That's why we watch TV shows in the first place - we're entertained by things that we would not normally do or see. If I wanted to watch something "realistic" I'd just tape myself and watch it at the end of the day.

What's real in this show is that every character is complicated and has layers in their personality. The bad guy isn't all bad, and the good guy isn't so great either. There's just this gray area - just the way people are.

Then there's the complaint that Veronica Mars is "too smart." And that's a bad thing because...? I'm sick of mindless shows that give away the ending in the first minute and/or have the same tired plots. If witty is not your thing, that is sad and someone needs a good dose of "sense of humor." Maybe everything we watch on TV should be bland and predictable from now on? By the way, detective work is supposed to be logical - not flashy. When you want to look for someone, you'd automatically put a trace on things they own. What did you expect would happen? Some kind of laser tracking thingy?

The writing on this show is amazing, as are the actors and everything else. The artistic value is also incredible. If TV watchers can't appreciate that, then I really am worried about the population.
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dark and beautiful, Veronica mars is a witty and smart show for all ages
Veronica Mars is a dark and poignant tribute to teenage angst and isolation. As a sophomore, we find Veronica popular and happy. She is dating the most popular guy in school, Duncan, and is best friends with Duncan's sister- the wild Lily Kane. After Lily's brutal and highly publicized murder, Veronica loses her friends, her social status all because she choose to stick by her father who accused Lily Kane's own father, the rich and beloved Jake Kane.

Season 1 follows Veronica's life post Lily's violent murder. Veronica has become cynical and disheartened due to what she feels as betrayal by her closest friends. Overnight Veronica became the most hated girl in school. She formed a hard outer shell, cutting herself off from her emotions in order to handle all the events that occur after the murder, the taunts of classmates, and the current class war that's been waged through out her town.

Veronica Mars is homage to the noir film genre of the 1950s with our main character being a high school teenager. The uses of color in scenes are key to understanding the story. Every aspect of the show is used to tell parts of the story from lighting to background prop placement and it all comes together to tell a beautiful story about death, betrayal, love, revenge and redemption.

The best thing about Mars, besides the character develop, plot twist, and witty dialogue, are the issues that Veronica Mars faces on a daily bases. Including murder, rape, teen pregnancy, gang violence, reports on abuse, and drug trafficking. It also tackles the normal high school issues all teens face like peer pressure, cliques, and gossip but in a smart way. The story lines are tasteful and believable; the writers did a great job avoiding the normal camp and clichés found in a lot of teen shows.

Veronica Mars is hands down the best show ever to be featured on UPN/CW, and possible network TV in general. It is defiantly worth your time.
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Somebody should be fired....
Mark Silbone3 April 2011
Just finished watching this show on DVD. Just as great as I remember it! I remember being one of the people eagerly awaiting Season 4 and being so disappointed in the decision to cancel this great show. I would have been happy enough if they at least ended the series on a better note with everything clued up. The CW should be ashamed.

All the cast members did a great job in their respective roles. But a special note should go to Kristen Bell in a wonderful job as Veronica Mars, Jason Dohring playing Logan Echolls, and Enrico Colantoni who played Veronica's father Keith Mars

I recently read that a movie was proposed but not accepted by Warner Bros. I think it would have great to clue up such a wonderful series.

and in case The CW or Warner Brothers didn't notice, this show still remains one of the highest rated shows on the IMDb.
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This show is fantastic...I urge you not to see it!
michawheeler15 November 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I have just finished watching all three seasons of this show, and I have to say, I've had better times. I've been moping around the house all day reading reviews, watching (mostly bad) fan made videos and thinking about Veronica Mars and how I'll never see her again. This sounds awful but this is the worst break-up I've ever had, honestly it is!

The thing is not that it ended, it's how it ended. Surely the creators must have had some idea that there might not be a season 4 so why not tie up some lose ends, let us go easy, give us some closure. The only character who got closure was Sheriff don Lamb and it was done so well that I felt sorry for him. Why wasn't this honor extended to the other, much more important and well loved characters?

The finale not only did not feel like a finale, it didn't even feel like a season finale. It looked like as season 3 progressed they were grappling with different formulas, desperately trying to find something that works. I don't think that what they did was half bad, I enjoyed the last few episodes as much as the rest, but by the end it was clear that there was no plan and they were making it up as they went along. It had to end and it was a bit messy. It left me with a bad taste, instead of remembering Veronica firing clever quips with her dad and Logan I'm picturing her walking in the rain, sad and disappointed.

I always thought Veronica as well justified in all her dubious decisions and dealings but what she did in the end was, well, a bit bitchy (hence the name I guess), and she didn't have time to redeem herself with her dad, with her friends or with us.

It was good while it lasted, but it left me heartbroken. Watch with caution and prepare your ice-cream.

Oh...I was so eager to get over with the girl talk that I almost forgot to mention that this is an excellently written, wonderfully acted, impeccably executed series. Kristen Bell carries the show but what makes this series what it is, is that the cast is great all round (except for a cameo by Paris Hilton, but it's forgiven). Special mention goes to Enrico Colantoni and of course, Jason Dohring, I'm certainly looking out for more of his work.
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well i didn't see that coming.......
blulou200022 December 2009
This TV series follows the story of Veronica Mars (Kristen Bell)as her best friend is murdered and her father is removed as county sheriff, Veronica dedicates her life to cracking the toughest mysteries in the affluent town of Neptune.

The show is heavily carried by the clever twist and turns of the plot lines, they keep me guessing from the beginning of the the show till the very end.

What also makes this show is the brilliant acting, manly Kristen Bell and Jason Dohring. The acting is very impressive and they play their parts very well. None of the acting is cheesy, they all pull of the wit and sarcasm that they are given in the fantastic scripts.

Overall, i advice that you watch this show!!! One episode and you'll be hooked!!!
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I can't believe I'm saying this...
ljs00b4 April 2006
I hate being sucked in. More than anything. I avoid anything that's popular just because I can't stand the herd mentality. It took me three years before I touched a Harry Potter book. I would not have watched this show willingly. My one uplifting, redeeming quality is that I'm a good friend. Always. Even at the sacrifice of my Wednesday evenings. I originally started watching VM because I was taping it for a friend who didn't get UPN in her new town. I was just going to tape it, but I thought it would be nice if I cut the commercials for her. Now, half a season later...I can't stop watching it. It's horrible. I actually rented the entire first season and watched it in one twenty-four hour sitting. If you start watching this show, be warned you WILL get hooked, no matter how hard you try to resist. It is a great mystery. Each episode has its own mystery that is self inclusive, but the overall season mystery is what keeps you speeding through traffic to get home in time on Wednesday nights. Kudos to the creators, they did a great job!
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Not just another teen drama...
raindrop_chick5 June 2006
Okay, I admit...when I first started watching VM, I didn't really expect much. However, one or two episodes in and I was totally hooked. I really enjoy the noir aspect of it, and the fact that is doesn't hold anything back in terms of "real" issues such as drugs, and sex. Of course, these issues are dealt with in a fictional way that makes them intriguing (as opposed to depressing) to watch.

The writing simply got better in the second season, and every time I watch an episode, I find myself relating more and more to a piece of each of the characters. Its this aspect that I feel makes VM a truly great show, and I look forward to the seasons to come.
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Erdem Hebele23 September 2011
What is so incredible about Veronica Mars? Chemistry between characters, intelligently written script, never-ending sarcasm except a few moments. No.

Veronica Mars had been canceled after only 3 seasons and probably whoever canceled it did not let they shoot a proper finale, even season finale. If it is only about ratings and nobody cares about the quality, why are we watching TV? I can count more than ten series lasted more than Veronica Mars which their crappiness is completely verified. But for mysterious reasons, they kept going on and on and on.

I wonder who made the final decision on Veronica Mars. I guess he or she must have done something like that: He checked ratings and saw VM's ratings are low more than it should be. And he says to himself, why aren't we canceling this show? I bet he did watch only the pilot. Rest of it is not watched at all. There is no other explanation of canceling.

They watch Gossip Girl which people only watch because of hearing voice of Kristen Bell, they watch Desperate Housewives and if it goes on for another 100 seasons, they will keep watching too. They watch all crappy shows and if they don't watch a brilliant show like Veronica Mars, the stupid guys in charge decides to cancel it.

This show should have lasted at least three more seasons but it ended without a season finale.
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I am obsessed with this show !
Pugalicious5 July 2011
I am obsessed with this show ! In my opioin this is the best show to ever be on T.V . I did not watch it while it was on T.V but it is on netflix so i can watch it 24/7 . I love this show so much i can quote it and name a lot of the episodes . This show is addicting I could not stop watching it ! If you don,t want to get hooked on it i would not try to watch it but this show is too amazing not to watch ! The combo of her crime solving and her teen life being in high school is wonderful . I still think that they should bring it back even though it has been off for around five years . I,m a super fan who thinks there should be a movie or really a forth season . The last episode kinda left you at a cliff hanger
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Remarkable TV (season one review)
Sweet_Ophelia16 April 2006
Despite dismal ratings and crazy scheduling, in 2 short years 'Veronica Mars' has obtained a cult following... so what is all the fuss? Well, I'll tell you...

Season 1 centers around the murder mystery of Lilly Kane (Amanda Seyfried); daughter to software billionaire and best friend of the show's protagonist, Veronica Mars (Kristen Bell). Before the murder of her best friend Veronica lived a pretty idyllic life in Neptune, California; a town, as Veronica puts it "without the middle class". By all means Veronica shouldn't have been apart of the elite 09ers (kids who live in the prestigious 90909 zip code), her parents didn't meet the pay-cheque quota and despite the fact that her father used to be Sheriff (which had a certain 'cachet') the only reason Veronica was one of the 'beautiful people' was because she was dating Duncan Kane (Teddy Dunn), Lilly's brother and heir to the Kane software company. But everything changed when Lilly was murdered –Veronica's father, Keith Mars (Enrico Colantoni) accused Lilly's father of murdering his only daughter and was booted out of the force when a video of the crime scene was released over the internet. Veronica's home-life began to fall apart when her family had to move out of their house and into a cheaper apartment, and when Veronica's mother could no longer handle being shunned by the elite community, she took off. Things got even worse for Veronica's social scene when Lilly's supposed murderer was captured after an anonymous tip-off. One-year on Veronica is no longer the preppy princes she once was; she has an attitude problem, no friends and now helps her father in the P.I business; 'Mar Investigations'; Veronica investigates everything from unfaithful husbands to a dog kidnapping conspiracy. But things begin to change with the arrival of new student and sidekick, Wallace (Percy Daggs III), as Veronica tries to figure out who really murdered her best friend, and who raped her the summer she was shunned by her former friends.

Veronica Mars is very reminiscent, but in no way a clone of previous successful teen dramas. VM has the same quick-witted writing jam-packed with pop-culture references as 'Buffy' and 'Gilmore Girls', combined with the mystery plot lines of 'Twin Peaks'. With a blonde, female P.I protagonist the show is constantly paralleled with 'Nancy Drew'; but be assured the investigative teen is the only similarity between the two. Veronica's mysteries aren't as corny or Scooby-Doo as figuring out who is really haunting the house on top of the hill – the show deals with infidelity, sexual abuse, murder and kidnapping…. Taking a page out of Joss Whedon's book, Veronica Mars is extremely character driven – while the season's big mystery is very edge of your seat, it's the characters you care about and keep coming back to watch. Kristen Bell brings many shades and layers to the jaded Veronica; she's a wise-ass who tries hard to keep her shields up, but at the same time she is very fragile; and some of the show's best and most memorable moments come when Veronica lets her guard down, or feels totally beat by life. Perhaps the best thing about the character of Veronica Mars is the fact that she's extremely flawed. Sure, she looks cute with her perfect shiny blonde hair and impeccably cool wardrobe, but she isn't always the best judge of character and sometimes she just plain screws up. Whether it's dating a drug dealer, accusing the wrong person of murder or faultily stereotyping someone; Veronica is the best kind of heroine because she isn't perfect, she's damaged and that makes her real and accessible to audiences. Veronica is the high school underdog; living on the fringe of popularity, shunning the 'cliques' and mainstream, unafraid to put herself on the front-lines of unpopularity for what she believes in. She is the ultimate outcast, and everyone at least once in their life can relate to her because of her constant social struggles.

One of the other great things about 'Veronica Mars' is the fact that Enrico Colantoni and Kristen Bell have a great rapport. Amidst the seediness of Neptune's underbelly, it's nice to see that the father/daughter relationship is quite often the beating heart of the show. Jason Dohring who plays Logan Echolls; Veronica's former friend and current rival; is also absolutely fantastic. His character is constantly shedding layers, going from 'psychotic jack-ass', to tormented teen. Logan is a conundrum, one minute he's the typical high school jerk, with lewd comments galore: "my underbelly is rock hard. It can go all night" the next he's quoting great minds like William M. Thackeray for his daily inspirational phone message: "To love and win is the best thing. To love and lose, the next best". Logan has one of the most interesting and complex character transformations that have endeared him to 'Veronica Mars' fans.

Veronica Mars is 'on the bubble'; a TV show term for when a show is about to make it big. 'Veronica Mars' constantly receives rave reviews, but poor ratings (usually due to yo-yo scheduling and bad time slots). The show has ferociously devout fans and an extremely dedicated cast. It is a breath of fresh air at a time when cookie-cutter TV shows like CSI are ruling the box and reality TV shows are being churned out and devoured for no good reason; 'the Bachelor', 'Dancing with the Stars'. Do yourself a favor and dip your toes into this TV show; I guarantee that from episode one you will be taken in, hook line and sinker.
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Clever writing, wonderful acting, great story lines...
aotm345-131 May 2006
Veronica Mars is a cleverly written show that is unlike anything else on TV. The format is simple, yet the story keeps you engaged. Kristen Bell is the star and she is perfect in her role as the teen-aged detective. The story lines are crisp and always move along. You won't be stuck for seasons (as is the case in some shows) wondering when the story will move along, when the clues will all come together, and when resolution will come. Veronica Mars manages to find a mystery, keep you entertained with subsequent smaller mysteries, keep you intrigued as you find the clues throughout the season to the arc mystery, and wrap up the case. Though the show can lose focus at times with too much going on, it all will eventually be wrapped together and the writers really do learn from their mistakes, can admit that, and subsequently make amends. Hopefully, the show will find a much bigger audience and better schedule (not going months without airing) with the move to the CW. While the show has an often revolving door of supporting characters, the dynamic between Veronica and her father (Enrico Colantoni) is one of the best on TV. Also, throughout the seasons Jason Dohring has emerged his Logan Echolls as a breakout character (and the third most important) who has incredible chemistry with Veronica. These three actors are perfect in their roles.
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A real gem!
patmac-628 November 2004
'Veronica Mars' - It's not Buffy, Twin Peaks or the Outsiders, but it's a worthy successor to each of them.

In today's market of Cookie Cutter television (CSI/Law&Order) - what a breath of fresh air it is to see someone actually making something entertaining about investigation and mystery.

While the two breakout hits of the year have been 'Lost' and 'Desperate Housewives' and rightly so - Veronica Mars deserves every bit as much acclaim. It's smart, fun, and spirited.

With a great cast, led by star-in-the-making Kristen Bell (for those who've seen Deadwood, then you'll have seen a glimpse of her range in 'Suffer the Little Children'), she's ably supported by Enrico Colantoni - a great roll for the former 'Just Shoot Me' regular - as her PI father. Surrounding the two are a host of intriguing characters, who each have their face value introductions, and yet, as the show progresses, are never just what they seem.

At the core of the show's story, is the mysterious murder of Veronica's best friend, and the ripple effect that this has had on her life around her. Nothing it would seem has been left untouched – ostracized by her former friends, she leads the lonesome life of a high-school student by day, and her Dad's PI assistant by night. The perfect launch point for the many adventures to come, as Veronica tries to untangle the web of intrigue that has been thrown across the world she lives in.

This isn't a ham-fisted Nancy Drew effort - Rob Thomas, the show's creator, has learnt well from those shows which have tread across similar territory; the teen angst of Buffy, the engaging mystery of Twin Peaks, the class struggle of the Outsiders, and perhaps even the sassy cool of Alias's Sydney Bristow – they all have echoes in Veronica Mars, yet the show is far more than just a clever knock off. It's a genuine original! And I for one, hope that audiences will give the show the support it deserves.

Give it a chance!
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TV history in the making
sarastro712 September 2005
Veronica Mars is a fantastic show - the greatest since Twin Peaks. I feel very sorry for those who can't appreciate its incredible acting, suave and wry humor, amazingly detailed storytelling and hyper-complex characters. The massive amounts of angst and intensity among these high schoolers is the only unrealistic (or rather, surrealistic) aspect of the show, and it is forgiven because this is an superbly crafted exercise in stylized fiction and symbolism.

The names, for one thing - Neptune, Tritons, Mars -, are not only planetary, but mythological. Neptune is a cold, distant place, but reluctant gods of war inhabit it. Keith and Veronica Mars do not instigate war, but when others declare it on them, they prove supremely good at it.

The show represents one of those very rare couplings of a great concept, great writing and great directing with a remarkable actress who totally "gets" the whole complex atmosphere of it, and can act the part perfectly. Kristen Bell is an incredible actress (I, for instance, became aware of this show solely because I took an interest in Bell after seeing her tiny but impressively acted part in the movie Spartan); she has every conceivable facial expression completely nailed, and on top of that she is also fabulously gorgeous - all the more so because of her obvious intelligence.

Veronica Mars is, as far as I'm concerned, one of the two best American TV-shows I've ever seen, and my rating of it would be 9 or 10.

This show WILL go down in history as a timeless TV classic.
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laurie_lincoln747 August 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I was all geared up to love Veronica Mars and, surprise, I wound up disliking it. The bad:

*The whole show rests on Veronica's "brilliant" abilities as a teenage private eye. However, most of the cases she investigates are pretty lame. For instance, Veronica searches for a missing person. To do this, she puts a trace on the missing person's credit cards. Oh, how clever! Why didn't the police or all of the other PI's searching for the missing person think of this? (Veronica's "genius" credit card trace seems all the more idiotic when you consider this missing person has been gone for FOUR months and no one has thought to cancel the credit cards or trace them before. Additionally, the person who is missing is VERY wealthy and famous.)

*Veronica's "outcast" status is a joke. A huge theme of the show is the way Veronica used to be Miss Popularity but now she's been branded an outsider. This is hammered home again and again, even in the show's theme song "We Used to Be Friends." However, Veronica still hangs with all the popular kids, goes to all the best parties, and has plenty of friends she can rely on in a pinch. Plus, Kristen Bell is too pretty and confident to pull off the loner/outcast role.

*The relationship between Veronica and the police officer is trite and convenient. The only reason it's there is to give the writers an easy plot device for whenever Veronica needs something (like a wire tap or a phone trace) that she couldn't get on her own.

*Kristen Bell is a likable actress, but her constant smart-mouthing gets old. Her quips are annoying, not cute. Most episodes, she comes across as a poor man's Lauren Graham. For a better example of witty dialogue, watch Gilmore Girls.

*A minor point, but I disliked the cutesy-poo planet names. Oh, look! Veronica MARS lives in NEPTUNE, California. How creative! Not.

*This show is supposed to be unique and fresh, yet it features so many stupid, overused story lines. The school mascot is kidnapped right before an important game! Veronica's friend has a secret admirer! Not original at all.

*The resolutions on most of the cases are stupid and convenient. Not to give anything away, but Veronica gets entangled with major crime bosses and some "really scary lowlifes" yet she always saves the day with a quick, oversimplified move. There is never a real sense that anyone is in danger. One storyline finds Veronica getting entangled with the Russian mafia. Yet this storyline is resolved effortlessly.

*Veronica is not convincingly upset about the Lilly Kane situation. The entire first season revolves around Veronica searching for her best friend's killer. It might have been nice to see her feel a TINY bit of grief about her best friend's death.
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Unsubtle and Over The Top
Brian Phillips12 April 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I'm amazed how many comments on this show are about how "real" it is. Maybe I'm not part of the same universe because if Veronica Mars is anything, it's over the top in a big way.

The acting is chewing the scenery with enthusiasm and the plots have holes you could drive a truck through. That's not what I call real.

It is so earnest in its desire to be "relevant" that it only shows how cut-off from reality Rob Thomas and his staff are.

Overall, I found it to be at best a snooze-fest and at worst more than a little annoying. Kristen Bell looks like she could be a good actress, but it's hard to tell with the over-the-top style of the whole show.
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Dead Last in the Ratings... Deservedly
DesultoryTori10 September 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Last week, I took a look at the weekly Nielsen ratings, and there was Veronica Mars, supposedly "the best show you're not watching".

Well, they're right that you're not watching it. It aired twice and was ranked 147 and 145 out of 147.

Translation: this is the lowest-rated show on any nationally broadcast network... and deservedly so. I tried to watch it a couple of times because of all the press coverage hyping it as a "great" show, a "realistic look" at life and all such nonsense. The reality was otherwise. Veronica Mars is a bore. It's as unrealistic as it gets, and it richly deserves to be canceled.

The only Mystery is why CW felt compelled to put on its inaugural schedule the lowest-rated show in memory, after two years of continued commercial and artistic failure.
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146 out of 146 in the ratings... Why is this still on the air?
Salma_Cox19 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
The biggest mystery of Veronica Mars is not one that she had to tackle on screen.

Rather, the mystery is why this perennial ratings disappointment is still on the air. This week marked a nadir for Veronica Mars: it ranked 146 out of 146 shows in the big 6 (soon to be Big 5). Yes, you read right. Veronica Mars was beaten by every show of the now-defunct WB and every show on UPN. It was beat by all the shows on Fox and of course by all the shows on ABC, CBS and NBC.

Now, the hip hypesters are going to say: but this was a re-run. But everything on TV that week was pretty much a re-run! It boggles the mind why CW would choose this proved ratings disappointment as one of the few shows it saved from UPN.

Clearly something is going on behind the scenes. Favors are being exchanged and influence peddled.

Sorry to be so cynical, but what other explanation is there? The "Veronica Mars has potential" line is clearly dead now that it's had two years to establish itself and failed to do so.

Maybe it's Joel Silver's influence and clout, but frankly, I am at a loss why anyone would choose to spend their clout on a bad show that no audience is watching.

A great mystery and a very inauspicious debut for CW.
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Excellent - Not your average UPN show
Bagelcat21 February 2005
The story of Veronica and her search for the truth in the spoiled and famous Nepture is far more compelling that your average UPN teen drama.

Real characters, complex situations and issues and topics beyond who is hooking up with whom. The detailed story arc might make it a bit challenging for new viewers to pick up the threads, but each episode stands alone.

Like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Veronica Mars mixes, humour and pathos, into both complicated life and death issues and high school life. Just as Buffy was about more than surviving high school with a social life, Veronica Mars looks at real things with a sceptical eye and an ironic twist.
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Huge Disappointment
Mandy Roberts20 April 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I was so disappointed by this show. After hearing and reading all the hoopla about it, how it was a "ground breaking show" and all sorts of wild promises if quality, I tried to watch it.

What a letdown!! The acting was way forced and exaggerated. The story made very little sense. As for any hint of the vaunted "look into teenagers' lives", I could only see a paltry attempt that had as much reality to it as a reality show.

Some are wondering why there are so many negative comments about this show. The reason is that it's really not all that good and beating the drums over quality on this show only serves to attract attention to how poorly made it is.
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Kristen Bell has Potential but Veronica Mars doesn't
rodneyjackson14 May 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Kristen Bell looks like she may be a good up and comer.

It's hard to tell because the show she is starring in, Veronica Mars, is far from stellar. It requires over-exaggerated acting at times which make it difficult for Miss Bell to really shine.

However, one can see that there is true potential there, if only she could get a vehicle that lent itself to good acting.

The show itself is a complete mess creatively. Even after two years it still doesn't gel into anything resembling a coherent whole. There is a good idea at its base (young detective) which may be why UPN kept re-launching it. But public relations and press clap-trap do not make a good show, unfortunately.

It is also very low rated. I looked at the ratings this week and it gets the same ratings as Pepper Dennis, which was dumped by WB after it had canceled most of it marketing campaign.

Hopefully, Miss Bell will be freed from this bad show and will use the press she got to find a more deserving vehicle for her talents.
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Surprisingly Annoying and Boring
Erin_Harris24 June 2006
I recently saw an episode of Veronica Mars, and what a letdown it was.

I was expecting some sort of diamond in the rough from all the publicity and the fact it had been picked up by CW for their inaugural season, but what I got instead was a show that exemplified why UPN and WB were so little watched.

In a word, it's just not a good show. It strives so mightily to be hip and relevant, but it doesn't even rise to the level of a Disney Channel comedy. Not to dis the Disney channel, they have good shows, and when they have a show that's over-the-top like Veronica Mars, it's on purpose and the writers and actors are winking at you.

No so with Veronica Mars, which plays like a spoof but takes itself oh-so seriously!
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Clashing of tones Make VM Trite and Underwhelming
Mischa Portman10 May 2006
What a bore! Veronica Mars is a mishmash of concepts that may be compelling in a different setting, but completely fail to gel into anything remotely coherent.

Like Buffy, the Awful Show, Veronica Mars tries real hard to be the "voice of young people" in an attempt to placate brain-dead TV executives obsessed with the "all-important demos." It would be fine if it succeeded, but it also wants to be an over-the-top comedy and the clash of the two tones make for a less than entertaining show.

At once pretentious and over-the-top, Veronica Mars will hopefully not make it to the new CW and make space for a more deserving show by better writers and directors.
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A Must-Miss that CW Would Do Well Not To Pick Up
BigVroom16 May 2006
So it's not the most awful show on TV... But it's one of the least interesting.

It's also a proved ratings loser.

Two seasons of languishing at the bottom of the Nielsens is apparently not enough for CW. According to press reports they are really considering picking up one of the shows that killed the UPN Network...

Given that the show has shown no sign of life either creatively (no, over-the-top acting is not a sign of life, nor is it a sign of quality) or in the ratings, it's baffling why CW would even entertain the idea.

Their new pilots can't possibly be that bad!! Come on, CW, try a new show and give it the same chances UPN gave in vain to Veronica Mars.
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The Worst Show you're right not to watch
patricialewis4 October 2006
What is it with all that nonsense about Veronica Mars being the "best show you're not watching?" The show is bad. Period.

There is no super-clever stuff going on that requires super-intelligence.

There is no profound observations about teenagers.

There is no good acting or good directing or good photography going on.

It's simple: if you don't watch Veronica Mars, you're not missing anything. There is nothing there.

Kristen Bell may possibly be a good actress but you can't tell with the bad material she gets here (and in her recent movie).

Anyway, you get the idea: Veronica mars is a show that deserves to be cancelled and that network politic is keeping alive for who know which reason.
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