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Kevin Hill was a great show and this network has made a huge mistake in not continuing this show. The ratings would have went through the roof.
diannebond078 November 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Kevin Hill was an excellent black show and it showed a successful black lawyer who had a very interesting life. Unfortunately, I think Kevin Hill was canceled because he looked too successful to be black and this is why the show was canceled. We can't have black people looking too successful can we? That's changing the cycle. What does it matter about the baby being changed? That's irrelevant! The show had a great story line and it was interesting. It was something that I looked forward to watching every week just like I look forward to watching Top Model every week. I personally feel that for a show to be put in the same category as Top Model is huge. Tara Banks has outdone herself and she has a winner and recognizes this. Kevin Hill is an excellent actor in anything that he does and I think that this network has made a huge mistake in canceling this show. Yes, everyone was talking about this show (black or white) and I don't know what data or information they used to cancel such an excellent show but whatever they used, they definitely need to reevaluate and correct the mistake.
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Great new show
dana_20002830 September 2004
This show can be taken seriously with people and topics that you can relate too. BRAVO to the creator and thank you for something that I can actually look forward to watching. The characters are believable and at first I thought it wouldn't work with Taye Diggs, but he has found his niche role. Keep up the good work and I really look forward to future story lines. It's a nice cross between The Practice and Ally McBeal, but not as ridiculous as McBeal, this is more on the serious side with acting and story line you can appreciate. Also, the characters are not predictable roles either. A successful black man with a gay white nannie (BRAVO). Thank you again for something different.
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Intriguing, but Idea Isn't New
warlock1623 November 2004
Someone wrote that the idea for "Kevin Hill" came from the movie "Baby Boom" with Diane Keaton.

This is true. To add to this, this idea was done on another TV series..."Family Affair" with Brian Keith. Remember that premise: a successful professional with a carefree bachelor life (with his butler French, of course), has his life changed forever when his long lost brother's three children arrive at his doorstep...orphaned when his brother dies in an accident.

"Kevin Hill", obviously, is not new. However, it will be interesting to see Taye Diggs, and how he handles this role, if the network will just give it a chance.
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Baby Change Response
river799 October 2004
In response to Sookie55's comment on the casting change for the baby, the reasons have nothing to do with the colour of the baby's skin. First of all, the pilot was shot over 6 months ago. So even though the first two episodes are one week apart, the baby would be 16 months old, instead of 10. There is a big difference between a 10 and 16 month old baby. Second of all, the change may also have had to do with money. Since the pilot was shot to see if the show would be picked up, the cast could re-negotiate their fees when it was. Some changes were made, example: Kevin Hill's 2nd friend in the first episode no longer exists. Since I live in Canada, I'll have to wait for CTV to pick it up, however the first two episodes which a friend taped for me were excellent. I'm looking forward to the rest.
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A ''ok'' show.
alpacino200729 September 2004
Really interesting and heart warming....Kevin Hill a successful lawyer , has everything any woman he wants a great job. UNTIL his cousin dies and he inherits a baby taye diggs is very good as Kevin, The only thing the show lacks is the supporting cast the gay men playing the baby sitter? his friend playing a lawyer that goes against him in his first case, I really hope for UPN that this show lasts alittle longer then any other shows they put out this season, but all in all its a OK show to watch when you have nothing better to do. Even though the only thing thats interesting in this is the hot women in the show, and also if you're a Taye Diggs fan that this is also for you.
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Is it just me...
ladytulip6 October 2004
...or is this show more than a bit like the movie "Baby Boom" with Diane Keaton?

Highly successful person with no obvious intentions of taking time for a marriage and family has a relative pass away and leaves the successful person their child.

Successful person has to leave incredibly demanding job because of the demands of the child but finds equally fulfilling work doing something else somewhere else.

Personally, I'm hoping the show will be a success. I loved "Baby Boom", I thoroughly enjoy Taye Diggs in whatever he's doing (he's talented and he's eye candy - what more can a woman ask for?) and I'm tired of there only being comedies with black actors and actresses in the starring role.
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Is this entertainment?
jan-erik-wahlberg-115 March 2006
Sorry all you Kevin Hill fans, but this has got to be the lamest ripoff of an old TV-show ("Family Affairs") I have seen. Plastic people in a plastic box just doesn't do it, if you know what I mean. The character Kevin Hill is much too two-dimensional to create any passions one way or the other, and the entire cast seems to be a bit lost through each and every episode. There are lots of admiring ladies (becomes boring when repeated)and Kevins' confused male friends are completely in the woods and clueless. "Kevin Hill" is also a success in the category of "The Most Boring Score Ever Composed for a TV-Show". Why is it that the writers of these quasi-modern TV-shows assume that the public is interested of mediocrity?
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Poor formulaic acting, super glamorous people = total drivel
Dickyfilms8 January 2009
At the least some of the sitcoms that churn endlessly out of the US are honestly bad. This junk, however, portrays a "heart warming" parenty side to a clothes horse. Acting laughably "learnt" with glances and phrases delivered in the "I'm SO important and thin and beautiful" fashion. In the episode I just sat agog through, someone's "job" was at risk simply because a colleague had "placed" a phone call, slagging her capabilities off ... !! Really, this is the lowest of the low. What kind of damage does this foist on the watching masses, seeing only glitzy glam-puss people parading around "working". Utterly sick making. When the titles rolled, I thought, oh well, it provided jobs for the boys. You know who you are.
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whole show
realist6615 October 2007
Baby boom was bad enough, basically making a series of every straight mans nightmare is worse. Yeah watched a few always made me feel better after a bad day, it reminded me it could be worse. Guy was rich successful, single(smart man), and dating celebs from singers to actresses, then his screw up of a cousin dumps his biggest mistake on him. In reality it would have been straight to foster care I'm sure, this was definitely a chic series. Oh and what's all the wining about the baby change, most the time it's probably a doll besides at that age it's nothing more than a prop anyways.

Any case I'm glad it didn't last more than a year.
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mooseyba5 May 2005
What's the deal with the ever "changing" baby? Last night's episode (5/4/2005) the one with guest star Toni Braxton, must have had 2 or 3 different babies. It was so obvious. In the scene where Taye Diggs takes the baby to get her hair done, he goes in with one baby, turns around and it's a different baby and by the time they show the baby with her new hairdo it's the original Sara. I know they generally have identical twins portraying any baby or toddler character. This was just so odd. In all of the shows that I have watched I have never seen that done before. For those old enough to remember, it was sort of like the "Darrin" switch on Bewitched.
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What is with the Baby Switch?????
sookie556 October 2004
Why was the baby on the show switched to a different baby. The baby used for the premiere of Kevin Hill, better matched

the star of the show. The new baby absolutely does not look as though, it is remotely related to Taye Diggs. Was the first baby star, too dark-skinned? I for one thought she was absolutely beautiful. Taye Diggs and its producers should be ashamed of themselves. The new baby looks as though she would be perfectly matched,it the star of the show was LL Cool J or Terrence Howard, but certainly not Taye Diggs.

Did UPN think that its audience would not have noticed the switch, so soon, in the airing of Kevin Hill. I have seen people of color eliminated quicker, in most major horror flicks. Focus groups can be so cruel.
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