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Transformers 5 Story Left Anthony Hopkins Baffled

Transformers 5 Story Left Anthony Hopkins Baffled
When Anthony Hopkins says he just doesn't get the story behind Transformers: The Last Knight, he's not trying slam the latest sequel. He's 79 years old, and as any Transformers fan of any age can attest, the last four movies had convoluted, confusing storylines that sometimes didn't make a lick of sense. On that note, the iconic actor does want fans to know he had an absolute blast making the movie.

The Transformers movies have never been accused of having coherent storylines, and it sounds like Transformers: The Last Knight isn't any different. Sure, there was a writers' room with some of the most brilliant screenplay writers in Hollywood helping to hammer out the two hundred and ten page script. But that doesn't mean they were able to come up with something that makes any sense. All in all, that's kind of the charm of a Transformers movie. Who really cares what it's about?
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Transmission Films launches New Zealand venture

Transmission Films has formed a new venture to manage its film distribution activities in New Zealand..

Transmission Films New Zealand (Tmfnz) will be headed by Michael Eldred in the role of general manager.

He will oversee all of Transmission.s interests in New Zealand..

Eldred will work in close association with Sony Pictures New Zealand, the current home media sub-distributor for Transmission films..

Under a new arrangement, Sony will also handle the booking of Transmission.s theatrical releases under direction from, and in co-ordination with, Tmfnz..

The move consolidates Transmission.s activities in the New Zealand market, where they have been releasing films with various local partners since 2008..

Over the intervening period the company has invested in and brought over 75 films to New Zealand audiences, including such successful local films as Boy, The Dark Horse, The Dead Lands, The Orator and Slow West..

Tmfnz under Eldred signals Transmission.s major
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Nzfc backs Donaldson, Tamahori projects

Roger Donaldson is attached to direct two projects, a feature doc and a feature, inspired by the lives of two famous Kiwis.

McLaren will profile Bruce McLaren, the Formula One champion who won the Us Grand Prix when he was 23, the youngest ever to do so.

The Guinea Pig Club will chronicle the story of renegade plastic surgeon Sir Archibald McIndoe, who revolutionised the treatment of burns victims during WW2.

The New Zealand Film Commission has offered conditional investment to both projects. Donaldson has already shot some footage for McLaren, using Nzfc development funds.

The Nzfc is also co-funding The Patriarch, just the second Kiwi feature from director Lee Tamahori, who broke through with Once Were Warriors in 1994.

Due to shoot on March 24, the drama is scripted by John Collee, based on Whale Rider author Witi Ihimaera's novel Bulibasha. The protagonist is the youngest son of a huge extended Maori family of shearers,
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End of an era as Nzfc quits sales role

The New Zealand Film Commission is getting out of the business of selling feature films and shorts internationally as part of a wide revamp of the agency.s structure and mission.

The Nzfc will seek to place the new and recent films it represents with sales agents and is hiring a consultant with sales experience to manage the transition. That process will start on April 1.

The organisation, which has 129 films under its care, will continue to handle sales of at least some of the older titles. The Commission has sold the films it produced or invested in for more than 40 years, including An Angel at My Table, Bad Taste, Vigil, Once Were Warriors, Sleeping Dogs, Smash Palace, The Navigator, The World's Fastest Indian and, more recently, Black Sheep, Eagle vs Shark, Two Little Boys and Fresh Meat.

Lindsay Shelton, who served as marketing director from its inception in 1979 until 2001, was
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Reader Spotlight: Morgan in New Zealand

We're getting to know The Film Experience community one-by-one. Today we're talking to Morgan Borthwick from New Zealand. We've never been but it's on our brains due to Jane Campion's stunning miniseries "Top of the Lake". Here's Morgan.


Hi, Morgan. Do you love Jane Campion? (Please note: There is only one correct answer to this question)

Morgan: Of course! She understands film is as much art as it is storytelling and I could rhapsodise all day about her many gifts.  As a director, I love what she does with her actresses, particularly Barbara Hershey who is beyond superlatives in Portrait of a Lady, Abby Cornish in Bright Star and Elizabeth Moss in Top of the Lake, making me forget Peggy of Mad Men ever existed. She should have two best director nominations by now at least, but that's a gripe for another time about the academy and their "we've nominated you once,
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Joel Edgerton And Teresa Palmer At A Loss In Wish You Were Here Trailer

For many across the United States it's spring break, that blissful time of year where we toss aside our responsibilities, grab the suntan lotion and a bathing suit, and travel to an exotic.or at the very least notably warmer.locale to let loose! Spring break forever and all that. Of course, amid the carefree frivolity, drunken debauchery, and sunny snapshots, there can be room for terrible tragedy. And that dark possibility is what lies at the center of the new trailer.via The Playlist--for Wish You Were Here. The Australian thriller begins with a vacation, then spins into a neo-noir that got bloggers buzzing at its Sundance debut in 2012. Joel Edgerton (Animal Kingdom) stars as one of four friends who head out for a carefree holiday in Cambodia. But when one of their group (The World's Fastest Indian's Anthony Starr) goes missing, they return home stuck deep in
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Reynolds Racing To Battle For Bonneville

Reynolds Racing To Battle For Bonneville
Picture the film equivalent of one of those dodgy auctions in a hollowed-out high street store where punters bid for what is described as genuine designer perfume. Studios and production companies have been competing to win a package that promises to bring the compelling story of racing half-brothers Walt and Art Arfons to life with Ryan Reynolds starring and Jon Favreau directing.New Regency is currently in final negotiations for Battle For Bonneville, which would also feature a script by Dan Gilroy, who co-wrote The Bourne Legacy with younger bro Tony.The half-brothers were obsessed with drag racing, and built their first vehicle together, the Green Monster. They would go on to compete both together and against one another through the years.But Art yearned to also break a land speed record, and utilised jet-powered cars and would snatch the land speed record three times between 1964 and 1965 with his Green
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The Weinstein Company Launches Video On-Demand Label

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The Weinstein Company Launches Video On-Demand Label
The Weinstein Company (TWC) announced today that Tom Quinn and Jason Janego have joined forces with TWC Co-Chairmen Harvey Weinstein and Bob Weinstein to create a new TWC label to bring new films and other specialty entertainment to audiences simultaneously across multiple digital and traditional platforms. Quinn and Janego will serve as Co-Presidents of the yet-to-be named label, which will be based in New York. The announcement was made by TWC COO David Glasser.

Quinn and Janego were among the first in the film industry to explore the potential of emerging digital platforms and were in the vanguard of developing new strategies for alternative distribution during their tenures at Magnolia Pictures, where they were Senior Vice President and Head of Legal & Business Affairs, respectively. In 2005, Magnolia became one of the first distributors to implement the day/date releasing, premiering Steven Soderbergh's Bubble and Alex Gibney's Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room
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John Gilbert interview: Blitz, Jason Statham, Lord Of The Rings, Peter Jackson and more

Ahead of the release of British cop thriller Blitz in UK cinemas, we caught up with film editor John Gilbert to discuss his work on the film and much, much more…

In the lengthy, frequently difficult collaborative process of movie making, the vital role of the film editor is sometimes overlooked. An "invisible art", as one New York Times writer once described it, it's the film editor's task to sculpt what can amount to dozens of hours' footage into a coherent narrative.

It was particularly fascinating, then, to get the chance to talk to seasoned film editor, John Gilbert, whose recent project, Blitz, is out in UK cinemas this week. We spoke to him about the process of editing this British cop thriller into its lean current form, directing pick-up shots, and working with Jason Statham, as well as his wider career to date, which includes the epic Fellowship Of
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Anil Kapoor to play cop in Roger Donaldson's next Hollywood biggie titled Cities

Anil Kapoor to play cop in Roger Donaldson's next Hollywood biggie titled Cities
...and if you thought that it was only the 'lucky' Freida Pinto who's cashing and bagging in all the big Hollywood films, then you better re-think because here's why! So what's the first thing a journalist would do when he hears the 'Breaking News' coming all the way from Hollywood? We all know, don't we? Well, I happened to text my dear friend Anil Kapoor. Read on! Breaking News has just come in from the other side of the ocean that acclaimed director / writer Roger Donaldson (Hungry Rabbit Jumps, The Bank Job, The Recruit) has locked in his next directorial project titled Cities which will star Academy Award nominee and Golden Globe winner Clive Owen (Duplicity, Inside Man, Children Of Men, Closer) and our very own Anil Kapoor. This is Anil Kapoor's second big Hollywood film that he has bagged after getting famous in the West with his Oscar winning movie Slumdog Millionaire.
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Early Edition: David Boreanaz Joins 'Officer Down'; Roger Donaldson Takes to 'Cities'; More

Filed under: Movie News

TV star David Boreanaz will make good use of his 'Bones' hiatus downtime to take a leading role in the indie feature 'Officer Down,' a paranormal thriller that stars Stephen Dorff, Dominic Purcell, Stephen Lang, James Woods and AnnaLynne McCord. Here's the film's story line, according to Deadline: When a doctor and security guard dream at night, their dreams consist of what the other person did during the day. They meet when the security guard murders his wife, is then hit by a car and brought into the doctor's emergency room. Boreanaz will play a humorless, ambitious rival detective to a cop played by Dorff. The film, the first feature for director Brian A. Miller, begins shooting in Connecticut this week.

Aussie director Roger Donaldson ('The Bank Job,' 'The Recruit' and 'The World's Fastest Indian') will direct 'Cities,
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Geek shows and movies on UK TV in the coming week

The Pillars Of The Earth. Dave's One Night Stand. Mark Gatiss. Buzzcocks. Sanctuary. The Inbetweeners. Movies. It's a busy week of British telly ahead...

For the second week running, there's a lot to get through over the next seven days of UK telly, so we'll be short and, hopefully, sweet in helping you set your reminders early.

8 Out Of 10 Cats bids farewell to Tellyville tonight, Friday, October 15th at 10:00pm on Channel 4. The show, hosted by Jimmy Carr with team captains Sean Lock and Jason Manford, will, no doubt, get the groans going amid the giggles, with this week's guest comedians Rufus Hound and Russell Kane seeing the current series out.

The Pillars Of The Earth debuts on Saturday, October 16th at 9:00pm on Channel 4. The mini-series, set in 12th century England, stars Donald Sutherland, Ian McShane, Rufus Sewell and Hayley Atwell and looks like a
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Top 10 Motorcycle Movies

Tonight's Hollywood's Top Ten takes a look at the best motorcycle scenes on the big screen. Which movies made the list? Find out in the clip below. Then tune in tonight at 8:00 Pm Et / 5:00 Pm Pt to see the full episode, or catch one of its encore showings. ReelzChannel is 299 on Dish, 238 on DirecTV, and available on your cable system.

Next Showing:

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Jennifer Carpenter Likes Hungry Rabbit

Jennifer Carpenter Likes Hungry Rabbit
Jennifer Carpenter, once a scream-queen in The Exorcism of Emily Rose and these days best known for playing Dexter's sister (and off-screen wife), has signed up to star in Hungry Rabbit Jumps, where she'll appear alongside Nicolas Cage, January Jones and Guy Pearce.Directed by the underrated Roger Donaldson, the story sees Cage join a vigilante organisation after his wife (played by Jones) becomes a victim of crime. Carpenter would play Jones' best friend.This all raises a few questions. How did Cage's character persuade the gorgeous Jones to marry him instead of Don Draper? What is Pearce's role in all this? Why do we keep trying to write "Garner" instead of "Carpenter" here? And has Donaldson, director of ace-film-cripped-by-a-bad-title The World's Fastest Indian, surpassed himself here in the inappropriate title stakes? Surely someone will change it before release, right?In any case, it's all based on a script
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Nicolas Cage to Star in Hungry Rabbit Jumps

On its blog Heat Vision, The Hollywood Reporter writes that Nicolas Cage has signed on to star in the upcoming thriller Hungry Rabbit Jumps. The news comes just one week after the announcement that Cage would star in another revenge flick, Drive Angry.

Hungry Rabbit Jumps is being directed by Roger Donaldson, who also helmed Thirteen Days, The Recruit, and The World's Fastest Indian. The script by Robert Tannen involves a man who becomes entangled with an underground vigilante organization after his wife falls victim to a brutal crime.

Tobey Maguire is acting as one of the movie's producers (through his company, Maguire Entertainment), and the movie is reportedly scheduled to begin filming in New Orleans this coming January. Also producing is Jim Stern of Endgame, who commented briefly on the project:

As a company, we've been wanting to do a thriller for a long time ... In the best of the Hitchcockian tradition,
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Roger Donaldson Making Umbra

Roger Donaldson, the man behind The World's Fastest Indian* and The Bank Job, is in talks to direct Umbra, which is being described as a paranoid thriller.Of course, that's all it's being described as, since further plot details are still under wraps. Steven Karczynski wrote the script, which doesn't give us much to go on. A quick google search, however, reveals that Umbra is either a "worldwide leader in original, casual, contemporary, affordable design for the home" based in Toronto, or a word meaning the darkest part of the shadow. Hmm, we're not sure which would make us more paranoid: darkness, or the prospect of shopping for furniture.Donaldson previously directed paranoid thrillers No Way Out and The Recruit, so this isn't too much of a stretch for him and would, we're guessing, come behind The Day They Stole The Mona Lisa on his To Do list.*Better than
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Roger Donaldson Stole The Mona Lisa

Roger Donaldson, the director behind The World's Fastest Indian, is headed back to the screen with The Day They Stole The Mona Lisa, about the daring heist of Da Vinci's painting from the Louvre in 1911.Based on the 1981 book of the same name by Seymour Reit, the story is based around the real-life theft of the Mona Lisa in 1911, a loss which made it the most famous painting in the world. Con man Eduardo de Valfierno, transporting six forgeries of the painting around the world before arranging for the real thing to be stolen. He didn't even bother picking up the real deal from his accomplice, just sold the six fakes to dealers instead, confident that they wouldn't turn him in to police. The real Da Vinci was turned in to police a couple of years later.There's no word on a screenwriter or cast yet, but Donaldson already proved
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Roger Donaldson Will Steal the Mona Lisa

Roger Donaldson, who most recently directed the Jason Statham film The Bank Job, is set to helm another fact-based heist flick. The filmmaker, Phoenix Pictures and Robert Chartoff are teaming for a screen adaptation of Seymour Reit’s book The Day They Stole the Mona Lisa. The book centers on the theft of the world's most famous painting from the Louvre in 1911. It was missing for more than two years before an Italian carpenter named Vincent Perugia showed up with the painting in Florence. The film will center on the conman who masterminded the theft. Mike Medavoy and Chartoff will produce with Lynn Hendee and Phoenix's Arnie Messer, Brad Fischer and David Thwaites. Phoenix is in post-production on the Martin Scorsese-directed Leonardo DiCaprio thriller Shutter Island. Donaldson’s previous credits include The World's Fastest Indian, The Recruit, Thirteen Days, Dante's Peak, Species and the 80s Tom Cruise comedy Cocktail.
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Hopkins To Play Hemingway

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Hopkins To Play Hemingway
Sir Anthony Hopkins is to play revered author and adventurer Ernest Hemingway in a new movie, directed by Andy Garcia.

The Welsh actor, who has played real-life figures in Nixon, Surviving Picasso, Amistad and The World's Fastest Indian, will play Hemingway in independent movie Hemingway & Fuentes, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Garcia co-wrote the script with Hemingway’s niece, author Hilary Hemingway. He will star opposite Hopkins - as fishing-boat captain Gregorio Fuentes, who befriended the writer in the last decade of his life.

Fuentes is reportedly the inspiration behind Hemingway’s Santiago character in his beloved Pulitzer Prize-winning tale The Old Man and the Sea.

Annette Bening is in talks to play Hemingway’s wife Mary Welsh, according to the publication.

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