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For those concerned about substance abuse among dominatrixes, this one's for you!
ajax-1210 March 2005
Well, this certainly puts a new spin on addiction and recovery ... not to mention the dominatrix trade. In the future, ninety-five percent of the population is addicted to alcohol, drugs and anything else habit forming. Consequently, though there is no legal "proihibition" as such, anyone in the country (I think this takes place in the US) who is caught drunk or under the influence is forced to spend an entire year at a treatment center, like the one featured in this film. Fiacre Douglas, as the secretly drunken head of this facility, is quite good. So is Jen Burleigh-Bentz as the dominatrix detained for rehab, who must attend daily meetings with a group of other "doms." The rest of the cast is so-so, though many of them do look great in their bondage gear, and the sets are appropriately creepy if not exactly futuristic. Overall, a good attempt to capture the look and feel of a "Blade Runner" on the budget of a "Plan Nine from Outer Space."
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