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Better than what most people gave it credit for.
demonspike35731 July 2005
People unfairly gave this game a bad rap because of its use of drugs as power-ups. Unfair because it is a remake of a gaming classic that was centered around drugs anyway. People have to understand that this game comes from Midway, a gaming company that pushes the envelope when it comes to objectionable content.

In my opinion, the game is well worth the $20.00 that one would spend on it. The game features a good storyline, the ability to arrest almost anyone, and decent weapon play. There are extra missions and hidden packages to give the gamer more to do. The game has exceptional voice-over talent from Hollywood actors Michael Madsen and Bill Bellamy. That had me impressed.

The game, however; has glitches both in sound and video. I was disappointed in the fact that one cannot drive vehicles in the game, and there is no support for two players. Both of those elements were in the original game and were big parts of it to.

I never got bored with the game and I feel that my money was well spent. I would recommend the game to anyone who is old enough to play it.
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Ignore the negative reviews, this is a great game.
blazingheat5 September 2005
NARC centers around the story of Detective Jack Forzenski and DEA Agent Marcus Hill, formerly partners. The game opens with some nice dialog, followed by the event that starts the entire game: Eddie Jackson, a small-time drug dealer, is shot numerous times. Barely alive, he stabs a syringe into himself. Not seconds later, he rises, killing several police officers. You then play a short intro-level to the game.

You switch between Jack and Marcus, working your way towards the source of the mysterious drug.

The graphics are actually quite good in my opinion, especially during the cut-scenes. Sure there are a few errors in the graphics, but they're minor and pretty much unnoticeable, and most games, if not every game, has graphic errors here and there.

The game is very fun. You get to shoot people a lot, and who doesn't like shooting people? There are also some other nice features including taking drugs for special effects such as faster movement and better aim, arresting criminals, and special missions in between the story missions.

One thing I will say is that the controls are confusing at first, but you get used to them, especially if you play a lot of First-Person Shooters.

The voice-over talent is great. Famous actors Michael Madsen (Reservoir Dogs, Kill Bill) and Bill Bellamy ("Fastlane") voice Jack and Marcus respectively, and relatively famous Ron Perlman (Hellboy, Blade II) voices Ed Kowalski, Jack's uncle and chief of police.

Sure, there are a few...okay, a lot of negative reviews out there, but that's only because a lot of people expected too much. No, it's not as good as Grand Theft Auto, but what is? I recommend buying this game. Sure, you could beat it in a rental, but this game is like GTA in the sense that it takes a long time to get the least bit old.

Final Score--9/10
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