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This movie is so cool!
shanayneigh30 August 2008
Or that's what the filmmakers would like you to believe, anyway.

This movie tries sooo hard to be cool it's ridiculous. Everything, from the look of the film, the cinematography, the editing, the dialogue and the acting, is geared in super cool mode from the get go. Just to make sure that no one misses how cool this film is, there's a soundtrack of really cool rock n roll tunes and a twangy western-surf-tex mex guitar playing constantly throughout the film. As a final reminder of how frickin cool this movie is, all the actors have been instructed to speak in a hoarse voice, because, as we all know, that's badass.

The plot (if there indeed is one) seems pretty straightforward. But as someone else already pointed out, the director and star of the film, seems fiercely determined not to tell that story, instead focusing on a plethora of naked babes and dialogue that's supposed to be badass, but grows tired surprisingly quick (did they have an contest to see how many times they could cram the words "pussy" and "f*ck" and its derivatives in an 80 minute film?).

This movie was absolutely horrible.
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One of the Worst Movies Ever Made
DaveDiggler25 February 2009
Larry Bishop writes, directs and stars in this soft-core porn; a plot less biker movie about nothing to do with anything. This is one of the worst movies I've ever seen. I actually felt sorry for the girls in this movie (who probably thought they were in the making of a feature film). In all reality they're making a porno. They walk on set, spend three or four days there, say some sexually themed lines to a bunch of old men - thirty years older than them - then they take off their cloths and run around naked. I can only assume this was Larry Bishops only way of getting laid. You see shot after shot directly on girls asses. Shot after shot of Bishop walking up to some random chick and grabbing her by her crotch, as if he were shaking her hand. How this crap was even funded is beyond me.

There isn't one redeeming quality, or one moment in the movie that creates any kind of reaction, or shows any inclination that these people had any idea of what they were doing. If you don't see naked women all that often, then I guess this movie would be for you. If you're eleven-years-old, you might like it. The acting is awful, the writing is awful, the production is awful, and the direction is awful. It's not even worth your time renting it just so you can say you witnessed the car crash. You shouldn't even be reading these reviews. I shouldn't even be writing one.
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Tries too hard... and fails.
Siamois31 August 2008
Director/lead Larry Bishop tried way, way too hard with Hell Ride. The movie wants to be edgy, witty, provocative, outlandish, biting all of this, seemingly in a Quentin Tarantino/Rob Zombie style. But it's not edgy. The references seem forced. The dialog tries to be clever and fails. The humor is never funny. Nice try setting a gritty tone but we'd have to care about the characters or the story for it to remotely succeed.

What you're left with are cool Harleys and pretty girls surrounding a bunch of tired, old and out of shape "bad boys" in what looks like an attempt to do a modernized Sergio Leone western. If this movie can make newer generations interested in 60s and 70s films, kudos for it. But on its own, it is rather boring and irrelevant. I do believe there is a place for style over substance. But this movie is not it.
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Don't waste your time
locomotivebreath837 August 2008
Tarentino should be ashamed to be involved with this awful film. The acting, directing and script are all third-rate - with the entire film playing out like an excuse for writer/director/star Larry Bishop to get laid. The only reason it was made at all is most likely due to his association with QT. The plot of the film is pretty flimsy, and basically tries to survive on not-so-obscure references to older B-movies and some cameos from guys like David Carradine, Dennis Hopper, and Vinnie Jones. Each one is listless in their performance, particularly Hopper who is in full-on paycheck mode at this point in his career. The saving grace, if there is one, is that the script is so laughably bad that it can be entertaining. Bishop tries so hard to get that trademark Tarentino banter and just fails miserably, which can be pretty humorous at times and grating at others. I'd only check this one out if you love bad movies...or if you're really into biker films.
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lynstly28 August 2008
I have had more boring stretches of 80 minutes in my life, but none are coming to mind right now. Hell Ride is based on the retro cult 70s theme that Tarantino brought back, and did right, in movies like Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs. The problem with Hell Ride is, unlike PF and RD, the story is garbage and so is character development. How many movies does Bishop think he can blatantly steal from? The brief case in Pulp Fiction, the air gun in No Country, etc. etc. Speaking of Bishop what the hell is he doing acting in this movie? I couldn't help but laugh at those scenes where he's standing with his pelvis trusted out, desperately trying to seem like some hardened biker. Nothing in this movie is believable. And why Dennis Hopper? Did they really need the Easy Rider motif too? I blame Larry Bishop, for his horrible plot and dialogue, not to mention his failed attempt at the leading role. Don't bother watching this movie, it's a waste of time.
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I see lots of folks just didn't 'get' this film
brad-owens21 February 2010
The first time I watched this movie I wasn't sure I liked it.

It seemed very cheesy and over the top. I didn't like the way they seemed to be trying to be like the 60's and 70's biker movies.

I missed the point the first time I saw it.

But there were some scenes I wanted to see again, because I had watched it late one night and didn't finish it, so I watched it a second time and I must say I liked it a little more. The next day I found myself thinking about it and wanting to watch it again to see some of the sections over again.

So I watched it a third time, and not on my veranda as I had the night before, but in my private office/study and paid attention to every scene. I must say it really grew on me.

It reminded me of the movie Natural Born Killers. You either 'got it' or you didn't. You either loved it or hated it.

Now I read all 11 pages of reviews and I can see the film students are out in force, but this was not a film that was going to follow what your professors told you about plot and plot development. Or script writing and some other things that people seem to want to 'act' like are part of making art films.

I digress.

However, having made a few micro and low budget films, and being in many small budget ones as an actor, I can tell you that this movie had flavor. It was, as someone else said on another review, a movie about biker movies.

It had sex, but never showed anyone HAVING sex. It showed a lots of T & A, but nothing so bad I would compare it to porn, and those that do are just not living in reality.

Now, was it weird? Yes. Was it Oscar winning? No. Was is good entertainment? YES! I judge a movie by a few simple things. Was it entertaining is the primary goal I seek in a movie. This one passed with flying colors.

The acting was NOT that bad. The chatter between the folks was right out of those macho, campy, films this one was inspired by. Anyone who doesn't see that doesn't understand the true 'B' movie and REALLY doesn't get Bishop's idea here.

Not surprising in today's film world of computer generated images and gazillion dollar blockbusters but this is different.

I will again state, if you see this movie at least three times, keep an open mind, leaving all your QT wannit-to-be at home, let yourself forget all the stupid (and usually wrong) stuff your film professor told you, and allow yourself to see a movie that was meant to be a 'B' movie about 'B' movies, in other words, fun and nothing else, you just might 'get it.' And for all the folks on here talking about all the stuff that was 'stolen' from other movies, I say, show me the super duper ultra original piece you flaunt as your ideal movie and I will find the movies they stole stuff from.

It is a stupid argument and ignorant at the same time. Anyone who has ever made a REAL movie will tell you that everyone 'steals' from other movies, it's called inspiration.

And for the folks calling the bikers 'un real' I can tell you that you have never been around true outlaw bikers before. And you have never been to a real outlaw biker party. They are hard drinking, hard screwing, hard riding, dudes you don't mess with. You would be very surprised at all the 'old dudes' getting laid by hot younger ladies too. I would love to see the yuppie Harley types show up at a real biker rally. Oh boy.

I digress again.

To those who haven't seen this, don't listen to the nay sayers, see for yourself. You just might be one of the folks that 'gets it.'

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It's not awful, but it is a pretty rough ride.
raul-7130 August 2008
To say this movie is bad would be to simplify matters to the extreme and with the exception of Hell Ride's plot, nothing in this life is that simple.

So what's wrong with it exactly... Larry Bishop. The guy must have balls the size of two small dogs to think he could pull this off. Bikes, beer and booty makes for one great cocktail but bikes, beer, booty and bishop... not so good.

The story is interesting, the theme is great, the cast, characters and acting are over the top but welcome, hell, even the directing is good but Larry, why did you have to put yourself in it as the lead? Casting yourself as the lead is a step too far. This isn't going to get you any leading actor roles but will most certainly deem you to a life of character bit parts and walk ons. Larry successfully delivers some of the most ham-fisted dialogue in the most atrocious of displays of acting ever witnessed on celluloid. I can't even bring myself to disgust the batman-esq vocal shenanigans but it's poor.

I am beginning to meander almost as badly as this movie. So in a nutshell: Great cast, great concept, compelling direction, terrible, terrible lead acting.
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Don't see all the complaints!
bullet-tooth-tony9 August 2008
I honestly do not get why so many people are upset with this film. Its rough, its ridiculous, its over the top, and its a great ride! I admit its not film-making that will change the world- but its a gritty exploitation film, and for anyone who's gotten a kick out of "Devils Rejects," "Kill Bill" or the "Desperado" series this is at least worth taking a peak at.

The cast is all great- Bishop, Balfour and Madsen make a cool trio, each stealing the show at different moments, Dennis Hopper really gives a memorable and entertaining performance, and Carradine shines in a very (darkly) funny cameo. Vinnie Jones is good, he could have been given more to do, but he is entertaining and handles his weapon of choice quite expertly. The story, well- its simple. Its a revenge tale, and an excuse for lots of mayhem and carnage to take place. Again, if you want a gritty, rough around the edges exploitation flick, I do not know what else people are expecting. The story serves its purpose, and keeps the audiences entertained for the hour and a half it plays out. The dialogue does get a bit overly cheesy at points, but that really only adds to the charm of this absurd film- it'll make you laugh, it'll make you puzzle, but I never found any lines to be so distracting that I could not enjoy the film.

So see it if you know what you're getting into! There's a hell of a lot of violence, far far far more nudity, disgusting language and a good amount of despicable anti-heroes. For the type of film that it is, it is very well done and very entertaining! I heartily recommend it for a good, demented time at the movies. I only wish it'd get a wider release, Im lucky I got to see it at all!
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100% Badass
Scott_Mercer1 August 2008
I seem to be in a distinct minority here. Seems like most people, to quote Roger Ebert, hated, hated, hated this movie.

But I loved it. God Bless Quentin Tarantino for commissioning Lary Bishop to make this movie. God bless the Weinsteins for coming up the with the (small) budget. Saw it last night at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood, and it did not disappoint kiddies, let me tell you.

It's about time somebody made a real biker movie again, but amped up to even more sleazy, ridiculous, and glorious levels than anything produced during the Golden Age of the Motorcycle Movie, 1966-1974. I would put this one up there with The Wild Angels as one of the best biker flicks ever put to celluloid.

The plot and story arc and simple, tight, and move like a French TGV train: fast! It's a short movie and it flies by. Every frame stuffed with action, menace and bad-ass attitude. All the characters are interesting and well-portrayed, if sleazy, intense, and uncompromising.

There's plenty of sex and the body count is high, but none of it feels gratuitous: these are violent people walking a razor's edge, tying up lose ends that have been plaguing their lives for many decades. It's all an organic part of the tale.

Larry Bishop pulls off the lead role with cool detachment, and Michael Madsen is great, doing what he does best, all cocky swagger and easy dominance of the screen. Great performances all around. David Carradine doesn't have much to do, but at least he is here. Great to see Dennis Hopper on a motorcycle once again! Wearing the fringe jacket! Maybe for the last time? I hope not.

Do notice the trademarked Tarantino shot of looking up from inside the small enclosed box. I guess Larry got permission from Quentin to do that. Or maybe Quentin himself filmed it; I believe he did a small amount of second-unit shooting on this film. You'll know it when you see it, it's in the last scene of the movie. I just had to laugh when I saw that shot. The Tarantino stamp all the way. If I didn't know any better, I could have been convinced that Q. actually directed this joint.

If you are in any way, shape or form, a fan of biker movies, or Quentin Tarantino, or extreme film-making, or classic drive-in movie fare, you MUST check out this ride. This is one HELL RIDE you will not soon forget. Try and see it at a drive-in (one of the 100 or so left around the USA) if you can!

6/1/10: I was right. It was the last time Dennis Hopper wore that jacket. Too bad. R.I.P. Dennis.
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A fun ride and a very cool trailer
sls1309 July 2008
If you're not into the 3B's "Beer, Bikes & Booty" then this movie may not be your thing. But if you are then it can be a fun ride. Michael Madsen is at his best in roles like this. He is right at home on a bike. It's great to see someone who can actually ride in a movie about bikers. And Dennis Hopper? Biker film legend. It's awesome to see him back on a bike. There's lots of nudity & some pretty graphic murders so again -it's not for everyone. Vinnie Jones is the coolest guy on the planet & he rock as 'Billy Wings.' There all kinds of bikes - Harleys, Choppers, even a Triumph. That's the way it was in the biker films and this is a great tribute to the old biker films. Fast & Fun. Here's the link to the trailer: HTTP://www.comingsoon.net/hellrideredband.php
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michaelh-2925 June 2008
I was in Sundance for a screening of Hell Ride and thought it was fantastic. It was the last movie I saw before I left and it was a perfect one to leave on. I had no idea what to expect when I went in but my friends and I totally loved it. The story comes together well and is anchored by an all star cast. The action keeps the pace of the film moving without swallowing any of the characters performances. The movie makes you want to go out and get on a motorcycle and hit the open road. If one of the WildHogs grew some balls, took acid, and went all the way with a chick from Beyond Thunderdome then their badass son would be Hell Ride! Quentin is definitely back if he was ever even gone!
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A vigorously polished turd
fertilecelluloid11 August 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I wish I could write the following: "HELL RIDE is one hell of a ride." Unfortunately, I can't. The bikers in this movie do get to ride some sizzling hot women, so all is not forsaken. Larry Bishop's homage to biker pics tries hard to tart up its terrible script with a lot of cinematic lip gloss, but a turd is a turd, no matter how vigorously you polish it. The "story" is a lazy excuse for profanity, badly staged violence, and sleazy sex. Without the sleazy sex, this would be something of a bust. Imagine if a bunch of cult and counterculture actors got together for a reunion and filmed that reunion. Well, "Hell Ride" is that film. I'm sure Quentin Tarantino (the presenter) and his buddies had a great time partying on the Weinstein dime. They all look like they're having a great time; a lot of bare breasts get ogled and fondled (thank Christ!), and some decent performances do emerge from Michael Madsen and Dennis Hopper. As stated earlier, the women are very, very hot, and Bishop's camera zeroes right in on the bits and butts that count. The deliberately washed out, tilt focus photography feels very old hat, and the direct steals from many of Leone's films only serve to underline the bankruptcy of talent behind the key roles in this wanna-be of a biker flick. One of the most disappointing aspects of "Hell Ride" is the lack of hellish bike action. Do not expect even one-tenth of the action of a classic like "Mad Max", a film itself that homaged (stole from) "Born Losers", amongst others, but emerged with a fresh synthesis of its influences. Can you hear that churning sound? It's AIP spinning in its grave.
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Loved It!
kit-maira29 August 2008
I loved it. I think it was the best biker movie ever. The bikers were bad ass, the chicks were naked and hot, there were no cops, or even citizens, just bikers, chicks and action! Best of all, no moralizing messages. Every biker movie I have ever seen has to show the bikers as misunderstood, or criminals who get what's coming to them from the cops.

The only downer was Hopper, tainted by his association with the worst biker movie ever, Easy Rider. Michael Madsen was great, almost a good as he was in Reservoir Dogs. Even the bikes were great! So sorry that it is already out of the theaters. I'll be buying this on DVD.
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What it all means
simplyme197421 October 2008
These are my opinions... agree or disagree. I have watched this movie a couple of times now. I bought it, and I am glad I own it. People who are watching this movie to see "another biker" movie are going to be sorely disappointed. It is a biker movie, yes, but that isn't the point. It is about a point of view. It is about telling a story in a certain style. This movie is satirical, and you realize that if you have ever seen any of the other movies that Quentin Tarantino and Larry Bishop have made together. Sometimes, we forget, a story is just a story, a point of view. If you want to watch something that comes at you from a different angle than the usual cookie cutter movies... Something better than the usual ready, fire, aim Hollywood crap, then give this movie a chance.
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Not what you would like it to be
TdSmth520 March 2009
I can't make up my mind about this movie. There's something to like about it yet at the same time it doesn't succeed entirely.

The story is not a bad one. A woman who is involved with members of two rival biker gangs ends up killed by one of these gangs. She leaves a box for her young son. The box requires two keys for it two open. All this takes place in flashbacks.

Fast forward to now, where a young biker has been "promoted". The gang, the Victors, includes The Gent played by Madsen, and the "prez" of the gang Pistolero. Oddly, the Gent is really the extraordinary shot. They are at in perennial war with the 666ers, the main guy there is played by Jones. A mysterious characters played by Hopper is some type of intermediary between these two gangs.

But the main character is Pistolero, who supposed to be the baddest of them all. He's played by Bishop who is also the writer, director, and executive producer.

The women of Pistolero also are significant, in particularly one played by Leonor Varela, who convinced Bishop that she could be sexier if she didn't have to be naked. And she was probably right. She is absolutely hot and puts on one hell of a seductive performance, and frankly, steals the show.

There is some violence, some nudity, some smart but banal dialogue, in the vein of Tarantino, but more intelligent.

The problem is that the main part playing in the present is dull. All the action is in the past portrayed in flashbacks, the brutal killings, the key plot parts, etc. Now, in the present, these guys just stumble into places, beat each other up or shoot someone. And Pistolero stands there sounding tough and delivering some half-witted remarks, telling people to meet in Tucson over and over again. The main problem is Bishop, who makes for the goofiest, phoniest biker guy I've ever seen. You don't buy for a second that this guy is the meanest motha' around- as he says of himself. He just does not look the part, although he has a good distinct voice. Far more interesting are Madsen's and Hopper's characters, both who have rather thankless roles. The young new biker is also miscast. And the entire rivalry between the gangs is not given enough attention.

This is all supposed the take part in the desert of New Mexico/Arizona, but as always, was filmed on the other side of the Hollywood Hills, and that just does not have enough of a desert atmosphere.

This is the kind of movie that you want to like, it's got some cool characters like The Gent, pretty girls, it's about violent outlaw bikers...but in the end it disappoints by focusing an the least believable of the characters and by pushing the most interesting parts of the story into flashbacks. The music is also annoying, loud, since it's supposed to be another character in the movie.
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Quite simply a complete pile of sh@t
roowonkenobi12 September 2008
Warning: Spoilers
The worse film i have every seen. Like the other honest reviewers, it is just an excuse for getting naked birds with their juggs out. Don't get wrong, naked women isn't a bad thing but there is another film genre for that.

Boyfriends beware. I sold this to my girlfriend as a classic bike gang fest (due to reviews) to be greeted with every other scene full of naked women gyrating about the place. Slap in the chops for me.

What makes me laugh the most is all the dogey bike dives they went to in the film were full of models with the works cosmetically - what biker bars have these? They are usually slightly haggard with tattoos and far saggier juggs! Completely unrealistic.The acting is terrible, loads of pointless swearing and a complete waste of time storyline.

Did anyone check out Vinnie Jones's attempt at an American accent? Its as embarrassing as his football skills.

Avoid like the plague. The only reason you would watch this film is if you are a young lad who cant access p@rn and have nicked it from their parents movie collection for a few pervy kicks!
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Worst Movie on 2008, so far
hlywdman8 August 2008
Once, you figure out that the 'alleged' star, writer/director, 'producer' is going to shoot the entire film consisting mostly of himself in scenes in closeups, you've got the idea. I don't mean to suggest that Mr. Bishop doesn't have talent: it takes some kind of nerve to get the financing for what seems, at best, a weak knockoff of a Tarentino film. The film has a slender plot and even that, at best, is hokey. To say that the film objectifies women might just be the understatement of the year. Combine the fake boobs and fake bake that the very young ladies of questionable acting ability have with the very slow moving story, and you have a snooze of a film. There aren't even any good action sequences. The mayhem is very literal and very slow. How fast can Michael Madsen move anyway? (He also has developed a super over tan: did everyone go to Hawaii before shooting?) At the end of the day, you see that the film is barely opening, and to small audiences, and you know that Hell Ride will quickly be forgotten. The rating, as is usual with IMDb, is overly happy. This is a 1 all the way.
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from a girl's point of view
polexia_rogue8 August 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Once upon a time there was a beautiful maiden who was slain by evil rogues, leaving behind a lost child, a lost treasure and a promise (for a loyal warrior to uphold.)

If you strip (no pun intended) away the blood and nudity you are left with a unique, beautiful story. I admit ,in the first 20 minutes I was confused by the many characters; what they all meant in the context of this modern day fairytale. But through the many deaths of bad guys, many tongue in cheek jokes, and very unique looking strippers, it all came together in a way that was logical, and beautiful.

I don't want to post spoilers, but please do not walk out on this movie because of the lengthy periods of sex and gore; it will all be worth it at the end.
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Bad Biker Movie Forces U-Turn out of the Theater
l_brennan197921 June 2009
When a movie called Hell Ride comes out you expect a certain amount of biker cliché. With character names like "Pistolero", "Comanche" and "The Gent" I braced myself for the worse and was punch in the face by just that. The dialogue, soundtrack and shooting style are standard for biker movies. Dusty desert blurred from the heat as bikes coming tearing down the road while "CC Rider" plays and they talk about sex and violence. Yawn! The three leads were just ridiculous and unbelievable. Seeing old men like Bishop and Madsen (in a freaking ruffled shirt) riding down a dusty strip of desert highway reminded me of two men trying desperately to relive their youth. Poor Eric Balfour tried his best but with such poor material it got lost. Even an appearance by Dennis Hopper in full Easy Rider swing, couldn't save it. And let's talk about the store bought tans shall we? Many have compared this to Tarantino's work. It is not even close. What makes Tarantino's work so brilliant is he knows it's over the top so he just goes balls out and takes it as far over the top as possible. Bishop took this film so seriously that it became nothing more than a poor copy of the exploitation genre.
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Messy, Mediocre and Racy Movie
claudio_carvalho4 August 2016
The messy, mediocre and racy "Hell Ride" is unfortunately a great deception. Indeed is a poor attempt to imitate Guy Ritchie and Quentin Tarantino styles, or a tribute to these directors that completely fails. The violence and nudity are free and gross in a quite senseless screenplay of a war between rival gangs of outlaws in California. The characters are unlikable and the attractive art of the DVD cover is maybe the best this film can offer on DVD. The most incredible is that Quentin Tarantino is the executive producer of this terrible flick. My vote is one.

Title (Brazil): Not Available
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Hell Ride or Porn Ride
wishuwereher15 June 2009
That's what I kept asking myself while watching this film. I mean the amount of nudity and sex was one thing but another part of the movie which gave its genre to the adult industry was its lack of storyline. Really I just wanted to get up and leave during the whole movie, but I persisted. I persisted in the hope that maybe the storyline would get better, that there might be a good twist at the end. However I couldn't have been more wrong. In the end I persisted because I figured I could write a bad review for it if anything after watching it.

I mean don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with beautiful, sexy and vibrant women, but when the director only shows that along with a shitty story thinking it's what the viewer wants to see, it insults us all. To think we are all so shallow to only want to see burlesque from rep ratable, big movie industry players is preposterous. My advice: hire a different movie.
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Everyone missed this! Quentin is genius! **SPOILER**
thund3rbolt27 August 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I can't believe the reviewers and naysayers for this movie. Yes, it's violent, yes it has gratuitous sex throughout but it's HELL! That's why they call it Hell Ride and Larry Bishop is the devil! Did you not notice how he looks? yes, just like how we depict Satan with the beard and his "Pres" patch. Notice how there is no people, the scenes are devoid of anyone but the bikers and the chicks? That's because everyone there is BAD including the women that are more than willing to have sex. Bikes, Booze and broads! One huge tipoff comes when Nada tells Larry she's the messenger of misery and she says if you don't f-- me right now you are going to hell and Larry say's "Baby, I'm already in hell apparently I made a reservation this morning.

Some reviewers were so stupid and missed all this. One reviewer wrote how he couldn't figure out why Cheroke's son looked like he was 20 when after 32 years he should be at least 40 and why Billy Wings only looked 40 when he should look 5x at least. Well, hello .. it's because they're all dead ( this is the age they died at!) and now they're seeking justice for what happened in life before they died -- Hell style and Comanche is riding on the "left hand side" where Satan wants him.

One last thing to think about. The three keys to open the box and what was in the box? Wy would you even need keys? After all you could just shoot the lock right? Well not if it's "special box" so I'm thinking .. "souls". In the end Larry says to Comanche: "I think I'm gonna call you son from now on, cuz sonny's eating way too much f'n time" Meaning, yer on yer own now and you are the son of Satan.

I also enjoyed this movie for another reason as well since it reminded me of the Sergio Leone spaghetti westerns of yesteryear. If you like those spaghetti westerns you will love Hell Ride and hat's off to Quentin Taranteno for making the reviewers look like the dummies they are.
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Running on Empty.
Mr_Censored29 July 2010
From executive producer Quentin Tarantino comes "Hell Ride," a throw-back biker flick/vehicle for Larry Bishop, who not only serves as the lead in the film, but also steps up to the plate as writer/director. The film follows the exploits of a hardened clan of bikers known as The Victors whose penchant for booze, women and good old fashioned revenge seems to have bonded them for life.

Bishop, along with his co-stars Michael Madsen and Eric Balfour, manages to conjure up enough charisma in spite of poorly written characters and the cringe-worthy dialog they are forced to spew. Here is where the Tarantino touch would have saved the film, but alas, the famed director's involvement appears to be limited to providing funding and promotion for the film, rather than actually helping to nurse it along. Bishop does the whole Grindhouse/Tarantino/Rodriguez schtick well enough on the surface; the film looks good and has a vibrant soundtrack, but not much else. What the film lacks is true charm and appeal, not to mention, a cohesive or even mildly interesting plot.

Bit parts from the likes of David Carradine and Dennis Hopper may serve to shake you out of the semi-comatose state the film lulls you into, but neither character do much to improve or advance the story. It's almost as if they are there for us to say "Hey, look! Dennis Hopper! Neat!" rather than having the actors put to good use. In the end, "Hell Ride" is all style and no substance. There's lots of eye-candy -- from the babes to the bikes -- but not enough plot to go around, even for it's miniscule 80 minute running time, which still makes for a ride that goes on way too long.
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Absolutely Brilliant!!
sevenulove14 December 2009
Warning: Spoilers
i just discovered this movie on cinemax about a week ago and i have watched it on FiOS on demand about 30 times now. i restart it 3 or 4 times a day and let it run. i can see that it is controversial from the either "love it" or "hate it" ratings and comments. most of the reasons for not liking this movie are a lack of understanding of the genre and the content. for one, this movie does have a plot and you'd have to be retarded to miss it. two, those who criticize the biking either don't own a bike, don't know how to ride one, or ride a rice rocket instead of a real bike. as far as the debauchery, if you don't understand that then you've never been to an adult bike rally. but beyond those things that might be grounded in reality, is the phantasmagoric genre of this film - those who have compared it to the sergio leone spaghetti westerns and the classic biker movies are right on - the dialog, the characterizations - the scenery, etc. watching this film 30 times brings out the nuances and the brilliance of every scene including what many of you have termed as banal, stupid lines, etc. watch the scene at the end between pistolero and the gent when they discuss what's in the box - watch it 30 times - this is sheer brilliance in action! all i can say is, if you don't get this movie, then you're a documentary watcher and shouldn't be watching film as art. period.
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If oyu're looking for something that brings back 70's chic....
bowerykid9 December 2009
After reading some of the previous reviews, I would summarily agree, BUT, I grew up watching cheap, 70's horror/biker/exploitation B-movies, and this movie takes me back! Movies like the Evil Dead trilogy, Suspiria, The Last House on the Left, The Dunwich Horror, Maniac, Holy Mountain, etc. etc. come to mind! If you're looking for something with "super special effects," "intriguing dialogue," "memorable quotes," and/or something that you can walk away with "thought-provoking," or "life-changing" feelings, well, this movie is NOT for you! It's a pretty simple plot, and there really is NO need to get into it, as everyone pretty much covered it. But it one helluva movie, and yes, Tarantino was involved. He actually gave Bishop the green light to do the movie. So, all in all, I say, give this movie a chance, for some of us, it definitely takes us back!!!
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