Mesrine Part 2: Public Enemy #1 (2008) Poster


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La journaliste interview: [Begins interview] Why are you doing this?

Jacques Mesrine: [long pause] Because I don't like laws.

Jacques Mesrine: I don't like the laws and I don't want to be a slave of the alarm clock my whole life.

Jacques Mesrine: I don't want to spend my entire life dreaming. I don't want to always think how I have to work half a year just so I could buy some thing.

La journaliste interview: What do you expect from your life? Recognition? Money?

Jacques Mesrine: [chuckles] What a question! Money, money, money... all of you just keep talking about it, always the same. But I'm completely different.

Jacques Mesrine: What exactly am I doing? I'm looking for the money in the places where they are - in the banks.


La journaliste interview: Regarding the politics, are you on the left or the right?

Jacques Mesrine: [sighs] Neither side. I think politics are a dirty game. It's better to keep the distance from it. I don't trust any politician.

La journaliste interview: Do you consider yourself as a dangerous individual?

Jacques Mesrine: Dangerous... And according to you? I don't know, maybe I'm dangerous. I don't know. Why are you asking?


Jacques Mesrine: Depends to whom. For instance I don't play with cops.

Jacques Mesrine: [pulls out his pistol and poses for the photographer] Shoot it!

Jacques Mesrine: Good photograph, publish it!

Jacques Mesrine: Dangerous... Probably yes. I'm probably dangerous.

La journaliste interview: What kind of old age and death will you have?

Jacques Mesrine: Old age... Honestly, I don't think I'll live that long.

Jacques Mesrine: One day they'll shoot me to death, and it will completely make sense. Natural. After all, for someone who was in prison with maximum security, there are no rules. Like me, I live without rules.

La journaliste interview: Without rules and without hope?

Jacques Mesrine: [does not answer]

La journaliste interview: Do you have any plans?

Jacques Mesrine: I've got a lot of plans. Close the prison with maximum security. I lived there for 5 years. Can you imagine? The whole 5 years! I want all of those who sit there to be freed! I've seen what's going on over there, how they break people, how they destroy them. But our Mr. Minister, Alain Perfite, he doesn't get it yet. I am an excellent shooter and I can kill a few judges.

Jacques Mesrine: [exclaims] Do we need in France gangs of Bordello? Do we need Red Brigades? Let them ask themselves the question. Because if there will be need to go in their neighborhoods to train with Palestinians, I'll go! They can shit their pants!

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