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MPAA Rated R for disturbing violent content, brief nudity and language

Sex & Nudity

  • A fully nude woman (her bare breasts, buttocks, abdomen, back and legs are visible) stretches while brushing her teeth and a man in the next room watches. A woman drops her robe and her bare breast is visible from the side. A young woman and a woman kiss and we are told that they had sex (we see them sleeping on a sofa together). It is implied that a man and a woman have had sex when they wake up in the morning. Two young women are shown kissing. A young woman takes off her sweater (she wears a teddy underneath) and appears to be trying to seduce a man who says that she is too young for him. A young woman is seen in her bra and jeans and then in bra and panties while getting ready for a bath. A man caresses a young woman's hand. A police officer talks about semen being present in a dead woman's vaginal canal. A man asks a woman if she went home alone the night before (she does not answer him). A woman tells a man that she is gay and he should stop asking her to marry him. A young woman tells a man that she has a girlish crush on him. Several women and young women appear to be interested in a man. A man is accused of being a womanizer.

Violence & Gore

  • From
  • A man breaks into an apartment, renders a young woman unconscious (off screen), ties her around the ankle, hangs her upside down and then begins to cut her with a scalpel: we see the blade being drawn along her leg and blood oozes from the wound and drips on her face, and he then stands behind her and it is implied that he is raping her (we see this scene again later and we see him thrusting); later we see her dead and covered with a tarp while police investigate. A dead woman is shown hanging upside down with blood on her leg and face and arms; another young woman is shown hanging upside down (her face is splattered with blood), she screams and her assailant runs away. A young woman is shot in the head (we see blood on her head), and falls over a balcony and to the ground several floors below (we hear a thud and see her in a pool of blood). A man is shot in the back, and falls down the stairs (we are told that he is dead). A man stands in the lobby of an office building, sees blood dripping onto the floor next to him, looks up and sees an injured (and bleeding) woman hanging upside down from her ankle. A dead woman wearing bra and panties is shown hanging upside down by the foot with bloody cuts on her legs and face. A woman hanging from a tether is dropped and falls several floors (she is caught and pulled back up safely). We see a video tape of a woman pleading with a man to stop hurting her; she then screams and we are told that she was tortured for over an hour until she was dead. Smoke begins to fill an apartment, someone outside the apartment shoots at a man and a young woman who are inside, and they run and get away. A man holds a gun on a young man and shoots the door behind him. A man holds a gun on another man. A young woman is gagged and tied to a chair and struck in the face by a person with a gun. A young woman cries for help, and we see her with a bloody nose and cut on her face. A man pushes a young woman to the ground just before a car explodes and bursts into flames. A man and a young woman are nearly run down by a motorcycle. A man and a young woman enter an apartment with guns drawn, looking for a woman. A bomb threat is called in to a university and the buildings are cleared. A man finds his car vandalized in a parking garage (the windshield is cracked and the windows are broken). A man stops a few vehicles in a parking garage trying to find someone who attacked a young woman. A man yells at a young woman for carrying a gun in her purse. A man threatens to urinate on another man's grave. A man receives a threatening phone call and is told that he has 88 minutes to live; he then receives additional calls indicating how much time he has left. A man threatens another man in a courtroom. A woman tells a man that she wants to hit him (it seems to be in a joking manner). A man talks about a girl "being hacked to bits." A voice talks about a man's sister dying and that "she suffered for so long." During a trial we hear references to a man being a serial rapist and murderer. We hear the voice of a girl on a tape crying for help while she is being tortured. We hear that a girl was tortured for over an hour. Two young women talk about the death of Princess Di and wonder whether it was an accident. A young woman talks about drinking too much and marrying a man who beat her if she left the house. A man scans a package that was delivered for him to make sure that it is not an explosive (it is not).


  • Very tame for an R rating, much more qualifies for PG-13.
  • 1 use of fuck, 2 obscene hand gestures, 1 sexual reference, 7 scatological terms, 22 mild obscenities, name-calling (stupid, snot-nosed), 5 religious profanities, 15 religious exclamations.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • People are shown drinking alcohol at a bar, and a young woman talks about drinking too much. We hear that a murderer uses an animal tranquilizer to knock out his victims.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

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