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21 Sep. 2004
Rodney makes a decision to quit his day job to pursue a career as a stand up comedian, though his wife Trina is not so sure.
28 Sep. 2004
Rodney has trouble coming clean with Trina when a gig doing stand up comedy doesn't pay what he expected.
12 Oct. 2004
Rodney helps a nervous Barry prepare for a public speaking engagement.
19 Oct. 2004
Reacquisition Engineer
Facing a huge home repair bill, Rodney is forced to take a job he's not quite cut out for.
26 Oct. 2004
To celebrate Halloween, Rodney and Barry decide to play a practical joke on police officer Gerald Bob, but their antics go awry and Rodney ends up at the police station.
9 Nov. 2004
Rodney's Mom
A visit from Rodney's mother causes tension between him and Trina.
16 Nov. 2004
Keep on Truckin'
Upset that Charley almost destroyed his truck, Rodney explains to Bo and Jack why the old truck has such sentimental value.
23 Nov. 2004
Rodney and Trina try to avoid having another disasterous Thanksgiving dinner.
30 Nov. 2004
Dream Lover
Rodney and Trina can't afford to buy a new mattress, but when Rodney goes shopping at a mattress store, a charming saleswoman convinces him to buy the most expensive one in the store.
7 Dec. 2004
It's Up, It's Good
The true spirit of Christmas gets a little fuzzy when Rodney accidentally pulls down the church's huge religious landmark.

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