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Hold the phone
danny_rat25 May 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Some small spoilers

This show recently started here (AUS) My comment deals with one episode the one where they go to the Arctic station (one of the few, where they don't have the run to the hospital bed scene) anyway, after sabotage the generator is out and most of the rest of the show is a desperate attempt to get the power back so they can contact home base to find an antidote. (a) Any part military base would have battery backup for the radio system. (b) more importantly, They all seem to forget that after the (MI Team) first arrived at the station one of them used his iridium phone to call his family, major plot goof.
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Exciting and watchable show
ette10016 June 2005
We are nearly at the end of the season in New Zealand and I have really enjoyed this show. It is so watchable and I like to try and guess the commonality before the cast. It's a shame the show is not being renewed for a second season as I would like to see more character development. I am a fan of Neal and Kelli too and think their characters work well together bringing just enough professionalism combined with a more personal note. I think it's good there is a new storyline each episode while the casts' lives carry on in the background. Each episode concludes and we can wait for the next outbreak. I wish the cast luck for future projects and will have to wait for repeats I guess.
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Not terribly bad...entertaining and worth a look.
Custerd9 September 2004
I just watched the pilot of this show, wasn't bad. It wasn't mind blowing, but not bad.

The first show dealt with people turning blue and the MI team trying to figure it out before the smurfs all die. It's about as fast paced as any medical show, with the tough, strong, and somewhereinsideagoodheart main male character, and the lead female that knows more then her coworker admits to himself. You have the lackeys, who do a good job for what they are worth. I rather enjoyed the woman who was trying to keep the story out of the press. (Sorry, it latterly just ended and I'm a wee too lazy to look up names other then Neil's.)

Ah, Neil McDonough, how beautiful with your blond hair and blue eyes. I love the man, he rocked my face in Band of Brothers and Boomtown. (Boomtown, how I miss thee.) He has the potential to really take this show and take off with it. I hope he does. He's damn talented.

We'll have to see where this show goes and if it'll make it. I hope it does. With this show, LAX (With Frank John Huges) and Scott Grimes on ER (I hear he's coming back, oh please let it be true.) it'll be a Band of Brothers fest this season on NBC. Rock on.
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Predictable format...
craigwatsoncpa31 March 2005
Whilst this series can be fast pace and interesting, the format for each episode is very predictable. It starts off with a larger than normal number of deaths from an unknown cause, then more deaths or instances. Then "commonalities" are tracked down and then the disease is treated. The lead character is always on the phone walking somewhere - whether it is on a beach when treating an outbreak on an island, or up and down hospital corridors. I think the concept is good for a one-off movie, but not a TV series. Then the concept of emergency and the lack of time is fairly loose as in a recent episode where there was no time to obtain a court order, but then they found time to get one, and also perform a DNA test.
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Great New TV Series !
whpratt111 September 2004
Always enjoy the great acting talents of Neal McDonough,(Dr. Stephen Connor),"Boomtown,TV Series,'02, who never seems to stop for a breath of fresh air trying to solve the reason for an illness that causes patients to get BLUE! Kelli Williams,(Dr. Natalie Durant),"It's a Shame About Ray,",2000, who gives a great supporting role. This new series looks like a great success and should give plenty of entertainment, this hour show simply flew BYE! I found out that a mixture of Salt Peter and regular salt can cause plenty of trouble. There was lots of fast action with a gal with very sexy legs and a news reporter who got in the wrong place at the right time.
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Medical Whodunnit
Daz Morrell28 April 2005
For me and my family this is a great show as we race the cast to spot the common factor before they do. I have read the criticism above but then surely television is meant to be either a) entertaining or b) educational, ideally both. The show has excellent entertainment value, and any show that reminds us that just because we think we eradicated a disease there is no excuse to be complacent, nature can and will turn round and bite us in the rear if we do, or come up with something equally unpleasant.

It has been said that we cannot feel for the victims as we aren't given enough time to identify with them because they are only here for one episode. How many other shows especially crime or police based have the same situation ? The victim is a passing character the investigative team are the permanent stars, but no one seems to feel they are let down by this.

I am looking forward to when one of the team finally succumb to one of the illnesses they are fighting and the battle to save them, also to see which of the team pair up with who and how that will affect their working relationships.
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medical investigation
tstrange2119 January 2016
i miss this show it was a good show it had a great cast good plot most of the people who probably didn't like this show likes duck dynasty or something a show that has no plot. this was one of the best shows i can remember sitting with my family watching this show. this show was great cause of the plot to it i mean people trying to solve deadly diseases thats what i liked about. but now the new age is more about duck dynasty and the walking dead two of the dumbest shows on TV. the walking dead people running from zombies what kind of show is that. and the duck dynasty dumb just plain out DUMB. this show had a good cast and i miss it this was one of my favorite shows when it was out i wish they would bring it back
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McDonough goes to waste in this series, a procedural show that taxes an already dry genre
liquidcelluloid-13 February 2005
Network: NBC; Genre: Crime/Mystery, Procedural Drama; Content Rating: TV-14 (for gruesome medical imagery); Presented in Widescreen; Classification: Contemporary (star range: 1 - 4);

Season Reviewed: Complete Series (1 season)

In addition to being a brilliant show itself, Graham Yost's 2002 crime drama "Boomtown", served to introduce the world to the powerhouse acting talent of one Neal McDonough. As morally questionable district attorney David McNorris, McDonough crafted an unforgettable anti-hero - both invigorating and frightening - of nuance, shifty motives, deep demons and unpredictable loyalties. He grabbed every scene by the throat and managed to stand-out in an already flawless cast. It certainly made me sit up and notice and I wasn't alone. This was the type of star-making performance that demanded to be noticed. Screamed for a Best Supporting Actor Emmy award if I've ever seen it.

Well, it was ignored.

The least NBC could do was realize what they had here and find a place to once again harness McDonough's electric talent, which brings me up to my anticipation for "Medical Investigation". Also starring Kelli Williams (recently jettisoned from David E. Kelly's "The Practice"), "Medical" follows a group of medical investigators for the National Institute of Health as they identify a mysterious illness, hunt down the source of the epidemic and concoct an antidote. All 3 parts are usually wrapped together with one big revelation. Many of the cases, seem to be solved way to easily. And that includes a moment halfway through where the detectives end up back to square one.

McDonough is wasted. His purpose (like everyone else on the show) is not to be a character, but to be a vehicle that does the job, spouting the biomedical jargon over cell phones. Nothing more. Anyone could play these parts. Even if you squint really hard and pretend this is the 2nd coming of David McNorris that won't make "Medical" any more entertaining. Although it is fun to watch him chew up and spit out this dialog. He is such a strong presence he gives even this material a little zing. But if this where the first time I'd see McDonough I would be saying that he was a terrible actor - stiff, dry and unappealing. That's how stifling this show is.

The brief moments of insight into Dr. Stephen Conner's (McDonough) private life are lifted wholesale from any number of places. He can't make it to his son's little league game on time. He has to tell his son mom and dad are getting a divorce but they still love him. He sits down and plays a round of cards with his crew. The show treats this as a favor to us, a complete afterthought filling time in a shorter episode. You can almost see the hole left from when it was tacked on. In fairness, it looks decent visually. The visual gimmick - Conner visualizing the possible scenarios that led to the viral outbreak - is slight but effective. The musical selections are the only thing that passes the show quickly, but even at that, I'm sure "Donnie Darko" fans will agree, if you're going to use "Mad, Mad World" for a closing montage song you'd better earn it.

Unlike the blood-boiling murders of "CSI", this show doesn't even provide us something to hiss at or root for. The villains are viruses just doing their natural thing. The victims are sick people laying in hospital beds covered in blisters. What are we supposed to do with that? The real meat, of course, involved with biological viruses is - say it with me - the danger of them being unleashed by terrorists. "Medical" is too gutless to play with that and of the many instances where terrorism is suspected (this is NBC, so if it is it is always politically correct domestic terrorism) is always turns out to just be an accident. Very "CSI".

All though this point can be made with any procedural show, "Medical" in particular, runs as its fuel on the raw emotional drama of the victims. The problem is that in the high concept network mandate to keep these shows with self-contained stories the characters - the victims we're supposed to care for - are rotated in and out each week. We never really get to know them other than as a story device for that hour, then their story is wrapped up and they are gone next week. As a result of this we don't really feel for them and the emotion the show so wants to grip us in never surfaces. We don't really feel for the kid loosing her father to smallpox or mother losing her daughter - we feel for the idea of it. That's all the show can hope for in this format.

It is the procedural drama, stripped down to only it's most tedious procedural beats, most disinterest in its characters and its least visually stylish. Even in perilous situations you'd think someone would crack a joke every now and then, but no. "Medical" is very much a shining example of why I never thought a procedural show made for great entertainment. "ER", in it's prime, swamped us in the middle of the action. This show is as tedious and detached to watch as it probably would be sitting in the waiting room and peeking through a window. We are just spectators. The show isn't dumb, but it is as hollow and lifeless as this genre comes.

* / 4
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Love medical investagation shows.
cj213511 October 2006
I am one of Neal Mcdonoughs biggest fan. So I was so happy to see one of my favorite type 0f shows with Neal staring in it. I thought it was a very impressive, and the type of medical work they were doing was very insightful, I felt I really learned a lot from the series. I truly miss the show,I would love it if you brought it back. The crew was great also. I love Neal's acting and I think he would be wonderful on one of the CSI series. Maybe he and his crew could have a new CSI Austraila, I think that would make a wouderful new CSI. Thank-You for the opportunity to express my feelings and to be able to vote on this series. THANK-YOU SO VERY MUCH........... Cindy in Idaho. A huge fan of Neal Mcdonough
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Been there, done that...
runar-418 March 2005
This is not an abysmal show, though it doesn't take a whole lot of motivation to get me to look for something else at 8:00 on Friday evenings. I tend to agree with people on the message boards for this show who are critical of the dialogue, writing and acting.

However, the same approach was done much better nearly ten years ago, in "The Burning Zone". That show had more drama, more tension, better suspense and less predictability. To add to the mix, there were hints of an overall hidden agenda a la "X-Files". Alas, since that show was good and it was on UPN, it only ran for one season. (A rule of thumb - if you have a bad show, pitch it to UPN and it'll get on the air; if you have a good show, pitch it to UPN and it'll be canceled after one season or less.) In any case, give Medical Investigation another season to settle in and it might mature into a show that can draw viewers from alternatives. If not, I don't give it a favorable prognosis.
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A Recycled 60 year old case
rarpsl22 October 2004
I just saw the pilot and the Case of the Blue Men (used as the Pilot) was a retelling of a 60-year old WWII era mystery. For those who want to read the original case that they recycled check out a book by Berton Roueche called "Eleven Blue Men". The story was also included in his "The Medical Detectives".

The story was gripping and showed how the step-by-step procedure of this type of investigation proceeds. The fact that I already had read the book years ago, spoiled the ability for me to solve the mystery before they did as did the fact that they did not go into their databases and locate the 60-year old case. Of course since this is TV (and they were recycling the WWII era case) this meant that they could not use their Databases to find the report due to them setting it in current time and pretending that the WWII case never occurred. Also the episode would be over if they had found the report in their Database.
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Some of the most ridiculous dialogue I have ever heard!
abiwren10 February 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I wanted to like this show but really...I'm halfway through the first episode and just heard something so stupid I felt compelled to post something here to prevent anyone else from having to suffer through it. Apart from the delivery of the lines, which is just strange (there is no emotion whatsoever behind them, so there's no tension & no intrigue, something which is sort of necessary in this kind of show!) the lines themselves...this is a 99% accurate quote

"how long till that boat gets here?" "at 6 knots an hour, about 40 minutes" "when it gets here, we lose containment" "and then more people could get sick"

MORE PEOPLE COULD GET SICK. It's RIDICULOUS!!! It's delivered in the way that the one-liners are on CSI but it's a stupid line, especially considering that they've already made the point at least 10 times (literally). You should only watch this show if you couldn't work out that it was about people getting sick from the trailer.

P.S Having known for plenty of the show that the virus was in some way related to soil, they then wait another 10 minutes before considering the possibility of checking the first guy's room for plants. Oh yes. Real geniuses these guys. On the other hand, the plot still manages to be convoluted.
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great idea, but it's no ER, quality wise...
ntnln12 November 2004
This is a great idea for a show...I can't get enough of ER since it's pretty authentic, and the actors have done their homework. However, in MI, "Dr." Stephen Connor needs to learn a little more background, for instance, how to pronounce "Bacilli." Hint: it's not "back-silly." What's up with his lips, anyway? Is it a bad collagen job or some weird shade of lipstick? I hope makeup can help him out on this...he seems very cold, too, even when he's trying not to be...not a good quality for a doctor, maybe that's why he's an investigator and not a primary care doc. Anyway, I hope the show can get some polish next season and delve just a bit deeper into the material. It's got potential.
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Medical Investigation : The Greatest Episode !
elshikh48 February 2008
The first Act : - (2 Lovers are kissing in a car at night..Then..) Boy : Oh How I love you../ Girl : I'm mad about you ..But !! / Boy: What love ?! .. I swear I stopped watching C.S.I and C.S.I Miami and also I removed all (David Caruso)'s posters from my wall. / Girl : No.. Honey ..It's some matter I must tell you about it ../ Boy: What's wrong baby .. I'm being so worry right now ..What's the problem ..Is there another boy ? ..Are you having second thoughts ??! / Girl : No No ..Of course not after you're being totally clean of those shows .. I know How that was painful for you.. / Boy : For you kid I'll do anything. / Girl : yes , but the thing is that I'm ..Me.. Too../ Boy : What ???/ (She begins to turn into a hairy thing and throw up) / Boy (Horrified) : Oh my god ..It's green ! ..(The car starts to dissolve !).

The Second Act : - (The team of Medical Investigation) Dr.Connor : I think it's rare virus which could make the victim as a creature like a monkey to throw up some kind of green vomit. / Dr.Durant : How this thing can proceed to the blood ? / Dr.Connor : We don't know till now ! / (Dr.Miles McCabe comes into the room fast) : Sir ..Sir you must see this !.

The Third Act : - (The original "Boy" in the room of the dormant sick "Girl".. Dr.Connor says astounded) : Oh my.. This is not happening !! (The shape of the boy's ass is getting bigger and bigger to a huge fearful extent !).

The Forth Act : - (The team of Medical Investigation again in their lap) : Dr.Connor : Tell me guys ..It's the weirdest case tell now. / Dr.McCabe (in a very sorry tone) :..I found the reason why ?/ Dr.Connor : Then speak up man !/ Dr.McCabe : This may come as a shock to you all.. / Dr.Connor : Now means now !! / Dr.McCabe : (As sad as he can be) : We discovered lately that the boy was a big fan of the forensic medicine's shows till he became a freak and needed a rehab. / Dr.Connor : So what ?! / Dr.McCabe : At the time of his physiotherapy his girl became an addicted of a new TV show ..And we knew that she communicated the rare old virus from her boyfriend earlier ..And before she became that terrible monkey the old virus of him merged to her new one then she had a brand unprecedented virus which caused that green devastator vomit ../ Dr.Connor : And the big ass matter..? / Dr.McCabe : We discovered also that the dead virus in the boy's blood infects with the hybrid one so BAM ..Another new virus has been born. / Dr.Connor : A forth one already.. ! / Dr.McCabe : Exactly.. And that one could make the ass as you've seen all./ Dr.Connor : yes, the poor kid looked dreadful before he explodes ! / Dr.Durant : The question is ..What the hell is the name of that new series which the girl addicted during the boy's therapy ! / (Dr.McCabe in great regret) : "Medical Investigation" ! / (In between the screaming some of them began to have an inflating ass and the augmenting green vomit eats the lap , the characters , and the viewers !)

P.S: I enjoyed another episodes too like : We'll Gonna Make You Sick , The Wonderful Infectious Disease , I Love Malady , The Unforgettable Disgust , For Medicine's Students Only , Loathsome Forever , The Puking Bunch , Repugnant Indeed , The Emetic Team , Repulsive Is The Word , How To Be A Successful Sickening , Dr.Conner Looks So Evil , I Hated It Very Much , Detestable Show .. Detestable Era , Nauseating TV , Happy Vomit , and ... cancel ..Cancel ..CANCEL !
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Racist content may offend some viewers.
fernandosandra9 July 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Usually there's a disclaimer on offensive content on NZ's TV. They advise on drug use, offensive language, nudity, etc. But what about racist remarks that may result offensive? I watched Medical Investigation up until the start of the last episodes... then, after just a couple of minutes, I turned off the TV and went to get a latte to calm me down. I am sorry of this sounds rude, but I was really offended by the images shown during the start of the show. I didn't finish watching the episode, but here's what I saw: Some Mexican indians are walking along a street with no pavement, kind of western like town... then those typical low-thirds : Colima, Mexico. 1:30PM (or something like that) Then some guy with a big sombrero crosses the street holding a donkey, there's also a very old pick-up truck, you know, the licence plate hanging by wire and in very bad shape... then, my wife noticed that there was a sign hanging on a building... an old piece of wood with a hand painted sign: "Jalisco". That's when I stopped viewing, I couldn't take it anymore.

I am from Jalisco, I've been to Colima, and it's nothing like that! Colima is a State's capital, and yes, there are (still) places like that in Mexico, just like there are also poor neighborhoods in the US. But those images are offensive to all Mexicans, and specially to the people of Colima which is a modern city.

Last week, the White House asked the Mexican government to withdraw some racially offensive post-stamps. That cartoon character was made in 1940, back then there were numerous offensive cartoons everywhere. But this series is 2004, for Pete's sake! Were's the political correctness? To depict a country, or it's people using that kind of stereotypes is not OK. Many of the 40's characters and stereotypes are now gone, why isn't the image of the Mexican with sombrero sleeping under a cactus gone too?
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I'm trying to find who sings the song in the "South America Bacteria" Episode that plays near the end!
c4rn3vil12 May 2005
Hello. I've enjoyed watching this Series as far as it's been out. It's sort of a pumped up ER but in a more realism of speed.

Although I'm wondering who sings a song in a particular episode.

It was the Mar 12th, 2005 Air, where they were tracking down possibilities of this bacteria from a plastic surgeons office. due to flue like symptoms.

The song plays around the time they diagnose the anti-dote to the virus like bacteria - when they girl's undergoing recovery. It's a smooth tone sounding song - except I'm left without the Artist nor the Songs title.

It goes something like the following;

I'll do anything, just to save you... etc etc. If you've seen this episode and know or can refer me to this actual song? Please do to my email. (Spammers will be tossed)

Thanks in advance.

Regards, Jarhed C.
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