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LAX was below minimus, just like SFO 34 years earlier.
kerr-g25 February 2006
I spent about seven years of my life as a pilot, airport bum, and air traffic controller. Airports can be very interesting, but that doesn't necessarily mean that the pilots, mechanics, controllers, coyote hunters, plumbers, dish washers, wing walkers, and bums at airports are any more interesting than the people who work and hang out at libraries. The secret to a good story is in the telling. LAX just didn't tell us any good stories, and, as I recall, SFO, the 1970 version of LAX staring Lloyd Bridges, wasn't any good at story-telling either. If you're looking for an interesting career, I can definitely recommend aviation. If you're looking for interesting stories, TV's track record suggests that you steer clear of shows that are set at airports.

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MuV-goin18 October 2004
I too am a pilot and I can attest that messinam's comments regarding the reality of the show are correct. The real problem lies within the "nature of the beast" and unfortunately the only exciting thing at an airport is a bomb threat. Other than that, it's just a bunch of planes taking off and landing and the mundane life of the ticketing staff, pilots and ground crew and the excitement in their lives would barely fill a teaspoon. SO .. NBC has created a series of shows that lie about how exciting the airport life really is. My take: If you want to watch something realistic about airports you should watch "Airline" on A&E. It's filmed at multiple airports around the US and focuses on Southwest Airlines. Of course, even this show is at the hands of editors so don't believe EVERY word they say.
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They Should Change the Title to "Flaming Bag of Stupid"
Marcus_Membrane27 September 2004
As a pilot, I find this show to be not only ridiculous, but also insulting. I was quite skeptical when I saw the promos for this show, expecting it to be grossly inaccurate and/or downright silly. My skepticism was well founded. Absolutely nothing about this show has the slightest shred of realism.

I wasn't expecting a documentary but come on, they could have at least indulged us pilots a little. At least refer to the runways correctly. They mentioned 10, 19, and 22 (none of which exist at the real LAX by the way), and they are calling them "Runway Ten," "Runway Nineteen," and "Runway Twenty-Two." Any airport personnel and any pilot would say, "Runway One-Zero," "Runway One-Nine (or one-niner if you want to be really picky), and "Runway Two-Two."

All we see in LAX is Heather Locklear and Blair Underwood bickering like schoolchildren at the elementary school playground. "I run the airport!" "No, I run the airport!" "No, I run the airport!" "I'm more important than you!" "No, I'm more important!" Absurd.

But I guess that this show has as much to do with airports and airplanes as shows like "Silk Stalkings" and "CSI" have to do with crime and detectives. All the audience wants to see is the beautiful people running around in their ultra-stylish clothing, trying to act all witty and important. This show is simply the latest installment of mindless prime-time idiotic crap.
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LAX lacked ER's writing and talent...
ccherryfl27 November 2004
Earlier, a pilot suggested LAX was flawed by a lack of technical accuracy. ER has been a runaway hit for a decade or more, and isn't a particularly accurate portrayal of emergency medicine. They do attempt a certain level of accuracy, but my friends who work in hospitals find it hilarious. I'm also a pilot, while my niece is a flight attendant. We don't speak the same language. Pilots and controllers use one set of terms, airlines another, and airport operations a third. "Niner", "Air Force One" and other terms were invented in response to incidents where pilots and controllers miscommunicated. An Emergency Room deals with hundreds of people per day from every walk of life. An airport deals with hundreds of thousands of people per day, from every nation in the world. LAX had a lot more potential than ER. That being said, it was generally wasted. Thanks to TiVo, I saw a few episodes - and a few of the plot lines I knew to have been actual incidents.

I think the focus on the main actors and not the plot lines was probably the undoing of the show. In reality, the techical life of a pilot is *supposed* to be boring. It only gets exciting when someone makes a mistake. Nearly all the interesting stories are not about the aircrews, but about the passengers. Long flights and free liquor lead to interesting stories. Alcohol is amplified by altitude, as are most medical conditions. Add confined space and being disconnected from the outside world and you get "Cheers", "ER", "Melrose Place", "Big Brother" and a bit of "Survivor" all in one. I think there is no better proof than the fact that "LAX" is in the trash bin, while the documentary series "Airport" is a hit (for cable, anyway). As for my comrade, the days of pilots being romantic heroes died in the seventies. Astronauts are boring to most people - our lives are TOO technical and detail oriented. They also want the feeling that nothing will happen, ever, when they board the aircraft. We haven't been interesting since Roger, Over, and Unger were in the cockpit. So let Frank Abignale get the glory, and the union the drama. I still get a little rush when the wheels leave the ground, and the sim keeps me humble enough to feel a small sense of satisfaction when they are all back on the ground again. As the prayer goes, let me demonstrate my superior judgment rather than my superior skills. Besides, even the interesting stories make us look bad. How many pilots does it take to screw in a light bulb?
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The best new show! Dramatic, hilarious, suspenseful, and entertaining! TV shows don't get better than this!
orexoticscenery25 October 2004
The 7 episodes shown so far have ALL been OUTSTANDING. The acting is incredible, the writing is superb, and the overall effect is excellent! I hope that NBC gives LAX a full season order and doesn't read all the negative reviews on here written by people who obviously have not watched the show or watched the show wanting to dislike it. Heather Locklear is entertaining, talented, and fun to watch! Her character, Harley, is quite laughable at times! Blair Underwood has done some incredible acting, especially in the scenes with his daughter and girlfriend as well as the time he is in the aircraft the pilots are losing control of. We haven't seen much of Wendy Hoopes yet but I hope to see more of her! Paul Leyden's character is very compassionate and really represents the good young people willing to hand others a helping hand that exist in this country. Frank John Hughes' character is probably going to guide viewers through a dramatization of alcohol addiction. And young David Paetku's character will suffer much heartbreak but it will fun to see him get used to his sometimes depressing job. LAX is BY FAR the best new show of the 2004-05 season and should be recognized for its amazing talent, writing, and overall effect.
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nycy2k19 September 2004
Airport dramas always involve elements of joy, tragedy, and pathos by portraying families reunited, lost luggage and drunken businessmen. LAX enters the foray in entering the 21st century with two strikes against it. Fear and loathing in a giant facility run by pseudo-government types. Look, as much as I want to like this series, it's not really cutting it in story nor pace. It tries to be the dramatization of the more watchable AIRPORT on the Wings Channel or the update of Arthur Hailey's story. Maybe they should do what Jack Webb did when he made DRAGNET and solicit ideas from the public or how about include medics/EMTs and an airport chaplain as additional character development. You might as give the show last rites the way it's going.
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A very bad "drama"
jelenahughes16 September 2004
I am more than disappointed with this new NBC "drama". Love Heather Locklear, but this was one of the worst television shows I've ever seen. The only thing worthwhile was the music. The show was all over the place and in the end, had no point, not even entertainment. Terrible, just terrible. I realize this was the pilot episode, but I can't imagine saving this train wreck. I never thought I'd say this, but I'd rather the schedule be filled with reality TV than with LAX. I'm a pretty easy audience, but I was embarrassed to watch this inept show. From the opening slow pan of Heather's bare feet on the tarmac to the dog being chased to the tired banter between Heather and Blair... it was tedious and painful. Hopefully we won't have to suffer a full season, hopefully they pull the plug soon.
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Unbelievable load of manure
v_tadic6 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Gazing at Heather Locklear's skinny bottom is not reason enough for watching this feeble-minded, arrogant an racist series. Pilot episode was sickening enough to kill any desire to continue watching it.

Some facts: Serbia did not exist as an independent state until 2006. There was NEVER an airline with the name "Serb" in it. The only operator was JAT Airways which had an impeccable safety score. Never in the history of this operator (established in 1927 as "Aeroput", renewed in 1947 as Yugoslav Airways) was there a drunken pilot. - When USA put a stranglehold on Yugoslavia (1991) the flights for NY (using DC-10s, not Lockheed Tristars)were discontinued. There was never any flights to LAX. The pilot uniforms were standard with golden rank markings, not those ridiculous multicolored ones. Serbian (Yugoslav)pilots never had any disciplinary problems with airport management.

I am, as the majority of my compatriots, thoroughly sick and tired of Hollywood clichés with Serbs as eternal bad guys. Find another helpless victim to spit on, for a change.
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Altair44413 October 2004
As a fan of both Heather Locklear and Blair Underwood, I really wanted to get hooked on this show. That was a pipe dream on my part. This show is not only ridiculously far-fetched, it has a hard time making the main character of Random even remotely likable or professional. Even worse, it's not even entertaining in the slightest. Any airport manager (like the one Heather is supposed to be portraying) would be fired for acting out the way her character does. I can really see the F.A.A. and TSA just turning the other cheek casually while some irate bimbo (no offence to Heather herself---a fine actress in a crappy role) stands on an active runway, screeching at an airliner to "get off my runway". Yeah. Right. The only good thing about this waste of time show is the believable chemistry between Heather Locklear and Blair Underwood. I only wish these two fine actors would take their considerable talents to a better vehicle.
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Check your brains at the curb!
frankiem4014 September 2004
"LAX" is a drama series, and I use the term lightly, wrapped up as a 45-minute hip-hop music video. Not as thoroughly absurd as HAWAII but that's not saying much. The premiere episode ran the gamut of A to B on the believability scale – giving us heaping doses of every possible airport movie cliché we've been privy to since the days of black and white television. Over the top theatrics, sophomoric writing, choppy editing and unnecessary time-lapse photography all add up to an hour of mind-numbingly, boring television. If this is the best the boneheads at NBC/Universal can offer up as first-rate entertainment then were all in for a very long and miserable television season.
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I Liked It!!
dataconflossmoor13 January 2007
This show had a lot to offer the television viewer!! I found this series to be effervescent and entertaining along those lines... Stars like Heather Locklear, Blair Underwood and Paul Leyden made this show on my preferred list during the year that it was on NBC at 10/9c on Monday nights!! Ever since 9/11, security at major airports has been of great interest to the American people... Decorum must be implemented with strict policies about what is allowable and what is not allowable!! Shows have to be humorous yet cover a broad base of social and political issues without being controversial!! LAX did just that and accomplished the task of providing innocuous entertainment to the television viewer in a socially acceptable manner!! I like LAX and I thought the acting was extremely good!! I could see where it would be canceled after a few years, but not after just one!! I thought this television show was much better than that!!
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Great show. Pay no attention to the detractors. Should have gone to season two.
robota22 December 2018
Pilots commenting on the value of an airport drama are like Doctors critiquing medical dramas. Okay, we know you know your particular field, but TV dramas are not reality. Seriously, this show was terrific, especially the Thanksgiving episode. Very touching. Well acted, well produced and engaging. I heard that there was a lot of internal politics over at NBC at the time and that is what derailed the show. They never got behind it or promoted it. Watch it, it's great.
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Waiting at the airport is more exciting than this show.
OllieSuave-00717 October 2017
An 80s-style TV show with an 80s-style theme song, featuring runway chief Harley Random (Heather Locklear) and rival terminal boss Roger De Souza (Blair Underwood) trying to work together to address issues around the airport like bomb scares, criminals, VIPs and newcomers.

Heather Locklear is a treat to watch in the TV show and does have screen presence. While the show has an interesting concept, it suffers from a lack of exciting stories and suspenseful twists that grab an audience's attention from start to finish. What you have are mediocre plot fillers with average acting and ho-hum characters that doesn't quite give an overall memorable TV experience. Waiting at an airport in real life is actually more exciting than this show.

Grade D+
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One of the better shows on television
david_mastrovich29 October 2004
LAX is one of my favorite shows. Though the storyline can seem unrealistic at times, it is nonetheless entertaining. And now that it is not competing with CSI:Miami, it might have a chance at 8 on Wednesday. Living in LA and flying out of there on a regular basis, I can tell you that it is a gargantuan and crazy place. Some of the conflict like the international custody battle was somewhat far fetched, but entirely plausible. Overall, I'd give it a 9/10. I think that Heather Locklear and Blair Underwood are a perfect fit for two bickering airport managers. The only strange thing about the show is that the terminal looks nothing like the real thing.....
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Deserved a second season...
Ryu_Darkwood6 July 2007
Nobody is watching a television show while thinking that the things he is seeing are a factual portrayal of reality. I don't consider it a very powerful argument to say that this show wasn't good because it lacked realism. You know what; it's fiction, complete fiction! This show dealt about a group of people working on the airport LAX shortly after the attack on the WTC buildings. With all the security measures against terrorism, running an airport became as intense as working on the operation room of a big hospital. It gave this show a nice hectic feel to it.

I thoroughly enjoyed the love/hate-affair between Harley and Roger, both fighting to gain the function of manager of the airport. And of course falling in love with each other, as this genre demands. Their side-kicks - two big momma's handling the scanning of luggage, the charming Australian bloke managing the transport of people, the nerdy whizkid on the wrong function, the sexy stagier with a high class background, the ex-policeman turned into security guy - all were charming enough. They all added up to the humorous side of the show, while most of them got enough attention to deepen out their characters.

This show was simply a delight. It's sad that a lot of people didn't agree on that, resulting in being canceled after one season. It deserved at least a second season. But I won't be sad about it, the British ''Hotel Babylon'' is slightly better and has had two successful seasons at the moment. I can advise the people that loved this show to try the British show. You will love it!
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Layered, Complex Characters = Good Television
holly-rose13 February 2007
This show was all about good quality acting with complex relationships which made it very compelling to watch. It is a real shame that this wasn't recognized by the majority. The characters were so wonderfully layered that I kept wanting to know more about their lives, their relationships and what was going to happen next. Television, these days, is very predictable which is something that LAX was not. This, hands down, was THE BEST thing on television when it originally aired. It would've been nice to have an entire season before "they" canceled it but changing the night after a few episodes doesn't help much. I hope the American Television Machine comes around to creating layered, complex characters with well-developed, unpredictable plots once again where the American public can get lost in the story and therefore consistently crave more of it. Because THAT is what makes good TV; in my opinion, of course.
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I love LAX for the complex interaction between Heather Locklear and Bryan Underwood's characters.
fairytale177619 March 2005
LAX is different, bold. The romantic tension is realistic, as in messy, like life. I liked the triangle situation, and the way the writers handled it. I appreciated that the main characters have weaknesses, that they may or may not confront during the first few episodes. I loved the impromptu cello concert.

My favorite secondary plot was when the class designed to lessen fear of flying got a chance to help in rescuing a risky landing. It was funny and touching. The airport is a good setting for many side plots, and I was looking forward to new episodes. I got hooked when the native American brought a hawk to control pigeons on the airport property, in the very first episode.

The only critique I have is that there were some missteps in the side stories rhythm. The series could use tighter direction to keep the pace evenly interesting.
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I like it
jkd601929 September 2004
I like LAX, I think it's a decent drama. It's got some humor and some dramatic situations. It's like Moonlighting--a romantic dramedy. I don't think it's any better or worse than similar shows.

I caught the episode this Monday where Blair Underwood is on a plane that is having electrical problems. It had a good deal of dramatic tension, even knowing that Underwood isn't going to be killed. So, we'll see if the show has any legs. NBC seems to be interested in these sort of blockbuster-type TV shows (Las Vegas).
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