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13 Sep. 2004
The director of LAX has committed suicide, now two of his underlings fight for the position.
20 Sep. 2004
Finnegan Again, Begin Again
When a coffin arriving as baggage on an in-bound flight from Grenada is discovered to contain a living person, Harley and Roger with the help of Henry, Betty and Nick locate the missing corpse/stow-away. Elsewhere, Tony tries to secure twelve seats to Albany for a little league team trying to make their first national championship, while the airport staff tests out new tactics to deal with the airports bird problem.
27 Sep. 2004
The Longest Morning
On his way home from a conference in Sacramento with a quick jaunt to Las Vegas, Roger begins to suspect his plane might be in trouble when a minor electrical surge sets off the cabin call lights. Using his status as LAX tower supervisor and experience as a flight engineer, he attempts to gain control of the situation, only to discover the plane is experiencing a massive power failure as the control instruments slowly start to fail. In the LAX control tower, Harley attempts to guide the distressed plane in for a safe landing while Tony keeps Roger's wife Monique ...
4 Oct. 2004
Credible Threat
When LAX receives word from Homeland Security that a credible threat has put the airport on high alert, Harley and Roger debate over whether to notify the public or continue to keep the news a secret. Tensions build when passengers are faced with longer lines due to extra security, and Roger puts his relationship with his daughter in jeopardy when he refuses to let her fly -- forcing her to miss a very important recital. Meanwhile, Tony must take care of a senile old woman who has been left stranded at the airport by her son who can no longer bear the burden of taking...
11 Oct. 2004
Amani, a recently divorced Arab-American woman, flees her country with her son when her Egyptian husband claims full custody of their child. Upon landing in Los Angeles, the boy is promptly abducted by Amani's mother-in-law who has followed the pair to the U.S. - forcing Roger and Harley to sort through the thorny legal issues of custody. However, an indebted Harley is emotionally influenced since Amani is one of her oldest friends. Meanwhile, Roger develops mysterious chest and arm pain and Tony is forced to oversee a new but unqualified employee, Caitlin Mansfield, ...
18 Oct. 2004
Unscheduled Arrivals
It's a stressful day at LAX when Alonso Mathers, with Federal Traffic and Safety, arrives for a surprise inspection of the airport. As Harley and Roger try to make the day run smoothly, their first problem arises when a flight from Shanghai to New York must make an emergency landing. Elsewhere, Nick is dealing with an Uzbekistani gay man who seeks asylum, but is suspected of being a terrorist, while the airport is under siege from paparazzi swarming in anticipation of Prince William's arrival and a mystery malady quarantines Tony with an old flame.
27 Oct. 2004
Out of Control
When a disgruntled air traffic controller on suspension decides to make his return to the airport ahead of schedule with a gun, Harley is held hostage along with the entire tower crew. Hoping to secure the release of the hostages, Roger trades his life for theirs only to have both airport supervisors held at gunpoint in the tower, while Henry tries to talk down the gunman. Meanwhile, Wally's sudden attack of an international passenger has his future at the airport in jeopardy with Betty fearful that she may lose her long-time partner.
3 Nov. 2004
The Pictures to Prove It
Harley and Roger place the airport under security lock-down as the baby-sit a group of FBI agents and their star witness Vanessa on her way to testify in federal court against her drug-dealing boyfriend. However, when the witness disappears from her flight shortly after leaving the gate, the LAX co-chiefs race to find the missing girl before she can be silenced. Meanwhile, Catlin attempts to solve the wedding woes of a traveling bride and her fiancé after her dress is destroyed in a baggage mishap and Tony attempts to keep an elderly birthday boy from flying to Vegas ...
10 Nov. 2004
An airline that is going out of business, cancels all of its flights. Harley is asked by her younger sister to spend Thanksgiving with her parents. Tony is taking care of a 10-year-old boy traveling alone.
17 Nov. 2004
Secret Santa
When a fugitive Santa Claus wanted for armed robbery leads police on a high speed chase concluding at LAX, Harley and Roger work with the LAPD to track down Chris Cringle amongst the departing passengers. However, when Santa ditches his red coat and white beard, the airport chiefs have to outsmart this fugitive to stop him form boarding an outbound flight. Meanwhile, Harley faces the frightening proposition of moving in with her boyfriend and Roger attempts to save his marriage after falling off the wagon by placing a large sports bet and losing big.
19 Mar. 2005
Cease & Assist
An African political activist who was wrongly convicted of murder arrives at LAX to board a flight which will return him home for execution. As protesters try to prevent his departure, the airport becomes the sight of political unrest forcing Harley and Roger to keep the peace. However, when Roger's city council aspiration prompt him to make a bold move, the two airport chiefs stand on opposite sides of this political powder keg. Meanwhile, Nick must confront a past decision when a former passenger returns begging for his help.
26 Mar. 2005
Mixed Signals
An incoming airplane accidentally sends out a hijack warning.
16 Apr. 2005
Senator's Daughter
Roger has an affair with his wife's divorce attorney. The teenage daughter of a senator has brought home an illegal souvenir from Amsterdam. Harley thinks about an offer she received to run the Dallas International Airport.

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