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  • Dana Delany (Katherine) was the original choice to play Bree but she rejected the role because she thought it was too similar to a role she already played and Marcia Cross was cast instead. Delany was invited back in season 4 to play Katherine, who it was decided would be a character that would "out-Bree Bree".lhui Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Approximately 11 years and 9 months pass from the beginning of season one until the beginning of season seven. There have been 6 seasons, so about "6 years" worth of time, plus the 5 year time jump, that makes 11 years. There have also been three other short jumps in time over the seasons that make up the other 9 months. No time passes between season one and season two. 6 months pass between season two and season three. 1 month passes between season three and season four. 5 years pass between season four and season five. 2 months pass between season five and season six.

    One may argue that each season is not exactly one year, as it's not an entire year for us in "real time" either. While this is a very valid argument, the considerable age jump in the Scavo children at the beginning of season 5 is consistent with a 9 year and some month increase from the beginning of season 1.

    Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Desperate Houswives is intended to be a dark comedy/soap drama. The show is one of few that have all genres mixed together. The show is also a metaphor for American suburbs these days. For example, the show takes a look at the lives of a group of female friends, their husbands, their children and most importantly, the ghosts in their closets. This show has a little for everyone. (affairs, murders, comedy, constant drama, chilling suspense, and more.) Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Wisteria Lane is located in the fictional town of "Fairview" in the also fictional "Eagle State." The show is not intentionally set in any particular existing state. The city is meant to be a symbol of idyllic suburban living that is often stereotypically associated with America circa the 1950's.

    It is also difficult to tell proximity because the show has referenced Chicago, New York City, and Salt Lake City, and not saying whether they are near or far from those cities.

    If you look at the postage on the mail, the zip codes on the Wisteria Lane addresses are in California. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • This was never revealed. The thing is that it didn't matter to them, because Gabrielle was going to stay with Carlos anyway. Therefore, it doesn't matter in general. Yet by the end narration of 'children will listen', it is heavily implied John is the father. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • This is the size of a new born baby: While, granted, there's probably no baby in there, that's definitely the appropriate size for a newborn.

    This is Paige Scavo in that Season 8 episode you referenced: Definitely much larger, and definitely well over a year old...between one and two years old. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Presumably having confessed to Martha Hoober's murder he goes back to prison however given the circumstances it seems likely for a much shorter time. Edit (Coming Soon)


The FAQ items below may give away important plot points.

  • The list of the people who has died over the 8 years (In order of death/found)

    1. Mary Alice Young:- (1962-2004) -- Committed suicide by shooting herself.

    2. Martha Huber: (1962-2004) -- Strangled.

    3. Juanita "Mama" Solis: (1935-2005) -- Car accident; hit and run.

    4. Rex Van De Kamp: (1961-2005) -- Poisoned.

    5. Deirdre Taylor: (1958-1989) -- Stabbed to death.

    6. George Williams: (1965-2005) Suicide by overdose

    7. Charlie/Aurora Solis: (2005) Miscarried

    8. Curtis Monroe: (1958-2006)-- Accidentally shot himself after falling through stairs

    9. Melanie Foster: (????-2005) Murdered with an axe.

    10. Ralph the Gardener: (1963-2006) - Car accident.

    11. Noah Taylor: (????-2006) - Involuntarily removed from life support.

    12. Matthew Applewhite: (1988-2006) - Shot by the police during a hostage standoff.

    13. Monique Polier: (1963-2001) -- Bludgeoned to death with a pipe wrench.

    14. Nora Huntington: (1971-2006) -- Shot during a hostage standoff.

    15. Caroline Bigsby: (????-2006) -- Shot by a woman whom she'd taken hostage in a grocery store.

    16. Rebecca Shepard: (????-2006) -- Cardiac arrest.

    17. Jane Hainsworth: (1969-2007) -- Went into a coma after a horse riding accident and died from complications following a fever.

    18. Edwin Hodge: (????-1979) -- Wrists slit.

    19. Alma Hodge: (1963-2007) -- Fell from a roof

    20. Gilbert McCluskey: (????-1997) -- Natural causes; was kept in freezer

    21. Ilene Britt: (????-1995) -- Unspecified.

    22. Lillian Simms: (????-2007) -- Natural causes.

    23. Victor Lang: (????-2007) -- Impaled by a fence post during a tornado.

    24. Sylvia Greene: (????-2007) -- Sucked into a tornado.

    25. Ida Greenberg: (????-2007) -- Killed during a tornado.

    26. Al Kominsky: (????-2007) -- Car crashed into a utility pole during a tornado.

    27. Ellie Leonard: (????-2008) -- Shot.

    28. Dylan Mayfair: (1988-1994) -- Crushed by bookcase.

    29. Wayne Davis: (????-2008) -- Shot.

    30. Lila Dash: (????-2010) -- Car accident.

    31. Paige Dash: (????-2010) -- Car accident.

    32. Dr. Samuel Heller: (????-2013) -- Strangulation.

    33. Fire Victim #1 (2013)

    34. Fire Victim #2 (2013)

    35. Fire Victim #3 (2013)

    36. Fire Victim #4 (2013)

    37. Fire Victim #5 (2013)

    38. Fire Victim #6 (2013)

    39. Eli Scruggs: (????--2013) -- Heart attack.

    40. Bradley Scott: (????-2013) -- Stabbed to death.

    41. Edie Britt: (????-2013) -- Electrocution.

    42. Emily Portsmith: (????-2014) -- Strangled by an unknown assailant.

    43. Jeff Bicks: (????-2014) Heart attack

    44. Daphne Bicks: (????-2014) Plane crash.

    45. Karl Mayer: (????-2014) - Plane crash.

    46. Mona Clarke: (????-2014) - Plane crash.

    47. Patrick Scavo: (2013-2014) Miscarried.

    48. Iris Beckley: (????-2014) -- Strangled to death.

    49. Irina Korsakov: (????-2014) -- Strangled to death.

    50. Barbera Orlofsky: (????-2014) -- Bludgeoned and Strangled to death.

    51. Teresa Pruitt: (????-2014) - Natural Causes.

    52. Patrick Logan: (1967-2014) - Car Explosion.

    53. Frank: (????-2015) Natural Causes

    54. Beth Young: (????-2015) - Suicide by gunshot wound to the head

    55. Felicia Tillman: (????-2015) -- Car crash

    56. Alejandro: (????-2015) - Bludgeoned to death

    57. Chuck Vance: (????-2015) Hit and Run

    58. Mike Delfino (2015)- Shot

    59. Karen McCluskey (2015)- Brain cancer Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Gabrielle is an ex-model, however she also worked for a very short time in a cosmetics shop, as well as helping as a consultant at the "Little Miss Snowflake" pageant. In the final season, she becomes a personal shopper at Cumberley's department store. In the series finale it is revealed that in the future, she will also have her own fashion TV show.

    Susan is a children's book illustrator. She later takes a position as an Art teacher at her son's elementary school. She is fired in season 7 after it is discovered she also worked on an erotic website.

    Lynette used to work in marketing when she met Tom. She became a housewife when she got pregnant with Porter & Preston, however she trades places with Tom at the end of the first season and starts working in advertising again at Parcher & Murphy. Later she leaves there to work full-time as the manager of the Scavo Pizzeria. After the pizzeria goes bankrupt, she gets a job at Carlos Solis' company, eventually becoming a marketing VP. When she becomes pregnant with the second set of twins, she and Tom trade places again. She then launches an interior design business with her friend Renée Perry. In the series finale, she takes a job in New York as CEO of the American branch of Katherine Mayfair's frozen food company.

    After over 20 years as a homemaker, Bree starts a catering company with Katherine Mayfair. Bree becomes a minor celebrity and releases a very successful cookbook. At the end of season 6, her late husband's biological son Sam Allen blackmails her into signing over to him the catering business, so she becomes a housewife again. It is revealed in the series finale that she will eventually start a successful career in politics.

    Katherine is forced out of Bree's catering business in season 6, after she goes crazy over losing Mike. By the end of the season, she moves to Paris with her new girlfriend and it is revealed in the series finale that she started a very successful frozen food business in France, which eventually expanded internationally.

    Edie is a real estate agent. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Xiao-Mei, their surrogate, gives birth to a black child and the Doctor confirmed that there had been a mix-up with embryos. Presumably, that baby was returned to his correct parents, though this is not specified on the show. Carlos and Gaby's embryo did not successfully implant into the surrogate of the other couple. Despite being informed that it was highly unlikely Gaby would be able to conceive children, by season six, Carlos and Gaby are the parents of two daughters - Juanita and Celia. Gaby was pregnant with both children and carried both to term. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • This is the main mystery of Season 3 and is continously revealed up until Episode 3.15 (The Little Things You Do Together)

    When Orson's girlfriend Alma got pregnant, he was forced into an unhappy marriage with her by his mother Gloria, but started an affair with a woman named Monique Pollier. In an attempt to bring Orson and Alma back together, Gloria killed Monique, and Orson reluctantly decided to help her cover it up. However, Mike, who had a plumbing job at Monique's house was a witness to the murder so Orson tried to kill him by running him over with a car. Edit (Coming Soon)

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