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nocturnal-spork23 June 2006
The Blue Collar Comedy Tour was great. I sadly cannot say the same for Blue Collar TV.

I watched this show when it first came out, but I eventually stopped. When I watched an episode recently, I found it really wasn't too good. This show had SOME good moments, but overall it is disappointing. Many of the sketches are stupid and not in a funny sort of way. I think it could be better.

The show could do without Larry the Cable Guy giving his opinion on things. It could do without the redneck dictionary, too. It was amusing at first, but it is time for it to end.
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Nick Zbu12 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
The entire appeal of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour itself was to reinforce an idea that most of America (read: the rural part) is exactly the same regardless of where you go. This idea also states that everybody in America, the world's melting pot, is eventually dissolved into a homogeneous mixture which constitutes what an American is and should be. And this American that comes out of this process follows a stereotype in which all men are Tim Taylor without the skinniness, all women are supercompetent workers that do no wrong, and all kids are smart and full of hijinks that lead to the hilarity of modern-day life.

In short, that premise is hollow. It assumes a fantasy ideal that is used to conform reality to it. And when a TV show assumes it and then goes from one comedian at a time speaking to a captive audience to putting it into skit form, it fails.

The sad truth about Blue Collar TV is that on top of the aforementioned assumption about American life, it's just not funny on top of it. The humor is one dimensional and stale and despite having the original producers/creators of MadTV is boring as anything. Essentially, if Home Improvement was turned into a skit show, it would be Blue Collar TV. There's just nothing here except indoctrination. And it's not even funny.
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mike_ab_19m23 September 2004
I don't care for rednecks, only because most of the ones I've met hate everybody who is NOT a redneck. (notice I've said "most", so please, no hate mail...)

Nevertheless, I always liked Foxworthy, and thought his standup routine was smart and creative. I thought this show might have potential but the first episodes I saw -- I don't know which number they were, but they featured "lingerie" for older couples and the "You Might Be" movie trailer -- just weren't funny. Not at all. Not even clever. Another sketch involving Larry The Cable Guy reading a politically correct version of Little Red Riding Hood was just jaw-droppingly stupid. The sketch ostensibly was making fun of uptight PC-speak, but wound up revealing the prevalence of bigotry that the sketch writers feel is prevalent among blue collar types...i.e., "Native American Riding Hood" instead of "Red" Riding Hood.

Satire is one thing. Desperately trying to associate obscure and offensive terms with a poor attempt at wit is just embarrassing. Christ Almighty, do people still call Native Americans "Reds"?

Some of the comparisons between BCTV and SNL/MadTV are, I think, appropriate. But I would compare this disappointing series to a different, earlier attempt to glorify the unwashed masses. Anybody remember the rootin'-tootin' variety show called "Hee-Haw"? The major difference, however, is that Hee-Haw was REALLY about rednecks. The type that thinks that Blacks are monkeys, Jews have horns, and that the Confederacy will rise again. I see more of that in BCTV (though more muted) than anything actually "blue collar" oriented.

A better title for the show would be Redneck TV, since what they do has little in common with the typically urban culture of real blue collar America. I don't hate the show or the people involved, but I really hope they improve and find their niche. Foxworthy can do way better than this.
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Never even laughed
alabuszewski00319 January 2005
Blue Collar TV is not funny. I tried to watch it, and I couldn't get myself to laugh if my life depended on it. I also don't understand what "get-r-done" means. I am from a rural area and I saw it spray painted on a snow plow. Every time I hear that Larry guy say get-r-done I want to scoop my eardrums out with a spoon. The comedy is just so bland and mediocre, it seems like they could have come up with something better. For instance, on the TV show, holding a pot on your head and calling yourself a "pothead" is not funny, it's just lame. I really don't like the redneck culture (if that's what you would call it), or the values or ideals of it, so maybe that's why I don't like it. I do respect other peoples opinions so if there are some who like it, so be it. I will stick to my Aqua Teen, Family Guy, Simpsons (such a classic), Venture Bros., etc, etc.
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Couldn't ask for more...
Jack Treese19 September 2004
When I first saw Blue Collar Comedy Tour, I found it to be quite possibly the funniest film ever. It still is.

When I heard about this show, I expected it to be nothing more than skits revolving around the jokes the guys made in BCCT... I was right, and then some!

This is indeed a rednecked SNL/MadTV, and I couldn't have it any other way.

From sketches including Rescue 911 to The REAL Bachelor, I can never really stop laughing when I watch this show.

My friends feel that this show sold out the Blue Collar Comedy guys quicker than Metallica. I disagree. If anything, this show glorified how much redneck humor rules.

If you haven't watched Blue Collar TV, I recommend you do. I'm definitely buying Season One when the DVD is released.

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Just when you thought Mad TV Couldn't be topped..
sonicdescent16 August 2004 the least funny show on television, this snoozer gets a green light. I had more laughs watching Schindler's list.

Full disclosure, I need subtitles on to understand the cable guy, never really found Foxworthy to be funny, and have no idea who the third guy is. This humor isn't for me, but with a title like Blue Collar TV, I had hoped that they were going for a wider audience than their previous efforts.

Folks, where is the justice when a brilliant show like Twin Peaks bites the bullet after 2 seasons, yet bile like this lines the TV guide?
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Really Stupid
gluba200030 July 2004
I was watching The Simpsons hour on WB 36 and during the commercial break it showed "Blue Collar TV series premiere tonight at 8!" so I decided I'd watch it.

I knew it had rednecks in it (I hate rednecks) but I gave it the benefit of the doubt only because it was sketch comedy.

The show sucked. The House Of Gravy sketch was repetitive and annoying. The redneck dictionary was stupid. The intervention sketch was stupid and (I thought) a little offensive.

The only part that I laughed at was at the end when they were singing and one guy said "I think there should be an application to wear a thong..." or something like that, that's the ONLY part I laughed at.

I wouldn't recommend the show to anyone.

Though, I could see how slow minded hillbillies would find this show hilarious.

Don't waste your time with this pathetic show!
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Great sketch comedy show, if you like sketch comedy
apextreme3 March 2005
Blue Collar TV is framed based on the very popular Blue Collar Comedy Tour, featuring Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, and Larry the Cable Guy. It's pure slapstick sketch comedy, and many of the sketches are about redneck relationships, family life, interactions with non-rednecks, and making fun of mainstream television. In the last few years, the only vastly accessible sketch programs were Saturday Night Live and Mad TV, both of which have been pumping out lower quality programming every season, mainly because they themselves mainstream and insist on inviting mainstream musicians to play at their shows. Did I forget to mention politically correct as well? For us other 100 million Americans that don't throw up our arms about racial/cultural jokes, enjoy this type of humor, simply because it is funny. Shows like Blue Collar TV make you laugh, help give you a better understanding for different walks of life, and humble you all at the same time. Of course it is television, so everything is going to be larger than life, but thats the only way to make efficient use out of a 30 minute program minus 10 minutes for commercial breaks. At the moment the 2 pantheons of sketch comedy are SNL and MadTV in one corner, and Blue Collar TV, and Chappelle's Show in the other. A honorable mention should include the Chris Rock show, which is now off the air.

There has been controversy of the the new sketch comedy programs, simply because they are deemed 'racist'. All are highly successful as well. Blue Collar TV rakes in 1.3 million viewers an episode, and considering the WB's most popular show only takes in only 2.1 million viewers per episode that is a very good sign of longevity. I was not able to find the demographic information on their ratings on comedy central, and that could possibly double it's ratings.

Most of their humor is in bad taste, but none of it is hateful. Just try to remember, they don't try to spread an 'agenda', and it's for adults. If you don't want your 12 year old to watch it then get them a TV with a V-CHIP.
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gluba200031 July 2004
I'll give this show a second chance.

I despise rednecks(long story...) and I knew this show had rednecks in it but I gave it the benefit of the doubt knowing that the show is sketch comedy and I'm a sucker for sketch comedy.

The first episode sucked.

The House Of Gravy sketch was gross, the fat people's intervention was kinda rude, the babies in the back seat sketch was stupid, immature, and annoying, the redneck dictionary was stupid.

The only part that I laughed at was when one of the guys (not sure of his name) said "I think women should fill out an application to wear a thong..." it was something along the lines of that but that was the only part of the show that I laughed at.

I'll watch it next week just to see if it improves but I doubt it.
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A Nice Little Show.
General_G29 October 2005
Blue Collar TV is okay. I like that they don't focus in on the whole southern theme to far. It only gos to an extent. Some sketches aren't redneck or southern typed jokes. I like Gary Anthony Williams. Hes a funny guy. I originally know him from Malcolm in the Middle. I'm glad he got into sketch comedy now. My favorite cast member out of the blue collar gang is Bill Engvall. Hes been underrated and I really like his stand-up acts. It is kind of disappointing that Ron White isn't on the show. It just doesn't seem complete. He did guest star a couple of times at least. He should come back more often. I like there little thing at the end where there all together and Larrys got the guitar out. Those are usually good. I'm surprised there on the WB. You would think CBS or UPN would pick up something like that. Anyway, keep up the good work Blue Collar Gang!
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The Blue Collar gang star in their own hilarious sketch show!
SonicStuart21 April 2005
After the Blue Collar Comedy Tour Movies, Jeff Foxworthy, Larry the Cable Guy and Bill Engvall star in their own sketch show called Blue Collar TV. Although I wish that Ron White was on the show more often as a full-time cast member but he makes an appearance every now and then. I have liked the Blue Collar comedy team and their hilarious jokes and tours! Every episode opens with Jeff Foxworthy with an introduction and the sketches that are in every episode of the show is the Redneck Dictionary segments, the Blue Collar politically corrected fairy tales that Larry the Cable Guy reads to kids and at the end of every show Jeff, Bill and Larry come out and the audience asks them questions.This show also stars Brooke Dillman, Heath Hyche, Ashley Drane, Ayda Field, Peter Oldring and Gary Anthony Williams. This show is so hilarious and another one of my favorite sketch shows along with "Chappelle's Show", "SNL", "MadTV" and "Cedric the Entertainer Presents"!
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jerblaha25 March 2006
Blue Collat TV is undoubtedly an awesome show. I am a redneck, hands-down. And I will testify that everything on there is in every way true. Larry the Cable Guy, Jeff Foxwothy, and Bill Engvall are such a good combination for a TV show (though it could use Ron White). I can not wait for more episodes of this great show to come out. If you don't like Hillary Clinton, there is no greater show. If you don't like politically correct "people" there is no greater show. If you are definitely a redneck, then there is no greater show. Not to say what happens, but if you aren't one of the above three, then do not tune in. I will say however that I do watch religiously, because the redneck trio take all things to a new level, hands down. Watch it, you'll like it.
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If you see one episode of Blue Collar TV, you see them all
Terryfan15 September 2006
This is without question one of the worst TV shows ever put on TV.

The movies were much better then this poor joke for a show.

At first I like a few of the jokes, but this show is just awful.

Blue Collar TV is just a poor joke of the movies.

It's just the same thing in every episode.

Blue Collar TV is just as awful as awful gets.

I just get stand this poor show, I feel better that I quit watching this dumb show.

It's always the dumb jokes that Jeff, Bill, and Larry have done before.

Trust me, the movies are better. Blue Collar TV is just awful.

Avoid at all cost.
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Childish, irresponsible, loud and unfunny. Foxworthy, Engvall and Larry just give fuel to the rest of the media's fire
liquidcelluloid-13 February 2005
Network: WB; Genre: Sketch Comedy; Content Rating: TV-PG (for adult content, language and strong scatological humor); Also Available on: Comedy Central; Classification: Contemporary (Star Range: 1 - 4)

Season Reviewed: Season 1+

If there is anything more annoying than people who see the population through the prism of a bunch of stereotypes, its people who consciously live those stereotypes and love it. I'm sorry, but there it is. TV shows are always going out of their way, even circumventing real life, to avoid stereotyping but if we're all honest with ourselves we'd admit that stereotypes exist for a reason - because people really do act those ways. However, it seems no real life stereotypical group is as much in love with its media image as the "redneck".

"Blue Collar TV" does for rednecks and southerners what "The Man Show" did for men and "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" did for gay men. Nothing. Under the creation of Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall and Larry the Cable Guy, this sketch comedy series is something of a spin-off of their "Blue Collar Comedy Tour" stand-up movie. The skits consist of the same jokes these cats have been telling for years. The favorite boiling down to this: "Rednecks can't talk right, they have their own language (requiring dictionary translation) made up of mumbling and slurring words together. They are dumb, beer-swilling, deer-shooting, "Cops"-loving, inept-with-women pigs."

The great idea this show supposedly purports is that rednecks exist and people really do act like them. Well, we certainly don't hear that joke everywhere in mainstream entertainment. The show takes these ideas and crassly beats them into the ground. Watching it is like putting goggles on that allow you to see middle America through the eyes of a network executive or a New York Times or Village Voice columnist. The show is a big loving, bear hug throwing its arms around clichés and jokes that weren't funny to begin with, made by a group of people who mistakenly think the country is laughing with them instead of at them.

Foxworthy has masterfully crafted a career out of selling out his own kind and becoming the godfather of redneck humor. He is the only one of the 3 that isn't completely embarrassing himself. Larry the Cable Guy is the most grating. Whether playing a baby that sends a literal stream of p*** up toward the camera or translating Shakespeare for the high school dropout set, its hard not to shield your eyes out of embarrassment. The three leads are constantly cracking each other up, amused to no end with their own mugging. Particularly, camera hogging Larry - a human receptacle for the show's numerous fart jokes and whose idea of comic delivery is to scream as loud as he can at the audience. It is all so stupid, loud and repellently annoying that any possibility for "infectiously funny" laughs gets instantly popped.

Sketch comedy on TV is a dinosaur anyway. The last thing we at home want to see in the middle of a skit is a cut-away to a single member of the audience laughing. Which is what you will see on this show. On the first level the show isn't funny. On the next, shows like this only help affirm a belief, perpetuated by the rest of television, that certain social groups live at the margin. If there where some wit or insight here, that would be a different story. It is the white male version of the prehistoric minstrel show Fox gave us with the ghastly "Method & Red". It has got to be stopped. Or otherwise should be under a tent with a Carney out front yelling "See the world through the eyes of Ward Sutton".

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Larry the cable guy is about the funniest redneck out there today.
mary-bauer127 August 2004
I have so many words for the "REDNECK DICTIONARY", to begin how about WRENCH (e.g., Mama would you {wrench} this glass out for me would ya?Then there is WARS (e.g., So tell me dad are you gonna go any {wars}?Many more and would like to share ideas .Jeff really has a good thing going with these guys. I think they all will be very successful in the big screen.The Redneck Dictionary is just the humor this country needs in a time of fear from all the war and terror this country is going through.The get-r-done is becoming the phrase of the year for every one from poor to the rich. I hear it in every crowd. And the YOU MIGHT BE is catching on too.I work with the public and there seems to be a talk about the show that has opinions in every sort but is positive.
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You Won't Expect It To Be, But This Show Is Brilliant
AllNewSux20 January 2017
Not only is this sketch comedy series brilliant, but it is also surprisingly diverse. Don't think for a second you're only going to get redneck jokes or NASCAR quips. Sure there's some of that because if there wasn't it wouldn't be the Blue Collar boys, but they find interesting ways to turn their stand up routines into proper comedy sketches. As MC, Jeff Foxworthy seems to be the leader, but he never pushes Larry or Bill out of the spotlight. They all share a nearly equal representation and each one of the trio feels free to leave their comfort zones and play some insane roles you'd never expect to see. The supporting cast is also very talented and some of them you will recognize from other TV shows prior to and after Blue Collar TV. You also get an occasional pop in from fellow Blue Collar alum Ron White who never fails to crack me up. Overall I'd put the show just a notch below In Living Color, but would say it's a bit better than other non-SNL sketch shows like MadTV, Almost Live or the short lived Dana Carvey Show. Very original in it's presentation of a theme for every episode as well and it's quite amazing to see just how funny this group can make what would normally be childish comedy like goofy dancing or 'how big is your deck'. Their comedic timing is spot on, but in turn they aren't afraid to show an occasional flub and they seem to relish in trying to make their co-stars break out in laughter. Overall, Blue Collar TV is just great fun. It's a mostly family friendly sketch comedy show that appeals to a range of tastes and demographics. I honestly feel that even if you don't enjoy their sketch comedy tours you could possibly enjoy this series. Yes, if you're a big liberal like me you may have to occasionally hear Larry The Cable Guy rip into you, but if you can't laugh at yourself maybe comedy isn't the right thing for you to begin with.
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Leopold_Stotch3 August 2004
if people liked The Blue Collar Comedy Tour,then they should love this show.

Although the previous commenters have called this show an SNL or MAD wannabe, all of the sketches come from the stand up comedy of the comedians.

And they really do keep the flow of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour as well, especially with the ending where they all come out together. One previous commenter mentioned that he doesn't care for rednecks. Why would you expect to like a show that is partially based on 'you might be a redneck?' that guy needs to keep his yankee ass redneck hatin mouth shut. THE SOUTH WILL RISE AGAIN this show is really good.
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This Show Is THE Best Show On T.V.
da_bitch_19724 October 2004
I love this show finally a show for us rednecks. My favorite part is the redneck dictionary cause i like to see how many words i use like that. And to the people that think us rednecks are stupid you can kiss my A$$ cause the only difference between us and regular people is we are crazy 24/7. And we are not afraid of showing strangers how we act.

And i am not a hillbilly cause hillbillies are inbreed morons.

Okay there are a few differences. so don't be talking

s!@& if you don't know a redneck in real life. And if you don't like what i am saying that's just to bad for you. So thank you very much....not! I love this show lets try to keep up the ratings.


A defensive REDNECK
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The Answer to Our Prayers!
Syl29 April 2007
The Blue Collar Comedy Tour has launched a successful comedy show not filmed in New York or Hollywood but in Atlanta, Georgia at a local theater. Sadly, the yuppies in New York and Hollywood don't understand the rest of the country. We're not all ignorant, bigoted blue collar trailer trash as the elite might think about when it comes to audiences. The reason that these comedians have become famous and rich without losing their touch with middle America. I've loved blue collar humor because I grew up in working class union community. I don't know what country clubs are like nor do I plan to join one. The Blue Collar TV show is the answer to our prayers when we feel down about our personal, financial situation. At least, we can expect to see these guys around a lot more making fun of themselves, their families, friends, and of course, it's audience without malice.
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Response to gluba2000
rebelmom19993 May 2006
I totally disagree with gluba2000, but then again I would expect those kinds of comments from someone who doesn't know anything about the south. The stereotype that only dumb hillbillies are able to laugh at this show shows just how narrow minded and ignorant you really are. I understand how you could conclude that all people from the south are stupid, but if you have never visited the south, then you should keep your ignorance about southern people, and rednecks to yourself. I am from the south and I know every southern stereotype that there is, but this show makes fun of all of them. That is the point after all, Jeff, Larry, and Bill are making fun of all of those stereotypes. I am sure that if the roles were reversed and I had made the comments that you did, about people from the north, then you would be just as offended as I am!
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If you don't like it, don't watch it and shut up
ConVito2 April 2009
This goes out to all of you complaining about Blue Collar TV. Shut up and just don't watch it, it's not like anyone's forcing you to watch it. The show was made with fans of Jeff, Larry, and Bill in mind. I also like all of Larry's movies as well, because I'm a fan.

The comedy in BCTV was exactly what I expected from these 3 (sometimes 4, when Ron White would guest star). I enjoyed Larry's rants about political correctness which were inspired directly by his own stand-up, of which I am a big fan. For some reason, Bill played women a lot in the skits. I don't know where it came from, but he was hilarious. Bill's also my all time favorite comedian. Jeff would always play off his "redneck" persona, doing things like the Redneck Yard of the Week. That's what I expect from Jeff because it's the kind of stuff he did and does in stand-up, and I wasn't disappointed. Then of course, whenever Ron was on, he'd pretty much always be drinking, as to be expected. Then, my favorite part of the show was the end when the guys all got together and did something funny such as told jokes or did the whole "I believe..." routine. Again, that was taken directly from the Blue Collar Comedy Tour.

Most of the people complaining about this are people who aren't fans of the original BC Comedy Tour, or haven't even heard of it or the comedians. So I'll say this. If you haven't seen the comedy tour or seen Bill, Jeff, Larry, and/or Ron then just don't even bother with this because it wasn't made for you. It was made for fans, and I'm a fan, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Again, if you don't like it, then don't watch it and shut up.
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hey this show is better then 3.2
Thomas Pickett17 July 2006
I know this show is cheesy, but is good. i am a bit of a comic snob.. and normally don't like a lot of things, but i do like this show.. hey i love Seinfeld, curb, and woody Allen movies.. (sorry i am trying to think comic high brow not all Jewish stuff) but this show gets it done. check it out. a 3.2?! who is voting.. i get into fights with other comedians (i am a comic) on this show.. sorry it is late and i am not very wordy tonight.

And what i like about this show too is that the stars are traditional stand up comics but they do great sketch stuff, that doesn't always happen.
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Where Did Blue Collar Go ?
wolfette-120 February 2006
This is not a comment, but a question ,I hope you can answer for me? Why has Blue Collar TV stopped being on. My husband,mother, and myself just love the program. It has gone off the air. They changed the night showing spot from Friday nights to Sunday night.Then only on for couple of nights then no more.Please tell me what is going on and if will be coming on again. We love all the skits on the show, The dictionary is just hilarious how they put the words out. Hers your sign by Larry, fantastic, use it in every day life. Getrdone by cable guy,great,and Lord I apologies for that forgive me,I cannot think of words to explain how great and funny these guys are. Heather
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honestashol28 March 2005
I'm proud of my redneck heritage, except when Foxworthy is mentioned. Together with Larry the Cable Guy, he is the king of abusing the easy joke. If the show were mine, I'd keep Bill Engvall and Gary Anthony Williams and replace the rest. Even Ron White's appearances are too often.

As stated, I grew up in the rural south, but I'm not sure if it's because I'm educated, or if I have good breeding, but every punchline is telegraphed at the beginning of the sketch. I think I would find the show funnier if I sat in on the writers meetings instead of having to sit through the sketch itself. Example: the idea of using Ranch Dressing as a cleaner (spray it on your window and people come and lick your window clean) is hilarious, but the sketch ruined a perfectly good joke.

I am familiar with each of the stars' careers except for Ron White, who has done more to hurt "'Tater Salad" than my ex's recipe. Foxworthy started with an excellent franchise, but had to ruin it by turning it into his stand up act which was good at first, now that he must provide a weekly monologue, he's stretched past his abilities. Larry the Cable Guy was perfect on the John Boy and Billy radio show. Unlike Jack Benny, Bob Hope and others, he shouldn't have made the jump to TV so early as there can only be so many fart jokes in one show. Bill Engvall stumbled upon his "Here's your sign" bit early and I'm unsure whether that should have been only a book or a stand up routine. He, however, has expanded his stand up act to reflect his age (explaining what happens at a physical to his son for example.) Unfortunately, sensible ideas like this are left out of the show, to be replaced by plagiarized bits like an armless and legless stuntman!?! Super Dave was there first and better, guys. Politically Correct Fairy Tales? George Carlin. What Burns Me Booth? Rowan and Martins Laugh In. At least this list is long and distinguished. Original jokes from this show are not as plentiful. They are there, but again, a good joke is ruined by the sketch.

I have found moments of the show funny. Not enough to classify the entire show a success. I continue to watch the show out of my own stupidity, but in their defense, these guys know they can't please everyone all the time and they aren't trying. They know what their target audience is and they are aiming right at it with perfect accuracy. I'm sure they're glad everyone has seen the show, but for those who didn't like the show, these guys could care less. They do seem to be having fun and frankly, I'm envious. I wish I enjoyed my job that much.
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Give Me My Half Hour Back, Rednecks!!!
Randy Coates29 March 2008
Blue Collar TV is so shamefully pathetic, I am actually insulted. How could anyone put this on our TV's and actually expect us to like it? At all? On any level? This is one of those rare shows that is so completely terrible, it's not even funny to laugh AT it. I'm not an elitist jerk who hates the whole "redneck comedy" fad that's been going on for the last ten years or so. I like Ron White and Jeff Foxworthy. I don't mind Bill Engvall. I do hate Larry the Cable Racist but then again, who with half a brain doesn't? But this show has nothing going for it the way their stand-up specials and albums usually do. This show is a series of pathetic sketches and stand-up riffs that the average high school student (in Alabama or not) would be embarrassed to perform in front of their class - so how can these already rich and famous "comedians" justify performing this schlock on NATIONAL TV???
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