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  • Eve's newborn daughter is kidnapped by biochemistry Professor Abbot (Robert Knepper) while transporting the dying Eve in a military ambulance. Aided by graduate student Dean (Robin Dunne), Abbott has plans to develop perfect alien DNA by harvesting Sara's (Sunny Mabrey) eggs. Meanwhile, the half-breeds (created by astronaut Patrick Ross in Species II), have developed a fatal allergic response to common Earth pollens and are searching for Sara in order to mate with her and, hopefully, preserve their alien species. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Species III is the third installment in the Species series, preceded by Species (1995) (1995) and Species II (1998) (1998) and followed by Species: The Awakening (2007) (2007). The screenplay for Species III was written by American screenwriter Ben Ripley based on characters created by Dennis Feldman for the first movie. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Immediately. Species II ends with Eve's body placed in the ambulance while one of Patrick's offspring is shown hiding in the corner and Eve's stomach beginning to swell. Species III picks up at that point. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The most reasonable explanation is that Abbot hijacked the ambulance, probably by killing the real driver and taking his place. His apparent intention was to steal Eve's body and, as he puts it during his opening narration, "...take her dying DNA and somehow create something better...more pure." However, when Eve gives birth and Patrick's half-breed child breaks Eve's neck with his tentacle, Abbot sees the chance to run off with the live child. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The main difference is the fact that Eve and Sil were artificially created in a laboratory by scientists that spliced the alien DNA with human DNA. A half-breed is the offspring of Species II's Patrick Ross and a human mother. Basically, a half-breed is the product of a naturally-occurring conception. Sara, on the other hand, is also a "half-breed", the child of a naturally-occurring conception between Patrick and Eve. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Project Athena is only mentioned in the movie. It says that some scientist named Dr. Fitch tried to grow an alien creature using only its own DNA but was forced to incinerate it when it attempted to destroy its isolation chamber, suggesting that pure alien DNA is too volatile on its own. It needs human chromosomes to temper the mixture. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • In human physiology, all the eggs that a female can make are there when she is born. To remove Sara's ovaries, which is what Abbot did, should render her sterile. Of course, how Sara's physiology works is unknown. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Dean, his roomate Hastings (John Paul Pitoc), and Agent Wasach (Michael Warren) take the container carrying Sara's ova to the Ashland Generating Facility. Amelia (Amelia Cooke) and Sara follow, trying to save the eggs. Using Turner's ID card, Dean powers down the Tokamak magnets. However, Amelia spears him with a tentacle, and Dean drops the egg canister into the now active reactor. Amelia tries to stop him but, thanks to Sara, Amelia falls into the reactor. Sometime later, Hastings returns to Abbot's house and finds Sara and a young boy. Dean explains that he created the boy by stripping away the damaging remnants from the half-breed DNA. In the final scene, Dean and Hastings accompany Sara and the boy, now a hunky adult, to a bridge where Dean sets them free into the unknown. Hastings wonders why Dean would set the aliens free to mate, and Dean informs him that he tweaked the male's chromosomes and made him sterile. Hastings wonders how the alien pair will react when they find that the male is sterile. Edit (Coming Soon)


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