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Worth a watch!
clothing-118 March 2006
I found this DVD in a friends collection... was bored... figured "what the hell"

It was not Waterboy... It was not Happy Gilmore... It was not American Pie... It was a great indie film!

Think Super Troopers without the moolah... these guys are funny. I was really hoping to find out that they had made more flicks, but was unable to find anything... I really hope they didn't fall off... with a bit of seasoning and a little bit of backing, I could see these guys being in the same league as the Farrelly brothers.

What is with the guy sleeping in all the scenes? He keeps popping up... and the mascot plot is great!!

Keep going guys... make more! I have to admit that I laughed quite a bit... more than I expected to.

Call me a fan! :)
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