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MPAA Rated PG for mild adventure action and brief language

Sex & Nudity

  • Several Internet videos of Native Africans and various islanders show people dancing, with bare-chested men; the women that are dancing are fully clothed.
  • A brief scene shows women dancing on an island in red bikini tops and long grass skirts, with men behind them bare-chested and wearing knee-length shorts.
  • On a beach, several female dancers are in bikini tops and long grass skirts, male dancers are in knee-length shorts and are bare-chested, and some female spectators wear bikini tops and low-cut blouses, revealing a little cleavage; one woman wears a deep cut top that reveals cleavage.
  • A beach scene shows some people in bikini tops and shorts, some large women wearing low cut blouses that reveal cleavage and several men wearing knee-length shorts; a few young women wear shorts and one older woman wears a two-piece bathing suit.
  • A woman pops up from a bathtub full of water, and we see her face, neck, and tops of her bare shoulders.
  • A woman rows a rowboat in a rainstorm and her scoop neck blouse and knee-length skirt cling to her body, showing cleavage.
  • A man is shown bare-chested and wearing shorts.

Violence & Gore

  • A man is blindfolded and tied to a camel led by 6 men, and he jumps from the camel and beats the men with his fists, feet, and a wooden sword (no blood is shown); he is later tied to a pole and carried suspended upside down and thrown into a pit of volcano lava (he yells and the scene ends before he hits the lava).
  • A man stands on a sailboat in the open water of the South Pacific and a storm comes up, high winds and hard rain wash him overboard and he tries to climb back aboard as the scene ends (he is OK, but stranded).
  • A young girl ties a rope around herself, and climbs to the roof of a house (she's OK).
  • A woman slips and falls on a treadmill and slides off the back end (she's OK).
  • A large whale passes a man in a broken sailboat, the man yells at the whale (he thinks this is the whale that swallowed his wife), rain and winds blow, the man is blown off the boat and the scene ends with an overhead shot of him flailing in the water (we see him later, sailing to a small island).
  • We see a young girl and a woman unconscious on a beach after a heavy rainstorm (we see them wake up and they are OK).
  • A woman wanders a forest alone in the dark, she hits her head on a tree (we see no blood), she sees a light and says, "Is this how it ends? Is this how I die?" and she cringes, squats and covers her head (she's OK).
  • A young girl climbs to the edge of a dormant volcano, the mountain rumbles, the tree to which her line is tied pulls out of the ground, she falls and we see a long gash in her left shin with caked blood around; she later describes it as a 5-inch gash from which pus is coming out (her leg is tied in a piece of cloth).
  • At night, a young girl is home alone on a deserted island and a storm causes items to fall off a shelf and break; power is lost while the girl takes cover on the floor with a large sea lion.
  • We see several large animals, including a whale and three sharks. In animation, a large whale swallows a young woman.
  • Several dozen lizards are launched from homemade catapults into the faces of tourists on a beach and many people run in circles and yell for help (no one is hurt); four sailors approach the lizards with flaming torches in order to scare them away.
  • When four cruise sailors disembark on an island a young girl looks frightened and tells her pet seal and lizard that they are being invaded.
  • A young girl emails an adult letting him know she needs help, and the adult receives the message and begins to cry imagining the girl hanging from the mouth of a volcano, waving for help.
  • A young girl yells at a woman for betraying her and tells her to leave; night falls and the woman wanders the forest, calling for help.
  • A young girl cries when she fears that her father is never coming back.
  • A woman argues with an imaginary character at the doorway of her apartment.
  • A frightened woman runs through an airport with her baggage knocking down displays and other objects.
  • A woman is afraid, gasps and looks shaky in several scenes when she is boarding a plane; she prays that if she lives she'll never leave her apartment again and yells, "I'm gonna die!" and "I'm having a nervous breakdown!"
  • A woman argues with an imaginary character and he leaves stating "I'm not gonna be your crutch anymore."
  • A young girl builds a fire inside a dormant volcano to scare away a group of tourists and loosened boulders roll down the mountain (they do not hit anyone) making a rumbling noise and people scream that the volcano is erupting and run to their rowboats.
  • A man jumps into the sea with a homemade spear to catch fish, but a pelican snatches the fish away first and drops it in the man's sailboat.
  • A large bowl of wriggling mealworms is shown twice as a meal ingredient (the worms are partially covered in dirt).
  • A large lizard jumps into the face of a boy who runs away, screaming.
  • A sea lion passes gas while swimming by a rowboat full of tourists, who complain of the smell.


  • 2 mild obscenities, 1 not fully enunciated exclamation "What the ---?" (the character's lips seem to mouth an "F.")
  • Name-calling (lousy sharks, crazy.)

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Tourists drink what look like alcoholic beverages at a Bar-B-Que.
  • A woman takes several pills for motion sickness during a long air flight.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The thunderstorm sequences might be frightening for very young children.
  • A scene where it appears that an adult drowns may be upsetting.

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