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Very good; shame a lot of references will be lost on Western audiences
elvindill2 January 2006
Well, I watched Day Watch with my American girlfriend in a St. Petersburg cinema a few hours ago, and we both enjoyed it. The relatively huge success of of the first episode obviously allowed the producers to pump more cash into this second installment, and it shows throughout the film. The CG sequences are slicker and more impressive, and so is pretty much everything else, including the consistently confident directing. Even the fact that the premise is so annoyingly weak doesn't spoil the fun as much as it did in the first film.

As a Russian though, the thing I liked best was the unmistakable Russian-ness of the movie. As far as film-making is concerned, I don't normally mean that as a compliment, but with Day Watch it is different. While it can definitely appeal to a wider international audience (my girlfriend, albeit a bit of a Russophile, is an indication of that), it is at the same time literally packed with all sorts of clever wordplay and references to various realities of Russian life, ranging from political satire to hilariously blatant product placement.

Even though I can enjoy a less obnoxious art-house film every now and then, on the whole I prefer clever commercial movies, and Day Watch falls into that category very neatly.
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I need to get myself one of those yo-yos...
arthurmauk12 January 2007
I must admit that before this film I was never a real fan of the Watcher series. A Russian friend of mine advised me to watch Nochnoy Dozor. I was impressed, but hardly blown away. So I went into this film expecting another worthless sequel Hollywood seems to be churning out by the dozen. But this is not Hollywood, and this is not another worthless sequel. In fact, this is surprisingly amazing. Every aspect of the original have been amplified up ten times until you can almost feel the room reverberating. We're spoilt with so much cinematic impact right from the start. The CGI landscapes are breathtaking and the epic battles are just as panoramic as something out of a LoTR film.

The cast is kept the same as the original, all still pitch-perfect in their roles. I can't imagine anyone other than Khabensky playing our helplessly flawed hero. The premise might seem overused (Light versus Dark) but the background plot is actually very unique. I love how the leaders can joke around with each other when taking time off being sworn mortal enemies. And you can tell that the film is a book adaptation by how deep the story goes. Very few aspects are covered completely, leaving you to wonder what motives have some of the characters really got, and what was decidedly cut out of the film version. The soundtrack is one of the most erratic ones I've ever heard but works perfectly for this film. One scene a romantic love score, the next some adrenaline pumping heavy metal, immediately followed by a chirpy joke song. I honestly can't say much about the script since I don't understand Russian, but I feel that there are some in-jokes that would be hilarious if only I understood them. And that's the surprising thing about the film - despite all of its mind-blowing action, there is still time for the writer to fit in some matured dry humour!

I've now been thoroughly converted into a Watcher fan. The first thing I'll do is hunt down some English copies of the books. It feels to me as if the first film is just an introduction to these characters and leads up to the second film where the action heats up. A little surprised by the conclusive ending but can't wait to see what they'll do with it in the next film!
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A massive undertaking of alien proportions. Dreamlike, confusing.
dilbertsuperman31 March 2006
Phew! What an imagination these boys have!! This entire experience is very dream-like in that the strangest things make sense in this universe, you can flush yourself down a toilet, or perhaps drive a car in a MOST unusual manner, or maybe slip into another dimension to escape your enemy.

This is a world where dark ones and light ones live in an uneasy truce among the unsuspecting living. Once you get your head around this world's rules it starts to make sense and it becomes an action drama like any other, yet unlike any other. And for that, you should see it- but don't expect to understand it very much at first.. it helps if you saw the first film of this series- Night Watch, but that film sucked in comparison to this one in my opinion- and maybe that was just budgetary constraints but hey- it still sucked.

The good thing about having seen Night Watch is that it will make you like this one a whole lot more because you will understand what's going on and then focus on the plot and the action- which is quite an orgy of bizarre circumstance.

So suffer through Night Watch, then watch this and I think you will get a really unique experience out of this- it's fantasy, vampires, spell-casters and a very omnipresent Russia woven into this all. It's a must see because of it's uniqueness and to be forgiven for the occasional stupidity or clumsiness in transition it presents, it has a unique beauty that needs preservation just like a Russian. :-)

I must applaud the director for creating a scene with women and high action where you would have expected to see a man. When you see the movie- you will see what I mean, and it's just one of many of the clever and confounding -dream-rules apply- plot twists this thing will throw at you with total abandon.
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Completely Unexpected production of The Russian Cinema
leniv_lamer2 January 2006
I saw Night Watch some time ago and I thought: Humm... What a nice movie. Interesting. Than I went to see Day Watch on the day of the premiere. Tickets had to be bought 3 hours earlier in order to get some. There was a crowd was so packed that even visiting the toilet was impossible. When the movie was starting I thought: well just the next over-talked-about movie, nothing special, BUT What I saw just left me astonished. I could never think such thing could happen. It is comparable by grandiosity to Titanic, and to StarWars by excitement, to The Matrix by plot. I have not seen such a thing yet. It combines Comedy, Action, Drama, Triller, Sci-Fy, Fantasy, Horror in such a manner that they bond without arguments. It's a MUST SEE!!!
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Supreme Sequel!
zombieninjagrrl7 June 2007
Generally, sequels are inferior to their parent counterparts. However, this is one of those great times when the sequel surpasses the quality of the first and stands on it's own bearings. The plot line was well written and the acting was absolutely fantastic! Watching in the native language with the subtitles merely added to the essence of the story.


But, if you have read the books these movies are based on, please do not compare. It's as if Lukanyenko decided, "This is how I wanted it as a book, but it should be this way for the movie." They are basically separate entities. Yet, both extremely satisfying. You will not walk out of the movie saying, "The book was better than the movie," because you simply cannot equate the two. And if you haven't read the books. READ THEM! It is very interesting to see the absolute contrast of the author's ideas on paper and on film.
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Dare I say it? Better than anything Hollywood can come up with
ebladuk0217 January 2006
Day watch manages to be something none of those Hollywood sci-fi saga type movies never could. It combines EVERYTHING in itself. Action, drama, suspense, CGI that's definitely better, and more believable, than in any of the matrix movies, a very intricate plot, that you have to follow carefully throughout the movie, wonderful acting and great dialogs. Well you'd say, lord of the rings has all of that too. The only thing that lord of the rings lacks is that, those three hours get a little bit boring at times. I don't know why, but i know i'm not the only one who feels that way. Day watch is three hours long too. After the movie, i went back to the ticket shop, and watched it again. That totals up to six hours of movie watching. And it wasn't boring even for a second. So why did i give it a nine? It suffers from the same thing the first movie suffered. The whole super power thing is not really explained, no one ever tells the audience how they work. You just have to live with it.
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Who translated this movie???
abnikki6 February 2008
After reading the book trilogy I was looking forward to these movies. As in any adaptation, not everything makes it the screen. The movie was OK, I like the supernatural subject matter so I was able to stomach watching the whole movie. What drove me crazy is the translation!!!! I speak Russian and the subtitles were totally off. I understand that some things don't translate literally but in some parts the subtitles had nothing to do with the words that the actors spoke. If anyone is in the industry, can you please enlighten us on the process of how the subtitles come about??? Do the people at FOX think that there will be no Russian speaking people watching the movie?
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Sold out to Fox?
Oozo17 September 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Damn, reading all those positive comments, I really wonder if I saw the same movie.

Let me first start off with telling you that I was really astonished by the first movie, "Night Watch". Sure, it had its flaws, but still, it looked great, it was refreshingly original and most of all - it was atmospheric. To sum it up in a short statement: It left me longing for more.

Then I watched the sequel, "Day Watch", and I just didn't get it... all I could think was: God damnit, what the hell went wrong there? "Day Watch" was nothing but flaws. The worst problem of it is probably that it has one of the worst scripts I came around in a long time... there's simply no point to it (and no, it's not that I wouldn't have understood it). And what is so bad about that is the fact that it not only gives not a damn about the novels it should be supposed to be based on - it also totally ignores its predecessor. I've somewhere read that after Fox bought the rights to it, they urged the whole story into an early termination. As a result, "Day Watch" is just a total mess.

Part one succeeded in establishing a dark, aggrieving setting with more or less strong characters and ended with a bunch of prophecies that really pronounced some major threats to come in part two... But honestly, guys, what DO we have there? It's a huge mess of story lines (some finished, some not) that really do not help to advance the plot in the slightest. The characters are reduced to bystanders (like Bear) in the best case and to total clowns in the worst (hey, what exactly does Anton do in the last hour of the movies? He totters around drunk... what happens to Olga? What happened to the threatening presence of Zavulon? And, damn, why does Yegor never show any sign of becoming the great, fate-turning wizard that he's foretold to become?) Other characters get way too much screen-time, only to get an opportunity to establish a goofy romance or show some flesh... and what's the parrot guy doing in it anyway??? It is A TERRIBLY SCRIPTED MOVIE. Face it. The apocalypse is the result of a toy-ran-amok? It's not what I expected. Definitely not.

What's maybe the worst thing for me is that there are certain signs that point to all this having happened on purpose. There are at least two scenes (shower, anyone?) that are so horribly cheesy that there's actually only one word to describe it: Camp. Now, I certainly can take a little bit of camp once in a while, and I also did like the humor in some of the scenes in part one (and you could even argue if there were not some camp aspects in that as well) - but all in all, "Night Watch" was more or less serious in it's tone. "Day Watch" is not camp in the clever sense - it's just goofy. It's not fun. It's out of place there, I think.

In fact, I thought the movie was so different from part one - and sadly, in all the wrong points - that I asked myself how it was possible to send it all down the gutter like that. I thought that maybe the studio or the director got in a fight over something and either one of them tried to pay it back in that way to the other, or that somebody lost a bet or so there, or... I really don't know. I just can't understand it. And also can't understand why they more or less had it end in a way that there's no sense in really making a part 3 anymore... Guess that's the only good thing I can say about it: After that disaster, I'm actually glad that there maybe will be no movie to follow.

(And even if I have to disappoint all you Slavophil guys out there who are just proud to finally have a cool movie you can show to foreign audiences: Good special effects and the state as a sequel to a good movie doesn't make this a good movie. I'm afraid so.)
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A splendid example.....of self-destruction
Samiam324 September 2010
Ironically, there is something kind of impressive about the sheer sloppiness of Day Watch (sequel to Night Watch) I would never have thought it possible for a fictional movie to be this big a wreck and still allow me to follow the plot (but barely) Day Watch is ridiculously demanding of an audience members attention and it doesn't give us anything in return. There are no thrills/chills, scares or visual splendour, but there are a few laughs.

Day Watch collapses under the weight of too much content and not enough legitimate story. Regardless of whether this is a noble adaptation of the novel, it cheats a movie goer out of a good time. I approached Day Watch hoping it would enrich the story of Night Watch, which had a cliffhanger ending. What I saw is a completely different ballgame. All the same faces are back but the performance quality is so dreadful that these feel like new people. The ending is the kind that makes the whole thing seem pointless, and by the whole thing I also mean the plot of Night Watch.

How ever much you may have loved the first, is not gonna be enough to make Day Watch a worthy investment of time. This sloppy, overlong enterprise is in desperate need of a redo.
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Really good continuation of Night Watch assumes you've seen the first film as it furthers complicates the war of darkness and light.
dbborroughs5 April 2006
Let me say first and foremost do not even think of viewing this movie unless you've seen the first film. Simply put this movie just starts and goes, assuming that you've seen the first film. There are no reintroductions, just forward motion so be prepared, see Nightwatch.

Picking up some time after Night Watch ends this film concerns two parallel stories Anton's search for a means of righting all that has gone wrong since he joined the Watch, and his framing for the murder of one of the Day Watch. The two things are not of course, that far apart as everyone soon finds out.

This is epic story telling and it covers a great deal of ground. Do not blink or go to the bathroom with out being able to pause this since this moves like the wind. Unfortunately even with close attention a good deal of the plot is going to be clouded. There are lots of characters, lots of plot points many carried over from the first film (which in retrospect I should have watched before I dove into this film). You can fee the film's origins as a novel bleeding off the screen giving this version of Moscow a very real sense of place.

The action and craftsmanship of this film is almost without equal. The set pieces are spectacular, there are things in this movie to make your jaw drop open (the influx of American money can be seen on the screen in sequences that top the first film). The cast is amazing, creating some really good guys and some vile bad ones. Its first rate all around.

I really did like this film a great deal, though I am a tad disappointed. I don't know whether its the fact that the story is too big for its two and a half running time, or if its the fact that it doesn't go where I expected it to go. I think I'm going to have to see it again, preferably when I can see this not long after the first film.

If you saw and liked the first film see this. If you weren't crazy about the first film you may want to try it. If you haven't seen the first film see that first.
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Mind blowing film.....
benblane16 April 2006
My first piece of advice before watching this film would be to make sure you see Night Watch first. This certainly isn't a trilogy that you could watch out of sequence.

But for those willing to start at the beginning this is one of the most rewarding pieces of cinema you'll ever see. The CG is awesome, the acting first class and the direction of Timur Bekmambetov is breathtaking (a point not lost on Hollywood with him signing up to direct his first English language film).

The ending of the first film is taken a step further and knitted together beautifully with the second, keeping you gripped with questions and answers from start to finish. In fact the pace was so good I barely noticed the fact that it was 3 hours long.

The only things that confuse me about this film is where can they possibly go with Dusk Watch..... and could it be even better.
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Better than the first one but...
Pawn_Shop2 January 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Before talking about the actual movie I must first get this off my chest; the amount of people flocking to see this and me cruising around the city for a few hours while running up a vast bill on futile attempts to advance book a few seats was...inspirational. I have never witnessed such a packed theater, not in Russia anyway. I firmly believe that if Mr. Spielberg somehow managed to resurrect Mr. Fellini, who for some strange reason invited James Cameron and perhaps Tom Hanks to make a 300 million dollar picture, on its opening day the queues in Moscow's cinemas would be shorter compared to this. A slightly sick form of patriotism which I, as a future film-maker could only stand and adore. Thanks for hearing me out on that one...now, onto the movie itself. From the very start it looked and felt better than the last time around. The credits are done in quite an original manner and caught me off-guard, I was all set for the good flick up ahead. However as the movie progressed it began to regress. The acting which seemed pretty good in the first hour (fueled by a few unoriginal but damn good scenes) slowly but surely began to get annoying. I'd attribute that to the writing but more on that later. Having never read the book (and I'm keeping that up) I was pleasantly surprised by the twist and turns that the story takes. Again, that lasted until about half-way through. Keeping in mind that this experience lasts over two hours, it got to a point where the plot degraded into whatever course necessary to show us a few more CGI filled shots. One of such scenes centres on a dog collared vampire driving a Mazda RX-8 around a vertical hotel wall at heights over 50 metres. It's an absolute joke, one during which I presume 14yr old kids will find themselves breathless. CGI for the sake of CGI is s**t. Sorry, the Matrix this is not. No doubt someone on the other end of the web shall proclaim 'Oh shut up, this cost 10 times less!'. Sure, but the Matrix wasn't shot in Russia where the average crew member makes less than 30$ a day. This could have been a great film if there existed a Russian script doctor. I don't think we have one (yet). With careful tailoring this script could been a blast for the mind also rather than just being good old eye candy. Maybe it does not have to last more than 1h45m. Another thing which does not do any favours for the international release of this film are the moments that will be lost in translation and I mean both dialogue and picture wise. An example is the stretched out final showdown. This takes a potshot at the Russian showbiz elite The guests, who are supposed to be all on the dark side (George Lucas anyone?) are played by famous Russian celebrities. One shot was a little disturbing; a music producer who died recently is shown getting his chest torn by super-powerful yo-yos (?!?).

Overall this a good effort hampered by an understandable desire 'to be Hollywood'. I'd like to mention the marketing campaign is quite likely to be in the same budget as the film itself. A redistribution of these funds would have done the movie good in the long run. All style no soul is the motto which I hope pays off when Russians begin applying the professionalism earned/borrowed/stolen from America to flicks featuring both of the above.
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All style, no substance
jodwyer885 August 2007
If you've watched the original film in this series you probably have a fair idea of what to expect from this offering: a surreal and dark Russian fantasy of battling supernaturals, enlivened by incredible special effects and impressive set-pieces. Unfortunately it's all downhill from there. There's virtually no structure to be found throughout much of the film - attention is spread between so many characters that it is impossible to actually care about any of them - and most come across as two-dimensional cardboard cut-outs. There're just too many narratives cluttering up this film: nothing is adequately explained or convincingly resolved. In short, it's a mess.
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Am I taking crazy pills!!!???
parks579620 June 2007
Warning: Spoilers
IT WAS HORRIBLE. Am I taking crazy pills or what??? This film is above all the worst film I have ever seen in my whole life!!! Not even Blankman, Legally Blonde, or Motor Home Massacre can surpass this pile of babble blatantly called a film. I sat in a theater of about twenty people, and everyone laughed at how horrible it was!!! Five people walked out. I, on the other hand, sat dimwitted wondering how in the hell an adult editor, director, and film designer can gather in a group and agree this is a suitable film to show. First off, the plot sounds like a small child came up with it, so that means some novels shouldn't be made into a movie. (ex:Eragon); seriously, who can honestly say there was innovation and creativity put forth into creating a plot revolving around a laughable quest item (chalk of destiny??), a couple of vampires, light and dark watchman agents, and a cheesy end-of-the-world climax. Second, the directing looked like it was done by an ADD stricken nerd swooning over excess explosions and special effects. Every twist and turn seemed lackluster. Every line seemed out of place. And every unique scene poorly constructed was misconstrued through agitating film angles and cartoonish effects. Third, the story flat-lined at the first of the ten minutes. Especially, in the end: it is said that the chalk can only be used if it doesn't effect someone else's destiny, but in the end, the twist made no sense. That change of fate would have effected everyone else. So it makes no sense. Fourth, the music was way too cheesy and excruciating for my taste. The palette of music they used was just two songs; one that sounds like ice cream truck music, and the overbearing heavy metal music that played in every fight scene. I still can't believe that it got such high ratings. Most of the reviews submitted by critics even said it had a silly plot and direction, but for some reason, they gave it good ratings. Please do not watch this movie! I can fill two more pages with what is wrong with this movie.
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Fantastic Special Effects and Gorgeous Actresses in a Complete Mess
Claudio Carvalho15 March 2008
My wife and I decided to watch "Dnevnoy Dozor" on DVD expecting to see a good movie. Unfortunately the producers invested lots of money in the movie, but forgot the most important and used a confused story that makes no sense; indeed we have just watched this film and we did not understand the plot. The storyline seems to be basically that the lead character Anton belongs to the Forces of the Light as well as his powerful girlfriend and apprentice, but his son is a powerful teenager from the Darkness and Anton protects him. When the balance between Light and Darkness is affected by the death of some evil vampires, Anton is framed and accused of the murders, and he chases an ancient chalk that has the power of changing the destiny of its owner. However, the screenplay is a complete mess, and we were completely lost and did not understand the purpose of the story, i.e., what is it about? There are many situations that happen without any explanation, in spite of the fantastic special effects and gorgeous actresses, in a complete waste of a generous budget. My vote is three.

Title (Brazil): "Guardiões do Dia" ("Guardians of the Day")
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moviemakers-14 January 2006
Fom me movie was just great. Actors, script, FX, everything was minimally very good.Best male actor was Khabensky. He did his job greatly, like always. Best female actress was Zhanna Friske. She decorated lot of great scenes with her beauty and sexuality. Start-and end-titles were quite innovative and (dont understand me wrong) funny. For me best Fx was battler at hotel. Ialso liked the story of the film, cause it wasn't so messy as in Nightwatch. Actually, for me there was only one annoying thing- death of one of my favorite characters. Shortly, this was first movie of the year, best Russian winter-picture. Russian movies are great.
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A brain smashing thriller
Don Miguel6 January 2006
This DOZOR is rather different from the 1st movie. There is almost no relations with the original book.

The movie plot is clear, so it won't leave many questions after the movie. They've made it in 'American way'.

They've raised the quality of the CG this time. You won't be disappointed this time.

I saw it yesterday and the crowd was pleased with new love sub-plots. Some gags go after Harry Potter the Movie 8)))) Some gags resemble the 1st movie.

I want to watch it again with a PAUSE BUTTON when DNEVNOY DOZOR DVD is out.
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In theory, the fight between good and evil
zzzafe29 September 2007
I just want to warn you about this movie. It's probably the worst movie i've ever seen in my whole life. There's no single piece of it that you will enjoy and i can't understand the rating it's achieved in this page. The plot and the characters are ridiculous, production is mean, music is inedible. In a word, don't waste your time-money, you will sure regret it. When we saw it, not most people but every single soul in the cinema were really irritated with the feeling i try to save you, i just tried and summarized them here. In the movie, they tell you the whole story in the first minutes, so that you can already know what to expect, but then, instead of developing the characters and building understandable situations, they just recur to a chaotic display of events with no logical or sensible way to connect them. Really awful.
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SHARP-2111 February 2008
this sequel is a mash-up of confusing story line, you will get lost.editing that just takes you anywhere leaving you with, what just happened there. no sign of even a little bit of terror or suspense. the dialogue as well as most of the film is childish and slap stick. good effects though.

bottom line

the makers of day watch have tried way to hard to come up with anything solid that surpasses night watch (even that was a bit iffy) and have moved well away from what this film should have been (not underworld 1 or 2) to an almost Charlie Chaplin like production. if there is to be a third instalment i hope that it will be more simple more dark more sinister and by god more gritty with the same effects.
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Tired Of Watching.
fionagreen119 August 2009
I couldn't tell you why I returned to this saga after being immensely disappointed by Night Watch, but I did. Again I was drawn in by the same misguided hype that surrounded the first instalment.

Who are these simple, easily satisfied cinema-goers that drool over basic gimicks such as the alternative subtitles in Night Watch? What about the convoluted, silly plot, complete lack of interesting characters and vague half-formed ideas? Anyway, enough of the first movie. The second, somehow manages to plum new depths of pointlessness. Again the plot is needlessly complicated in order to direct focus from the fact that there isn't really one.

The characters can never arrest the attention due to the dialogue being translated (badly) from Russian, leaving sub-70's cop show acting. I can only surmise that it was more realistic in it's native tongue.

For a fantasy film there seem to be very little fantastical elements, but rather some vague hints that at any moment now something might happen.

The editing is by far the most insurmountable issue here though, by turns deeply serious then, suddenly, comedic. Absurd.

It's all such a waste that it's hard to tell what the directors were aiming to achieve here. Hopefully it wasn't what we ended up with.
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Screen-725 July 2008
I couldn't finish this movie; I got about half way through the DVD and gave up out of sheer annoyance.

I couldn't follow the characters or the plot. Worst yet, I didn't even care about the characters.

Obviously, a lot of people had put money and effort into the movie, so I assumed I must not be "getting it," -- like a dog watching a car being fixed, waiting for a ride to the park.

But the car never got fixed and I never got to go for my ride! For me, the movie was a lot of noise and colors, way too many characters, graphic violence and short snippets of headbanger rock and roll.

But no story that I could possibly keep track of. And no characters that I cared about.

I'll give it a "2" because the production values were good and the acting OK (yet futile)
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Wow, that sucked!
m-d-stolker24 October 2006
After Nightwatch I really was excited to see this sequel but was really disappointed in the end.. I have read the book but this movie is clearly made by someone who didn't! The fact that I read the book, gave me some clues where the story was about. The director changed the story completely...why? There's no depth or any logic to find in this movie. The is some nice CGI and that is the only reason I am willing to give this piece of cr*p 2 stars.

The people who actually think of this movie as one of the best ever made should be forbidden to write their reviews because they are clearly "others" ;) who are trying to get into to our minds and alter our perception what is real quality film making and good story telling.

Don't go see the movie, really, don't...just read the book and leave it at that
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So brainless it could have been made in Hollywood
necro5 April 2006
After watching the first part of "Day Watch" i felt really surprised. Great action movie with interesting theme and, most importantly, with very Eastern European touch. And i mean it. The juxtaposition of crude Russian reality with hi-tech and superpowers reminded me of Kir Bulychov's novels. Funny, bizarre, surprisingly organic and fresh. My expectations were equally high when i started watching the sequel. To be honest, i turned it off after one hour. What a chaotic piece of cinema, it's much, much worse that the first part! I definitely agree with one of the posters below, who says this flick has virtually no dialogues, that the story itself is blurred, characters don't develop and that it's loaded with special effect just for sake of showing off the (presumably high) budget. Neverming the ugly product placements every 10 minutes, nevermind terrible music (sort of Limp Bizkit meets Biohazard Russian MTV style) the movie itself has no sense, it's transparent and pointless like some amateurish comic book. What a waste of opportunity. However i don't discourage you, watch it yourself. If you like brainless movies from Hollywood this one is slightly better. For those who want to see a good piece of bizarre Russian SF, check out Kin-Dza-Dza. This one make you thinking at least.
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it was exactly what I expected it to be
Irene Mordavchenko7 May 2006
I have recently seen "The Day Watch" and I must confess it was exactly what I expected it to be. I am under the impression that the writer gets paid for his not meddling in the filmmakers' work.

"The Day Watch" is a mixture of an action film, a melodrama, a detective story and fantasy. Everything was done in order to attract as big audience as possible. The first film was just dull, the second one is bright and thrilling, however, the main ideas of the book are lost. Both movies are really primitive.

"The Day Watch" is for you if you have a penchant for films with fights and yells. If you are looking for something less ordinary and more complicated, I would recommend you to read all four books.
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Horrible Movie
supernova_mortar20 March 2006
The various scenes were nice, very nice! But the lack of a good story with the scenes connected with each other made the movie look very bad to me. To say it is Matrix, but then in Russia is what I read. What was I wrong; it looked more like a bad trip.

The first half hour was a bit boring and the lack of any explanation made me wanna shut it down. But as a movielover I just could not. The hour after it was a bit nice to watch but still, the movie had to had more info in it

Don't spend your money on this, unless you're Russian (he, it's a movie that has broken records in their country) or you have time to kill.
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