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It can grow on you...
esbpca24 February 2007
I've seen a lot of anime throughout the years. I've seen what people call the 'good stuff', I've seen the 'bad stuff'. In time, I realized and accepted that not everyone is going to like something, or dislike it. No matter what the anime (or movie, or book, or game, etc.) it boils down to personal preference. So, how do you know if you'd like something you've never seen but heard so much about? When I first started Naruto, I saw the potential in it. From the first episode, they presented a distinct setting with distinct characters. Sure, archetypes were being followed (the boy dreaming of becoming big, the old grandfatherly figure, the teacher, the rival). The first episode showed emotion and depth to its main character and what he will struggle with, along with the dynamics of his interaction with other characters and their quirks.

Cut about ten episodes later, the plot arc currently being followed felt to me like it was not going to matter much to the main story. Some episodes had drawn out battles, and I got that feeling that the anime would be the type where they would go from different area to different area, developing their skills and learning moral lessons and such, but there would be no grand plot, no B story, that tied the series together. I also worried it would fall into mediocrity. Without giving anything away, by the end of that arc (about 19 episodes in), my mind was changed.

Having seen all of the series up to the current episodes, I can say at least for myself that at its best Naruto is a deeper anime than some give credit to, and can be quite addicting. A strong focus is on its characters as they develop throughout the series and there are moments of real emotion, tragedy, intensity and even just amusement. It's not perfect, as there are slow times in the series (and the cartoon suffers from tricks to get as many episodes out of the original story as they can), and I won't say everyone will end up liking it but I can say it had unexpectedly become one of my favorite anime.
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Naruto made me fat
roffa9619 March 2020
Everyday after school I went to the store and bought a bottle of soda and some snacks, and watched Naruto when i came home. Some months later I was borderline obese. 10/10 would recommend.
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First Anime I've watched and it got me hooked
Rico1128 February 2005
Last year my roommate got me hooked on watching Naruto. I had never really been a big Anime fan. Shows like DBZ and Inuyasha never really appealed to me. I had seen a few episodes of Tri-Gun and found it rather interesting but the story of Naruto is what really drew me in. The quality with which it is written is very well done. And is not centered entirely around fighting, there actually is a plot here. The story is about 3 ninjas as they progress from genin level (beginning ninjas) onward to some rather high lvl battles and their hardships along the way. Each of these characters is well described with a rich background. And each character possesses unique abilities, none of which I have found boring or pointless so far. Currently I have read all the manga and have all the Anime downloaded. It is a truly excellent series. I fear that if they do bring it to the US. that sites that provide us with the anime may not be allowed to continue providing us with the show and if it comes to US television it will be edited because they will probably intend for kids to watch it and in it's original state it is entirely inappropriate and in no way should be compared to a Saturday morning cartoon show. The different jutsus are exciting to watch and well thought out. Battles can tend to last multiple episodes but to me that does not matter, the flashbacks just add to the storyline. The quality of the actual animation which can really be seen during the fight scenes is unbelievable. They truly have some very talented artists working for them. Lastly, the music is top notch. The intro's are extremely cool and the music in the actual show is also very well done.
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Who says adults can't watch cartoons?
ToniPane8 September 2004
A friend of mine introduced me to the Naruto series, and I have liked it from the first moment I saw Gaara of the Sand walk across the screen! I am now engaged with trying to watch all of the episodes starting with the very first one, and I am impressed beyond measure by it's storyline, which manages to combine action, adventure, humor, science fiction/fantasy, and coming-of-age elements all in one. I wouldn't recommend it for young children due to some very dark elements which surface and, of course, violence. However, the very dark elements succeed in intensifying the storyline, and in character building. All the characters are very unique, no cookie-cutter fill-ins here!, and the bad guys are especially well developed. This is a far cry from Skeletor and Cobra which were the villains of my youth (and oops, I've just dated myself). The only drawback I can think of are the excessively long battle scenes, which can take up several episodes. The number of episodes in proportion to the importance of the battle.
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This Show is awesome in many aspects
GothThug6926 March 2009
Okay, let me start out by saying this show should be Rated TV-MA for the following Reasons: 1. Disturbing Violent Content, Harsh Language, Horror Effects, Gore, sexual content, Sexual Inuendo, Brief Nudity, Demonic Themes, Unsettling Images, Grossout Violent content and Torture Now don't get me wrong, when i first started watching this show, i was pretty damn sure it was gonna be another one piece or dragon ball Z knockoff but to my surprise this show has depth, drama, comedy, Horror and Suspense all rolled into one...granted some of the episodes are like your worst nightmare, however this isn't like dragon ball Z where most of the villains talk so much crap that it ticks you off, no its quite the opposite, save 1 and thats The lead Villain which they wont let me say who really makes me mad, he's such a sick freak that it makes the Squad 12 captain from Bleach look tame, yeah he's that bad and Kabuto, god that kid really made me mad, it makes me wish they killed both of them off in the 4th season and did away with it but, they had to drag it over too Naruto Shippuden....which is by far more graphic than this one....

Naruto is my number 2 favorite anime, with One Piece being my number 1 and Dragon ball Z being my 9th favorite...anyways, thats all for now
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A brief description and opinion about the Japanese Anime TV Series "Naruto."
mgreenwald17 June 2004
Here is the description of the series as it appears on the website or a DVD/VHS.

"In a concealed village, a young man hides within a bunch of leaves. His name is Uzumaki Naruto, a mischievous boy attending Ninja Academy. Everyday, he does nothing but cause mischief and making Iruka-sensei mad. And above all, it's doubtful that he'll be able to graduate from the Academy. But Naruto has a dream... A dream that he'll become the head of the Ninja village, following Hokage and will become the best ninja around. However, all the adults in the village give Naruto cold looks. The truth is, Naruto has a secret about his birth. 12 years ago, "Kyuubi no Youko" (Nine Tailed Fox - A kind of evil spirit who tormented the village, was sealed within Naruto's body who was, at the time, a baby. The head of the academy, Mizuki, uses Naruto to steal the "Fuujin Scrolls" and makes Naruto understand his past. Naruto is outraged. Even with Iruka's help, Naruto just barely defeats Mizuki. Knowing Naruto's secret, Iruka knows Naruto will meet someone who'll help him and so, makes a decision. Naruto is allowed to graduate safely from Ninja Academy. Along with his classmates, Uchiwa Sasuke and Haruno Sakura together, they make their first step as Ninjas!" -TV Tokyo

The series is still ongoing in Japan and is aired weekly at 7:30PM on Tuesday nights. Well anyways I have been watching the show now for about seven months and it is incredible. All the main characters are very dynamic and most of which you will grow to like more and more. The animation is good and the style isn't very unique but the story is incredible and so are all the fine details about all Ninja Techniques. The 'world' Naruto takes place in is wonderful and incredibly detailed with history and different cultures. The setting is almost that of feudal Japan in respect to weapons and the types of soldiers and different classes and military ranks. But its modern in respect to technology and clothing. The plot is very good and sometimes very suspenseful and always interesting. If you enjoy action, adventure, a lot of details, and emotion, look no further Naruto has all of these qualities and much more. This is an excellent TV series with no end in sight.
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Great series with great characters.
badaripras3 September 2006
I am not a die hard anime fan and i found this series most enjoyable.

The characters are well developed and ALL have a reason for doing what they do. After you watch, say, 10 episodes you will start to like them and fell bad when they get hurt, or die(unlike dbz when in a year you can come back to life...).

The storyline progresses not too fast, and not too slow providing you with just enough time to swallow what you just heard.

As the story progresses the characters all faced with difficult challenges and difficult decisions they have to make. You will not want to wait for the next one. The only bad things are that the English voice acting plainly sucks and there are too many flashbacks.
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Never will there be an anime as great as this
sadik3525 August 2006
Naruto to say? Magnificent, glorious and entertaining. Its almost flawless in the way it presents itself. The overall story is new and refreshing. The characters are inspirational and beautifully portrayed. The fight scenes ae overall breathtaking and neat. The drama in here is very emotional and moving. The jokes are well executed but sometimes overdone. Most people complain how most of the characters are unreal. But who cares. Their fun and feel real once you give the show a chance. If you ain't an anime fan then give this show a chance. Those who are anime fans will simply love it. There is nothing really to hate about it. Pure perfection. 10/10
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Great moments, but lots of filler scattered throughout
sarimaleem20 March 2020
You're probably thinking: "well I could just skip the fillers by searching filler episode up." That's fine but that's not the only issue with the show. It's that even in nonfiller episodes it feels like they are buying a lot of time. If the show was compressed to maybe 90/100 episodes then it would be amazing. The hype moments really are hype and the ninja stuff is cool.
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billychadwick10212 August 2006
Naruto has to be the greatest anime series on the whole world, it has it all comedy, drama and jaw dropping good action fight scenes. the best fight has to be the fight between naruto and sasuke in the valley of the end, the detail put into making that fight alone must have taken weeks. Overall the best anime ever, its worth watching. i used to watch dragon ball z but compared to naruto, its nothing. its slightly disappointing how its has a lot of filler episodes staring from about episode 145 and how much of the story line is flash backs from the characters past. Also the legendary 3 have a fight and thats nothing much compared to most other fights scenes on the series, its supposed to be the ultimate battle against all of the 3 legends of the nartuo world, but the other fights and the main story line makes up for that. the characters are all SO original the most original has to be gaara of the desert, his ninjutsu is the power to use sand, to defened and offend the target, hes got to be my favourite. Orochimaru is a VERY original character alswell, when he first shows up in the story, your not sure if thats really a bad or good guy which makes it even better to watch. After watching an episode you just have to go onto the next one. I got through the whole zabuza saga in one day, I just couldn't stop watching it. you should really consider buying the Japanese version as the American version is not nearly as good.
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The story of a true underdog ... Naruto
infinito234510 July 2005
well this is an amazing story based on the Japanese manga .... The characterizations are rich and the plot is excellently developed .... Though it may be slightly predictable ...and sometimes the comedy sucks ..... the fights and music tracks are quite awesome ..... this is the true story of an underdog...naruto ... recognized by no one and hated by everyone...for possessing no ninja skills and a demon fox trapped inside him ...... how he battles with his sheer will and determination against insurmountable odds to achieve a goal he set for himself is poignantly portrayed in the series ..... the series drags slightly in between but picks up pace and becomes heavily addictive later on ..... Maybe there is a naruto in all of us ...maybe there is a fighting spirit deep within us which can never be extinguished .. this wonderful Japanese anime is a tribute to this amazing attribute inherent in everyone of us .... it tells about friendship,loyalty,courage and unselfishness ... it tells about arrogance,deception and hatred .... it is a journey of varying emotions ... it is the story of a true underdog called naruto ..... don't miss this amazing anime ... i rate it 8.7/10
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Hitoshirenu1 October 2004
OK, so I've watched 103 episodes so far of this series, and I have to say it, Naruto is original. Yes Mishimoto was a big follower of Toriyama, and in many ways Naruto is a sort of homage to him. But Naruto has a lot of things that DBZ was missing. First off, when characters die, THEY STAY DEAD!!!!! There is no special way to wish them back. Once they're gone they're gone. Second, music: the music in Naruto is 100X better then anything heard in DBZ. Dbz did have some cool themes, but Naruto is the only series where I have actually imported the soundtrack. There's almost nothing wrong with the soundtrack other then the usual soft theme. Granted it isn't a Yoko Kanno piece, but in essence not everything should be compared to the work she does because it invariably falls short. Thirdly, character development:

The characters develop feelings for each other, and you will find yourself developing feelings for the characters. There are animes that do that, but not to the extent Naruto does. I have cried multiple times while watching Naruto because of the pain that Naruto and Company have to go through. Mostly Naruto in his quest to become Hokage. In DBZ, I couldn't care less about what happened. Fourth, fights: There is nothing wrong with the length of the fights in Naruto. They're not too fast and they're not too unbearably long. The average fight lasts about 4 episodes. There is an exception to this in the 70s, but only because there are two fights going on at the exact same time. In short, download the first 20 episodes, which takes you through the first saga. Yes, 103 episodes is a lot of time, but the story will keep you engrossed. Also of note, Happy Birthday to the anime which turns 2 years old on Sunday Oct. 3rd. I give this a 9/10
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Great Story, Great Characters, but includes 3 seasons of filler
gavinshirey7 July 2020
If you want to get into Anime watch this. It perfectly resembles what Anime is like. The story is great, the characters are absolutely amazing and super memorable. However, most of season 6, season 7, and season 8 are filler. They add nothing to the main plot. Also, as you watch more you start to know what will happen. Most storylines are the same. However, this takes nothing away from the fights. Their are so many and they are all so good. All anime fans should watch this at some point.
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Warning: Highly Addictive Show!
YGG100019 June 2005
I'm sure by now that you're read plenty of reviews that have exclaimed on its pros and cons, so I will only go into them very lightly.

Cons first. The animation isn't bad, but could be better. Meh...I'm fine with the animation, yet others seem to make a big deal over it. Whatever. Also, it has been mentioned often that Naruto is very like DBZ. That it is. Its main similarity/flaw is how long the fights take. Although its not as bad as DBZ, some fights take up to 3 or 4 episodes which is a bit drawn out. >.< Other than the intros and outros (which are wonderful!) the music is pretty bland. Meh. So those are all of the bad things I could think of. Seriously though, I like the series enough that I don't mind or even notice any of these 'flaws'. People just seem to like to complain about them.

Yay! Pro time! Again, lets touch on Naruto's similarities to DBZ. Naruto is head and shoulders above DBZ on almost every level. Naruto actually has GASP character depth and development! This is one of Naruto's strong points. The reason the series is so addictive is how likable all of the characters are. So even if you don't like the main characters (Naruto-loud, clumsy, strong willed. Sasuke-cold, angsty, strong. Sakura-love struck and smart) there are PLENTY of minor characters to satisfy any of your favorite character cravings. All of my favorite characters are side characters! Also, the villains have depth unlike DBZ. All of the villains actually have a reason (no matter how psychotic) to do what they do. Tragedy seems to be a big part of Naruto and almost every character has suffered including the villains.

OK, I'm done. I say Definitely check this series out, you'll become hooked, I promise! Keep a lookout for my favorite characters: Neji, Itachi and Gaara!! 9/10
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Amazing show.
gts713318 August 2005
I have watched Naruto for about a year now and I have to say that it is one of the most engaging and developed anime shows ever. There are currently 146 episode, 2 specials, and 1 movie and all of them have something positive to contribute to the anime world. The only thing that slows the pace down is the flash back episodes, or the episodes where it is heavily based on dialog. The action in the show is fantastic and the animation in the show is done perfectly. But the one thing that makes this anime a cut above the rest is the music. With original recordings, the in show music is the icing on this already delicious cake. I highly recommend Naruto if you are looking for a deep, engaging anime show dripping in style and originality.
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Excellent ideas, good execution but the damn fillers....
wakemeup3614 December 2009
Naruto seems to be one of the more popular anime nowadays. And why shouldn't it be? It has an interesting story and a good plot line. The action is exciting, the comedy is great, the characters are likable (except Sakura perhaps), the plot develops quite well and everything is very well performed.

But then again, there's also something a lot of anime succumb to. The wonderful world of fillers. Hell, it wouldn't be a big problem either if the fillers weren't the same damn story repeated over and over and over again. It's basically something like this: Naruto and company meet some guy/girl/creature who's different from the others and rejected by the society and Naruto goes 'You're like me'. Beat bad guys up, earn the new guy's trust, become friends, go home and never talk of the incident ever again. From about the 120th episodes to the end of the series there's nothing but this aforementioned nonsense. None of these episodes are nearly as memorable as the one actually related to the plot. Even other anime which are infested with fillers have them 1-2 episode long and they come in between the actual plot related episodes and they do NOT dominate the whole series, unlike Naruto.

If they had just made the series about 100 episodes with less(or none at all) fillers, this would've been much better. Lots of potential for a great anime down the drain. If you're looking for an anime with little to no fillers, I highly suggest One Piece.

Again, this is an above average anime which had the potential to be amazing but was ruined by the overuse of bland fillers.
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Very good and addictive anime!
eternalrequiem20 September 2005
I like anime, but am very picky and choosy with it. Most anime tends to stray from the storyline and go into something completely off the wall, or the subject matter to begin with is very juvenile. Not Naruto. The storyline is consistent and complete. Everything that happens which seems extraordinary is explained in detail, thus the viewer can keep up with what's going on. There is character growth and development. Naruto is based off a Japanese comic (manga) of the same name. A few episodes stray from the manga's storyline, these are generally bad episodes where the characters go against their nature... luckily they are short stints. In America the first 60 episodes are due to come out on toonami which was a horrendous choice for cartoon network. This will eliminate the adult aspects of the anime. I would've thought it would debut on adult swim. in Japan, up through episode 130ish, the story is consistent and enjoyable.
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Best Anime in my opinion
s-t-53 March 2008
DBZ may have a lot of action. It may have a lot of fights. A lot of people say DBZ is the best, and better than Naruto but I disagree. DBZ's storyline is not that good, but Naruto's is strong. Also, Naruto has some action too, and plus a great storyline it beats DBZ. It doesn't matter how much action a show has. It has to have a good storyline with it and that's where DBZ starts to fall apart. This is just my personal opinion. I hope that I have some people who support this because when I post comments like this somewhere else I feel like the odd man out. Anyway, this is what I feel and if anyone disagrees please comment back politely.
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Arguably one of the finest anime
kotapatiswaraj31 July 2020
I was initially turned off by the number of episodes a whopping 200+ episodes.

Then I came across the fact that it contains around 40% fillers. I thought to give it a try.

It did grow on me right from the first episode . Everything about this anime is exceptional work. The characters , the main plot, story arcs , and so on and on

Excellent character development bundled with breath taking fight sequences and epic bgm to compliment the scenes.

Don't miss this anime ever. This is a must watch it also teaches many life lessons that many other anime lack.
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This show will have on amazon buying the next series on next day delivery
kyleroberts8824 July 2009
This TV series is the only TV series i have spent a lot of my money on, i one day switched to jetix on sky and came across this show during the middle of the 3 series i series linked it and watch about 5 episodes and decided i needed to know the origins of this show and went straight to amazon and bought the complete first series it took 5 days to arrive and as soon as it hit my hand the disc was in the player i spent a whole day watching the series (well spent day off). after the major cliffhanger i had to buy series 2 and 3 on next day delivery i watched it every minute of the day i had and lucky series four had just started on jetix so have been watching that since however i have just ordered it on amazon just before this comment was posted.

the series is widely underrated although spanning several game it has not had enough advertisement unlike DBZ and Pokemon unlike both these shows the episodes never get boring and can be watched for hours on end. if u love anime i would tell you next day delivery right now it will become pride of place on your DVD self, hell its that good i work at a collectible store in Blackpool and am attempting to get the boss to stock the DVD lets see how that goes.

Signed Ghetto Reaper8 (A Naruto Addict and no i don't need help lol)
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Naruto rules!
neimiarcher20 October 2008
Naruto rules in my opinion! The 'new' movie Stone of Geliei was awesome.

The characters are amazing, every detail, every one of it. They still haven't revealed about more of the stuff about Akatsuki, Kakashi, etc. etc. that was already revealed in the manga.

Older anime watchers prefer other animes, but this one, along with Pokemon, is a great start for you newbie anime watchers. They have a great plot.

However, countless people are complaining about the endless 'Believe it!' in the first season of Naruto, even in the 'language' of flashes. That's why people prefer the other version, also known as subbed, instead of the dubbed version. But it's still a great anime nevertheless.
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Naruto , truly an Original
CelticSpark15 January 2006
I've seen every episode (167), special and movie to date of this spectacular series. If you just started watching the dubbed version , STOP! The Original Japanese version is much better. The opening and closing songs are great , unlike the one used in the dubbed. The series are about ninjas yes, but these are not your ordinary ninjas. A different on-take of them. The main character , Naruto wants to be recognized by his village and one day become the Hokage (head of all ninjas in the village). Did I spark your curiosity ? Then watch the series. It has it all Humor, action , drama so much suspense not much romance as of yet. If your a person who likes great villains well this anime just seems to have a whole bunch wrapped into one. Again watch the original , support, the dubbed will just make you want to turn your TV of. Right now the series are on fillers. The anime won't follow the story line until March or May. There's a lot to look forward too since each main character is being trained by a Sanin. Catch it!
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Naruto is the best anime series of all time.
yousafzafar-9325617 March 2020
JUST WATCH IT ALREADY!! You have yet to enjoy the greatest show.
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Naruto is the best anime that every human being should watch.
harircb26 April 2021
This anime taught me many lessons rather than my life did.
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Good stuff
magnus_nilsson9922 March 2021
Good characters, nice animation, great music. The best part is the tournament . A classic anime that is fun to watch !
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