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Season 1

10 Sep. 2005
He Appears! Naruto Uzumaki
Welcome to Konoha, where deadly ninja roam the land and the mischievous Naruto Uzumaki causes trouble everywhere he goes. But when he steals the ancient scroll of sealing, he unleashes a rare power rarely seen in a 12-year-old boy.
10 Sep. 2005
Konohamaru da kore!
Naruto finally graduates from the Ninja Academy and claims to know it all. Well, at least that's what he tells Konohamaru, Konoha's Hokage grandson.
17 Sep. 2005
Shukuteki!? Sasuke to Sakura
On the way to becoming a ninja, Naruto must team up with his classmates, the pretty Sakura and the pretty serious Sasuke, whose common bond is that they both hate Naruto. So Naruto will try a different approach.
24 Sep. 2005
Shiren! Sabaibaru enshû
The recently formed Team 7 (Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke) meet their instructor, Hatake Kakashi, and begin training to see if they pass to the next stage of ninja training. Kakashi tells them to engage in the following exercise: try and take two bells away from him using their ninja knowledge.
1 Oct. 2005
Shikkaku? Kakashi no ketsuron
With the threat of failure hanging over their heads, Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura try everything they know to pass the grueling survival test. But it will take some wise advice from Kakashi to teach these selfish ninja a thing or two about teamwork.
8 Oct. 2005
Jûyô ninmu! Nami no kuni e chô shuppatsu!
Naruto and his squad start their first ninja missions with boring and menial tasks. Weary and angry, Naruto vents his frustration at the Hokage. Amused by Naruto's excitement, he gives them a new mission, to protect a grumpy old man named Tazuna as he returns to his home!
15 Oct. 2005
Kiri no asashin!
Naruto and his squad arrive in the Land of the Waves and learn that an evil businessman named Gato has taken over the land. Zabuza Momochi appears, hired by Gato to kill Tazuna. Excited and ready to attack, Naruto can't wait to take on this powerful ninja assassin. Will he be up to the challenge?!
22 Oct. 2005
Itami ni chikau ketsui
Kakashi has the upper hand in his battle with Zabuza. But the tide turns when Kakashi is trapped inside Zabuza's Water Prison! Kakashi urges the squad to flee, but Naruto remembers the pledge he made--to never run away again--and holds his ground!!
28 Nov. 2002
Sharingan no Kakashi
Thanks to Naruto's ingenious plan, Kakashi is freed from the water prison. Kakashi is ready to use his Sharingan against Zabuza.
5 Dec. 2002
Chakura no mori
Recuperating at Tazuna's house, Kakashi is dissatisfied with the outcome of the battle. He concludes that Zabuza isn't dead and the young tracking ninja helped Zabuza escape! Kakashi decides to implement some interesting training that will allow Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura to better control their chakra!
12 Dec. 2002
Eiyû no ita kuni
Sakura goes into town with Tazuna and sees the hardships that the people of the Land of Waves suffer under Gato's rule. This is the reason Tazuna is risking his life to build a bridge that crosses the ocean. With a bridge that gives everyone access to other lands, people will no longer have to rely on Gato, who controls all imports. Meanwhile, Naruto and Sasuke continue to train, using chakra to climb a tree.
19 Dec. 2002
Kyôjô kessen! Zabuza futatabi!!
While Naruto concentrates on the training to control his chakra, a mysterious person suddenly appears before him. The person tells Naruto that as long as one has the desire to protect what he loves, there is no limit to becoming stronger. The mysterious figure echoes the sentiment inside Naruto and the two feel a sense of connection.
26 Dec. 2002
Haku no hijutsu: Makyô hyôshô
Once again, the time has come to fight Zabuza, and this time he's got company -- the tracking ninja who supposedly killed him. Zabuza and his companion take notice of Sasuke's abilities, and Sasuke in turn realizes the immense power that the masked ninja holds. As if they were meant to fight each other, Sasuke and the masked ninja begin to battle.
9 Jan. 2003
Igaisei No.1, Naruto sansen!
Sasuke finds himself in a pinch inside of Haku's Crystal Ice Mirrors, but Naruto comes to the rescue. But Sasuke has a plan to counter Haku's jutsu with attacks from both the inside and outside the Crystal Ice Mirrors, and Naruto's unexpected action ruins Sasuke's strategy. Eventually, both young ninja are trapped.
16 Jan. 2003
Shikai zero no tatakai Sharingan kuzushi
Realizing time is of the essence, Kakashi decides to use the Sharingan once again to defeat Zabuza.
23 Jan. 2003
Kaihôsareta fûin
Naruto and Sasuke continue to receive punishing attacks from within Haku's Crystal Ice Mirrors. Naruto can no longer stand on his feet. But during the intense battle, Sasuke starts to realize the power of his own Sharingan and gradually starts to elude Haku's assault. Haku decides to finish them off immediately. Sasuke is caught off guard by Haku's action and uses his own body to shield Naruto...
30 Jan. 2003
Shiroi kako: Himeta omoi
Naruto finally explodes. His anger against Haku, who defeated Sasuke, unleashes the power of the Kyûbi. Naruto's chakra becomes so intense that even Kakashi and Zabuza, fighting in the distance, take notice. Haku is unable to do anything in the face of Naruto's hidden power.
6 Feb. 2003
Shinobi to iu na no dôgu
Haku tells the hesitant Naruto to finish him off. Naruto strongly questions Haku's philosophy of existing only to fight and win. Meanwhile, the battle between Kakashi and Zabuza approaches its climax. Zabuza's movement is restrained by Kakashi's Summoning Jutsu. With victory within his grasp, Kakashi unleashes his most devastating maneuver.
13 Feb. 2003
Zabuza yuki ni chiru...
Zabuza is no longer Kakashi's enemy, and thanks to a little speech by Naruto about how ninja are, Zabuza takes on Gato's men single handily. The Demon of the Hidden Mist takes his vengeance on Gato and all of those dumb enough to follow him, and apologizes to Haku for what he did to the kind little boy. After the group takes care of the rest of Gato's men, Zabuza asks Kakashi one final request, to see Haku one final time. This is Zabuza's requiem.
20 Feb. 2003
Shinshô totsunyû! Chûnin shiken dattebayo
With their latest mission complete, it's time once again for the group to go back to mediocre missions. After all are done, Konohamaru and his friends pay a visit to Naruto. All which result in being chased by Sakura. Everyone is soon over though, as two mysterious ninja block their way, and one of them isn't too happy with Konohamaru. Sasuke arrives to save the day, but the leader of the group shows up, with stealth skills that surprise even Sasuke. Meanwhile, the Third Hokage announces that it's time once again for the Chuunin selection exams.
27 Feb. 2003
Nanore! Arawareta kyôteki tachi!!
After the three ninjas take their leave, Sasuke realizes he has a powerful rival out there. The next day, Kakashi announces that he has recommended all of them for the Chuunin Exams. While Naruto and Sasuke are pleased, Sakura is afraid of letting everyone down. Also, someone decides they aren't ready and decides to test their abilities.
6 Mar. 2003
Kiai 120% nau de Rokku na chôsen-jô!
The eccentric Rock Lee challenges Uchiha Sasuke to a battle before the Chuunin Exam begins.
13 Mar. 2003
Kechirase raibaru! Rûkî 9 zenin shûgô
All Konoha Genins are put to an introductory test to determine who will continue on in the actual exam.
20 Mar. 2003
Ikinari shikkaku? Chô nankan no dai ichi shiken
All Genins meet together and begin a written test as part of the first Chuunin Exam.
27 Mar. 2003
Deta toko shôbu! Funbari dokoro no 10 monme
The Genins work on gathering information furtively while worries over the tenth question surface.
2 Apr. 2003
Zettai hikken! Shi no mori chokuzen rupo! Konoha no gakkyû shinbun da kore!
A Naruto Special which recaps the previous 25 episodes and sets the stage for the second Chunnin exam.
2 Apr. 2003
Daini shiken sutâto! Mawari wa min'na teki darake!
The second Chuunin Exam begins as the Genins start their search for two scrolls to enable them to finish the second Exam.
9 Apr. 2003
Kû ka kuwareru ka! Esa ni natta Naruto
The Genin teams continue their search for the two scrolls in the Forest of Death. Meanwhile, Team 7 is sidetracked by a powerful enemy.
16 Apr. 2003
Naruto hangeki! Nigenên dattebayo!
Naruto and the rest of Team 7 continue their fight against their ruthless enemy in the Shi no Mori.
23 Apr. 2003
Yomigaere Sharingan! Hissatsu: Katon - Ryûka no jutsu!
Sasuke finally recovers his will to fight and receives a dangerous "present" from Orochimaru. The emergency surrounding Orochimaru in Konoha spreads to village officials.
30 Apr. 2003
Geki mayu puratonikku! Boku wa shinu made anata o mamoru!!
Rock Lee and Sakura must defeat the Sound Genin in order to protect Naruto and Sasuke.
7 May 2003
Sakura saku! Ketsui no ushirosugata
The Sound Ninja attack incapacitated Team 7 and Sakura is left to fight them all.
14 May 2003
Muteki no fômêshon! InoShikaChô!!
Team 10 gains the courage to help Sakura defeat the Sound Genin.
21 May 2003
Akamaru bikkuri! Gaara, kyôi no jitsuryoku
The other Genin teams continue their search for the scrolls and Gaara's power is revealed to Team 8.
28 May 2003
Nozoki mi genkin! Maki mono no himitsu
Naruto muses peeking into his team's scroll and Kabuto joins Team 7 in order to reach the tower in the center of the Forest of Death.
4 Jun. 2003
Bunshin taiketsu! Ore ga shuyaku dattebayo!
Team 7 and Kabuto engage the Rain ninja after breaking through the Rain ninjas' illusionary technique.
11 Jun. 2003
Dai ni shiken toppa! Seizoroi rûkî nainu!
Team 7 recovers their final scroll and completes the second Chûnin exam. However, a preliminary exam to the third Chûnin exam must be held to weed out the best Genins.
18 Jun. 2003
Gôkaku-sha nibun no ichi!? Ikinari shiai dattebayo!!
Kabuto is secretly revealed to be a traitor to Konoha and Sasuke starts his match against Yoroi Akado.
2 Jul. 2003
Geji mayu jerashî! "Shishi rendan" tanjô!
Sasuke continues his fight against Yoroi Akado despite the pain from his Cursed Seal. Kakashi decides to help Sasuke after the battle by sealing the Cursed Seal.
9 Jul. 2003
Isshoku sokuhatsu!! Kakashi VS Orochimaru
Kakashi performs the sealing ritual on Sasuke, while the fight between Zaku Abumi and Shino Aburame commences.
16 Jul. 2003
Raibaru gekitotsu! Otome kokoro wa honki môdo
Misumi Tsurugi fights Kankuro and Sakura and Ino Yamanaka finally are forced to battle each other.
23 Jul. 2003
Besuto batoru wa Shânnarô!!
The battle between Sakura and Ino intensifies as friendships and hardships between the two are revealed.
30 Jul. 2003
Shikamaru tajitaji!? Kunoichi-tachi no atsuki tatakai
The third preliminary exam continues with Temari fighting Tenten and Shikamaru Nara battling Kin Tsuchi.
6 Aug. 2003
Akamaru sansen!! Makeinu wa dotchi da?
Naruto finally gets his chance to fight against Team 8's Kiba Inuzuka.
13 Aug. 2003
Hinata sekimen! Kankyaku anguri, Naruto no okunote
Naruto's fight against Kiba draws to a climax and Naruto's newest "techinque" is introduced.
20 Aug. 2003
Byakugan kaigan!! Uchiki na Hinata no daitan ketsui!
Neji Hyuga and Hinata Hyuga fight to defend the honor of themselves and of their families.
27 Aug. 2003
Akogare no hito no me no maede!!
Hinata decides to prove her worth against Neji as the battle between the two draws to a close.
3 Sep. 2003
Gaara funsai!! Wakasa da! Pawâ da! Bakuhatsu da!
The youthful Rock Lee clashes against the powerful and deadly Gaara of the Sand.
10 Sep. 2003
Nekketsu ochikobore! Tsuini sakuretsu, kindan no ôgi!
Rock Lee keeps fighting against the ferocious Gaara. Lee is weakened due to the use of his technique, Omote Renge, but his will is strong. In order to defeat Gaara, Lee would open the first gates, to be able to use a forbidden technique.
17 Sep. 2003
Aa Rokku Rî! Kore ga otoko no ikizama yo!!
Lee finally reveals his trump card, the power of the Eight Gates, while Gaara prepares for a bloody showdown.