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Season 1

6 Apr. 2004
Hell Silently Approaches
Kyouhei is a culinary student who needs a new job. Luckily, his teacher passes him just the right flier.
13 Apr. 2004
The Heartless Gunfighter
A mysterious Cybot has kidnapped Meg, and there are more questions than answers as to it who controls it.
20 Apr. 2004
The City Where the Beast Howls
As Kyouhei continues to ponder quitting his overly stressful job, the girls are given a new assignment: Find a crazed man named Wong and bring him in alive.
27 Apr. 2004
Brothers, Death at Dawn
A runaway freight train and a mutant monster gone berserk leaves Meg fighting for her life!
4 May 2004
The Mansion Where an Evil Spirit Squirms
Meg goes undercover at an elite girls' school to investigate the strange case of a young student's descent into insanity.
11 May 2004
Wash the Flower Garden in Blood!
After Meg is sent to investigate the strange goings on at an elite prep school, Jo comes in as backup and none too soon!
18 May 2004
Black Sky
A mysterious giant bird preys on young girls and Meg is snatched up before Jo's very eyes!
25 May 2004
The Scarred Fugitive
Jo and Kyo are on the run in the city and Sei's hot on their trail!
1 Jun. 2004
Party of the Dragon
When Meg and Amy accompany Sei to her grandfather's exclusive boat party, they're in for more than just a soiree.
15 Jun. 2004
Eastern Angel, Western Hawk
When Jo is sent to protect a star athlete things get crazy, and a giant bug is on the loose!
22 Jun. 2004
Tower of Tears
Has Jo met her match when she's hauled in by an elite, Hawk Squad Cop?
6 Jul. 2004
Wild Kids
In this flashback, we follow a young Meg who lives on the streets with three other homeless children who are forced into petty theft to stay alive.
27 Jul. 2004
Clash! The Two Angels
A rogue demon wreaks havoc and destruction on a mysterious village.
3 Aug. 2004
The Immortal Classmate
Kyo runs into an old friend from school and finds himself running for his life!
7 Sep. 2004
Execution Ground on the Red Ocean
While RAPT controls the entire city of Tokyo, as well as the news media, Maria awaits the final battle she was originally programmed for.

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