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MPAA Rated R for strong graphic violence, sexuality, nudity and language

Sex & Nudity

  • On a twist of the famous V-J Day photo, a woman grabs another woman on the street and kisses her in a similar, bent-over pose. We later see that first woman and possibly the second dead in bed after that.
  • A man exits a hooker's place, followed by the next man going in.
  • We see some scantly clad women and stereotypically dressed gay men of the 1970s in front of Studio 54. We hear from Rorschach's journal, with him commenting on all of the sex and violence, and that the night reeks of bad fornication.
  • Rorschach talks of heroin and child pornography. We see Dr. Manhattan's full rear nudity, both in giant and then normal-size form (albeit blue-tinged, as is the case with all other views of his nudity). Laurie and Rorschach see his full frontal nudity, but we don't (at least in this scene)
  • Laurie shows cleavage. Sally proudly shows Laurie some hand-illustrated porno magazine (possibly about Sally) that shows various sketches, including a man between a woman's legs, but we didn't note anything terribly explicit (it's a quick view of multiple panels so it's possible something's in such views).
  • There's mention of Sally having had a fling with The Comedian in the past. We then see a flashback where she goes off to change behind closed doors, and is down to her 1950s era style undergarments when The Comedian walks in and tells her he knows what she needs. She then punches him, followed by him doing the same back to her several times (chest and face). He then kicks her, slams her down face-first onto a pool table (with her butt now at his crotch), and prepares to rape her from behind.
  • As Rorschach walks by some hookers uninterested in them, one exposes her bare breasts and says it will cost him $50, but he keeps walking. That prompts her to become belligerent, saying "F*ck you" and "You f*cking homo."
  • We hear Laurie's sexual sounds and then see an overhead head and shoulders view of her in ecstasy. Dr. Manhattan's hand goes up her body and a finger goes in her mouth where she sucks on it (saying it's like licking a battery), followed by another arm, and then a third and fourth (the overhead view suggesting he's performing oral sex on her below the camera shot).
  • She then stops him, he complains that he doesn't know what stimulates her anymore, and she gets mad when she realizes this was just another manifestation of himself while another part of him was still working his lab. She complains about him still working while being in bed with her, and then sees four versions of Dr. Manhattan in the lab, all fully nude (we see full male frontal nudity on all of them). She then asks which of them was giving her a "pity f*ck."
  • We see a flashback to normal Jon and his girlfriend at the time kissing, and later hear him comment about the first time they made love. During that, we see him on top of her in bed, under the covers, in slow motion, with no nudity but movement and views and sounds of her pleasured reaction.
  • We see Dr. Manhattan's full frontal nudity.
  • Laurie realizes there's no future with Dr. Manhattan anymore and that Daniel likes her, so she kisses Daniel and then straddles him. There's some slight disrobing (nothing explicit) with him ending up shirtless on top of her, and they try to have sex. However, he apparently can't, with her asking what's wrong and nothing else happens at that moment. We then see what turns out to be his nightmare where the two of them are standing facing each other, kissing, fully nude (both sides of bare butts)
  • glimpses of her bare breasts and possibly his penis). Nothing else happens as a nuclear blast disintegrates them and he wakes up. Later, she walks down into his lab to see him looking at something away from the camera, fully nude (we see his full rear nudity). We then see them dressed in their superhero outfits, with hers including a thin leotard type bottom at her crotch area, although she has something like shorts on beneath that.
  • Daniel and Laurie make out on his ship, undressing and then her having sex on top of him, fully nude (we see her bare butt and breasts, along with movement). We next see them having sex in the missionary position, with views of his thrusting bare butt, while she accidentally hits a button that shoots flames out of his ship, just as both are climaxing. We next see them in a nude embrace, post-sex, but nothing explicit (nudity-wise) is seen at that moment.
  • We see Dr. Manhattan's full rear nudity. We see Dr. Manhattan's full frontal nudity. Sally shows cleavage. We see a flashback to Sally's husband being angry with her, saying that The Comedian tried to rape her in the past, and now she let him "finish the job." He then asks if she was drunk or just lonely. We see a bank of TV monitors showing all sorts of images (all fairly small), including one woman sucking another woman's bare breasts.
  • Rorschach see's someone being mugged in an alley as it fades it abruptly cuts to a close up poster of bare breasts.
  • 8/10
  • Dr. Manhattan is ( a character made entirely out of CGI ) is shown nude a few times. His butt and genitals ( which are very hard to make out ) can be seen if you look hard enough.
  • We see the cover of Hustler Magazine in The Comedian's place, but the view is brief and distant, but appeared to show a couple kissing (no nudity was noted, but could be present).

Violence & Gore

  • 8.5/10
  • An older is brutally beaten by getting punched, thrown across the room, glass table and having his head smashed against the table counter. He is then thrown through the window and dies.
  • A man gets his arms sawn off off-screen. Blood sprays on a wall.
  • There is a fight in an alley. You see a compound fracture where an elbow pops out as blood sprays, and one other arm and leg snapping/breaking. Another attacker is stabbed in the neck (though with little blood). One of them is used as a human shield and is shot in the back with spurting wounds.
  • A woman is shot in the leg and blood spurts out, and then her fingers are blown off. Another man is then shot between the eyes.
  • A man hacks another man's head with a cleaver. Matter is shown briefly.
  • Dr. Manhattan literally blows people up. In one scene he blows several thugs up and their blood, guts, and bones are seen on the ceiling, but is very dark. On some others their bones, guts, and blood are briefly seen.
  • Two young men tease a boy about his mother and make crude sexual remarks, the boy becomes enraged, strikes one young man with a hammer, and tackles the other and bites his face (we see the boy's bloody mouth, with skin in his teeth).
  • Dogs are shown fighting over a dead girls leg.
  • A man attempts to rape a woman. He is interrupted and punched a few times, with a little blood seen on his nose.
  • Rorschach corners a man in a bathroom and kills him offscreen. The only thing heard is a toilet flushing. As he walks away, blood pours briefly from under the door.
  • People's fingers are broken or dislocated as a form of torture. The fingers aren't seen and if they are it is very brief, but you hear them cracking and you see the people screaming/yelling.
  • A total of three men are seen briefly on fire.
  • A man gets hot oil poured on his face.
  • A man's head is slammed into a sink and he falls to the ground, lying still. Water from the sink flows to a damaged electrical cord the man is near and he is briefly electrocuted.
  • A man shoots at rioters with rubber bullets and launches tear gas at them from a grenade launcher.
  • A man shoots a pregnant woman, killing her (no visible blood).
  • A man gets shot by a grappling hook, but his bulletproof vests stops it and he is merely thrown back against the wall.
  • In a flashback, a woman is seen briefly beating her son when her son see her having sex
  • A man is shown getting punched in the face. Afterwards, blood and separated teeth are shown accumulating in his mouth.


  • 5/10
  • 26 instances of 'fuck', 7 of 'shit', 3 of 'son of a bitch', 6 of 'whore', 2 of 'dick', 1 of 'asshole', 1 whispered use of ass, 3 uses of bastard.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • 3/10
  • When the Comedian appears on-screen, he is often seen smoking a large cigar or drinking.
  • A few other characters also smoke and drink sometimes.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • It is important to remember that this is not Batman or Superman. It is brutal, gory, depressing, and disturbing, and no parent would want a child under the age of 18 to see this.
  • 8/10
  • The violence can be very intense and disturbing at times. Notable examples include the arm sawing, the opening beatdown, the alley fight, the secretary shooting, the finger-breakings, the hot-oil scene, etc.
  • The Director's Cut also has some intense scenes, particularly the face-punching.
  • Content: 29/50


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • Rorschach is disintegrated by Dr. Manhattan and there is a gory mess seen on the ground.
  • New York City is destroyed by a weapon of mass destruction, although we do not see anything particularly graphic.
  • Hollis Mason gets into a fist fight with several guys. He is then beaten to death in the head/face with a trophy offscreen.

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