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Uproarious romp, grounded in believable if gleefully implausible human behavior, is a model of comic timing.
Washington Post
You can expect to fall about, snort and hoot, at times hard enough to hurt inner body parts that only doctors can identify.
This is a Farrelly film for adults, if not the entire family, and its a charmer, honest both to the nature of the loves we choose in haste, and the fear that makes us so hasty so often.
Farrelly brothers films are looking better and better, but aren't nearly as funny as their grungy early films that hit with the stealth and vigor of guerrilla commandos. Maybe there is a kind of heartbreak here after all.
Though not as engaging as "Knocked Up," there is enough humor to keeps us entertained.
It also has been retooled to be a Farrelly brothers comedy, which means most of Simon's wit has been replaced with gags involving S&M cruelty, explicit bestiality, flatulence, nose mucous, people urinating on each other, and foul-mouthed old men (Stiller's father, Jerry).
The A.V. Club
Embellishments to Neil Simon's original script were inevitable, but when you're adding an "Uncle Tito," you're definitely on the wrong track.
Charlotte Observer
The Farrellys have always danced along the tightrope between funny-disgusting and just plain gross in "There's Something About Mary" and "Shallow Hal." If the ratio was about 50-50 at the best of times, it's now 30-70 in favor of crassness.
Chicago Tribune
Monaghan’s comic timing saves this go-nowhere affair from 100 percent lousiness.
Chicago Reader
The ethnic humor that gave May's movie its charge is replaced by crass mean-spiritedness. If I were in movie hell, I'd rather see "Good Luck Chuck" again than return to this atrocity.

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